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Practical Data Science with Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib & Seaborn

teacher avatar Pradeep D., Data Scientist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

32 Lessons (3h 3m)
    • 1. Overview, why should you enroll this course?

    • 2. Course Outline

    • 3. Anaconda or Python installation

    • 4. Data Science - Python Basics - Topic 1

    • 5. Data Science - Python Basics - Topic 2

    • 6. Data Science - Python Basics - Topic 3

    • 7. Data Science - Python Basics - Topic 4

    • 8. Data Science - Python Basics - Topic 5

    • 9. Data Science - Python Basics - Topic 6

    • 10. Data Science - Python Basics - Topic 8

    • 11. Python Basics - Decision Control

    • 12. Python Basics - while loop

    • 13. Python Basics - for loop

    • 14. Python Basics - Collections

    • 15. Numpy Array - Topic 1

    • 16. Numpy Array - Topic 2

    • 17. Numpy Array - Topic 3

    • 18. Numpy Array - Topic 4

    • 19. Numpy Array - Topic 5

    • 20. Numpy Array - Topic 6

    • 21. Pandas DataFrame - Topic 1

    • 22. Pandas DataFrame - Topic 2

    • 23. Matplotlib - Topic 1

    • 24. Matplotlib - Topic 2

    • 25. Seaborn - Topic 1

    • 26. Seaborn - Topic 2

    • 27. Seaborn - Topic 3

    • 28. Seaborn - Topic 4

    • 29. Seaborn - Topic 5

    • 30. Case Study - Data Set and Goal of Analysis

    • 31. Case Study - Lecture

    • 32. Exercise

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About This Class

Lets learn basics to transform your career to high paying DATA related jobs in almost 4 hours.

I promise you to teach what exactly is required and not to exhaust you with huge number of videos.

Welcome to the most comprehensive Data Analysis and Insights Visualization course! An excellent choice for beginners and professionals looking to expand their knowledge on one of the most popular Python libraries in the world such as collections, numerical pyhton, matplotlib, seaborn and pandas data frames. This course includes case study for drawing meaningful insights out of given business data.

Start Data Science with Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib & Seaborn course offers video tutorials on the most powerful data analysis toolkit available today.

Why learn Data Analysis and Insights Visualization using Python?

If you've spent time in a spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or any form of tabular data such as database tables, delimited files or csv files and are eager to take your data analysis skills to the next level using python, this course is for you!

Numerical Python is a powerful library which efficiently performs matrix operations faster and exceed the python capabilities of data processing.

Pandas is a powerhouse tool that allows you to do anything and everything with tabular or columnar data sets -- analyzing, organizing, sorting, filtering, aggregating, cleaning, calculating, and more!

Matplotlib is an amazing visualization library in Python for 2D plots of arrays. Matplotlib is a multi-platform data visualization library built on NumPy arrays. One of the greatest benefits of visualization is that it allows us visual access to huge amounts of data in easily digestible visuals. Matplotlib consists of several plots like line, bar, scatter, histogram etc.

Seaborn is a library for making statistical graphics in Python. It is built on top of matplotlib and closely integrated with pandas data structures.

Whether you're a new data analyst, planning to transit yourself to data analyst role or have spent years in Excel, Data Analysis and Meaningful insights course offers you an incredible introduction to one of the most powerful data tool kits available today!

Meet Your Teacher

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Pradeep D.

Data Scientist


Hello, I'm Pradeep.

