Practice your German/Practica tu alemán - Wir schonen unsere Umwelt (A2/B1) | Silvana Krauss | Skillshare

Practice your German/Practica tu alemán - Wir schonen unsere Umwelt (A2/B1)

Silvana Krauss, German teacher

Practice your German/Practica tu alemán - Wir schonen unsere Umwelt (A2/B1)

Silvana Krauss, German teacher

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7 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. die Vorstellung + Vokabeln

    • 3. Teil 1

    • 4. Teil 2

    • 5. die Zusammenfassung

    • 6. Übungen

    • 7. Final thoughts

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About This Class

Today we are going to deal with the topic of the environment. For this I have invited a special guest: Stina Kaden, who is studying environmental science. We prepared a little role play to remind you of the importance of caring about the environment and we’ll show you some little things that all of us can change in our daily lives. Our main focus will be on plastic.

This video is perfect for you, if you have a German level of A2/B1, but it can also be useful for you, if you have a level of A1/B2.

First, I am going to present my guest Stina Kaden and I will present important vocabulary regarding the topic and then the role play will start. Afterwards, there will be some exercises where you can practice the correct use of the modal verbs, amongst others. The correct answers will appear after a short pause.



Hoy vamos a tratar el tema medio ambiente, y para ello he traído a una invitada especial: Stina Kaden. Stina estudia las ciencias ambientales y hemos preparado un pequeño juego de rol para recordarte de la importancia de cuidar el medio ambiente. Juntas te mostrarémos algunas pequeñas cosas que podemos cambiar todos en nuestra vida diaria. Nuestro enfoque principal será el plástico.

Este video es perfecto para ti si tienes un nivel de alemán de A2 o B1, pero también puede ser útil para ti, si tienes un nivel de alemán de A1 o B2.

En primer lugar presentaré a mi invitada Stina Kaden, y te enseñaré el vocabulario importante. A continuación, comenzará el juego de rol. Después habrá algunos ejercicios, donde se puede practicar el uso correcto de los verbos modales, entre otros. Las soluciones aparecerán tras unos instantes.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Silvana Krauss

German teacher


Hello, I am Silvana and I am a passionate German teacher.

Therefore I am currently developing a series of videos, which help you to practice the language in an interesting way. I hope you enjoy! :)

You are welcome to check out my website or follow me on my instgram/facebook account for more free material. 

I have been already interested in language at school age. Even in high school I chose the linguistic profile and German as a specialized course.

