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Press Releases That Never Fail

teacher avatar Alun Hill, Journalist and Broadcaster

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Press Releases: Introduction

    • 3. Press Releases: Next Steps For Success

    • 4. Press Releases: Crucial!

    • 5. Making A Plan

    • 6. Press Releases: Upcoming Success

    • 7. Sending Out Press Releases: Best Practices

    • 8. Sending Out Press Releases: The Power Of Press Releases

    • 9. Press Releases: How To Put Your Results Into Overdrive

    • 10. All Ready For Your "Personal Stamp"

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About This Class

Learn The Real Secrets Of Press Releases From An Experienced Journalist

Business Success is finally within your reach - if you take this course.

Every time you see a company being mentioned or interviewed on TV, on radio or in a newspaper or magazine, it started with a press release. Every time.

And that could be you and your company being featured.

Whatever the size of your company - journalists WANT your story.

It keeps us journalists in a job, after all!

You can get massive amounts of publicity, on TV, radio in newspapers and magazines and online, for free or for a few pennies.

Much cheaper than buying adverts.

And much more trusted by your potential customers of course!

This course, in under an hour, will make you an expert. And it's totally risk-free!

As a journalist, I personally receive over a thousand press releases in my email each day.

Yes, I know that sounds impossible, but it's a side effect of being a reasonably well known journalist!

Over 95% of them don't get read, though!

The headline doesn't appeal to me / isn't relevant to me / doesn't attract me / doesn't make sense.(Sometimes a combination of all four!)

Another 4% get opened and binned within seconds.

About 5 (that's a half of one per cent!) a day get followed up.

I will only use and publish one or two of these (on TV, radio, online).

But I miss some good stories, because the release is written all wrong.

This course shows you what to do right.

You can use press releases the way I show you and be very successful indeed.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Me talking about press releases - take notes!
  • Some film of a man printing - not massively exciting, let's be honest, so listen to what I say, please and concentrate on that! That's the real course content!
  • My personal Rolodex of over 250 top sites you must issue your Press Releases to for the biggest effect and the most sales
  • The most perfect, best working, press release template in the world
  • The 100% effective guaranteed to work-every-time press release template - if you follow this template, your success is assured, time after time

Take this detailed but easy-to-follow course now - in an hour or so you can be increasing the size and sales of your business - over and over again!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alun Hill

Journalist and Broadcaster


Radio Broadcaster "Talking About Business" - Average 10 broadcasts per week


My "Talking About Business" broadcasts now have 10,000 listeners a month

Also available on TuneIn Radio:

and on iTunes:

Freelance Travel and Business Reporter iReport


I report, present and edit films from my worldwide travels and business interviews.