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1. Overview, why should you enroll this course?: Helen will come toe Practical Data Science course with numerical fighter bombers Data frames, matter, clips even on a lot more you will be able to read managing on weekly data inside visual additions. My name is Praveen. I began my career week high energy leaders as data analysis on you Deal Development Engineer. Currently, I am working in data science. Tommen and I have delivered data centric tradition in jeans for several business of domains with some of the brightest on most talented people in the industry. This course has been designed for anyone seeking to start with first rate greater science by the enough because you'd be able to perform, data analyst sees on, you'll be able to plot basically die inside. You will also learn basic fight and required for data science Numerical Fightin pandas in dreams as well. Let's visualization tools such as micro Taliban Seaborne, ideal student for discourses, anyone who want to begin already skill, they said. For data military jobs in the moment. Operator Science for data analysis. Individual additions If you are idiot developer, mainframe developer, production support engineer Deviate, get a manager for student willing to kick start yourself in the domain of data science. Then I promise you, you landed on the right knowledge source to transform your career. Please. After these decent salary figures for several data related jobs, these figures are captured from base killer. Come on. Their latest as off duty. You are free to look at the costs exception before you enroll. Thank you. 2. Course Outline: Hello and welcome. Welcome to the courts. Exploratory data analysis on inside visualization Using Whiten, we have very basic of Klein Bite every six collections number diaries one does you tougher Him on way will see to visualization tools one is more courtly and second East C'mon library. And at very last we will see one case study We will perform exploratory data analysis on one of the popular data set. 3. Anaconda or Python installation: Let's get started with installing on a condom distribution on old machine. We need a fighting environment to work on our data science and machine learning problems. So this anaconda situation is available for ah, available for platforms like line X windows and Mac Mac ways. Okay, this comes with Jupiter Realtor Spider Ready enough celebrities side by this number Library Pandas Panda Slavery does celebrity. This destruction comes with all these liberal reason. Id's the metal. Matt Hartley was also libraries. Also, their psychic line is also there. Tensorflow is also there, OK, and OK, so, uh, how to install it on our machine? So goto goto this this link anaconda dot com slash distribution slash Once you go there, you see downloading here or if you come down here, you see, see for window. You see insta label for Windows Mac Ways and line X. Okay. So here I use Ah, what? They were operating system. You are using respect, you installer. You can sell it on get it installed. Okay, so here I am using windows and I am using decent Stoller. Okay, so we will see how to install it in between. So here I have downloaded. Ah, I have downloaded this 1 64 bit graphical installer and ah, this is this is my downloaded file. You can see here publicly. Condi's I agree. I want to install it for all users. Okay, I would like to check this here. This is a beautiful chick on. We should check this. Okay. Didn't install. Let's wait for a few minutes. Said to be still running. Looks like Said that was completed. No next finish. Okay, we're done with the installation After the installation up and abundant distribution. Let's see how toe launch power Jupiter notebook are Jupiter Jupiter Editor to To do that, go to common front in the start menu and open it and go toe your desired folder. Wherever you want. Toe, create your Jupiter nor books. Okay, I help going toe equal. And okay, so now let's type command you Peter notebook and please into good here. Good. Ok, we have successfully launched our Jupiter notebook. We can create our Jupiter notebook from here. Click on New and click on site and three. Okay. And we can give name, toe our Jupiter notebook support. Hello. Will World one support we already have? Hello. world created there, That's why. Hello, World one. Okay, so let's create. I would really pushed program Helliwell friend. Hello. Work. OK. Hello, world. Okay. And to execute whatever help raped in this cell, please Praise shipped. Enter. This is how we have install and a condom distribution. And we have launched a Jupiter notebook and we'll wrote our very first program. Hello, world. Thank you. 4. Data Science - Python Basics - Topic 1: Our very first topic is creating variables are identified there. Let's create our very first variable high on a saint of value Off 100 tweet and try to paint it. Okay, it will print 100 here like we're able to create a variable variable I Okay, let's let's create next. Next variable s equal to hello world and bring did so we're able to agree It s this. We're able to create variable ace and were able to bring it. Can you next next, variable ease Actuality. So here we see better here and we see invalid syntax. This is because variable names cannot be started with special character or there should not be a special character in variable names. Okay, Okay. Underscore salary. Here. We're able to create variable name with Start, which starts with under school. Were able to print it also. Okay, Next. Next variable is age one, age, one. Variable name. We are also able to create. Okay, here. We hope we're able to print it. Next. Let's try one age. Okay. This variable name. It's starting with new medic, but not with Al for weed. So we have not able to create a variable name which starts two digit here. Okay. Next his age, one e m. P. We This is perfect. Identified name were able to create it and were able to print it here. Okay, So only condition is it should not. Our variable name should not start with. Did you like this? Or our variable name should not start with special characters or special characters Should not be in between the variable name anywhere in between the characters off variable name anywhere. Okay, so next he's next Variable we're trying to create is a 30 equal to 200 here we are not able to create video. Wasn't him, as I assert. Okay, this is because assert its a keyword in Brighton. So let's see, what are what are all the words are there in Patton. So this is a keyboard keyword library, import keyword. We import level really like this, and we're printing kw leashed from keyboard library. So you can see these key words here so we can't create variable name with this key words. Okay, so let's summarize our understandings understanding here. Keywords givers cannot be the variable names. Variable names cannot start with digital underscore can be used in variable names. Variable name can be combination off alphabet and numbers, but variable name should not start. You should not start with number you to start with alphabet only. 5. Data Science - Python Basics - Topic 2: Let's see how how we can do variable assignment in fightin here we have created of variable eggs with value 100 we can are saying, uh, value two X like this. Okay, you can see here she next. Very well. We are creating its of Florida variable. Why equal to 40.52 we help printed it here. Okay. Next is next Variable we're creating is string variable J equal to entire string. Simply firing machine learning So you can see we help printed these variable here. Okay, this is this is very interesting. Here we can list the video would for the reach. Value needs to be a sign. See here name, age, height in centimeters with equal toe. So these journeys for first variable 24 police for second variable 1 60 is for third variable. And this last one is for last video. So these values are destroyed in respect your orders. Okay. So you can see here. We hope injured were able to print the FN variable here 6. Data Science - Python Basics - Topic 3: Okay, let's get started with how to check the data Types are variables and how to check memory addresses off variables. Okay, first is indigent or didn't type. We're create. We have created this in teacher. And we are We can print the address off the indigent variable by function. I d i d. Off variable name. Our variable name is X. Here, See, we are able to print address our memory location year for variable eggs. Okay, here we can type the data type offri pitiable by type off variables. Immune function. Okay, here I would. Variable name is X. Okay. Here we are able to print the data type, which is indeed it here. Okay, next is Florida type. Similarly, we have declared are we have created fruit variable. Why will do for different with Tito on we go printed memory address as real estate A type up this lord variable. Okay, Next. It's doing variable here. Similarly, we help printed memory address as well as little type off this during variable. Okay, so let's see a few more things about string variable. Hear how toe? Okay, a few more things about sting variable. So first thing variable our any string in Brighton has index, so index start withdrew. So first element is that Gerrard Index second is at first index and so on till last get it . Okay, so here, Gereb zero. That means Gerald Index flu is s okay Here. Okay. Next ease, Fi Cool. And nothing is fight to end. So this notation stands for dude up fip zero Ah, feed character, toe Last character. So 50 50 Easy 15 50 index and our index start with veto. Okay, so if we can't Jiro 12345 Okay, I I do lashed. Okay. See here. Hi to last. He's been printed from strings it Okay, I hope this is clear to you. Next is how to print print length harvesting variable our lend up extreme. We can print Lind or pastry by alien function. Alien off string variable. So here leant up this stream Here he's 27. Okay, So seize other indexes starts from zero zero. The deck means our index starts from zero to 26. Okay, so see, this is great discernment index is definitely not in existence. Sees our index start from zero and inspect 27 26 Okay, So here, for your apprentice element, it is giving string index out of range. Okay. I hope this is also clear to you. Okay. See? 0 2060 Sprinting. Last corrector. Richard G. Okay. Okay, Ellie. And absurd. 