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Practicing Western Astrology 101

Ira Sanchez, Learning astrology together.

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5 Videos (57m)
    • Practicing Western Astrology 101: Trailer

    • Lesson 1: Symbols

    • Lesson 2: Qualities of the Zodiac

    • Lesson 3: Story of the Zodiac Part 1

    • Sample of a discussion about current event astrology, also known as transits.


About This Class


Learn how to read birth charts and make adjustments for your daily life. A birth chart in astrology represents your personality and life story. Understanding yourself can help you make more informed decisions in the thick of the moment.

In this class, students will:

  • Become familiar with the zodiac and the chart itself.
  • Learn how the chart is divided and what that means for your personality.
  • Develop an understanding of what the planets represent.
  • Put all of the above pieces together.

Future classes will discuss different types of charts, how the planets positions in relation to one another change their meaning, combining charts, etc.

I will update lessons every Monday, so check back regularly!






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Ira Sanchez

Learning astrology together.

My name is Ira Sanchez, and I am passionate about astrology.

In April of 2016, I had nothing but my dog and my thoughts, the former being more helpful than the latter at the time. So, i started studying astrology as a means of feeling like I got a second opinion when needed. It became a tool that challenged my perception of the world, and over time, I went from asking questions like "What is wrong with _____?" and started asking things like "What is currently happening with _____?" Th...

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