After that I preferred, however, to learn languages in a more practical, playful way. I was drawn again and again in English- and Spanish-speaking countries where I got to know many nice people from all over the world who wanted to learn German. Starting as a tandem teacher, I gradually developed... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to my German classes. My name is Savannah, and I want to provide you with some very practical lessons of explanations and exercises off different topics taken fun day to day situations. Today we are going to deal with the topic off the environment. For this. I have invited a special guest card and were studying environmental science. He prepared a little role play to remind you offs importance of caring about wild men, and we show you some little things that all of us can change in our daily life. Our main focus will be unpleasant. This video is perfect for you. If you have a level off a tour, be one. But it can be also useful for you if you have a level off a one or two first and going to present my guest in a card in an ever present important Cavalleri gathering the topic and then the role play will start afterwards. There will be some exercises value contractors secure ITU's offs emotive words immense at us, since solutions will appear after a short pause. So let's get started 2. die Vorstellung + Vokabeln: hello owned heads common to mine and taxation. Dark stoned in hiding, having any against resounded in gas. Stina Stina Cancer dish courts Western 100 ICTs It's been Stina on island sons. A mother's love, often of the fact of the matter of Ai's studio is included for it's to do on the person shocks on this map. Their their future on the fact hasn't bash here, Jimmy Looky company on management on outside. Um guys, Scanners Tanzer indexed Freshman there after ISS What s side issue? Enough TV stick Central cabin There the abscessed fish Lorne and our thanks Anguish Red and Suzanne and Dragon de Fallon and stay hen Szish uber at first, get dank in math mitt Big common Vic sh myson vida Ravindran by dragon. And so again, Sam, I didn shorn in house whoreson um and, um at us knee upbringing. That's a Hylton Yemen. Them become for common 3. Teil 1: Hey, Because for the New York look that off entered Yeah, the suit developed Ever you go? Yes, it's true. If I sell minus infinity fluted super. This kind of village looks, I guess I just instrument common. Yeah, that's so Hi. Yeah. Best again. Who has set a social? 1000 bus heads toe Amanda again? Yeah. No, no. OK, bonus. But I had a safe. That's a lot of letters I already saw Tastic. Yeah, but not student. My sitting A terrorist. So this one stomach method iss have so as a friend is a flash fear? No. Yeah, you can. Adverse by time the more can knitting and end us. Yeah, gain Your loss was okay. Lessons from 4. Teil 2: who do you like this? This and not come on Suspicion of eyes. Oh, I dont t Yeah, Why? You're kind of obsessed. Do it came I'm after little. Okay, Education my phone. Okay, come stand on. Yeah, Just for the occasion to tens position, floor on a different ennui. Doesn't a plastic classes the urban human bleeding last heart out finish. So at Max Kinda Arnold Okay. Wow, that's about an assuring a well session, clich? Alone to have a common Filipo. Uh, you know something funny? Yeah, skin cancer. And feel if looked like here that stones Mr gets undone shrunk in Come and be an active on line And okay, - 20 years on my food I told hostess to That's this cancer Plastic ends in and invade, made and gift this trimming and tightened in moods Zaman on a visa. Get Windsor defended swishing as Ian on America. These ministers zoo course protects us Then those plastic sir failed instead Mico plastic on dust landed off by owns essence on drinking the issue fleshed out not money that we are headed method. You have infinite non and three be avocados and yeah, I know. Yeah, much of the kind of plastic root is have a minor I in that Teoh my kind plastic. Okay. Flashing its head again. Flashing better. Yeah. And how did I get it? Wait, wait. 5. die Zusammenfassung: Indian video Haven't get by Tim in anguish. Plastic. Some for my move. So ends argon won't he was intense. Part Minter NAFTA Deng Can does is based it on your own bed. So short term, I feel certain amount. Give them super Myden, then here for Zoop, a feared Sailboats by Oscar Strossen, The other kind of exciting and end up on Diamond Sear The vegan It's alive has two young post doc never enough to doing him. If you don't leave backstage enough in Anatolia in hospital, it's fitted. Desist. Aamer Ahmed reckless. Their mundane lighter off feeds vanished. Attacked. That's it. So coughing blues have it, Tim, it was near thing juice. 6. Übungen: Martin via yet? No, I'm part rippling and so majestic And get power dive They just Madonna past sets the squished again would either have in devilish diggin form Luzon come to an M Koertzen moment if I don is definitively good soup. Finish finished, You know, kind of finished, you know? Yeah. My stomach is have so passionately. It is so exceptionally camel here. Yeah, but he was a friend is a fear. Yeah. You guys, you guys fund guest on English food, I guess. On food. No money we got for headed. That's the issue fleshed out. Not my forehead and method. Yeah, Stop it. Yeah, China is have a minor I in that. Much of it kind of is How about minor? I in there too? Last six. It's my kind plus six. Okay. Profitless habit. Tim at first. Hot, windless habit of Timor Bosnia thing Jews Vicious model have happened. Vanished. They just feared in the list. Escape's even more dive Urban. That's model Volunteer feared. Veracious. What passed years in polish. You write this this enough. It's been a ship. H Clinton. He doesn't A plastic tacit human being. Love. Stina is tempered. Ich bin choke yet. Come and see me for it's been seven 7. Final thoughts: Thank you for watching my class. I hope you enjoyed it. And I'm looking for much to your comments. You in my next class.