Practical Tactics Martial Arts: Level 1 | Joseph Green | Skillshare

Practical Tactics Martial Arts: Level 1

Joseph Green

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9 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction Demo

    • 2. Fighting Stance

    • 3. Lesson 1

    • 4. Lesson 2

    • 5. Lesson 3

    • 6. Lesson 4

    • 7. Lesson 5 part A

    • 8. Lesson 5 part B

    • 9. Lesson 6


About This Class

In this first level of Practical Tactics training you will learn A universal Fighting Stance, How to take over your enemy's space and take him down.Offensive and Defensive techniques adaptable to any style. 


1. Introduction Demo: Yeah, yeah. 2. Fighting Stance: we'll find stances Universal for use basically a position here. Feed our news today. Step right. What's going to be way? Believe each. So you're nice. Would you do right? Review. Nice. Lose this nice over there until it for that. Just want right towards turning this u turn like this. So you know you got here too far were you want todo way? You should. So this basic stance using state. So you really stances the beginning and base. It's where you start base, so stand five minutes in a breakfast. I understand. 3. Lesson 1: we're gonna show first. So around around, Just like So when that bunch comes around here, I'm gonna agreements. Wars comes over this. I don't want to leave a gap years through one. Use it like this shoulder. If it's a hard impact, See? So you are now that I do solution. Okay. This is our here as that happened. This this is around and create right here as this. It's I've been through so much around this step through here when taking over space. Yeah, you immediately. This comes around. This makes a small service, speaks here. Here, this goes around, step into space. Just like that. It's a See what this looks like way actually block really use this technique. 4. Lesson 2: Okay, So show here is a variation from so from Santa Rosa. Here, bring this over this way. Reach grand. You're just like that. Sure. Here. Let's go ahead and looking, however, and take basic rule is head goes. So we're taking damning me with this year's past. So using this the pressure here it's going to this? Yeah, right here. 5. Lesson 3: way slow is extremely dangerous. Show up to work smoothly, Speaker. So has decreased each other. Your initial little created around Well, here. So this day Yeah, this is around right here. Right across. Go there and through just like this. Is Jim here? So when changing be here just and sneak rating Just like that. Joe here. You hear? Right, Jim here for Mr If cover small step. This makes a circle around Hit right here. Just like a years through this year. Junior this hand may this year and 6. Lesson 4: this is called You are taking over space here, but first you clothe. So one uses speed, technique, way She threw a step just like I get to hear He's our space years. Yeah, What I'm gonna do you just like is our shoes space, Yeah. 7. Lesson 5 part A: way. So let's go ahead. Yeah? Yeah. You hear what I'm gonna take over space, right? Midsection burst apart. Hit my shoulder here. So first step past this shoulder is just like that just is zone. Here, take over. So this just stoops, right? Just this. 8. Lesson 5 part B: it is actually getting down around passes over and then step here. Use this. Just step around. Once that is over trapping restaurant here. This is gonna step overlay Which TV's my fall down? So Oh, this is over there. Just like that. Stick around. Yes, I actually you enable. All right, Miss positions. Schiff? Yeah, This just like that. Get direction, you see? Just a little bit better. 9. Lesson 6: he says his next we're gonna do this is an offense so missing each other here. Yeah. What? I'm gonna do something with this lead foot years old. So we're here right here. This is around with shoulder. Just just like this. Do this positions, pull them around. So let's do it for me Here. You hear me? Just bring his face Is red. Let's look here. So here. So, Yeah. This is wrapped right around. Yeah, Exactly. Yeah, yeah.