1,000,000. Absurdist 27. Minus one is 26. Okay, Same character. It is sprinting. This is same as they're up. 26. Okay, next is Europe minus one. Okay, Europe minus one. His minus one index start from very last. Corrective. Okay, minus two is minus two indexes. Second last character in the strings here, minus three is third last character and so on. Okay, I hope this is clear to you regarding stream accessing string characters in the stream. Okay. Next letter type is brilliant bullion. Deter type variable horse. Only two values either prove our falls. See here we hope. Indeed, type of B. Okay, which is Willian? Off course. Okay, so here we can print the address by highly functional. So? So during practice, you can try to print the address for bullion. Very was okay. Okay. This is this always simple stuff. Okay. Next. He's excellent. Then why? So? This is condition. If X is less then why in reality, if value of X is lived in, will you of? Why then if this is true, if this is true, then the sentence will return True. If this is false, this will return falls. So here. But they were values well, Assane of x and y so X is not less than white expert values assigned Abu. That means this condition is false. Okay, here. So this condition variable value becomes false. So which we help printed here and we open entered the Detroit I off condition variable so you can see here. Okay. Condition variable value is false and its data type is brilliant. Okay, let's move. Words Another another leader type, which is complex, complex data type. Okay, So see equal to I place for G C. I place for G e is a complex number. Okay, so here, left right to validate whether data type up see is no complex number. So see, easy stresses of function getting We're passing the CIA's a perimeter and complex as a parliament of So this will return through gypsies. A complex number. Okay, If he's not complex number this this function will return falls. Okay, so here. Say here I can. Next variable, we have declared float. This is the float variable we have created. And here we're trying to check whether it's a complex number. So here, See here I plus 40 is accomplished number on Distant, Distant. Is this true? Okay, I'm definitely here in seconds. In days it should be false because 11.1 is not a complex number. 7. Data Science - Python Basics - Topic 4: Let's check whether we're able to convert between between data types. Okay. Suppose we have this indigent variable. I equal 200 and, uh uh, we are converting it to float by function Float by writing a syntax like this float off that he will name. Okay, here it is. Indigent here. Eyes in teacher and float up I because flute, we can see here 101 0 Okay, let's try to can work float toe in. Teacher here. We can convert it Using ain't off Florida value. Okay, here this triple pie 0.555 It's been currently put triple if I only Okay, typifies and in teacher. Okay, here. Let convert indigent to stream by str function See here we have passed in digit and we got the string string is in always single court or double court. Okay, okay. And, uh, now Okay. Now let's gonna let try to convert Staying to indigent. Okay. Uh, int off. 1000 is 1000. It has been converted to in teacher because these value is comfortable. The stream strength 1000 is comfortable to be converted to Indy, Jer. That's why were able to converted to convert the stream to in Teacher. Okay, now let's try to can work this 1000 string OK, in tough 1000. See, this is a stream, So Okay, here we are not able to convert because this thing is not comfortable. Comfortable? That means do it. It's a string, but it should be a digit. That should be some numerical digits. So that that should be comfortable or comfortable. Two integer value. Okay, then. And then when we will be able to convert those two in Teacher. Okay, Next. He's in tough. Hello. Hello. In fact, hello is not an Indian. Her sting is not any teacher. That means it is not comfortable to be converted 20 jher. So that's why, uh, we were not able to convert it to a teacher. And we get this letter invalid little foreign teacher with based in Hello? Ok, okay. Let's Let's check whether we're able to convert between collections. Okay, so I'm very first. Let's try to convert string to least So here. List up. 1000. See, this is the stream. Okay, This one dissent, This one is a string against single court, so we're able to convert it to least listed celebrations were of record. And these are items. Okay? She These write almost rigid items. Okay. Okay. So next is converting, at least to state to hear. Ah, I have declared when lift having three items. 12 n three. See? Here. Print. I open data type. I was at least there s equal to set up. It's a good to set up. Okay. Sick function is used to convert a convert unleashed to state. 8. Data Science - Python Basics - Topic 5: Let's see Argent ation on more dealing statements in Brighton, we have declared our creative variable. I equal to submission of these digits. So if the statement is very long, which cannot be fitting toe, which we don't want to write on single line, then we can write it on multiple lines like this. We can bring the statement by backslash like these. Okay, he had Okay. Next. These are dentition. I dentition is far. This is a for loop. Okay, here. After these, whatever statement is below for Luke gets executed within that for Luke. So I dentition is mandatory expert Buyten's index. So here, if there is no identification here for print, then we get enter like this. Okay? This this local court needs to be corrected like this. Okay, here there is an inundation. See here. So I see this creates the angel fire. Has police from 0 to 4 on one by one. Knew that it rated here in this forum. Okay. Okay. Here. Here there are three variables. Declare our creator so we can create the street variables in another way. On single and also we can separate them by semicolon. Okay, Here. Okay. Next ease for creating functions. So while creating functions, orientation is necessary. So we're trying to create a function. Get you okay? Which would you? Tense? Ah, Submission. Sorry, I'm not. Summation. Multiplication off debt number and start and start in. Okay, like this. But here I dentition is missing. It will give us an edit. He said he's expected in. I didn't did look, So did. In this block, of course. Needs to be corrected like this with these indentations. Okay, Okay, so let's see. Comments, documentation, strings in Brighton. So here, see, comment starts with single and coming start. Pete has mightily and commence part in between these three double courts. See this one? And this one between these treatable courts. Okay, are between single double single triple single courts. Okay, here there are reportable courts here. There, people, single courts. So I did abbvie. We can use documentation. Strings are used to document the logic. It focuses the first treatment in models functions as well as in class Definitions here were just taken an example for function. Okay, inside function. We help either this get key function. We have written on this case, this documentation stream. Okay, we can access the documentation documentation stream by a double underscore dog double in the school function. Okay. Here. Here, Harry. Test printed their documentation. String Stashes are has been come there because they're after these people. The ball court there is new land character. And here also there is new land character here also, there is new Nuland, Director, up to this. Okay, up right this end of the lane and the end of the lane. There is a new line character. 9. Data Science - Python Basics - Topic 6: can input the values in fighting, using input, function like this thing. Input off. Enter the number this will. This will print this message here on it. Will. It will wait for input to be given from cable. Once we entered two. Once we entered two. And after that, once we print, enter, then then it will execute from next shipment that the sprint on print api. And this is printed to here. Okay, we can output the values in in fightin, using prints, treatment. Uh, okay, so we are here. We are declared created. Two variables. I could 100 equal to 200. Here. We have printed value Are using Prince Statement. Really? Eyes 100 has been printed here. So another way, or printing the variables using dot format function. So here we can see. See, here in Columbus is there is one and in collaborative, very zero. So inside format, the sequence is either Gerard position on Jay's. That one first position. So here what? They worry that Gerald position on there that fairly will get replaced. The eyes that general put Gerald Index or position. That's why at Gerard value up, I got replaced. Your 100 on for first position on 200 God replace when Yogi is got replaced year. Okay, so another another way is another way is way is toe is like this. We are not. One more variable has been added. A cake will to 300. Okay. It is not a declared like declared before prince treatment. It has been declared here. It's okay here also, we can write some expressions also like cake will toe I pledge or some other function we can write. But what we have here we assign well you 200 equal do 300 So similar way in calibrate since If we write k then value Okay, we'll get a replaced a year while printing the street. Ok, another Another virginal prince statement can be like this of blank caliber assists. Okay, here Black curly braces on in sequence Values will get replaced. So at first at first, cuddly breast Good Liberace is a value off. First a variable will get replaced. That is I hear 100 on a second. Calibrates is our second variables. Well, you will get replaced. Strategical 200 10. Data Science - Python Basics - Topic 8: Alexey operatives in fightin and their operators like arithmetic operators, relational operators, logical operators, betweens, operatives, assignment operators as well s special operators way will see the arithmetic operators first. Okay, Our first arithmetic opted operated its plus on that is addition. See, we have declared I equals 100 Jacob 2 200 And we have done addition. Here I pledge is equal to 300 here. Another arithmetic operator is subsection. Okay, next is a multiplication. Next arithmetic operators division. Next. Ah, magnetic operator is model. This model low returns the reminder on a Florida region. Next one is floor division operator is a double forward slash okay. And expand Orantes One is also one of the at medic operated. Okay, there are companies and operators in fightin, so comparison operators are less than greater than listener recall toe greater than or equal to not equal to okay and equal tickle toe operated. See here, uh, see, those gets even looted Our two billion value Okay, like the store False. Okay, let's Let's see logical operators. Logical operators are on or not. The i n j is false. The those work on William values I equal to crew and vehicle to false. He's been assigned here and I n g its brain falsies false. Okay. And I i org is true. I mean, true or false is true. Or Nagy. I mean, this is the negation of J and J's false. So negation of false is true. Okay, lets see bid ways open. It does now. Okay, It operates with by beat as if they're stream of binary digits. Okay, so I will give you the basic idea how between operators work. See, I equal to two and vehicle to three is being a sign on here. First operator is between and operator. OK, it is on Okay with weights and using this and symbol. Okay, so how it works, I will give you the much patient so it can one binary value up. I is 10 Okay. On binary value of J sng is the woman O k I n g. You can you can see. Here is C zero and 10 here one and one is one. Okay, uh, 10 is the output. So