Practical Toolkit for becoming confident and stronger in managing and expressing your emotions | Nicole Vasilescu | Skillshare

Practical Toolkit for becoming confident and stronger in managing and expressing your emotions

Nicole Vasilescu

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14 Lessons ()
    • 1. Why I decided to create this course for you

    • 2. Why Emotional Intelligence is critical in your development

    • 3. Use of emotion to foster different thinking styleseaf112c

    • 4. Emotions A Key Area for Self Awareness

    • 5. 6 mental barriers that determine the most common emotional barriers

    • 6. 7 steps to get your Negative Emotions under Control

    • 7. How to become confident in expressing your emotions

    • 8. Why overcoming fear will strengthen your capacity to focus

    • 9. How to create strategies to deal with frustrations and other emotions

    • 10. How to practice the concept of raising above unresolved emotional baggage

    • 11. Mastering the patterns of mind that develop the emotional competence

    • 12. 9 techniques that make you wiser in managing your emotional reactions

    • 13. 15 techniques to remove the emotional blocks

    • 14. How to prevent emotions from taking control over your mind and actions


About This Class


How much do they weigh negative feelings and negative events happening in your life when it comes about your ability to detach from them, then designing and driving your life?

This class is design to enable you to feel empowered within who you are, and less dependent on things going right in life. 

Enroll in this class if you need to overcome ingrained behaviors, take control of your beliefs and bridge the gap between ideal and real self.





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Hello, I'm Nicole.

12 years of proven expertise in start-ups, project management, training, sales as well as operational support activities like training and people development programs in various industries: BPO, Automotive, IT.

My key drivers for building professional and long duration relationships are the excellent communication and interpersonal skills combined with business acumen, analytical and creative thinking, strong will and determination. These are as well the skil...

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