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Practice your German/Practica tu alemán - In Valencia (A2)

teacher avatar Silvana Krauss, German teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Intro3

    • 2. Die Vorbereitung

    • 3. Der Turiapark

    • 4. Der Gulliverpark

    • 5. Die Stadt der Künste und Wissenschaften

    • 6. Der Stadtkern und Valencia bei Nacht

    • 7. Schluss valencia

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About This Class

Hello and welcome to my practical German classes. We are going on a journey today. I want to show you Valencia, an artistic town on the Spanish coast.

This video is perfect for you, if you have a German level of A2, but if you have A1 , B1 or B2, it can be also useful for you.

You are going to practice the vocabulary related to:

  • the clothes and things that you take on a journey
  • city attractions
  • freetime activities

Furthermore, you are also going to practice the right use of prepositions.

First, I`m going to pack my luggage and you think of the names of the clothes and things I will take with me. The solution will show up immediately. Then I will give you some important vocabulary about the topic and we ll see the town. Among others, we will see the Gulliver Park to do some activities and then we will go to the city of arts and science and to the heart of the town. During the video, some multiple choice questions will show up, and the solutions will appear after a short moment. So let´s get ready to travel!



Hoy nos vamos de viaje. Quiero mostrarte Valencia, una ciudad artística en la costa española.

Este vídeo es perfecto para ti, si tienes un nivel de alemán de A2, pero si tienes un nivel de A1, B1 o B2, también puede ser útil.

Practicarás el vocabulario relacionado con

  • la ropa y cosas, que se suelen llevar, cuando viajas

  • las atracciones de la ciudad

  • las actividades de ocio.

    Además practicarás el uso adecuado de las preposiciones.

Primero, voy a hacer mi maleta y tendrás que pensar en el nombre de la ropa y las cosas que llevo conmigo. La solución aparecerá de inmediato. Luego te daré el vocabulario importante para el tema y veremos la ciudad. Entre otros sitios, visitaremos el parque de Gulliver para realizar algunas actividades. Además, iremos a la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias y al corazón de la ciudad. Durante el vídeo habrá algunas preguntas de opción múltiple, y las soluciones aparecerán después de un breve instante. ¡Así que preparémonos para viajar!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Silvana Krauss

German teacher


Hello, I am Silvana and I am a passionate German teacher.

Therefore I am currently developing a series of videos, which help you to practice the language in an interesting way. I hope you enjoy! :)

You are welcome to check out my website or follow me on my instgram/facebook account for more free material. 

I have been already interested in language at school age. Even in high school I chose the linguistic profile and German as a specialized course.

After that I preferred, however, to learn languages in a more practical, playful way. I was drawn again and again in English- and Spanish-speaking countries where I got to know many nice people from all over the world who wanted to learn German. Starting as a tandem teacher, I gradually developed... See full profile