if we can work this two decimal when your waist to here. So, like this, like these days? Oh, operators work. OK, I hope you you have got idea how betrays operator works are how they operates with baby. Okay, So similar way While practicing this you can just but in the binary values. For what I n g and results results here the way we did for Ana the way we did for and which was operator. So for the rest of the operators, you can you can try, try and check. Okay. Try and check by connecting the similar values to bind the revalues. Okay, so next big ways operated It's our operator I enjoy is okay, I orgy. He stayed okay. Next is it was not okay. Negation of G is minus name. So here next he's Exor Operator Next Tuesday night shift operator on next year's next. He's a lip chipped operator. OK, before we tweets operators, as I have already told you just need toe, convert them to binary values. I just just get, uh Just get yourself how you will understand when super in by Mary values on bond then then rendered the similar values. Then print them to decimal values like this. You will You will understand how how these eggs All right, Shipley chipped in norther or operators work. Okay, Okay. This is just consider consider consider checking besides an assignment. Okay? Okay. Next next assignment operators. Okay. See, this is the assignment operators. Are this if we right, we have our pain toe some variable like we right? I equals y plus day. Okay, so this article Topol a stain on like notation is been committed toe I mean, in short form, we can read it like I place equal toe Okay, So similar way. Similar way. I equal toe. I manage stain is return. Is I minus equal detain? Okay, so similar way I will. I start in is written like I started called Pay. Okay, Okay. Similarly, here, here, divert equal toe I equal toe libertine is written like I devote equal to 10 c. This is similar notation across allow arithmetic operators See we are mathematical critters on these are like he it is exponents. Operator. Okay, this is Morillo. Operator, this is the word operetta. So So there is a short form on short form is like this I explained article to obtain similar way for an operator. Similar way for this or operator. Okay, Okay. This is the similar syntax, which you can you can understand it really understand. OK, next. Next of special operators First his identity. Special operators are I Didn't you? Identity operators as well as membership operators? Okay, let's first see, uh, identity operators. Identity operators are used to check with two very well, sir value that scored at same memory location or Idris. Okay, so is is first identical Greater ease on another. Another is is not okay. I e g Okay. There are two variables to and I will tow vehicle to it. So let's stick with the boot share. Same memory location. I NJ They don't see her same memory location because I mean release false here. I mean, it's a logical It's very logical that two different values with not share same or memory location. Okay, Next is is not I is not g. This is This is true. Yes. They don't share same memory location. Okay, Lexi, she didn't toe. There are two strings s one equals Hello. World is to equal to Hey there. And this is the similar in similar fashion. We'll check. Okay. Yes. One is this two s one and s two. Don't share the same memory. Location s money is not esto. Next reinstatement. So here also Yes, s one and s two don't share same. Every location on value becomes true here, hooking in similar fashion. See this one and is toe. I mean, if we declare same string forward the string strings. There is one similar string hairier. And here they're here. Also, there is heavier. So s one and s two don't share the same memory location. Okay, Okay. Same Same thing is applicable for least variables You can see here Least one unleashed toe dough values dough loser Similar. Same. We'll lose our similar if we compare 123 So then also alone and don't share same memory location. Membership operators first It's in Second is not in membership. Operator seven used to check with the value of variable is found in a sequence like string laced couple. Say traditional, He's okay. So we we have declared our creator our list element Equal toe everyone equal toe. 123456 The six Elements. Okay. And here we're checking with four. Big four is present in least l one ok for is in fact present enlisted l one. That means this returns through in that case. Okay, Dane, in l one, pain is not present in least one. So this is return falls. Okay, on see a similar example. We help for missionaries. This dicked one is declared one apple to bowl three cat. Okay, so here. Go in. Licked one. Okay. Toe existing dictionary one. That's why it is written proof and 20 does not exist in dictionary one. That's why it is written false to us. 11. Python Basics - Decision Control: Let's your decision controls in Brighton there are decision controls like if Ailes and else . If these statements are used for decision making and print time. William Expressions can b comparison operator statements a logical operator statements Syntex can be as well to help you understand in simple pants. Did have to use index If if dissolution If this will in expression is true, then this body are logically answered. This if block will be exhibited else it will not be executed. Okay. Another possible syntax is if the William expression is true. Then body or logic answered this a block will be executed. If this volition Boolean expression is not true, then it will go toe else on the body or logic. Inside this else block will get executed Kurta possibles in taxis. If this William expression is true, then body or logic entered this If block will get executed is if this expression is false, then it will go toe Go here. Elsie on it will check with this Willian expression is too. If this Boolean expression is true, it will execute body or logic. Insert this Elsa block. Otherwise, if dissolution William expression is false, then it will go toe Els on it will execute body or logic Insert Els Block. Okay, lets see a few examples. Okay. Uh, here we have Ah, we have declared an equal 200. If any is guiltier than zero did, we will plant and it's pointed to number s. We will print and is diggety number so here and is greater than 100 and equal 200 then 100 is greater than zero. Okay, this William expression this Expect this expedition 100 greater than zero will get humiliated to bullion value. Okay, which is true if true, if this condition is true, then it will go to this block and it will print hundreds. Was it to number? Okay, it s printed. Hundreds for you to number. Okay, You stood up 100. If it is a negative in his negative number there definitely this condition will become false on. It will print this one that negative value off in and is negative number. Okay. Okay. Here. Uh, another very simple example. Uh, I have these to brilliant class based on percentage marks. So here, let's suppose percentage marks are 80 and if a percentage marks at least and 40 then the result will be failed. Okay. And if percentage marks are not least then not less than, uh, 40. Then it will come here and check with the percentage of our circle is density keep 1% marks at least 10. 60. It will go and print the results. Second class. Okay. Otherwise, if percentage marks are not living 60 it will print first last year. Okay, so in our case, for sometimes markets 80 So it will come here. 80 less than 40. This is this becomes false. Then it will come to Elsie again. It will come here and evaluate this condition. It try to evaluate this condition it in list them 60. This becomes false and it will not go here. It will goto else, and print is else first class. Okay, that's why it s printer Result Quest class here 12. Python Basics - while loop: Let's get started with you. Well, it reads usedto it rate or block up court until condition is too. Did not possible soon Taxis. So one of one of the same tax I will explain here while condition on a cold inside the Why Look. So here this condition, uh, will be will be evaluated toe bullion value with the true or false Okay, till the time This is true. This will keep this Well, this will keep one executing. Okay. Okay. Uh, like support control will come here while condition. If this condition is true, it will execute this again. It will go and check the condition. If this is true, it will execute this bloke up court again. Again. It will come here. Every this is true. It will execute this local court again. Okay, somehow, if it come, it will come here. And if if this condition is phone false dinner only didn't really control Will Goto next statement. It will not ruin. Say this for this, will you? Okay. And it will execute the next treatment up. Provide. Okay. Another scene taxis these Okay. Why? Control will come here. So while the very first time it will check with that. This condition is true. If this condition is true, it will go here. It will execute entire local court and said this Why? Uh we'll block and again was this block block of porridge executive it will come to while here. If this condition is again through it will come and execute in their local court again. It will come here again. It will check with that This condition is true If decision again crew, it will again come here It will execute again. It will go toe to this condition. It will check with their This condition is true. Okay, work this time. If somehow this condition is false then it will not go inside this look of course it will go toe is and it will execute the court inside This else look okay And was this local police executive It will not go toe well again. It will go to next statement updated white. It will go to next A statement after while it's block. Okay. What else? Treatment is here. It will go dear. Okay. In case in case control comes to else. In that case, it will execute district mint only words, it will not go toe go here for checking the condition again. Okay, this is syntax to let's see example. Okay, in this example is to print this, um, off in teacher items in the least. Okay. We helped define this list here. Equal toe Jane. 2030 40 50 60 70. Okay, so we have declared here some equal to zero index equal to zero. Okay, She's lefties. Or did collection of fighters. Order is maintained by index. They said that Gerard Index, this is at first index second index, this is a 30 index. This is a 14 dicks. You see that? 15 decks and this is just 60 index. Okay, well, to start private, seeing the least from Drood element could were some. That's why we have declared in Mexico 20 on some recall. Treasuries declared, because our very first we have to keep on adding the least element. I hope this is clear to you why we have the clinic like this. Okay, I have added the screen statement to help you understand how this also the sprint statement Also to help you understand how control flows and how values obs Um, our whole values are very winsome. Index, we'll change duty. It rations off. You okay here? That very first, some equal to the sum