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Prepare and translate your website for an international audience

teacher avatar Katrin Rippel Galati, Translation, Localization, International Branding

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Welcome to my class

    • 2. Class project & workbook

    • 3. Which language/market to choose first?

    • 4. Best practises for international websites

    • 5. Machine translation vs. human translation

    • 6. Let's talk budget

    • 7. Conclusion: "Roma" wasn't built in a day

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About This Class

This class guides you through the process of adapting your website to a foreign language audience.

We will cover:
• How to identify a foreign language and/or market right for your investment
• Being global – Making it local: Best practices for international websites
• Machine translation vs. human translation: How to find your translator to partner with
• Let’s talk budget: Making decisions, keeping it simple and using tools for efficiency
• Conclusion: "Roma" wasn’t built in a day

As a class project, you’ll create your very own plan for preparing and translating your website – ready to be executed.
Posting your plan will guarantee you feedback, and upon completing the class, you’ll have a plan ready to go.

This class is for small business owners and their marketing staff who would like to sell products and services to an international audience.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Katrin Rippel Galati

Translation, Localization, International Branding


A German native, French lover, and believer in the American dream. I am dedicated to supporting businesses in reaching international markets, making their products and services available in a different language and growing a foreign language customer base.

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1. Welcome to my class: did you know there are over three billion Internet users around the world and most off those Internet users don't speak English. Research shows that way. Over 50% off Internet users would not buy online if the information is not displayed in their language. That's why I created this class. It will guide you through the process off preparing and translating your website for an international audience. I crew up in Germany. My work in international tourism A gave me the opportunity to live in friends for many years and then in the U. S. Where I also settled down. I don't continued my study in translation and localization off website and software, and I created a business to support companies in translating the products and services for an international audience. Boss careers gave me countless opportunity to see people in foreign countries not speaking the language off that country, and I became a aware off cultural expression and island solution to cultural differences. In this class of evil. Cover how you can identify a language or market waas your investment evil cover best practices off international websites. We will talk about machine translation versus human translation and how to find a translator to partner vis. We will also talk about budget making decision, keeping it simple, your company's needs and Kendall's and tools to use for efficiency. As a class project, you will create your own plan on how to put Pearl and translate your website for an international audience. This class is for small business owners and the marketing stuff. Who wants to sell products and services in foreign languages? Join me and let's get started. 2. Class project & workbook: as I mentioned before, this class project will be for you to create a strategic plan for preparing and translating your website for foreign audience. Positive progress, Reagan really in the forum and I make sure to give your feet back. So by the end off this class, you will have a plan that it's ready to execute. No upset yet created plan for your city's website to draw more international tourists to your town. I also created a walk book to facilitate your plan creation. You also can download a close Serie off specialized terms. Have fun. 3. Which language/market to choose first?: you are already welcoming visitors, guests and customers league really on your website you're east. Or you would tell a restaurant you brick and mortar business and to see the potentials off getting a firm and foreseeable share off that foreign market business more consistently, so let don't let their language barrier scare you. The easiest way to make somebody feel welcome is to create them in their language, so you might considering translating your website. But how should you start which language or market you to choose? So let's explore it. You can start with analyzing your website statistics. Check out the top level domain names and the endings which are the country coats like the years for Germany and see which country does most frequently your visit, your websites and your pages and which pages when you analyze that, review you guests and customer database and compiled in four you will gain tremendous insights. Continue was getting to local facts. Check out your individual region and what's attractive. Ah, the mountains for skiing or white water rafting rebels for the summer. Do you have, like a convention trade fair regularly and which countries are present? You can go to Chamber of Commerce or Visitor and convention centers and get all those information, compile it. Continuous Researching global data. Check global Internet usage patterns. Google it, search it and check it out, compared compared to your local in four and websites statistics. Next, think about also to enjoy the journey as much a single a rich country or place on earth you always wanted to go to is their language. You