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1. Intro3: Hello and welcome to my German classes. My name is Savannah, and I want to provide you with some very practical lessons with explanations and exercises off different topics taken from day to day situations. We're going on a journey today. I want to show you Valencia and Artistic Town on the Spanish coast. This video is perfect for you. If you have a German level off it too. But if you have a one or be one, it can be also useful for you. You are going to practice a bookkeeper Levy related to the clothes and sings. Did you take on a journey? City attractions and free time activities. First of all, you're going to practice the right years of propositions. Maybe I can also in cure it you to visit that beautiful town with some background information. If you haven't already bean there first, I'm going to pick my luggage. And do you think of the names off cyclers and things I will take with me? The solutions will show up immediately, then ever give use an important vocabulary about the topic and will seize a tone among us. We'll see. Is a Gulliver Park to do some activities, son will go to the City of arts and signs and to the heart of the town during the video, somewhere to rejoice questions the show up insa solutions will appear after a short moment , so let's get ready to trouble. 2. Die Vorbereitung: India asked My 17 coffer on Fannin Vehicle Eyes Schmidt, their Aston Ubell and vice movies. Effin Hyson, the muslin common iman Einem puts and moment that is, the Storm Phosa that's in Soak in. That is D eca. That's ist de horses. Thus is dusk light. That's is Deadpool Ufa. Das ist dust up. Dust is dust has tool, that is, does hand tool that's is de Han Tasha. That's ist dish looser. That's is dust Hendy Kaba, that's is that put money. Thus is dead MP tribe. Leah that is this handy das ist design and pillar that's is dead logistica don't DUST IS DEEP CAMERA sked It's Isha. Not so I nigga's best student off rising mid ish Why emission by year and coming here since my ***, which take ever covered food. Elect talking Gillick. That's flu spit. I can the fight side Malaga this and chef and to Griffin, one tear hides, um, so salmon hanging de lage. You hear the house coastal Biggane and Deccan on guest heart. They're hot, deport and Meffan up. Next, it's asked, That's you been steal your boy. The the reason, Yes. Finish my babish moving forward. Look, it 3. Der Turiapark: on its binge in Valencia happen on C. It's by far is the killing on us. It's my guys apart. MMA isn't in become mentally a park. These are leaked off. I didn't talk and collect and flew. Spit is 1st 7 kilo middle rank as done low skates the fire and made him fired at our Dorsten Park Be we went in park ordered C Pac eyes. Khristich Dear Fire in Dorsten Park is any good a flight said on lag Diagne ization under them again order some jargon. Let's get feel assured that cookin on spring porn in No one's asked. The Haida poked Is there Gulliver Park? 4. Der Gulliverpark: off my name cause and Bloods in Mitten does here Malik and flew spatters having Quran slur wineries again Fico house Yonatan Swifts Woman didn't as ideology Cleta Plus this is an arm Toya's beard Bloods, English Kingda mention decimus envy owns not foolish out there near and showing us Order C s sailor Mission up eyes Fish dish is Coletta scare a Cantona be door Stan Tona or that say being Stich ish Give Dorsten Tony York get Trapper uh, big health Oh, that's a Wanda Se Is Khristich York getting pepper dehar on under Tyler difficult as fortune gets decided a house coach in Vic This fish, this is a delicate one. True, they dare rest the fools Or that say they're Hlinka Foods. She is a fish that is their link food. You make a letter B Life T Arapahoe Oh, that's a strike, Trevor. Open B is less dished Their younger life did irreparable York staked, uh, off together and be you, but in gave an order tea for their game in hand. Eyes fish dish York striked off Gave the hand They're younger, uh, fits off Dame Klein and fingers. Let's fish often client them finger. Nazi fits often. Delmon. Thanks. Eyes place. Dish. There you live. That's often Klein and finger scare off the spine. They you better spine. Oh, that's a laughed in food. Si, Ben, Is Stich issue here? Oh, is that I be angry. Rising. Oh, that's a and hoot. She is. Khristich. This is a hoot show of us yet gets a vita. 5. Die Stadt der Künste und Wissenschaften: be a father. I'm strict fighter sobering Dench that decadence that went missin shaft in the leaked are lost this parks B sparks, etc. Often most front this pox eyes twisted. Cilic Oscar, This packs. Yeah, she take tour. Is Sam a dam on a vexing skies and often fun Santiago on Felix Candela. You have India Somebody beer does hemispheric and I'm sick. Atticus. Inspector Greely, Alaska Boyda Instead, I mention ish is Argueta. Does alga uh device? Huh? Be they have I said order, etc. Dim vice b is insisted. I mentioned just organ there by side. Doc, this is Yangon's zealous Kino. You, but rationed out your is Whalen correct? I d like even dim Kino defendants ish Does interactive Busan Chefs Museum Jesus cause a museum I don't spots x 10 years That's psyched off. I know the hide Summer buys a less fast evolution on this Leavins Davison chef on their technology. So Zaman Hecht that's defended xyz even fuss be I didn't see in Kenya se is Khristich that's on gaga offended in any Um he's a blogger with houses for a strike. Fish uber 10,000 for for years can avoid common LaGon Did you hear my leg Suspicion. Did Marciano traffic on dim Busan shafts? Museum depth Look in broken at, uh, because 1/2 a b fun I know about clothes or that c I people cause 1/2 see is listed there Quick and Bogan on my nephew Because 1/2 of something has happened here. Here. No minus. They're very divide fish sticks and sentence for your data over owned music, Madonna, cause adding an ASCII take tour won't I know fastened in national location? I was cool stuff. Dartfish forced Allan. This is their Palau delay sounds 6. Der Stadtkern und Valencia bei Nacht : Valencia is He helped that their auto Norman violencia nation a mine shaft then voluntarily direct our indecorous to this middle. Baerga's be under crusaders middle mirrors already off their crusade is middle B is for balance A leak direct on the prestigious middle Then five NVs smiled then, yeah, havin Huma s an atlas before, as in the edge that from Violencia Get lighter, isn't it? Is my kinda pyre are few violent Be four Valencia This but at home eyes Fish de Valencia Just common on mercados and well for by their Balaidos No way can presented a year. 10 reason Masika and second defendant Which bit is this again? It just felt enough Fix order Man, cannot Sagon acting or friends Assist site Also Mark Taylor Coghlan's again The league North's worth mean Odin Foods from not ban off and found Zieba finned fish in an m Jurgen Steve Boyda, Australia 1900 This is an cause. A guest for Mark Bowman to Bishop Dr Derek, you beat some bias beard Chata as Mandel ish your father Not much name Indyk touch decadence doing this and shaft your father a mid impose be in Nimbus, etc Auf dem bows eyes British Your father Midem boss de stop their Quran Stone reason shaft seat by next hour Spectacle layer orthe Renzi she in fashion and farm Underst guarding you Boyd on Pushkin Embassy begin three A condom light Anish, Alice are in my name. Talk be on my name tag already. We haven't island attack in decades. B is Khristich. You can't light Anish Alice Online attack and chicken Isha had decision hours flew in Joseon No traffic them question Vario opus along their side and alone About half Lena Dunham onstage Next interaction Vita Thus is to billions out initially in the in einem under the video. 7. Schluss valencia: Thank you for watching my class. I hope you enjoyed and will follow me to my next destination. A little tiny island into Mediterranean Sea. And of course, I would be very grateful for your feet. Biggest law. So hope to see you soon. Bye bye.