Practice your German/ Practica tu alemán - Wir kochen zusammen-Teil 1 | Silvana Krauss | Skillshare

Practice your German/ Practica tu alemán - Wir kochen zusammen-Teil 1

Silvana Krauss, German teacher

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6 Videos (16m)
    • Introduction

    • Vokabeln

    • Auf dem Markt

    • Wir machen Shakes

    • Lösungen

    • Final thoughts


About This Class

This lesson has two parts and is perfect for you if you have a German level of A2 or B1. You will also find it useful if you have a German level of A1 or B2.

In part 1 I will show you first the most important vocabulary and then you will see us at a market where me and Ali, who is a cook, want to buy something for a healthy, vegan dish. By chance, we´ll meet Sophia from the Netherlands, who is going to join us later for some healthy shakes; and for dinner in part 2. 


Este video tiene dos partes y es perfecto para ti, si tienes un nivel de alemán de A2 o B1, pero también si tienes un nivel de alemán de A1 o B2, puede ser útil para ti.

En esta parte 1, te mostraré primero el vocabulario más importante y luego nos verás en un mercadillo, donde yo y Ali, quien es un cocinero, queremos comprar algo para un plato saludable y vegano. Por casualidad, conoceremos a Sophia de los Países Bajos, quien se unirá a nosotros más tarde para tomar unos batidos saludables; y para la cena en la parte 2. 





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Silvana Krauss

German teacher

Hello, I am Silvana and I am a passionate German teacher.

Therefore I am currently developing a series of videos, which help you to practice the language in an interesting way. I hope you enjoy! :)

I have been already interested in language at school age. Even in high school I chose the linguistic profile and German as a specialized course.

After that I preferred, however, to learn languages in a more practical, playful way. I was drawn again and again in English- and Spa...

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