Presentation Design: How To Pitch Your Designs To Your Clients | Steph F. ~ A Brand Apart Design | Skillshare

Presentation Design: How To Pitch Your Designs To Your Clients

Steph F. ~ A Brand Apart Design, Freelance Designer & Coffee Guzzler

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8 Videos (20m)
    • Presentation Design Intro

    • Chp1 - The Overview

    • Chp2 - The Setup

    • Chp3a - The Mockups

    • Chp3b - The Booklet pdf

    • Chp4a - The Pre-Approved Conceptfinal

    • Chp4b - The Deliverables

    • Chp5 - The Project

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About This Class

If you work as a freelancer or do independent work for clients, the presentation is oftentimes just as important as the designs themselves. Sending a bunch of concepts as separate jpgs over email rarely gets the point across, nor does it represent your ideas in a professional manner.

Displaying your concepts so that clients can clearly see the work that went into it, understand the concept behind it, and can picture the designs in use in their own business - whether for social media, promotion designs or branding - play a huge role in selling the ideas and avoiding any ambivalence or uncertainty from your clients.

In this class I'll walk you through my steps of putting together a concept package for my clients using a recently designed logo. I'll go over the different pages I include, the design process and the final package I email out.

I'll also breakdown the deliverables I include when sending the final work to the client.





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Steph F. ~ A Brand Apart Design

Freelance Designer & Coffee Guzzler

After graduating from traditional animation and working in the industry for several years, I opted to leave the corporate studios behind and began working as a freelance graphic designer, specializing in package design and branding. Since then, A Brand Apart has grown to include promotion design, photography, web design and SEO, and custom illustrated projects (which are completed under the name Forty Weight Design). 

During animation school, I started my own greeting card company...

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