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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (9m)
    • 1. Prayer Doodles Intro - What? Why?

    • 2. Prayer Doodling Lesson 1 - All about Supplies!

    • 3. Prayer Doodling Lesson 2 - Just do it!

    • 4. Prayer Doodling Lesson 3 - Keep going!

    • 5. Prayer Doodling Lesson 4 - Final thoughts!

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About This Class

In this class I'm going to introduce the idea of prayer doodles. I have recently taken some awesome doodle classes here on Skillshare and realized that doodling is awesome.

On the other hand I have been praying for years, and I still panic when challenged to pray for an hour, and late at night, or early morning I just fall asleep! Plus I often promise to pray for someone, then my mind wanders after 3 sentences! Not what I want for myself or those I love. 

I will show you step by step how I approach prayer-time now with a pen in hand! It sounds simple enough but if you are like me, you need a kickstart, inspiration and a project to get going! 


Meet Your Teacher

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Elske Reyneke-Barnard

Creative storyteller


I am a photographer, storyteller, wanna-be blogger. I am experimenting with film, using photo and video in creating montage that tells a story. I enjoy all kinds of art and craft, often paint, and draw. Anything could be a canvas!

I believe art heals. I believe art inspires and gives hope.

I am self-employed as photographer, using Soul Images as my brand.

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1. Prayer Doodles Intro - What? Why?: Hello and welcome to the school. Shake close. Brought to you by soul images This losses on pray doodles Why pray doodles you might ask. Well, I'm not going to get into Why should pray? Because if you clicked on this link, I'm assuming you've got that covered. But why? Doodling while you pray It's simple is to keep you focused. So in this last, I'm going to cover supplies, tricks and tips shortcuts tonight. But I'm not gonna talk about the basics of dealing If you need a class in the basics of doing there are plenty of wonderful classes and still she already we gonna for this on to dealing with prey. So if this is something that you think you might be interested in in role and off we go 2. Prayer Doodling Lesson 1 - All about Supplies!: welcome to my first loss and pray doodling in this last. We are talking about supplies for prey dealing. You will need the Bisek, said Djinnit, for any doodling, a variety of pains and piper. At the very least, I prefer the fine line A pins but also use permanent. Marcus sometimes used cheap pains, and sometimes I use more expensive Bentz. Sometimes I even use pencils. At the very least, you need some black pains, but you can also add colored pains to your collection. You can use any piper, but I love to carry around the sketchbook. My favorite thing to do is sit in the coffee shop with a good old latte and my sketchbook doing away. And, of course, my sketchbook can go in my back back when I'm traveling, whether I'm walking through a city or sitting on the beach, I can price I also have a bigger sketchbook for bigger praise, which is mostly done at home. But you are not limited to Piper. I do Dylan unused cities, on rocks, on cards, anything and then because this is not about art. We're making something original, but about pray you can use anything that might inspire a pray for help. You get going. Never sit around wondering what you should do over. You should start to scrap something and start whether it's a sticker, a tattoo, a stencil coloring book, anything. Don't let your fear hold you back. Now get two things together and join me for the second class. 3. Prayer Doodling Lesson 2 - Just do it!: Welcome back to the prayer, dude in class. This is our second listen in the previous Listen, we talked about supplies. I trust you've got the tools that you need and you are ready to start. We're gonna Ferguson way to start and jump in with a many project a five minute cradle. The important thing is to just do it. This is not an artwork. There's no judgment. There's no need for perfection. Just do it. Grab a sticker, grab a template. Just get going. I want you to think off a person you want to prayerful or a scripture that you'd like to pray through for yourself. Oh, maybe there's a weird in your head that you would like to pray around. I thought a symbol, inspiration, anything that can be your starting point as of shape before I like to doodle on unused cities, they're just fun to use. I don't know what I'm gonna do with the whole lot off them one day, but I'm sure I can do something with them. The other thing about the CD is it's and it's a circle. So it's the perfect starting point for a mandala. When you got your starting point. Just jumping. Just do it and keep going. Try to doodle for five minutes nonstop in our judgment, No perfection just to do it. So before you go on to the next Listen, try it out. Pray and doodle for five minutes using the thing that you have chosen. 4. Prayer Doodling Lesson 3 - Keep going!: Hello and welcome to our third. Listen on, pray doodles in this. Listen, I would like to talk a little bit about what prayer doodling means to me and how I'm getting creative with it. In this lesson, I am showing you the process of creating a pre doodle for syrah. Now I know several Cirrus. So if your name is Sarah and you know me well, maybe I was praying for you and maybe I was spraying for another sirrah. Either way, while you listen, have a look at how I started with I stencil try sing the name with Big Bolt Latest and filling it in all around the page. But why doodling while you pray then for me, it has seen a powerful to just helping me to stay connected with the prey. Well, this and I'm praying for the aspect of the thing that I'm praying for. I recently depart in a 24 hour, pretty challenging the church and I chose to live into two off beam slots because those are the times unavailable. But to say wait for now, he's a challenge. And therefore I started to doodle cradling really helped me to focus and it's this, really. It's changed my pre life. I can now pray for an hour. Wow, that must amazing. And I can shame my priest with people. I have a friend, too, asked me to pray for something, and this morning she told me what's been happening. And I sent a picture that I drew while I was trying to do. And she wasn't Theis people to be so often say we're going to pray for someone, but there's never any tangible thing that you can show. So pre diddling is my new pre language. And now Jordan. Your challenge for this project is to create a prey doodle that takes to at least one hour . I think I probably spend about three hours on Cirrus Free Doodle. Imagine the pell off praying for one person for three hours off course. It was not three consecutive hours. It was over several days. You can start with a mandala or used a stain soldier traced to name anything. Any way you want to start is fine. Just create a pre doodle on a full a four page. At least that has taken you, at least on our to create a pledge project to Shea and keep on prying 5. Prayer Doodling Lesson 4 - Final thoughts!: and finally, a few last words. As you start working on your project, don't forget to share your project with the class. And if you prayed for a person and you she ate your paraded over that person, they don't know how it was received. Just I care not to shape personal information about someone that might upset them. You're welcome to share any ideas you have with a class in the project section and some final tips on creating pray doodles at Color Edwards Use Point did creative. You can use white blackboard pains on black Piper. Use symbols that means something to you. If you struggle in the beginning, don't worry. You're doing will grow just as your prayer life will grow Just jump in just do it and keep going. If you'd like to know more about what I do, you can check out my website w w w dot sold images dot CEO that ends it. Have fun and keep praying