equal will bring good zero. Because we're doing zero year index. And with zero here on Dhere, lend it will. Print is say one because there are seven elements. Okay, you can clearly see this is very first brain state with result off very first instead. When the sprints treatment, this is the result. Okay, then control will come here. Okay, here. This way. Look, this will check here index less than land titties. See Index Alou. Larry, Jiro, These DNC one, this condition will is true now. Okay, If this condition is true, it is going to execute statements. One way win which comes under these well, block or which comes inside. Well, look OK here someplace equal to this index. We have seen some classical to ease some equal to some plus l love index. Okay, so here, some equal to some plus Philip index. So this becomes semi zero. So is Gero Gero Pless, Lindholm. Zero 000 11 16. So zero pulisteam will be stored to some. Okay. And in explicit Kal Toh one index will get ingredient thereby. Well, so here. See? So ese 10 here as we spoke on indexes one here, which is here it is incriminated. Okay, one here. Okay. Waas Now this was first Nutrition Waas this much this the street statement which comes under while loop are executed again. It will go to check this condition. Okay, If this condition is true again, it will go for second nutrition. Okay. No, now our in Dixie's here. Okay, now I would indexes one Okay. When Leeds didn't say when it's true again, it will come here, will you upset Miss Teen? A loved one is 20. Okay, so in plus 20 is 30 will get store gruesome and in Dixie's go again. Okay. See here. No reinstatement. So Okay, the result of the sprint second situation is this Okay? The tipplers index to Okay, Fair enough. No, again. No. Okay. It will come here. Index list only. Index value is toe to lys. DNC one, we lose Prue. Okay, now someplace equal to let up index. So So Mr D Lewis, 30 become 60 now. 60 minutes. Story inserts. Um uh, This will get incremental by one. Okay, on the sprint will execute. Assuming this print is executed, it will print the statement. Okay, third rate, third Nutrition. This is 30 attrition. Okay, So Okay, so of him. Our control has come here like it is to train supports. Our control has been come at the situation. This will continue and it will come to the situation. Suppose some equal to 210. No indexes. Six. Now. Okay. In Dixie six now. So it will come here. It really cheap. Sikhs six. Let's DNC one. Yes. Okay. Six Residency one. Yes. This condition is true now. Okay? And it will come here. Some 218 plus index up. Seeks the 70. Okay, some will reach 280 plus in Texas. Seven. No. Okay. Here. Index value. Will we see? One which will be inclement has been incriminated by one now. So some is through 80 and indexes seven. No, See this one? See this one here now a desecration. My, it will print in Dixie one, so it will go here. Someone less density condition becomes false now. Okay, Now it will not going said inside the well you. It will come out Delphi, Lou, and it will go to the next statement. A profile block on it is it will print some East C 280. Okay, so this is how our via Lupo will get executed. So I have helped you understand how control flows by these prints statements. Okay, I hope this is clear to you. Okay, let's move to next example. Okay. Next example is based on our context to which we already explained about. Okay, Seem, we have same example Onley differences we have added else here. Okay, so let's goto very last nutrition. Okay? Our very last situation was thes okay here our print somewhat. Our 21 Bliss index would say one hit. Okay, it will go here to check once visit exhibited. This is Executive Director This print statement has printed this. It will go here Similarly DNC one condition is false. Now that is s block. If this condition is false, if there is else in existence What? This way? Look, it will goto else and you to the planed end up, defy loop and index say one This one and some It will print to 81 index Also it will print these two statements are from it is Look, uh, this Okay, once the system, it will come out and it will print some equal toe 21. Okay. I hope it is clear to you now. I am very sorry. I have made one mistake here. They stood up some equal to zero by mistake. I have initialized these. So 21 Ok, they should be zero at very first. I'm sorry for this mistake, and I am doing this correction. And she, uh, now are so mr 80 here after doing some equal to zero. Okay, so the relational execution remains the same. 13. Python Basics - for loop: here. Let's see how far look works for. Look, it's used to treat over collections such as least couple strings or any other in terrible object. Okay, there are two possible syntax. Syntex twenties for item in sequence. So for every item in sequence in secret display kapoor on possible syntax. Possible context to is for every eight, um, in the sequence. Execute this block, of course. And worse, We're done week. All all the items in the sequence come toe nails and it and execute. According said court, our logic internees else Block. Okay, let's see an example here we have declared one when collection year least collection, which has did many items. So for every eight, um, for every item we will we will exude this spring statement. So it will take first item I equal to obtain I s stain and print came again. It will take eyes 20 and printed here. So for every every item in this least you could paint that item. So 10 to 70 you can clearly see here. Okay. Did his arrange function in fightin? So we generate generous the secrets we were losing sequence. Okay, Range of fire will 100 police from general before. So here in for loop for each item for each item from 0 to 4 will be taken and that item will be printed here. So arrange files. Dysfunctions. First writing me Jiro, it's taken and printed here. Zero another item. Next item is well, is taken into as well. And so until four. Okay, Another Virgina brain function is range up. Okay, this range off. Zero Cromartie in common too. This means generative. Alou's start generating values from zero wheat interval up to do in minus one till nine. So, Joe Well, loser general, 2468 Okay, pain is not there because we'll lose our to be senator. Trade deal 10 1 is one that is still nine. Okay. Okay. Nine does not come here because after eight Beristain on nine does not come into does not fit into the sequence. Let's see an example. Uh, observation off items in disarray. Items in the least using. Follow. So here we have declared when least having some interior items here, some equal to zero on, were printed, rented the value here some equal to zero. Okay, It is printed here and for item in so, actually, frustration its value will be tame and it will get added to some. Okay. And I hope printed it here for to help you understand how far love works. Our whole control flute. Okay, so here I am a stay in first rate. Any stain on semi stain. Okay, so it will again go here again. Go here on at second integration. I valued with 20 and it will get added to some. Okay, so here I have a least 20 here on in place. 20 study here. Okay. And again, it will go to next value. Next. Nutrition 30. Okay, so here, like this. I don't miss Turkey, huh? The temple is 20. The duplicity is 60 here. Okay. Like this. It will go till and okay. Till till 70. See here at very last depression. Well, you I typically would be 70 and some would be to 80. So Waas the light was control has not found any further item. It will come out of the four group and it will print to 80 year some mystery t Okay, Next. Next example. He's using Semtex number to explain a book. So here. Well, you differences here whenever anywhere control come control when control comes at last Item 70 it will come here. It will print here. See this one? Item 70 and some to 80. It is for this last nutrition. It will print and West control. Don't see any foot greater in the least after 17 it will go to else block. And it will print these cold inside this else block on Leavins. Okay, No more. We're losing. Least. Okay. And some equal toe to 80. See here. And was this block a court instead? Elsie's executed ones. It will come out off else block, and it will print this dish. It mint. Some is so, Mr Twitty. Okay. Okay. I hope this is clear to, you know. 14. Python Basics - Collections: Let's see collection data types in fight and one by one. Verify stereotype is leashed. Okay, uh, lifted the order sequence of items. Okay, Lift lifted. Immutable. She here. We have declared one. Pleased were created when these wheat three items 100. This floor item on this string item. Okay? And we hope it entered them one by one. So a t least index starts from zero C zero. There is 100 at first index. There is this float on at second in days there is hello world. Okay, so this is how index start from zero to last. Jeter digital to end. Okay, so here, let's either type of you this printed as leashed. Okay, and ah, least least we can create least items are in between square brackets Elvis. Okay. Okay. Next here. L upto let's see whether we are able to change were ableto modify the items in the list. Okay, let's try to modify the item at second index. Okay, item at second index is what Hello, world. Now, Now I am able to I am able to change it toe. Hey there. Okay, I am able to bring I'm able to change and print. Okay, That means we can modify or change or alter the I temps in the least. Okay, that means leftism fifties mutable. Okay. Okay. Next. Ah, next collection is a couple. The police. Same as least, except except the polls are created in round brackets as villas. The polls are immutable. Okay. He is the same example here. Same items we have in our triple T. Okay, here. We tried to type the data type. It's double. Okay, here at Gillette Index Value item. Jarrett index, there is item 100. Okay, so let's start to change. Item it, Gerald Index. Okay, here we're tryingto older or change item. It drew index. So we're not ableto older or were not able to change the item act at gelatin dicks. This is because our couples are immutable. Okay, we can see the typewriter here. The pull object does not support item assignment. Letty CD collection. Okay. Said he's a on order collection up. Unique items and items are not not ordered, Actually, in case of police 10 triples. There, there indexing from 01 toe and sovereignty. Last last item. So similar cases. Not not overstate. Let's create our 34 state. See it is created in curly brackets. Oh, so we have fire times here and we help printer those fire times here. Okay, so type off. Yes. Is say it yet. Okay. And, uh, as as per secretary, our safety particular state does not have duplicate items. Okay, so here, uh, it gives only five items. Okay? Because they're duplicates. And as per se Terry, we don't have duplicate insect. Okay. Similar way. This collection is implemented for Peyton. Okay. This has been created like this for fightin. Okay, bring So let's try toe print it using index or let's say quitter. Indexing is applicable. Allergic weather order up by 10. She's applicable to the States. We can clearly see here. We can't. We get a typewriter here. Say its object is not subscript Table tech knees. I mean, order is not applicable. State items are not ordered. Should not be ordered. A passport. Say Terry. Okay, Next Next collection is dictionary okay. Dictionary is also on order. Collection off. Given you piers. Okay. Here There are no individual items, but there are even you piers like this. Okay, this is key Colon. This is value again. Comma next. Tony's okay, colon value. I like this key value Pierce out there. Okay, Student. Oh, on. We can access access these values by key by respective key. So, student, one up name is John. Okay. Similar way we can access. Student one off. Road number is one double 01 Okay. In similar fashion, we can access access. The rule number. Okay. Here type is dictionary. Okay. I guess you are here with these mean collection data types in fightin. 