Presentation Design (in InDesign): Make Your Next Presentation Stand Out

Anne Ditmeyer, designer + creative coach

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9 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Presentation Design – Welcome!

    • 2. The Project Brief: designing your own slides

    • 3. Key Resources: design + presentations

    • 4. Make a Game Plan: process

    • 5. Great Talks: inspiration

    • 6. Checking the Final File + Preparing for export (PDF, jpg)

    • 7. Working with Master Pages + Character Styles

    • 8. Working with Type

    • 9. Working with Images + Ordering your Slides

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About This Class


There are way too many boring presentations in the world. In this class you'll learn to design a clean, simple presentation that has a big impact, while building your InDesign skills.

Whether you're giving a talk at a conference, a presentation to your office or in an academic forum, pitching the client of your dreams, creating a pitch deck for investors, or want to design a portfolio presentation to keep on your tablet or smartphone for whenever you have a meeting on the go, this class is for you!

The concise lessons will walk you through inspiration and resources, creating a storyboard and game plan (while figuring out which process works for you), and making your presentation come to life in InDesign. We'll also explore the benefits and limitations of working in InDesign (vs. Powerpoint or Keynote), as well as technical considerations.

I'll walk you through a real life example of a talk I gave in London (which you can even watch online, if you so desire). Rather than starting from scratch, I'll walk you backwards through an existing presentation I designed in InDesign to talk through techniques and tools in InDesign, as well as my design decisions.

While this class was initially conceived to help people learn InDesign, anyone interested in presentation design is welcome to join and use the software of their choice. Non-designers are welcome and encouraged to join this class! For the class project you'll be creating a 20 slide presentation about you or something you're passionate about.