Practical Fine Art Inkjet Printing: Create Beautiful Prints Of Your Work | Gillian Dreher | Skillshare

Practical Fine Art Inkjet Printing: Create Beautiful Prints Of Your Work

Gillian Dreher, Designer + Illustrator in Oakland, CA

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5 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Printers

    • 3. Paper

    • 4. Printing

    • 5. Trimming & Packing

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About This Class

Learn to Create Beautiful, Archival Fine Art Prints At Home 

Looking to get started producing prints of your art but not sure where to begin? By the end of four short lessons you'll gain the confidence and knowledge you'll need to start printing from home right away.

Throughout this course, you'll learn

  • What to consider when shopping for an inkjet printer
  • Different sorts of fine art papers available
  • How to navigate the perils of the print dialogue box
  • Tips to get your prints looking their best

This class is full of information for students of every skill level, whether you're trying to start a home print business or just looking to print some high quality holiday cards. 

Instructor Gillian Dreher is a designer and illustrator who sells prints of her artwork out of her apartment and has a wealth of hands-on experience to share. Her prints have been featured on Popsugar and BUST magazine.






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Gillian Dreher

Designer + Illustrator in Oakland, CA

Gillian Dreher is a designer, illustrator, dog enthusiast and boba drinker living and working with my two cats and one guy in Oakland, California. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in painting & printmaking, and now work as a digital product designer by day and an illustrator by night.

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