Present Like it Matters: How to Give Great Presentations | Phil Jones | Skillshare

Present Like it Matters: How to Give Great Presentations

Phil Jones, Communication and Change Consultant

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15 Videos (40m)
    • Introduction

    • The Importance of Transformation

    • The Recipe for a Good Presentation

    • Making the Case for Change

    • Changing the Audience to a Participant

    • Weave in the Transformation

    • The Philosophy of How to Talk

    • Speak Confidently

    • How to Be Engaging

    • The Philosophy of Making Slides

    • Practical Slide Building - Words

    • Practical Slide Building - Images

    • Making the Case

    • End with Conviction

    • Closing Thoughts


About This Class

You know that you and your team are capable of doing great things. But sometimes we need to convince others (or teach them) how to do just that. If you want to improve your presentation skills and use them to lead others through change, then this 30 minute course will teach you how.

A lot of us dread giving presentations --and even more of us dread attending them. Sometimes we lose sight of the unique advantages of speaking to people: the ability to inspire and channel emotion, no matter what topic we’re presenting on.

In this class, you learn concepts and actionable steps that will let you:

  • Use the model of the reluctant hero to motivate your audience
  • Break your audience's inertia so they start moving toward their goal
  • Understand how to make your message resonate with the audience so they become part of the story
  • Tweak your commentary to keep the audience engaged
  • Build slides that inspire curiosity and not boredom

This class is for anyone who needs to give presentations. You don’t need anything special before starting, but you should have an idea of what presentation you’d like to work on.

This class is perfect for new leaders, idea people, or anyone trying to lead a change or share new information with an audience.  Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you in the course!





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Phil Jones

Communication and Change Consultant

Hi! I'm Phil Jones, and I'm a change management consultant from Houston, Texas. I've been working in communication, change, and management consulting for 10 years. I've been practicing writing and speech for much, much longer. I'm passionate about improvement and learning, and that curiosity has made me want to share what I've found with others.

Creating and consuming training is a big part of my career, so I thought I would make it a part of my personal projects, too.


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