Practice your English Vocabularies 5&6 , The peacock & The Princess rose and the Creature | Ahmad Rabiee | Skillshare

Practice your English Vocabularies 5&6 , The peacock & The Princess rose and the Creature

Ahmad Rabiee, TESOL Master , Lecturer and Narrator

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6 Videos (17m)
    • Unit 5

    • 5 The Peacock

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    • Unit 6

    • 6 The Princess rose and the Creature

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About This Class

  • This course is meant for students who want to build up their English vocabulary with the most important words and also those who want to enlarge their vocabulary
  • It is for people who are in the earlier stages of learning this language and want to try something new, unconventional and fun!
  • If you get bored in the process of trying to memorize vocabulary  because it seems very dull and repetitive, then this course is for you!
  • It will also be useful for students who want to refresh their existing basic knowledge of English.

They were found by analysis of a collection of English course books from various levels in the primary, secondary and tertiary

school systems. The words included in this course were chosen because they occurred many times in different levels of these materials. Because of the way

that they were chosen, these words have the following characteristics:

1 They are useful in both spoken and written English. No matter what English 

course you are studying, the words in these books will be of value to you.

2 Each word in these books is a high-frequency word. This means that the effort

in learning the words is well repaid by the number of times learners have a chance to encounter or use them.

3 This course as a whole cover a large proportion of the words in any spoken or written text.

At the end of this course

  1. You will get the confidence to speak and use many Useful and common words in English 
  2. You will Enjoy learning and Remember these words through different exercises and activities 
  3. You will learn how to use these words through interesting stores and context 
  4. You will Also understand the correct form of each word as adjective , verb , noun and adverb

  They also cover at least 90% of the words in conversation.

The activities in this course  are specially designed to make use of important learning conditions. Firstly, the words are introduced using sentence definitions

and an example sentence. The activities that follow in the units encourage learners to recall the meanings and forms of the words. Some activities also make the

learners think about the meaning of the words in the context of a sentence—a sentence different from the sentences that occurred in the introduction of the words. Moreover, each unit ends with a story containing the target words. While reading and listening to

the story, the learners have to recall the meanings of the words and suit them to the context of the story. Such activities help learners develop a better understanding of a common meaning for a given word which fits the different uses.

Illustrations for each target word are provided to help learners visualize the word as it is being used in the example sentence. These word/image associations aim

to help students grasp the meaning of the word as well as recall the word later. It should be noted that words have more than one grammatical category. However, this course focuses on the word’s most common form. This is mentioned to remind learners that just because a word is labeled and utilized as a noun in this course does not mean that it can never be used in another form such as an adjective.This course  has simply focused on the word in the form that it is most likely to be expressed.A well-balanced language course provides four major opportunities for learning:





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Ahmad Rabiee

TESOL Master , Lecturer and Narrator

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