15. Numpy Array - Topic 1: Let's get started with very practical approach for number. Very Lexie Basics. Very basic things. First, let we import number. I like this important by things and people refer to numb by going forward. Here in Peter arranged 15 c, I will show you how what this included arranged us Ripken does so that you will understand how this function works and credo are in. For instance, See, it creates it creates a number very from 0 to 14. Okay, this scripting elements it it creates. So this very safe function will we'll receive these one dimensional Parenteau. Two dimensional, airy off three come out for you up three rows and columns like this you can observe a door exit will print the shape, which is three comma 53 within five columns. Okay. And then we'll Ada Indian. This nd will print number of dimensions, which are too. Since this is pretty missionary. First school records, two consecutive record. Okay, this is to do missionary See a door tight detail. This d type will print RG was give us a little time off values inside this number. A Okay, this dot name will give us in 32 only not the tape and the round brackets. This type function we already know which will give us type of which is number dot in the very okay. Next at it we have created is we we buy by every function in resort. Eddie. Okay. This is also one of the ways we can create number three in petered off off these least 678 So we have created our e number A raise having 11 67 it. And this is one dimensional. Larry. Okay, on diaper B is you can see no point, Doc. Andy, every 16. Numpy Array - Topic 2: Lexi. Several ways to create number is one by one we have created. We can create our number very like this and paydirt airy function. And we can past here. Released here is our recreated. This is one dimensional. Very on. It has taken detail. Reiter type has indicated to do by default here. Since these are indigenes. If we pass float values here, it will take not 64. It has taken float 64 retyped explicitly. Okay. We should not create our number airy, bypassing values like this, bypassing, bypassing values like this. Like this. These values next to be in square brackets. Okay, these values are square brackets here. Okay, this is the correct re. This very first line. If you try, this will give you syntax it. Okay. See, we can also create two dimensional array here we have our values. Our our lives are inside square brackets. You pass through the pulse here to values It is a disease. First for you. This is first to tell you which is first. Topol first, will you? This is second value. These two loser topples okay and number I when we pass. When we pass list up doubles toe every function. It is created two dimensional airy here, like this. Okay. Uh, okay. Next way up creating Harry is had it. He's by passing explicit Intertype here. Do you type with your past is complex. So here there are two dimensions inside here. See, this is two dimensional, Larry, off complex numbers. You can see here 1st 2nd See, this is least a policed. We have. Partier is first list. This is second on. This is least published. Okay, So Okay, this was one of baby. Another way off. Creating Mumbai area with all zeros like this. Okay, this means that creating creator number theory off having all zeros wheat side with shape three come awful. Three roads and four columns. Okay, You can see three roads and four columns and all Jerusalem Here. Okay, Next is one phone. This one function okay. And predawn once. Okay. This means create create an empire e having all values once having deter type, having getting type in digital 64 with these. See? Okay with this ship, which is three dimensional. Larry. See, you want to 33 square brackets are the This is three dimensional. Larry. Ok, do you comma. See, To see this is true in the sense to elements. Okay, See, this is first element on this is second element, OK? And inside one element instead of money Limerick there are three will three values. Those three values are relieved. OK again, Each English timing four elements. Okay, again, if we check when least there are four elements. Okay. So we can create a real like this by once function also, we can create empty area also Okay, Upsides to calm a tree. But when we bring the value, we get some hundreds there and always does Values are not same if we execute the same statement indeed or impede art empty off some ship If we that this multiple times it is not guaranteed that we get same same number aerial ways. Okay, since we are creating it is empty. Every so that first time we got this value. On second time we I got I got some another values and after 10 for that time I got I got number number, area, which is same. What's for second time? Okay, but it is not guaranteed that it will generate same number theory for the same statement. Same empty statement. Okay, here, here, dysfunction We have already seen impede or arrange function also creates no berry tea here . First element. Let this me I will explain you these three arguments. Let's start. Let's let's start my value. Let's let's start values with 10 on last value would be less than 10 in my number. Very. And we'll use within the rule of for you you can see 10 15 2025 And ok, 25 Next becomes 30. But here ah, part limit is 30 on my value should be less than 30. Okay on it should not be 30 are the redder than 30. Okay, I guess you have understood this at any function. Okay? Another similar function we will see with different values. Let's how my let's help c zero due to their gender. It released from jail Toto with the interval of 0.3. But my last element should not be too are greater than toe. Ok, last element should be less than toe. Okay, Okay, so here first element is 1313.6 until one point it ok and next value goes beyond your to Okay it goes beyond two, so it is not there. Okay, so it creates. Okay, I guess by these two examples, I hope it is very clear to you how arrange function works. Okay, next function is next function to create number is in space. Okay. Dysfunction, uh, has every past history arguments, gelato? Let's create Let's create the Aires this create the area elements. Ah, very pushed element become zero on last. This is the last element. OK, which is two and create create nine values nine values on each consecutive value Having same difference. Okay, at same distance each consecutively. Is that same eyes? That I mean difference between two consequent values is same. Okay, if you can't, these are mine values. OK on Jiro. My first element is your last element is to on I hope nine venues at equal each consecutive . It's Quansah que dio You have same difference. You can observe like this in that fashion. Lean space creates the nobody. Okay, Another example. We have taken the space escalated, Ari having first element as one last element is for you. How fire limits on each called consecutive will you each each pier each prosecute e o Pierrot values. We have same distance here. Off one here. Also differences one. You're also foreign for differences. One. Okay, I guess this is clear to you. Know how Lance may generate an embroidery. See another. Another very good example. We will see using this by by were imported from number Liberty here. Like this. And here Wear generating a nem pirie by alien space function. Uh, a with with we first element of zero lite element is to start by on I It will generate a true gender. It 100 of a lose on each consecutive loose has same difference if you can't. These are the same. And red values on first element is Jiro. Last element is to start by if you can check your 3.62 point 14 eyes the value by. Okay. Here. Uh, okay, I guess this is clear to you. This is very simple logic. Okay, so here we have printed it here on X printer by here. This is the spy well printed extra help printed here. And these here NPF sino peaks. Okay, this sign off picks Well, we'll get this will generate another number. I eri having sign. Sign up each value from eggs. See here. Uh, would you dispirited here if number every sprinted here? See, this is a number F. Okay. These these. These were our all different different virgins off creating number area, or are these were some some ways to create number theory, I hope. I hope this is clear to you. And please, Please do Hansen, once you are done with this, will you? 17. Numpy Array - Topic 3: Let's see the way we can print. Nobody agrees we are created equal. We agreed a distant diary by impeded Aaron function this a range of six will create values from 0 to 5. Okay, Using print up a in very simple way, we can operate this temporary. This is one dimensional, Larry. Okay, on what we can bring two dimensional Similarly, by Plato B. C. Here in Peter Aaron dropped will. It's creating the list from 0 to 11. And those are does we have received to say it's for com. A tree that is forwards and three columns You can see here. Okay. Another. We can also reshape our area into three dimensions. Okay, See? Reshaped to calm. A trick among full. Here are two elements. See? Impudent, impudent. Arrange will generate Release from 0 to 23. Joe 2 23 These 24 elements it will create. Okay, and it will recep toe to elect first elements. Okay, first William and see first because first element, which is okay. This is first element. We can say this is second element. Ok? Inside each element there are three element. Ok, he inside these get that three elements Okay, on inside each element out of three. There are four elements here. Okay, Okay. This is the way. This is how this is, how I understand it. I understand them wanted a Miss Mallory. This is three dimensional, Larry. Okay, so? So we can print it using only print statement. Okay, See, next is next Is NPR at in job 10,000? It will generate values from 0 to 9999 Okay, we didn't overlook with the difference off One in each consecutive hits. Bearup, consecutive values. Okay. And if we print them here in Jupiter, those will look like this doctor ordered would be there because it is not possible. I mean, it is not visible for Jupiter toe print everything here. Okay, so another is weak. We can we the