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Practice and improve your drawing skill : 5 unique exercises

teacher avatar Mandar Marathe, Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction to Drawing exercises class

    • 2. Drawing exercises: Warm Up

    • 3. Drawing exercises: Continuous Line drawing

    • 4. Drawing exercises: Drawing With A Brush

    • 5. Drawing exercises: Upside Down Drawing

    • 6. Drawing exercises: Drawing With A Conte Crayon

    • 7. Drawing in Paper App

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About This Class

If you want to improve your drawing and sketching skills, after learning basic techniques, PRACTICE is the only way you'll get better at it. This practice if done using variety of exercises, gives results faster.

If you have already taken my class "The Art of Sketching and Drawing: 5 Techniques to improve your skills" , this class about drawing exercises is a perfect follow-up class after that. Even if you haven't drawing techniques class, this drawing exercises class will give you great results on it's own too.

In this class I teach you  5 drawing exercises that will help you improve your drawing skills at a faster pace. Doing these exercises will

  • improve your observation skills
  • improve your eye-hand coordination
  • reduce the fear of drawing
  • enable you to see like an artist with your right brain

This class is good for traditional artists, digital artists, illustrators, art, design or architecture students or even for those who draw just as a hobby.

I am eager to see your drawings and so hit the enroll button and see you in the class!

Keep drawing,

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mandar Marathe

Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer



Download my ebook. 



I am a fine artist, illustrator, and sculptor based in Pune, India.

I chose to become a full time artist in 2011 after 15 years of corporate career in manufacturing and IT.
During my education and corporate career I made art on weekends and exhibited it through solo and group shows. But I wanted to make more art and more often!

After quitting my day job, I've created and sold my own art more often and have taught 20000+ students through my workshops, courses and membership.

