Practice your German/ Practica tu alemán - Im Restaurant (A1/A2) | Silvana Krauss | Skillshare

Practice your German/ Practica tu alemán - Im Restaurant (A1/A2)

Silvana Krauss, German teacher

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6 Videos (21m)
    • Introduction

    • Vokabeln Restaurant

    • Im Restaurant

    • Im Restaurant Teil 2

    • Quiz Restaurant

    • Final thoughts


About This Class

In this class you have the opportunity to practice the German language " in a restaurant". First, I show you the most important vocabulary and then you will see me in an improvised restaurant with my friend Mareen, who plays the role of a waitress. You have to listen carefully, because afterwards there will also be a little quiz of 15 questions about the role play in the restaurant and some general questions about some food and beverage. Take care, because in some questions there can be multiple answers.

You will practice and improve:

  • the specific culinary vocabulary

  • specific vocabulary you need in a restaurant like how to order food, specific needs/ requirements, to order the bill,...

  • your comprehension skills



En esta clase tienes la oportunidad de practicar alemán "en un restaurante". Primero, te enseñaré el vocabulario más importante y luego, me verás en un restaurante improvisado con mi amiga Mareen, que hace el papel de camarera. Tienes que escuchar con atención, porque luego también habrá una pequeña prueba de 15 preguntas sobre el juego de rol en el restaurante, además de algunas preguntas generales sobre alimentos y bebidas. Ten cuidado, porque habrá preguntas con múltiples respuestas.

Practicarás y mejorarás:

  • el vocabulario culinario
  • el vocabulario específico que necesitas en un restaurante, como por ejemplo pedir comida, la cuenta, algún requisito específico, etc.
  • tus habilidades de comprensión





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Silvana Krauss

German teacher

Hello, I am Silvana and I am a passionate German teacher.

Therefore I am currently developing a series of videos, which help you to practice the language in an interesting way. I hope you enjoy! :)

I have been already interested in language at school age. Even in high school I chose the linguistic profile and German as a specialized course.

After that I preferred, however, to learn languages in a more practical, playful way. I was drawn again and again in English- and Spa...

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