Practice your German/Practica tu alemán - Wir schonen unsere Umwelt (A2/B1)

Silvana Krauss, German teacher

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7 Videos (20m)
    • Introduction

    • die Vorstellung + Vokabeln

    • Teil 1

    • Teil 2

    • die Zusammenfassung

    • Übungen

    • final thoughts


About This Class

Today we are going to deal with the topic of the environment. For this I have invited a special guest: Stina Kaden, who is studying environmental science. We prepared a little role play to remind you of the importance of caring about the environment and we’ll show you some little things that all of us can change in our daily lives. Our main focus will be on plastic.

This video is perfect for you, if you have a German level of A2/B1, but it can also be useful for you, if you have a level of A1/B2.

First, I am going to present my guest Stina Kaden and I will present important vocabulary regarding the topic and then the role play will start. Afterwards, there will be some exercises where you can practice the correct use of the modal verbs, amongst others. The correct answers will appear after a short pause.



Hoy vamos a tratar el tema medio ambiente, y para ello he traído a una invitada especial: Stina Kaden. Stina estudia las ciencias ambientales y hemos preparado un pequeño juego de rol para recordarte de la importancia de cuidar el medio ambiente. Juntas te mostrarémos algunas pequeñas cosas que podemos cambiar todos en nuestra vida diaria. Nuestro enfoque principal será el plástico.

Este video es perfecto para ti si tienes un nivel de alemán de A2 o B1, pero también puede ser útil para ti, si tienes un nivel de alemán de A1 o B2.

En primer lugar presentaré a mi invitada Stina Kaden, y te enseñaré el vocabulario importante. A continuación, comenzará el juego de rol. Después habrá algunos ejercicios, donde se puede practicar el uso correcto de los verbos modales, entre otros. Las soluciones aparecerán tras unos instantes.


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Hey Silvana, great German class!! Loved that you also used it as a reminder of the waste / pollution problem that we humans have created around the world!! Awareness and learning combined, great job! Recommended!
Brina Brunaughty

Globetrotter - Online Teacher - Creative Mind





Silvana Krauss

German teacher

Hello, I am Silvana and I am a passionate German teacher.

Therefore I am currently developing a series of videos, which help you to practice the language in an interesting way. I hope you enjoy! :)

I have been already interested in language at school age. Even in high school I chose the linguistic profile and German as a specialized course.

After that I preferred, however, to learn languages in a more practical, playful way. I was drawn again and again in English- and Spa...

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