My art teaching method got refin... See full profile

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1. Introduction to Drawing exercises class: do you want to improve your drawing and sketching skills after learning basic techniques? Practice is the only way you will get better. Read it. This practice you've done using variety off exercises gives the results faster. My name is Manda Marty, and I'm a fine artist on a sculptor. I do paintings, sculptures and also teach art in my studio and in online classes. You might know me from my other class about drying techniques, which has about Children students. Now, in this class herbal drawing exercises, I show you five unique exercises you can do to practice. Drawing these exercises will help you improve your observation, improve eye hand coordination, reduce the fear of drawing and enable you to see like an artist using your right brain. This class is good for traditional artists. Digital artists Illustrators are design or architecture students, or even for those who like to draw just as a hobby so andl in this class and enhance your drawing practice by adding variety to it. I'm eager to see your drawings, so click the blue enroll button and see you inside class 2. Drawing exercises: Warm Up: will come to the lecture about warm up exercises just like your do warm up exercises before a gym session. You must do some warm up exercises before your drop. These exercises help you wake up your hands, drawing muscles and losing your joints for smoother moments. The way I do these exercises is very simple. I take a piece of paper, a pencil and start making vertical lines, horizontal lines, diagonal lines, and then I draw circles, spheres, rectangles, triangles and so on. Then I draw some clothes, organic shapes and go over these multiple times to improve my iron hand coordination. Then comes the time to practice some control hand pressure by shading and creating value scale. No. Okay. While doing these exercises, I make sure that sometimes I consciously use my wrist joint, and sometimes I used my elbow joint. Another way to develop greater control is to tape a paper to a vertical surface on drawing on it with your hand extended. I encourage you to do these exercises every day. They take no more than five minutes, but keep your drawing muscles fit and ready 3. Drawing exercises: Continuous Line drawing: in this lecture, I'll be showing you are drawing exercise that's called continuous line exercise. In this exercise, the pencil or the pen is not to be lifted off off the paper until the drawing is complete. Obviously, it's okay to go over the line. Zip it you have already drawn. The trying that you create in this way is not going to look as good as a drawing made in normal fashion, where you lift your hand and start another line where it's required. But this imperfection adds a unique character toe they're drawing and makes the drying more interesting to look at. Benefits of this exercise are that it improves your eye and hand coordination. It trains your brain toe, observed details more carefully and makes you think more consciously about every line that you draw. Here. I'm making a drawing off asado or a holy man from more on a psi in which a monkey is sitting on the sadhu shoulder. As you can see, I'm using thick and thin lines, and I'm doing that by wearing the pressure on the pencil. You can do this exercise with any mark making tools, such as a pen or a pencil. And as you don't expect a perfect doing that is less pressure on your mind. And you can do this exercise just for the fun of it. You should do this exercise. Whenever you get a few minutes off free time, do it just as an exercise and do not worry about the resulting going. Real benefits of this exercise are improved observation and eye hand coordination. So go for it. - No . 4. Drawing exercises: Drawing With A Brush: Welcome to the lecture in which I'll be showing you how to practice drawing using a brush the wire drawn lines and then fill those in with black color. The emphasis is on drawing masses than the outlines user for brush eliminates getting got in the details, and I can concentrate more on the overall shapes. Drawings done this way have a direct feel to them rather than the precise or articulated look often economic drawing done with a pencil. This also helps you in loosening up and getting more expressive strokes or time to start it . It's better to use reference images that on salutes here I'm drawing celebrates off people in various positions. At first this might be difficult, but keep practicing and you'll get better at it very fast. Do not be too precise and slow with your brush. And don't be stressed up about the final product. What you alone will be far more important than the drawing itself. As a variation, you could use a brush pen instead of a brush, but the tool is not more important than the approach of growing masses rather than lines. Okay, practice this regularly, and you can see the benefits 5. Drawing exercises: Upside Down Drawing: In this lecture, we look at another drawing exercise that forces us to see in the way the artists see. The idea is to uncover the reference image slowly as you go on drawing what you see in the reveal portion of the image. The reference photo is also kept upside down so as to make it difficult for our left brain to recognize the object. The way to go about it is toe, not see the whole reference image in the beginning on Bodrum. What you see in the reveal portion, you should look at the lines in the reference image to note their starting point angle and lend, then carefully draw these lines on the paper. Once on the visible lines are drawn, revealed some more portion off the reference image on draw. The newly visible lines continue this process Still complete images revealed on drawn careful observation and drawing our right brain activities and hence seeing the image partially and upside down. Forces left brain to suspend its interpretation of the image and allows right brain do its work more properly. Hence, we tend to observe an unrecognized reference image more carefully and in turn draw it with more accuracy. It is like walking in the dark with a dim lantern in our hand, one step at a time. - People who consider that they are very bad at drawing are the ones who are amazed the most by the desert off their upside down drawings. This exercise teaches us to observe details carefully and not allow our preconceived notions about how a particular object looks like dictate what we actually draw. After all, a good drawing is a faithful copy off the thing being drawn. Now it's your done to draw an upside down image. 