Prepare and translate your website for an international audience | Katrin Rippel Galati | Skillshare

Prepare and translate your website for an international audience

Katrin Rippel Galati, Translation, Localization, International Branding

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7 Videos (22m)
    • Welcome to my class

    • Class project & workbook

    • Which language/market to choose first?

    • Best practises for international websites

    • Machine translation vs. human translation

    • Let's talk budget

    • Conclusion: "Roma" wasn't built in a day


About This Class

This class guides you through the process of adapting your website to a foreign language audience.

We will cover:
• How to identify a foreign language and/or market right for your investment
• Being global – Making it local: Best practices for international websites
• Machine translation vs. human translation: How to find your translator to partner with
• Let’s talk budget: Making decisions, keeping it simple and using tools for efficiency
• Conclusion: "Roma" wasn’t built in a day

As a class project, you’ll create your very own plan for preparing and translating your website – ready to be executed.
Posting your plan will guarantee you feedback, and upon completing the class, you’ll have a plan ready to go.

This class is for small business owners and their marketing staff who would like to sell products and services to an international audience.





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Katrin Rippel Galati

Translation, Localization, International Branding

A German native, French lover, and believer in the American dream. I am dedicated to supporting businesses in reaching international markets, making their products and services available in a different language and growing a foreign language customer base.

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