Practical Responsive Web Design

Brett Romero, Bitesize Business School

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18 Lessons (2h 33m)
    • 1. A Look Inside

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. Importance of Ordering Rules

    • 4. EnableBrowserDeveloperTools

    • 5. Debugging From Your iPhone

    • 6. Exploring The Projects Folder

    • 7. Internet Explorer Conditional Comments and Real Browser Checking

    • 8. Essential Debugging

    • 9. Starter Responsive Web Design Website

    • 10. Preparing Your Images

    • 11. Implement Sliced Images

    • 12. Default Wordpress

    • 13. Retrofitting An Existing Website

    • 14. Responsive Youtube Videos

    • 15. Responsive Tables

    • 16. Fluid Grid (project attached)

    • 17. Implementing A Responsive Grid System

    • 18. Responsive Slide Show


About This Class

The Ultimate Responsive Web Design Course.  

Figuring Out How To Make Your Website Into A Responsive Web Design Can Be A Challenge

Should you create a new website? Should you try to retro-fit your existing website? 

Turning over rocks in far flung corners of the Internet yields very little. 

Sure, you can try a plugin…but then one day while browsing your website from your mobile device, you find a page that is completely mangled. You dig a little more and discover a number of your pages aren't displaying well on mobile devices. 

There's only so much a plugin or theme can do. 

If you want full control with predictable results over your responsive web design, Practical Responsive Web Design is for you. 

What's Included In The Course? 

We'll start off with principles. Building a solid foundation early will provide for a more engaging experience when it comes time to jump into some code. 

  • You'll learn who's credited coining the term responsive design and the three important components he says are at the heart of responsive web design.
  • You'll learn killer CSS debugging tips that you can use anywhere – these tips alone are worth the cost of the course.
  • You'll be able to follow along, getting hands-on experience that will ingrain responsive web design into your mind – it's no secret that learning by doing is the best way.
  • You'll see an example of how to transform a more complex, real world website into responsive web design.

You'll see how to apply responsive web design to the following types of websites. 

  • New website built from scratch.
  • WordPress site.
  • Retro fit an existing website

But I'm Not A Web Design Guru 

You don't need to be an HTML or CSS guru to implement a responsive web design. A basic understanding of CSS and HTML along with practice is all you need. 

By keeping the language simple and understandable, 'Practical Responsive Web Design' walks you through, step by step, how to build a new responsive web design or fit it onto your existing website. 

If you know nothing about responsive web design, the first lessons start off with fundamentals and principles, which build a solid foundation. 

With a solid foundation in place, we'll move into some code. But don't worry, the course keeps a nice pace, allowing you to comprehend everything being discuss. 

Hands-on projects help wire concepts into your brain and build your practical experience up.