always wanted to speak a foreign culture to experience, because it might well be possible that you travel in that country or meet with Van knows from the country. Next, calculate your return on investment. I know there's not much data yet, but give it your best and realistic. But if guests when you download the book book for the class project, you will find, like many questions to ask yourself to, um, think about end. See some pattern about possible return on investment 4. Best practises for international websites: a foreign language website isn't just a translated copy off your native language website simply translating Europe, Texas Only the first step There's more. Let's take a look So, but it's the third of September in the U. S. Is the nines off march in Germany because in Germany today is displayed before a month. Numbers the decimal separator in the U. S. Is a doctor Passes and friends. It's a comma and 1000 separator in the U. S. A sitcom A vs in the UK Friends or Germany. It's a dot collender as the week starts on Sunday in the US versus on Monday in Germany. And so this asked Atra structures for numbers They all artists plate differently in many countries also paid close attention to the significance off Carlos. You most likely have heard already that does disassociated with plague in the U. S. Versus in Asia. It's associate ID despite or hear the example of purple in the US, it's tense vulnerability and bravery versus in proceed eel. It sends for morning and in Turkey for nature, icons represent different concepts. Mailboxes have their own cultures. Nowadays, we usually use, like the letter sign for contact than a check for What is your target country paying this and display security icons stay help selling. Also, shopping carts are displayed differently in various countries. Same this hand. Chester's be careful and flex are also very limiting because they were present often political concepts that can get outdated or offensive. Also a photograph. It's worth 1000 words, but in which language so be sensitive to ethnic see to you to tres off models and posing off models. Open hands are holding fingers in anyways can be offensive in some countries then Also, Internet speed varies so useless animation or less sounds, simple structure and a clear navigation. Because people in different countries, they just navigate differently and avoid complicated scripting. This is something your bet Master will know what it means. Use the latest Web standouts to make sure you your target audience, can see your website. Then think mobile and responsive Web design, which is the latest standard. Today, about 80% of Internet users own a smartphone and spent more time on it than on any other device, especially in new emergent markets. Be careful this in cording adoptions so everybody can read because in other languages. Descript, maybe different, like doom loads in German language or like language going from right to left, instead off left to right and such engine optimization keyboards, side description. All tax country courts all needs adjustment so that foreign search engines find to international website and drank it highly. 5. Machine translation vs. human translation: on your own experiment with Microsoft translator or Google. Translate and similiar soft rituals and your quickly recognized limitations. The translate words but don't represent two particular business. Properly awful. Full the expectation off your foreign guests. Visitor customers, it said. So let's take a look at machine translation. Here. Do's and Dont's with machine translation. Read articles in foreign languages. But use human translators to translate content for foreign readers, especially if you want to publish him and then machine translation. Use it to get a sense of foreign tweets and other social past things, but translate your own tweets, Plock, Social Media and websites. Regime Translation. Use it for reading foreign emails or charge was foreign friends. But translate with a human translator. You business correspondence. You can default any such correspondence to be less than perfect. With incorrect nuances, conventions, computers and tools to help translators and a crucial for saving time and money. We all do. It's to stand out in a trait in the profession, off translators and interpreters, However, the only human translators can comprehend boss to critical linguistic distinctions and essential cultural nuances. You need real people to help you succeed with your website. You know that search engine optimization for your website and webpages is crucial, and so and you have your list off keyboards. The translator would not just translated from one language to another. Here, she would make the surgeon it for it country. And then when you have your list off key boats, the translator would integrate the key boats in the translation, and they would make sure that your texts are correct and best practices in that foreign country. After a while, your translator knows your business well and can help this updates quickly and correctly. Also, your translator would be able to help your and do search engine optimization in general. So how to find your translator to partner vis? There are various websites, and I listened them in the workbook you can download for a class project. When you look for some translator, make sure here sheas native off the target language and specialized in your topic. In addition, days should have some experiences in translating websites. Test with some small assign and assignment. If you work well together and create a contract to find milestones, payment terms, Russian minimum fees and the ownership how to evoke is a translator. Communicate regularly integrated translator in your company's communication cycle. Provide context and information