same. Same one dimensional. Very well. We have Recep toe two dimensional area here, and if we print it is imprint segment. So it looks like this year. Okay, so these bees were some simple, simple ways we can print the is 18. Numpy Array - Topic 4: Let's see which basic operations we can put form on. Nobody's here were declared our tuna pirates question very wait for elements and second diary with for elements here were printed Booed there is she? These are both there is printed. These are data types off A and B C boater number. I raise here. Well done. Perfection distorts element ways Obstruction. You can see if you observe this. This is element way Subtraction up nb elements. Okay, here beer is toe. This is element ways square off each element in every me Here this is the suppression is also perform element. Wait Sign up each element in a and each element is motivated. Weight gain and created and resultant medics becomes thes. Okay, next to use it is them 30 for this is also this will also people from element ways. Each element off a is less than 35. If if element up is late anticipate that will be true. Other ways there would be false. So this is so element ways number theories like this true proof false fools. Let's see Lipsey metrical pressures. We can use number Harry to do metrics operations. Okay, here we have declared were created over 22 areas A and B. What are two dimensional Empire is here. Element waits addition. We can for prom metrics, metrics, addition we can perform. They said we don't element wise Second days element This ate my text a minus bi His element ways affection we can see here This is similar rate element ways Product element ways division. Here there is divide by zero error you were by zero encountered in to deliver. This is because there is zero and be see here Behead zero Here on one by zero becomes infinity, which is undefined in mathematics. Here a had me and a dot daughter be is met expert we can do here. Next example we can see were declared a here with one's having say's having shape too two into a tree. Okay, so here a star equal to three is equal to a star tree. So each one in each value in metric a will be multiplied with three. Okay, one into three Yes, three always Okay. Here you can see here be political to a vehicle to believe B plus a. This is also element ways addition. So here bees random a random during your handsome. Whenever you do him, son, you can print this b and check on very late. That really did this addition. This is element well with addition. Okay, A door de type here we help printer later. Type off elements which is indigent. 30 toe here for B it's fruit. So whenever we try to do Aiquile toe a plus B, that is a plus equal, Toby. So this will give error be will not be a dramatically converted to integer type. OK, next he's next. We can perform some operations lake some. So I mean, Max, we can perform another operations like standard deviation 1,000,000. You can google and do hands on these operations. Okay. Okay. So this is see why I am asking you toe try stopped operations like some mean max. Similar operations are a median standard deviation also. Okay, so why I am asking because you once we're done with this court or decision, you need to learn to London feature so just developed that habit in yourself. Who developed that habit in you to learn to learn So you please google and chick There is operation coalesced under deviation 1,000,000 also and you can you can find other operations also, but I have given these three operations only adults. Um, it don't mean a darn Max. It will sum up some of all the elements off a here minimum among the all elements of a and maximum among all elements up, Max. All elements of a Okay. Also, Diese min and Max were across all elements. We can do across some Mean Max, these operations we can do across columns or roads. Okay, here we don't some off x zero if we right. So much. So this will do some of each column. Okay. Column is these first column Second Garland article on fourth column. So this is the summation. You can village it. Okay? Access one does mean well to do mean for exist one. Okay, We're always me. I mean, it will. It will get and create new temporary. See this one. Okay. And here exists. One for community is, um this is cumulative. Awesome. Okay, I did. I did. I did tell you there are other functions. Also, Kim, some is one of them. Standard division median are are some another conscience, which you can try. Okay. In during your Hansen. Okay, Here exceeds one is so we're always community use. Um, see, here, community, sometimes one see here once again is one drop plus one is one. Okay, Next is two plus one is three. Okay, three plus three Mystery. These three plus these 36 like that. Okay. Like that for each. Each of it has been committed to some Israel. Done. Okay, Some some other operations are the experiment. You have seen that in mathematics. Idiots to traditionalism value. So this is element wise, element wise exponents that e XP is that e in mathematics? Okay, it is a square root will be so you can see here, this is B is my be on here. Esto eres toe each element. Ok, it is 20 is one. Okay. It is too. When he's open, soon it with the This is when you up. He basically 2.7 on eight pretties. Value up e resto anus. This really up only. And this is square up here is toe okay here. Resto who is this? Will do. Okay, okay. By mistake. I did see expungement here, but that was not exponents, but that is e Leo is 2.718 to it. Okay, Wait When it three on schedule to see element weight. Square root is here. Okay, this area is element squared off each element in me. Okay, here, here we have. See a military. See this one? Semen, Trinkets. Creator like this. And we are adding BNC here. This is addition. You can clearly see this is B. This is beyond desist. E. On. This is addition. 19. Numpy Array - Topic 5: Let's see how we can change the size of Sizer. Nobody Every So we have created our new number. Relate this. Okay, this MP, don't random up. Take on my food Well written when numb by every off size three common for and it in each element is being deployed 100 here. Okay. And, uh, this impudent floor function returns the resultant number area like this. Okay, this is two dimensional areas you can see and here it's cheap. We get the shape of this metric. That is three roads and four columns. And we have ah rebel function which will flatten the roided flat on the number three into one dimensional. Ari, As you can see, the output here also, we have reshaped function. Okay, uh, here we can provide the shape is input number up roads and number of columns, and it will reshape that into that ship. Okay, is mean reshape toe, six columns, six roads you can under here and two columns. Okay. And we can get all so we can get the transport off. The metrics are transfer. These basically metrics operation. And here for number theory, we can get the transport off mathematics which that Harry holes. Okay, so let's see. This is our very a and a door transport. 30 transport is this Roser Can Cruz becomes columns and columns. We can through its okay here that c shape of eighties take on my food and a transport saved his for common tree You can you can you hear? And this is shape up a stake among food and keep up a string of a dirty is more common tree . Ok, we have another recess function to come on. Six you re safe. We have passed this triple to common six It is the shape we need shape of the every between need. Okay, well past here and you can see the output here to rules. And six columns also, uh, college chick recip function. Here we help West three comma minus one. So it will create in at it shaping every sustained Tater Trudeau's on our intimately. It decides the number of columns which becomes full. Okay, logically, if we try to create that very logically if if we have given some airy and it has some number of elements and if if we have told just wouldn't create t uh cruise. Then ultimately, we will come to a conclusion for three rows. For these many number off elements, there should be forward. So it automatically gets There should be four was only the people bath minus one. It directly creates it automatically. Create four columns. Okay. I hope you have understood this. So So once. Once you are done watching this video, please open your Jupiter nor book and grant type type and do Henson. Okay, so Henson will only make you perfect fighting programmer on, uh, once you are very good in Hansen, you will be easily be able to write your data Pre processing called or machine learning called machine learning model Turning court or how much in love, ning, uh, any any pipe and core even it easily be able to write. 20. Numpy Array - Topic 6: lately started, weep, indexing, slicing and you treating Treating toe Nobody every year were created in every I with you cube off elements from 0 to 9. This impeded arrange obtain creates Ari from Jer to nine. And our final area is Cuba Peach element Here you can see these are cubes disease Cuba. Jiro, you will want Cuba to you worked three. And so until Tilke book nine here. If we are to bring value at second index, we can write a or two and we will get value at second index. Okay, Index starts from zero C d. Sorry, this is this value there. Gerard Index one first index, second index 36 so on. So until 19 dicks. So at second Index, do you want to let his eighties printed here? Ok, do come out for you. This is used to print the values from index due to fire. Okay, Joe, want to 345 Okay, five. When we say for you, it's a parliament and whatever believes less than for lead and five for index. Fill that index only well, you Well, it will get will get into So at second industries it 34 okay for you. What They were whatever index is less than five, which is for so till four. It will. This arrays elements will get printed. Okay. I hope this is clear to you again if we have to print the values from from certain index to certain decks with some interval upto here, you can see this is same as Giro comma Joeckel and six. Okay, there is nothing here. That means there is, you know, here. So a bring the limits off a from Jud index to 16 days with interval upto you can see here zero index's 01 toe second with the gap upto that is next, is it? And next to 64 64. Okay, so drew 1234 and five and six. So whatever index is less than six. Religion six. We could we should print. We should bring the element. Okay, so five thesis 1 25 years not there because it doesn't fit into the pattern or gap of two here. Okay, I guess this is also appear to you now. Okay. Second thing weekend Also use this notation toe assigned. The values are saying ascent undervalues instead of these interrupt zero, eight and 64. We can send another value at adept at that index tradition by this. OK, minus 100. So very were in the original A. There is 0 18 64 These values will get Will be We'll get replaced with minus 1000. Here, you can see you can see it at General Index. Joe is bean. He did your is replaced by minus minus 1000 and 80. Strapless