Producer, Writer and Presenter of Training Courses

Online Training Courses

TV Documentary Maker, Community Channel, Freelance... See full profile

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1. Introduction: I'm own Hill. I'm a journalist to gets about 1000 press releases a day. Journalists complain about press releases, not because with a quantity off them because of the quality. If you write a press release the way I show you in this course, you have a very much higher chance off success. Follow the course. Don't expect some glossy videos and so on. It's me talking, and if you taking notes, you've got to put some effort in about half an hour of lectures. Here, you need to listen carefully. You need to take notes. You may need to go back and forth, but investing that half hour, then going to the template and filling it in the way I show you on, then going through the checklist that you'll take you maybe another half hour, go through all that you have as near as you will ever get to the perfect press release. If you want to be on television, you want your product on the radio, newspapers, magazines and so on. So forth. You want that publicity? You want extra sales. Don't bother spending money on advertising. We know that's largely a waste of money. Are pressure is you can do very cheaply, often for free on very easily included in the course as well as my personal roller decks on my show. You exactly where to submit your press release. Now don't expect me to rewrite or appraise you press release. That's not part of what I do. However, if you follow the course properly full of the template for the guides, you'll have the perfect pressure. Release on your business can be very, very effectively promoted. 2. Press Releases: Introduction: free and easy marketing using press releases. Quite a lot of work in this course, but have a good listen. There is a notebook attached as well, but it's essential the actually listened to. When I say in this video lecture that wake, I'll give you a bit more back under bit more detail and so on. But you've got the workbook bento work with, But do take notes as ever while you're going along. That would really help. Now I'm going to show you how to quite effective syriza ways to get press coverage for your business. But as with any strategy, the success depends not on studying this, not on making notes on whatever, but actually you actively putting these methods to use. There's no big learning curve involved. Actually, I'll explain everything as we go along. We start with Step one. Who do you know now? The easiest place to start is right amongst people you already know. Don't just rocky brains actually make a list his The questions to ask yourself, Who are your top 10 niche influences? Who do you already know and they interact with you? Who do you know on social media? Do you have any bloggers who already have relationship with whose products have you bought ? What membership sites do you belong? Toe What business on each related Facebook groups are You remember off on which forums do regularly making appear insane Out of all that, a list of all those people that you know and spend some time doing. That's been some time writing it because it's such easy ways, quite frankly, getting enormous press releases that brings you enormous press coverage that brings you loads of business out of that list. Highlight the people who belong to the press, have their own blawg or have a visible relationship with themselves. With members of the press you need, then toe work a developing a relationship with these people. Take the time to write comments that genuinely validate that opinions acknowledge that expertise and allow them to display their skills. It's important that you don't do this an artificial way, but do be on the alert for every opportunity. It will require a bit of effort on your part. If you do you honestly and intelligently, this investment of your time will pay off. The best time to start building relationships is before you need them. Then when it's time, you can ask for tips or recommendations and get the word out to a very few influences in your world. Sometimes it takes a little is a simple share by one key journalist, industry leader or blogger toe. Open up new process opportunities or increase your exposure that inevitably leads more press coverage. Find both local and online journalistic of your industrial niche on follow them on Twitter . If you watch the local news stations or read your local newspapers, you probably noticed that almost every journalist publicized and promote their Twitter handle used Twitter to retweet their key tweets used to it a reply to their questions and requests on reply to them with real tips again on Twitter. 3. Press Releases: Next Steps For Success: step to making use of agencies and organizations. Now there are other ways of getting press coverage, and I'll go through and frankly, they're not often talked about. And it's annoying because, as many of you know, my background is a journalist on their certain sites that I use on the problem is that the great sites, but people like you, setting up businesses and so on don't know about these sites. So you're saying the course There's a more formal way to gain more press coverage, join or follow local business organizations on press related online agencies such as Harrow . Hey Jr. Now Haro means help a reporter out on. Sometimes you get more press coverage. Is a member of an organization that he can as an individual. When it comes to agencies such Charles Harrow help report around. This could be a particularly valuable press opportunity resource. Now, Hello is a subscription website is a reporter. We need to actually take out a paid subscription. You own a small business, however, and you can sign up for free to receive three emails a day on these have interview requests from journalists and news agencies who are looking for sources. So journalists like May will put a request out to Haro and say, I need someone to talk about this. I need to interview somebody about this. I need something on my TV programme about this. I need to be talked my live radio show about this and it's really to do me an article about this. All those things is journals. We put on help a reporter out. You should note that Hare's members include major television news agencies such as Fox TV, ABC, BBC, Russia Today, Australian Stations, stations right around the world. You may not think that a major news agency would be interested in your business. Be surprised. Many, many small business owners have jumped on specific telephone television. Sorry, Interview requests on as a result have had coast to coast nationwide exposure. There's a slight downside with Harrow, the businesses with strong Alexa rating, So you've got quite an established website and so on. They seem to be preferred agencies of places, businesses that charge higher prices, sometimes on the plus side. However, if your business is unique enough for your serving a really small nature niche reporters could be desperate on a promise you. That's true to find business owners exactly like you with your particular expertise. Remember that in your particular business, you'll come across customers. You'll come across nature's. You'll come across product sales, ideas, thoughts. You'll have lots of opinions on business, and business is so important to the country. And important to news. Let me just stress that hara isn't the only fish in the sea. If you want to kick up press coverage in notch, take out a paid subscription to a reputable organizations such a PR Web. Pr web dot com It costs money, but every single newspaper journalist in the world pretty much subscribes to that. And if you do as we show you in this course, do things correctly with your pressure Reese and use the press release template that have included you'll find an awful lot easier to get even more publicity. Yes, it costs more, but it doesn't cost more because because it's an investment, not a cost. One other thing to do is make a database see next sale or words very simple database, not only of the organizations and agencies that you follow in that using but details of individual reporters include their contact details on their individual preferences that really important. Whatever their political preferences are put that in your database on, then you must also record notes and actual interviews, along with date on your comments. You might think you'll easily remember each interview in its particular peculiarities. If you like on there any missed opportunities from the actual interview as your business girls, you'd be surprised how easy it's ones, memorable interviews. You'll just forget them. They go to the back of your mind, make notes. A simple Excel, a word database. Put the details in the contact details what preferences that wants or preferences of things like how they prefer to be contact. Lots of journals prefer only email. There are still some that previews facts. A lot of journalists who work from home still prefer facts that may well be that they absolutely hate you. Attaching things in general. You wouldn't do that and so on. Keep a detail of that, then you can contact them correctly. You know what they like. You got there details that and you know what you spoke to about them. In the past, they're also press agencies, but hiring an actual press agency is usually not practical for small business owners or online saw proprietors. The fees, frankly starting thousands of dollars, bought that in many virtual assistants. The A's who specialize in PR on this convene. Effective option. If you really aren't comfortable handing publicity yourself so user virtual assistant, the very cheap there's loads at their job. Full time is just getting you publicity. One thing well, two things really Check the reviews and references carefully. CLARIFY wasn't recovered. What isn't isn't recovered. Get a contract in writing and 33 things. Let's go through that again. Check the reviews and references carefully. That's one thing. Clarify what is and isn't covered. What will they do? What won't they dio and get a contract in writing? Absolutely essential that there are plenty of people on sites like Fiverr. If I ve double, our dot com will do these things. You need still contract references. See all the people who don't You won't get a contract that slightly more difficult for a few dollars more going on The Lion Online, you can find virtual assistants who specialize these things in the virtual assistant sites and getting a contract in writing. That's not just to protect you. Protect them as well. You know exactly where you are. There's no argument in future. You wanna be running your business now, arguing with people the good people of find out of a contract ready. They will have everything tapped. Exactly want to do if they haven't. Oh, I'll just sort that for you or whatever. Cover everything in an email. Follow that up. 4. Press Releases: Crucial!: so Step three. Make a plan. One thing I hope is obvious. By now, I've really begun, hardly begun to to touch the opportunities that is to get the press coverage you want on already there. Hence is a multitude of people to follow on. Agencies to try the better organized you are in handling these, the better you'll be able to put them to targeted use. I use an example. It's like cooking. If you're a professional cook, you won't be running out and buying ingredients every five minutes. You sit down. You plan your menu first. Decide which garnish goes well. Which dish? What wines will hold. Irvine. What desserts complement the entrees. My friend Jackson. Nothing French cooking. Could he tell you? Factor in the prep in the cooking time. Decide how many servers you need, how many waiters, how many assistants, chefs you need and you cost out. The ingredients would also be keeping in mind the preferences of the client and their guests. It's exactly the same when putting together a press campaign. It will work best, in fact, will work properly if you already know or the players. So journalists, local media and each bloggers, TV presenters, radio guys and so on. How each of those operate how each individual individual person operates, what their strengths and preferences are, how to reach them, how long you need to give them so they can include urine event in their upcoming features. So for a glossy magazine, for example, they will start finishing their Christmas issue in about August or September. I know that surprises a lot of people. That's how it works. The lead times on glossy magazines. A huge You may have a local newspaper that comes out every Thursday, but it probably goes to bed, as it's called. It is printed better things put together at latest by choose the evening quite often for television. For radio, a comment on a few minutes before they'd rather have advanced notice of things. But you can do it at very short notice. Some tactically, it's breaking news. You also need to know what journalist or nature blogger is best for your type of coverage. So certain Germans cover certain articulate Nietzsche's eyes called their beat. They only covered that sort of story on so finding out the right journalist on that somebody from the newspapers and magazines. They'll list there relatively easy to find, but a simple note to a journalist. Do you cover this sort of thing? If not, who in your organization does on most of us are very good will just pass that on to somebody else in the organization. That would be a story for Sun, so we tend not to ignore. You will actually get response. It may not be from the journeys you contacted. People will be for one of their colleagues. They get all this from planning, strategizing, keeping files and databases. Allow a lead time, which I'll come back to in a second fear. Contact on you need to do a good job. Lead time uncovered a second ago known as lead time Ellie A Day Lead Time is how long before hand a journalist is working for a story, Sir Safer. A glossy magazine could be three or four months in advance for news daily newspapers day before for evening newspapers, sometimes that morning of the day before for TV and radio. They often try to plan the magazine type programs a good bit in advance, but often they could do things at short notice so for example, if a particular thing is in the news, they want people to talk in that particular item on the next morning's breakfast news and so on. 5. Making A Plan: right. Let's take making a plan to the next level. You must invest in research to take the time to find out how the people in organizations that are in your database, how they work, refine your feels, keep a calendar, get into the habit of thinking in terms of press press campaigns rather than just thinking almost contacted. Same reporter. I've got the story. I've got this. You're gonna feel a little, a little, etc. At first. A little strange are some of the research you're doing isn't really necessary. You're getting to a stride. You'll start to feel the pulse of the press opportunity that you're dealing with. The whole process will become much more organic. You'll end up being on those amazing people knows exactly who to contact on exactly how to approach that contact for maximum success. Think in terms of five key areas agencies, local coverage opportunities, niece, journalists, sites, toe watch and unusual one of a kind of publicity sources get into a rhythm and routine, keep good notes and records. That's how the journeys themselves. They got fascinating and trending stories. The drop of a hat, bip landing, planning, strategizing, get to know you press opportunities through research and record keeping. You're simply doing what we as journalists do. You reversing the process? You're digging up the journalists you need at the drop of a hat. We have journalist also, keep these databases, keep these records, keep contacts of people that we need. We know what we talked about before we doing exactly the same. So you're just doing the reverse of that process. Remember, you and your business are the story, and each one is your list is gonna jump up that story if you keep in regular touch me journalists keep the information your information updated with various agencies on. Thank journalists. If they do a great job now, we don't often get thank that story and actually quite nice. If you just drop a quick note. I really appreciated that. If there's something wrong in the store, is something incorrect? Letters? No. We might not be able to change the story in a printed newspaper. We can change it online or whatever, but just little Thank you. Next time you call me up, I might be more interested in earning a story. Also always give journalist tips and other people in the coverage. Oh, that might want to interview. So you may have friends about member of a local business meetings. You go along to meetings occasionally on because you've got some press coverage and you talk to somebody. It's worth just seem to the gentlemen just met so on. So here's his name and number hit covers. This sort of thing went interesting conversation this morning, and then you become a source for me as a journalist. Form or interesting things, people to make people to talk to stories and whatever always approached journalists in a business like but informal, organized but flexible method. I think it's best way describing it were business like we tend to be quite informed. We tend to be running hundreds of things at once. Be flexible about what we want from the stories. Know what you want is what the journalist wants. Yes, well, you want to get your story across. The journalist also knows his particular audience. He's editor and so on. It's a bit like anything else in making connections from the playground for little Children to negotiating multimillion pound mergers. Keep focused. Keep it real. Very simple 6. Press Releases: Upcoming Success: so long. Last we get to step four, sending out press releases now press races. Everybody thinks they know about them. But first thing you need to know is what is a press release on what isn't it on? Unlike everybody who teaches you sales, the type things and how to get around journalists, you must do this. Do this. It's better that you listen to what I say because I am a journalist. Have been for many years. Look at it from my point of view because if you know anything, you're trying to sell something. You need to know what the client wants. There's no point in trying to sell May something I'm more interested in. I'm a journalist. Tell me what I want to know what I want, what I want to use. I'm the expert in what might readers what my viewers what my listeners want. So if you give me something that approach them, you get an angle. You're flexible about it. That's far more chance of your preference Being used. A press release is not an advert for your business. I don't care that even wants a new product. Tell me about why the product. Very interesting. I read readers, I don't care you've done this or that once of interest. If your press release reads like another for your business, I might either bin it or if you really unlock it, I might just pass it on to the advertising department of my newspaper, a magazine or TV or whatever a press release is. Above all, it's a reporter's short court. It's what I looked through when I'm trying to find the story that will please my readers. Keep that in mind. Keep yourself in the reporter shoes and you'll always know how to use reporters properly. Press releases could be a best friend because they are instant opportunities for publicity , which all the months and work you've done. Networking relationship building. If you screw it up, I probably won't read your future press releases. Get it right first time, Get it right every time. Most important, you write this next. Bit down, please. A journalist needs to know the following six things now you'll read elsewhere. Exactly five things. The five things is because all the five things that everybody teachers actually begins with W a natural fact that is another one as well. I'll show you that in a second. You need to know as a journalist who want where, when? Why conceal the W's there? Write those down, please. Who, What, where, when? Why the one the journalists always ask for is how so who, what, where, when, Why there's taught elsewhere. You need to add how to that. Who's doing this? What are they doing, where they're doing it when they're doing it, Why are they doing However doing it? If you can put those six things into a pressure is genuinely it is, first of all, a genuine press release, and it's going to catch the reporters. I we've got the facts in there. That's exactly what we want to know in terms of laying out press races. They've long followed traditional format, but you'll find that in addition these days, including your basic where, what? Who I went. Why, how every publication are like to press releases live in a specific way. So always, always, always please. Before you send a press Aries, check the guidelines. You'll see that a newspaper, TV, radio, everything has their own way of doing things these days on. They want things in a particular way. So, for example, how the publication prefers delivers generally emails but still an awful lot of organization that still like fax and their online fax services to do that. Should he send it to her particular reporters? Should he send it to a department or a section? Look those things up. If you're not sure, get on the phone, speak to the news desk and say, I've got a press race on X. How do I best send it to you? Please? Is there a guide online? Or if not, can I have a knee male? Who do I send it to? Remember that journalists don't mind that we take calls. We take emails. We take faxes all day long. We want that information from you. I would rather you ringers and say How best to send it that way. We made a contact straightaway. We could even sometimes start asking you questions straight away. Don't assume that will happen every time, obviously, but it will. Quite often we'd much rather have the information from you on rather and sending in wrongly when it goes wrong or whatever did it in the format that we like. You got a far better chance of being published 7. Sending Out Press Releases: Best Practices: four thing for best practices is using search engine optimization Seo. If you press races intended for online publication research, what the readers of that liquor publication be looking for have a good route through the articles, what thoughts on there and so on. Make sure that you include at least one powerful keyword or keyword phrase in the headline on Din the Body copy. You must always do that. That will work wonders for Seo Google, and some will pick that up because they're researching for your keywords. Make sure you do that, but make sure it's in your headline hand in the body text as well. The fifth of seven best practices include two quotes. This goes back, probably 100 and 50 years I can number learning this not quite on the girl of the early days. If you've got two quotes in that can work really well. So all news agencies, publications on Like You toe have two quotes. The convention for this is to include a quote from interested party like a customer on nature enthusiast about the topic. So, for example, and I'm being silly with the eels again. But we swim in that swimming hole since I was a child without encouraging any giant deals, said Mrs Whatever from wherever Something don't see, she lives and I decided, include a quote from yourself is the other option as a business owner, but you must write this in. The third person must do that all the time. So Mary Wobble, owner of the Wobble Gardens Hotel, did Mrs Rumor of the killer deal with a wink. A few people may have been a tone nibbled while swimming, but frankly, we put that down to our 11 varieties of goldfish. Now I know that silly, and it makes more sense when you read the transcript below. But we got a quote that I got the name of the person Mary Wobble. We've got the name of her hotel Bubble Gardens Hotel. We've got a bit of humor in there. We've also managed to say that you know, with a story about killer Real in the pool isn't true. All those minor thing. We've also got a sales thing there. 11 varieties of goldfish in our swimming pool. All right, so silly example. But sometimes today's examples work to show you just get your get your brains thinking about this. Six of the seventh best practices embedding a video. Uploading a photo. Now don't actually embed the video. Let me just stress that, by all means a link to it. But don't embedded in email something that drives us, Madam, we see all the time and better video in the press release. Ah, a lot of journalists work from home these days, and you start embedding videos and turned downloaded, and real stories can't get through evenly says we get very, very not about it. If you're sending a fir tree up, make sure it's a top quality. Just so Profession is not true. It's pin sharp. It's obvious what things are. Make sure is a caption there for it as well, of course, on make sure it conforms to the size and former guidelines of the particular publication. So for a website, for example, they can't do very wide, wide photo just may do tall and so on. Lots of newspapers. Magazines only want black and white photographs. They may want only color photographs. And so on the seventh of the seventh best practices is make sure that you know your audience. You can write the best with the pressure is in the world. If you're writing for a publication that isn't including your audience, no, we won't be ready wanting to be published. In other words, know who your reporters readers on fans are? What is the publication about what sort of people read it? If it's most people in the fifties or male and you're aiming at people in the twenties or female, you wasting your time. You're wasting the journalist time Next time you send a press release, that may be really relevant over the stuff on that idea before. But it's just so easy. These days is easy enough in there. In the old days, too, I personally would call when you get a few seconds to read it. You throw it in the Ben. You do that with emails. I'm sure all the day long journalist certainly do that these days. It's so easy just to press the delete key. We do remember who sense Tofane, but remember also because you don't get response immediately. We do tend to say stuff for a while. We may come back to in futures. Don't worry, if you know, heard straight away just a bit here about the audience, because if you're not really into press releases, getting assistant to his passionate about them, there's plenty of top notch virtual assistance out there who do nothing but write press releases. Publicity briefs all day long. Most importantly of all, get into the habit. Descending press races regulate to the same reporters on publication. Don't end in inundated with news and every little thing, but make sure they quickly get to know they can always count on you for solid a reader. Pleasing news on your topic. Building a relationship with these journalists is absolutely essential. It's a gulf you should focus on when sending out press races. You'll do it much easier by making their job easy. Makes it easier for you. Makes it easier for the journalist, please their readers. That's what you're thinking about. You be successful 8. Sending Out Press Releases: The Power Of Press Releases: overtaking, sending out press releases to the next level now on their seven best practices to follow some a traditional someone new. But if you're sending out press races, thes are things that you need to do. If you follow these seven guidelines, these best practices you'll do really well every time. So the first thing is, keep your headline under 140 characters. That also happens to be the length of a tweet. So, actually, if you've got a headline and it would work well on Twitter, then it would work well. As a headline, Presleys will catch my eyes. It's something of interest there on Remember. Incidentally, it quite accept. All these days, Teoh put releases to press releases on Facebook, Twitter and so on. Put your press release on your website, obviously, and put links to it in Twitter and Facebook and so on. That's quite acceptable. Presidents these days aren't just for the press, and if you've got them on your side, you've got oppressively section. When the press is looking for various things and see a psychic press releases on were more likely to call you Andi, email you and factory or whatever and say, crafts and more comments on this. Can we do this coming from this story or whatever The second best practices weeding your words out objectives, adverbs of no place in in news writing nor interesting object is not interesting. Adverbs on the unnecessary was Get rid of them. So let's suppose he got a headline. Family Pet inherits a sizable fortune from late owner nor interested. However, German Shepherd inherits a $1,000,000 or $30 billion or whatever, then that's going to get the headline to get the attention. Much more. Look at places like Buzzfeed and so on. Look at the headlines in your local newspaper. Look at the when the news is coming up. A 10 things. They've got those facts there. There's no identities, no adverbs. They give you the facts, give you the details. That's what we want. Speak directly to the intended reader. If you gots, for example, you've got some sort of charity fair on you. Say donations will be accepted when you arrive. Donna make it much better. You can help by donating $5 at the door is much better on rather than family packed in the example above German shepherd is more interesting. A family pet. The third best practice to follow is creating an angle. New stories always focus on a single point. One point. Going to say that again? A single 1.0.1 point. Do not ever. Please try and cover two or three things mental. I've got this to a story I'll tell him about. Let's not tell them about that, and it will go straight in the trash. We will get rid of it straight away. All right. Even something as straightforward as an event trying to come up with an angle and news angle, something there that will actually catch your attention. I don't want all these things. So the rule. If you entertain a hook report with the headline a story, they will be scrambling to share that story with you readers. The journalist. I want to get these stories that I want to get the news out, Right. So, for example, join us for the Memorial Day, Doc Darby. Whatever one of those is is frankly boring. Okay, but you've got a headline that there's a killer Hell, it's not expected at the dock. Darby immediately got my interest. Was this a killer. Hell isn't expected to look now, but the fact is that about you've got my attention. Don't cheat. Don't lie about it. But make that part of the story. Remember, finally, when coming with Angles that news, it's four letters, three of those and new. It is talking about the stuff that's new, never, ever sent out a press release that feels tired, repetitive or stale. If you give your topic a new twist or tight into heart kindly friend, you stand a much better chance of not only having a new story published but maybe being interviewed for an expanded story. A big feature, as we call it, So new stuff all the time. Plays want an angle and you want some news. You want something new, not something that's boring, but it may be something that's old, but there's something in the news about it. At the moment, you'll see something on TV. You'll see something in the press, maybe local, maybe national. You can comment on that is a big national story, and you've got an angle to that ring. Your local newspaper link ring, your local TV station e mail, your local radio station or whatever. So even though it's something that's relatively old for you, you're an expert. You can comment on it, and nothing that journalists like MAWR is interviewing an expert in. If you look every new story, every TV story of radio story, a press story, somebody's being interviewed for their opinion on it was journalists member. We cannot give opinion. We could just state facts, but we could interview some do with an opinion. We can question that opinion. We may even get some young with an opposite opinion, but that fills the air town that fills the pages that what we want but make sure it's new in its broadest sense. 9. Press Releases: How To Put Your Results Into Overdrive: Step five is basically always be available for interviews on one of the easiest and most effective strategies you can use his lie. Interested partner parties know that you're available for guest interviews, radio talk show host podcasters that always always looking for, Martin said, a desperate for interesting guest to talk on topics that are about their main focus. Just bear in mind. If you want to promote something, then you have to have something specific, not just generally. Oh, I've got a psychic fair coming along. I'm not gonna want to interview you about the invent They're gonna want to investing took a to talk about, for example, in this case, psychic phenomena on some aspect of that. So if you're a medium, let's use that as an example. You may find that the radio show or the podcast podcast host wants to talk about contacting dead relatives and whether it's really healing or not for very family members. So if your head of the New York Paranormal Society you could suggest topics target specifically to that interest. So 10 spookiest places in in Ahlam, for example, what equipment you need to go ghost hunting, or even how to get rid of your ghost. Every Get rid of your house of a ghost in your house. I should say they're semi again, but I want to get your juices going. I want to get your mind creating one to get to think about those things. Because the Sandia was interviewing your particular apart podcast or a radio interview. It really want to focus on one particular thing that I want to ramble around lots of things . So if you approach somebody, would you like to do an article on the 10 spookiest locations in Harlem or we got a psychic very in Harlem on Saturday. Then you can fit that in. If you write and say kind of talk to you about this. Sakic very in Harlem on Saturday. Well, that's not very boring. That's more like advertising. That's not gonna work if you've got an angle. Hope they had a good story to do so then that work much better. Talk