"Pre-Cooking" Activities for Your Toddler | Marianne Puechl | Skillshare

"Pre-Cooking" Activities for Your Toddler

Marianne Puechl, Creator of My Mindful Toddler

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8 Videos (32m)
    • Intro - "Pre-Cooking Activities with Your Toddler"

    • Food Sort Activitiy

    • Place Setting as a Learning Activity

    • A Cup of Yogurt or Applesauce

    • A Toddler's Guide to "Cooking" Mini Sandwiches!

    • Ants on a Log for Toddlers

    • Infused Waters - Healthy Drinks that Your Toddler Can Make & Enjoy

    • Wrap-Up & Your Class Project


About This Class

Does your toddler belong in the kitchen?  Absolutely!!  Your young child, aged 14 months through three years, will love these colorful, engaging Learning Activities that will introduce him or her to the idea of creating their own Healthy Snacks!

If you're a parent, expectant parent or caregiver, this class is for you!  Together we'll explore simple ways to prep a variety of productive pre-cooking activities, and how to present them to your child in a way that will promote their blossoming skills:  fine motor, lengthened attention span & need for greater independence,, pre-math and science, table setting, spatial skills and more.  Plus you'll be developing their enthusiasm for healthy eating & drinking habits.

These colorful, healthy snack ideas can be adapted easily to best suit your individual child's needs, as well as your family's dietary preferences.

Let's get cookin'!





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Marianne Puechl

Creator of My Mindful Toddler

Marianne Puechl received her elementary teaching credential, with a focus in Science, from UC Irvine in 1989 but ever since, she has found that fate brings her most often into the classrooms of toddlers and young preschoolers. With experience in public & private schools, daycare facilities as well as in environmental education, Marianne loves to share insights with other caregivers of young children about how toddlers aged 14 months to 3 years crave activites that meet their blossoming need ...

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