about your business to more the better. A lot of appropriate time for translation. It took you maybe one week or two to carefully choose your boats for a report or your webpage. So why would you consider a rash chop from your translator overnight? Get real Yes, status updates and gift. The translation. A second set off eyes to proof rich. That's also a standard off the industry. Often the translator also works with somebody together who edits to text, so just make sure that extra are a bit off. Quality assurance is done. 6. Let's talk budget: until now recovered How to identify a foreign language or market right for your investment Recovered best practices for international websites. We talked about machine translation versus human translation How to find your translator to partner vis. And now it's time to talk about budget. Yes, website localization can be expensive. Nevertheless, you can prepare your website, make key decisions, introduce you localization costs dramatically. Ask yourself how ready are you your staff to respond to foreign language enquiries As a business, do you want will you need and can you handle Ah, full scale localization which is a foreign language website as fully functional. S your English website including contact forms and videos. All should your rather go was a partial localization identifying those pages that are visited the most by your international customers and website visitors and translate only just keep ages. However, stayed clearly Wedneday link back to the English pages so that your international visitors don't get disappointed or like a confused when they click and to go back to English pages Or should you rather just start with an abstract? A one or two page summary is the most important information about your company property store, etcetera. Let's look at a couple example. Here is the Amtrak website I'm Track is the National Renewable Railroad Passenger Corporation for Mary Castle. When you come to the website, you have a pop up window where you can choose the language version off the website. You want to see you, and when you click on German, everything is localized. Translated, even if you want to ergot tickets, your tickets and even the customer service. When you have an inquiry, they apply in German. And here's to example, off San Francisco Sue. They have, like an abstract in the three languages, just a summary off the most important information live on to provide to Mexicans, Philippines and Chinese people. So a partial translation localization is everything in between. So think about and make a decision. What's the best for your business? And then the most important thing when you use partial localization is to guide your visitors, so don't promise them like localized translated website. And then, if they click on a link, everything becomes English again. Communication here is everything coming back to our budget discussion. Next thing is, keep it simple. Simplify your Rep Tex translation, too big really is charged by the number off words to be translated. Review your website. Also now I got to newsy features news that would need to be updated on a daily or weekly basis. Do you really need them? Do they really need to be translated? Also, it just gets expensive over time. Then use the latest Web standouts for programming and separated text. It needs to be translated from the coach and a craft ical elements. Your Web master will know what it means. Also make your website responsive. It would be easily accessible on every device, and it's just important when you go international. You then would decide how far you want to get involved in the whole website localization process. Do you want, like a point somebody in your business who's like managing the whole process and also hiring a freelance translator or like somebody who comes to your business location? Or do you want to hire complete team and appoint somebody from the translation team to be like the project manager on for Do you want to outsource the whole project? An agency whose managing the hiring off the translator, the whole process and the quality assurance and to integration to your website. The new hire translators and proofreaders make sure it's a native speakers off that language. It really pays at the end. Communicate regularly if it's a freelance translator or a team, or like an agency here, just communicate regularly created timeline and milestones just to trick. That project gets done in time, as I mentioned before, computers and tools to help translators and are crucial for saving time and money. So if you build your website on a vote, press squarespace creepy or such platform, check out a plug ins for translation because they help to translate the websites on those platforms. Apart from that, you have tools such a smock, your easel ing smart ling and such that help you streamlining to translation process. Managing budget, keeping track off updated texts on your website. It needs to be translated. Helping Europe is keeping the website consistent and facilitate to proof reading process because quality really met us 7. Conclusion: "Roma" wasn't built in a day: home Boston build in the day. You don't have to do it all at once. Making your website international can be approached. Gradually start with an abstract off your property, your store and test the waters without huge initial investment. Continue this parcel localization and justify your return on investment and that grow into full scale localization off your whole brand that involves on this stuff. So now it's your turn. If you have Dancel downloaded workbook and goes through the exercises and post the Soltz Yeah, in the glass, I will make sure to give you And if you have any questions, please feel free to post them too. And I make sure to answer Thank you.