by minus 1000 again against six deportees. Also also replaced by minus 1000 here. Okay, we can we can use it like this also to assign ascent another value. Oh, okay. So here we can see we can rivers re was the rivers number a revalues here, C minus one. First value to last, will you? And this minus one stands for Just reverse it. So here our this Every day it's mean reversed. You can clearly see the output here. You can compare this. You can complete the surgery on this area and you will definitely get the difference That this is This is the rivers Rivers up off. This are a Okay. Next is we can go weekend. This is how we can treat a one dimensional in a diary here for in a print. I I square Here I am Print ice cream. So it takes each element in eye on a prince the square here. Okay, so I hope this is clear to you, because you see here square. Okay. And now our area Is this so here you can clearly see 1000 in 2000 square thousands minus thousands trees is when you bring it in here. What spirit been printed here again against it. 27 square. Ease. Someone 29. He's been printed. Clearly. Printed media. Okay, this is how we can travel through one dimensional early in fightin. Hectic weekend slice. Two dimensional. Ari. This is the two dimensional Ari, which we have the which we have greater here. Were printed the truth, Mr Every see here in the two dimensional Ari, we have Ah, we have rows and columns on. We have indexes A row row index and column index Our road index columns or start from 0001 toe 34 Okay. These are ruined. Exes and column indexes are also similar from like this punished that direction 012 and three. So, like this, we have road or in Texas and column indexes. Okay, here. Be upto com A tree is element act second row index and third column index. So 2nd 01 toe, second row index and third column index 0123 Get the sister second row index element at second or index and third column index. Okay, which is 20 threes been printed here again. Similar. Free. Here. Be off. Be off. Be off. Jiro to fire. Come on. One. Okay. This means get the elements from a row Index zero to family in this one. Okay, here it is. A parliament. Five years a parliament. So fip element elements at 15 dicks will not be considered. Whatever indexes Liz them listen for you will be pretty. Gets printed, are considered here, so hit. Okay, we'll explain. You kick the elements from from rolling decks and she wrote off gelato. Five means 01234 Ok, the index resident five is for for till four. Which will come, Joe. One toe, three for ok and only first column index get and column indexes only one. Okay, 01 So 1 11 21 The demon and 41 are printed here. You can clearly observe. A second example is from pretty from the routine dicks to last shindigs, huh, Kid? These here, leader, this means zero Index Jerrod Ruin. Next to last year Index comma a pro comma. There is column index, and there is one live in column index, which is one. Okay, so year Jeter toe last. So 01234 His last one and first index pushed column index has been mentioned. So 1 11 2131 41 are printed here. Okay, so these two notations are one in the same. Okay, but wrote in different ways. Orchid Next ces here before comma dero indexes and after comma there column in Texas. So here rule indexes from went to 3123 Is this upper limit? This the third index will not release will not be considered, but whatever index is less than three will be considered. That is to so from index one. Colon three will written one, Colin, three returns, General one. Okay. And toe. Okay. We will not be included. What a problem. It is mentioned here in the similar way here. If I was there, what FIP was not considered the Index immediate index. Really, which is less than for you. What's considered, which was 40 k similar way here one and to index when in tow or indexes will only be considered pre will not be there because three's a party mentioned as a problem in here. So like this and get all Jared Okay, 1st 10 second Crew Index and hear all Jordan COLUMN index to last column index that it's busy. ZEROED COLUMN Index Gerard one to enter column Index of large Parliament existed. So this much is printed here. You can clearly see. Okay, Now let's see how we can slice three dimensional Addie's. Okay, This is one of the three dimensional Ari, which we helped create it here. Way. Help but ended the sheep off this three dimensional Eddie Here to Turow's two columns and dipped history. You can see. Okay, so to means at very firstly Well, there are two elements. See these two elements, Mrs. First it I mean, sure, you this is first element. And from here to here, this last element. So inside these two elements, okay. And say one of the element off to limits. There are again two elements. See, here, this is one first element again in said that there are two elements to lists. OK, so inside that leashed again each insert each lift their elements C zero in tow. Okay, like this, there is a three dimensional area we can interpret. Okay, so here, here also. Similarly, we, uh we can slice see, at very first days at very first level our very 1st 2 dimension. Okay, So, as as a hero told this is too and their toe there were elements on each and I would index number starts from zero toe last. Okay, so here to means this is zero index. This element is Gerald Index. This one from here to here is the Jet root index. And here to hear is that first index This is second element, which is that question digs. So everything, Everything in first, I'm bringing first element. Okay, okay. From first to dimension. So from first level at first dimension Joe Root is that he wrote his first element. Comma is fruit and first index at first index, there is this much this entire and that element that's been printed here, you can see so another notation similar notation off this can bitterness like this. Okay. Hey, like this, this is This is take first element. OK, zero and first, a limited question digs at index 1 11 Debt index win. So this is this element of that direct index. This is the solemnity that index one. So index one, go to next dimension or next level and print everything from first to last from Jordan, next to last in experience, we lose at all indexes. So if you come in, say there, too. Again. Toe elements, Joe Root element. And first element this least it's Andrew Index and disease at again. It first index 0 10 wanting takes everything we have to print. Okay. So again, if we go to the next level inside this level, okay and said this there are three limits again. Okay? Again, we can These different excess inside this list 012 Okay, so every all needs to be printed here. Here. I mean, he had another next level a classically will There a tree limb in your photo. Okay, General Oneto, everything is printed here. Okay, See, I hope you have understood this. Okay. Similar way similar to a C. I will help you understand this notation from first level first dimension and second level or at second dimension. Okay, entered that at last liver print only element at second index. Okay, so Onley will see. This is a clever This element is one element you can see. You can observe it by this goodly brackets. This is first element. And this is second element from good elements we help to go to next level on at next level . Also, we have again these two elements. Okay, This first and second you can observe on inter these element. We heard toe print only second element. Gero wantedto see you're going to hear. And Joe Oneto, 13 years here. Okay, Again from next. When? Zero to n 11 Clean. Similarly. Okay, this can be returned as this can be returners like this also. Okay, Okay. So please, please do Hansen guys once. Ah, okay. When you're done watching this video, these open your Jupiter notebook and try some combinations. Try mentioned we're losing and try. Okay? This will better help you understand the slicing slicing operations. Okay, so next Is it rating through number Airy's So we helped create We have this baby. This is two dimensional Every and we can pray hours or retreat through this area using for loop for ruin be bring true So it takes element by element the this is First tell him this is first through This is second road registered on all those are printer This widowed, flat, widowed flat is a terrible object so we can integrate it Using for Looked like this element in widow played so this flat flattens the values This doesn't keep which is monetary dimensional. Doesn't store. Doesn't want a dimensional faction. It will flatten those values on those flattened values are like this. If we print meeting for Luke No, it will look like this. Okay, This output off this course name but will look like this 21. Pandas DataFrame - Topic 1: Let's get started with very important data structure in pandas liberally, which is data frame. We call it responded. Later frame also in general. So where pandas data frame is used to work with tabular data. Such a delimited files that end relational tables Also data in our excel spreadsheets or any any former pay tabular data. Okay, so now how to install the findings liberally if if mendez is not already installed or if the statement import under this pity the statement if the statement is giving an editor seeing that bandit is not install are. So in that case, you need to explicitly go and install a finder's fee. Preinstalled panda's OK, using the statement. Okay, if if If. When you try to execute the statement and if this statement is not giving any other, then your planet is installed. In that case, you don't need to install the ponders again. Okay, So let this create the tabular data which, using the tabular data, we will. We will create our pretty pushed Wendy's data frame. So these data is a least octopus, which we have created. Okay, I see this is least starts with square records and and we close. Ah, close the least items sweet again with including school record and inside these square records, we have comments, uplifted items each 18 music tipple. Okay, so this is a list off. That was so I see. This is kind of a tabular data. See, this is first column bases Second column This is Third Column. This is Fourth Column and these are rules. You can see. These are rules. Okay, so so here. Ah, here. Or to create the gator frame. First we need to import Import The panda's OK import Mendez SPD. Okay. We are creating pretty as a C. No name our alternate name. Two pandas here. So wherever we rate, really, it will refer to pandas in back in. Okay, When you were executing Ah, the statement. We really Okay. Here. See PEDIDO data from PD spenders. Their data from OK Tedi River. Stupendous. Okay, so be leader Data frame inside that I am giving source data source, which is least octopus. This data is list of troubles and I am ah writing the column Names here. Okay to their tabular data. So this first column he's a day second column re presents temperature 1/3 column is the data off wind spirit on this isn't even column. Okay, so this is how so. Let's This is how we help Creator data from. So let's print recreated it. