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Presenting Under Stress: Presentation Skills Fundamentals

Mariano Goren, User Experience Lead & Strategist

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19 Videos (37m)
    • PSS Sales Video Camtasia final

    • Foundations 1/2

    • Foundations 2/2

    • How To Study This Course

    • On Managing Ourselves in Meetings

    • Inner Game

    • Outer Game Introduction

    • Non-Verbal Communitcation

    • NVC > Body Language & Posture

    • NVC > Gestures

    • NVC > Build Rapport

    • NVC > Appearance

    • NVC > Facial Expressions

    • NVC > Eye Contact

    • NVC > How to Manage Fear

    • NVC > Haptics

    • NVC > Proxemics

    • NVC > Humor and Playfulness

    • NVC > Personality traits


About This Class

Get a simple self-dev framework to change how you present in any situation. Specially recommended for creators!

** Change your thoughts and behavior, to set free the best version of yourself **

How can we ensure that our presentations go well, no matter what?

In this course, you’ll find a simple framework focused on giving you the tools to create a bullet-proof mindset.

This, combined with a comprehensive understanding of the social dynamics behind any environment, will create the conditions to help you thrive in any stressful situation.

The course is divided in two areas

Inner Game: here you’ll learn to hack your mind to unblock your potential.

+ Outer Game: Here we will check specific techniques and skills to apply to any stressful situation, presentation or meeting.

The contents are based on my 8+ years experience working as a digital business consultant and speaker

I created a course I wish had been available when I started my career; a how-to guide for building a bullet-proof personality as an expert presenter. 


• Why some presentations go well and some don’t
• What makes them succesful
• A proven pattern to make them better

You’ll get:

• A simple framework to follow when presenting.
• Practical advice based in live-fire situations.
• Advanced sociodynamics and psychology hacks.

This course is for anyone that have to present in stressful situations, and has a 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee! 

So there’s no downside: take this fundamental step to improve your life, enrol now!

What are the requirements?

  • You'll need a computer with a good broadband connection to consume the videos.
  • An eagerness to become a master presenter and producer of experiences. This may seem silly but you'll need to study and practice to get the skills.
  • Enough time to spend in the course.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Get ready for a presentation
  • Understand Social Dynamics
  • Recalibrate when something goes wrong
  • Deliver a presentation as a pro

What is the target audience?

  • Entrepreneurs in need of selling their idea to raise funds or to prospect clients
  • Corporate managers to strengthen and expand their presentation skills
  • Students that will need to present their thesis
  • Self-employed people that need to promote their work/skills/services






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Mariano Goren

User Experience Lead & Strategist

Mariano has +8 years of experience in the digital business industrywhere he has developed well-rounded capabilities in both businessand technology. A natural born entrepreneur, with the ability to adapt to any challenge, Mariano founded his own bond brokerage firm, an electronic music production project and an e-learning start-up - among other projects.

As student of human dynamics, business and finance, Mariano has developed the first framework for digital business strategy. He was an...

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