6. Drawing exercises: Drawing With A Conte Crayon: in this lecture, I'll show you another drawing exercise that makes you think and draw in terms off masses rather than lines. For that, I'm using a piece off contact Reon, and I'm using it sideways so that I can get a broad stroke for reference image. I'm using a website called Artists dot pixel lovely dot com. I've started doing that also first, which is the big shape. And then I'm going to add the limbs and the head. Other than my new details, my focus here is to capture the overall pose correctly, just like going with the brush. You might find this stuff in the beginning, but with practice will get easier. Thinking in terms off masses and capturing them convincingly is an important skill in any form of drawing and painting. Oh, no. Now it's your turn to draw mastering like this. I'm eager to see your book in the Project section 7. Drawing in Paper App: It is another way you can practice drawing whenever you have very little time and just your iPhone or iPad with you. I'm using an app cord paper by 53 on. I'm yet to find a replacement for this application on Android. So for the moment, this type of drawing can be used only by people who have an I device. This is the application which is open in this part of the window on here. I have my photos open. So what I'll be doing is that in this application that is our tool, which looks like a paint roller. I'm gonna be used active, draw on just to show you how it draws. If I want to draw a square with it and goes like this, if I want to draw on a letter C and I have to do it like this and then place the outline off the letter and that's the way it works. We might use the scissor tool. Sometimes What this tool does is that I can simply cut some portion off this Onley present drawing out of it and then I can just throw it away and you get this kind of shape. So this is Ah, nice Caesar. You can even know Create negative spaces with that on the way you get rid off. The cut part is that you flick it outside the screen and in goes off. So that's the we. I'm going to use that those other two pools which I'm going to use toe, show you a way to practice drawings on this way off. Practicing drawing is I will help you see the big shapes. Andi, it's a fun way off throwing something I don't expect. Ah, perfect drawing with this. But then it gives you a different feel off the painting when you draw with this kind of school, which you wouldn't get with a pencil or a pen or a brush. So let's get started. I'm going to use Ah, let's let first, just for the starters. Let's door some fruits. So the simplest one is an apple. So I'm going toe. Sorry, I'm to use this school. Andi. So for the apple, I'm going toe Draw it like this. And this is the stem. This is the highlight, which I'm trying to show on the fruit. Then if I wonder, Draw bear I will start like this. Andi completed here he five to draw Fig. I'll be starting like this and then go down. Andi, come applying this Andi and the stem. If I have to draw a banana, it would be something like this. This we are drawing makes you think off the ship very carefully. So first time you may not get clean shape as this, but that's the way. That's the reason practice is there. So once you practice, you will be able to draw like this. So now if I want to draw something else, I'll take another page and let's draw board. I'm using this image from except me, which I'm saved into my photos on. I'm using that as the reference. So if I can even change the colors in which I want to draw So I have chosen your local. So if I want to draw that on, start from the big on, then observe the head how it goes And then that's the back. Andi, These are some belly feathers. And here are the legs. Andi, this is the just off the bird. And then here's the big, very tends. It's not perfect. I would have like the bird toe. Have this with lesser than more degrees right now. But it's just another way off drawing something. I could go in and use this scissor tool. Andi, cut some portion from the What happened? Let me under. I'm going to use the scissor tool. Andi, cut some portion from the back off the bird and cut. You have to close the shape. Otherwise it closes in straight line and show you what I mean by a straight line. If I want to cut this portion and don't end it, then it'll close like this, which I don't want to happen. So it will be something like this, which I don't want to happen. So I'm just undo. And then I use this. I want to just go in and lose the shape here and throw it away. Still, it doesn't look like, uh, this bird's I'm goingto shave some part off more from here. It's like sculpting, but you get the idea how it how it will be. So now if I want toe cut the I. This is a graphic way of showing the bird. It's not all the board looks actually, but This is fun. We are drawing something. No, let's move toe another bird and take another page. So let me hide this Start from the beak, then the head. Onda uh, ring on. It has some when this here on and then lifted starts on the body. Uh, and this here, I'll indicate the legs here. This app has another futural in which in your can overlap the drawing on it creates some different color because off the oil lamp So that's that's the way this application works on . You can see how we can use it to draw different things. Let's draw a person in another another beach I'm starting from. Let me hire this starting from the head and goes like this in the shoulder in the hand and the foot and leg and foot, unless from here, the underhand starts in the shorter on and answered the herd. Now I want to get the the white idea which are here and here. So now I can use the scissor tool on and hurt our these shapes. See how easy it is. Andi gives you a different kind off drawing with Children have been able to do with a normal pension. So now let's try are different approach lips. I had one more beach to it. Let's go here and then Let's see you want some? Let's draw this. But I'm going to draw this in a different approach. I'm going tohave. I want to replicate something like a sculpture in which I remove the unwanted areas from the stone. So this is the square or rectangle, which I have with color. Now I'm going to use the Caesar and then cut out whatever is not required. What example? I'm going toe this on. Let me not go overboard and cut too much, So contact portion. Now I want to cut the negative sheep. This is the head, um, closing off the shape. And now I can come in and good this portion. You can see that I've gone along with proportions. If the head is here, the body will end somewhere here on outside the device. So I don't want to continue like this. I'm going toe cut this holding off or we can take another page. Let's add one more Beijing. Let's start again. Now let me use black color. Andi, I have this rectangle from which I'll be cutting. So just toe take the proportions. This is where the legs will be and this the hip So let me first cut out the external shape on the left hand side The hand they got So ah, you will be the link. Let me cut this off first and I do the same on the other side. On board here. I'm one Look at the space between her legs. The head. This is the opening for the hand on Dhere goes the negative shape. Andi, I have Ah, fairly Okey drawing. I'm going to cut some more portion from here and some more from here. Even the hand needs some repair work. But I wouldn't go too much on and bright with justice. And just this I need some work here. Yeah, I'm happy with what I have. This is just a different way off drying something. It's like if you don't have this app, you can take a black paper aan den bright, cutting out off portions off people which you don't want on. You will end up with something like this. So I hope you have enjoyed, uh, this different way off drawing. If I find an application on Android which acts like this, then I'll surely update this lecture. But until then, people with idealize can use this on DSI from. We started withdrawing few fruits. Then we do this board on this bird. This was a mistake. Then I do this and finally this. Thank you for watching.