Practice Creativity in Business: Invent the Next Great Food | Susie Wyshak | Skillshare

Practice Creativity in Business: Invent the Next Great Food

Susie Wyshak, Good Food Business Strategist, Author & Coach

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9 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Prep: Rules, Tools & Team

    • 3. Specialty Food Trends 101

    • 4. WHO: Know Your Customer

    • 5. WHY: What Problems Will You Solve?

    • 6. WHERE: Take a Research Adventure

    • 7. WHAT: Post Your Project

    • 8. Gettin' Weird to Get Ideas

    • 9. Idea Sketching Tips (By Hand & iPad App)


About This Class

Every year thousands of new products appear on store shelves. How do they get dreamed up? By people like you!

This creative business course helps you practice your strategic and design thinking skills with a hands-on exercise when you'll dream up a new food or beverage product idea.

Why? Because real food entrepreneurs do this every day. Why not you?

In this hands-on course you will...

  • glean insights on food trends,
  • get an overview of how the food industry works, and
  • embark on a research expedition to shape your food product idea.

You'll see how using a "Design Thinking" process leads to products customers really love and learn basic sketching to either draw or describe your invention.

In addition to sparking your creativity, you'll end up with the basic knowledge to really start planning the perfect food business and testing your idea in the world — or simply to be a smarter food shopper with fun cocktail conversation.

This class is perfect for foodies, designers, creatives, food crafters, aspiring food entrepreneurs and chefs. The only experience needed: a love of food and a lot of curiosity.





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Susie Wyshak

Good Food Business Strategist, Author & Coach

Hello friends! Delighted to be teaching on Skillshare, as my goal in life is to help passionate people and food entrepreneurs have fun learning and optimizing their lives.

My secret weapon is a Spiderman like ability to connect the dots between ideas, strategy and doing it. Ping me if that sounds like something you need.

(I also wrote this book about how to start a food business.)

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