about taking being available interviews for the next level because in addition for researching for podcast series in iTunes are using Google searchers. You can fast track your guest career by using directories to find the best shows for your needs. Now on horror that we mentioned earlier help a reporter out. You can easily land talks your podcast guest spots on there. That's great for publicity, but you can also find any type of guest 40 minutes by looking through the posts that radio guest list dot com and again the details of this in the in the hand out there cos this so. Radio guest list dot com Be sure to factor guest interviews into publicity and press coverage of the planning and strategy stage. Rember you can land, land, many guest spots or one of several interviews. This on shows with lots of people on the contact, key industry, focus stations and podcasters. Ask them what topics have you got coming up? Nothing of journeys likes and to be told to be asked, What do you What's coming up? What are you doing features on in future? Then you can suggest things either directly or slightly askew. Related to that on. That really helps you doing an article. You doing a talk show and future on this or a phone in on this or a podcast on this? Would you like to consider this, which is slightly different, but it is in the same general field on that can piqued the interest of the of the podcast of the broadcaster and say, Yeah, that could be interesting. Tell me more about it. Next thing you know, you're on coast to coast radio, your podcasting around the world or locally or whatever. Focus on being a great guest and you'll be asked back, How do you become a great guest? Well, first of all, be prepared. Know your topic. Anticipated topic questions may be asked to have announcer ready. Where I do is when I'm on shows like this, and I do a lot of them both as a guest on Desert as an interview as a guest, I've also got notes. I've got keywords, phrases written down, things that I want to do, things that I want to mention on. If there's a bit of a lull in the conversation, or can I tell you about this on as they do that I have on a simple sheet of paper in front of me and I just put a little line through in pencil ones, have covered that whole thing and see what's outstanding. You got something at the end of all this. One other thing I wanted to mention did you know, blah, blah, blah. And that could be a great altro. The opposite of an intra toe, an interview. So being prepared, having your notes, they have what you want to do. Show your host up in a great light. Don't interrupt. The person uses broadcasting. Don't monopolize the conversation. If the host that the Who is interviewing you know something about the subject, tell himself that's a great question. There's nothing wrong with doing that at all. It makes him look good. It also makes you look good because, you know, that's a great question. Sounds silly, but think about it. You're saying straight away on expert. That's a great question for you to ask us, you know. So he's doing a radio show at the end of the day, is a broadcaster. It doesn't have to know everything about anything or anything about everything or everything about everything. Probably all three. If you can make it clear that a good question, because announcer that that not only makes him look good but makes you look good. The one thing that will make a host more aware of you and invite you back is entertaining the audience. If you capture an audience for that show, and that becomes lots of feedback, lots of people emailing about it. People twittering people mentioning on Facebook people, adding to his podcast page and commenting and so on. Then you're entertaining your host audience. You are just so close to being invited back time and again because you're a great guest. Finally, when we're dealing with radio shows podcasts, be sure to have fun. Make sure you're enjoying yourself good. Nothing makes listeners of our viewers and join interview more than if you're enjoying it as well. 10. All Ready For Your "Personal Stamp": So let's let's just cover in a conclusion. Getting great press coverage is much like increasing your own visibility and building relationships. Remember, you're also doing this through a press, recent interviews, the publications for the shows and for journalists you're using. You're using them. Nothing wrong with using a journalist. Journalist is using you because he can't sell empty air time. You can't sell a television pictures. Nothing there. If the newspapers got blank pages, it won't sell. Had been on the job very quickly. So I guess you're using the journals to get publicity for your business. If you're a great gas, give a great story gets something of interest the readers the actual readers practically needs from that publication. Then, using each other as absolutely fine entertained their audiences. New audiences don't have to bay radio television audience. Still, an audience with reading something in the newspaper met the journalist. Look, God help them to do a great job. Always keep the focus in mind. You'd be a great popular guest, a contributor, and you won't find any of it tall to get the press coverage you want. Anytime you need it, gonna go back to something I said, right at the beginning of this, you need to be organized. You need to be haIf something of an individual story. He needs to be news in the news. And if you do that, you've got free and easy marketing using press releases a lot for you to take in there except that. But you can see now from a journalist point of view why press releases is so important and how you can use that. We use the word use again to your benefit on that lots of free and easy marketing for your business.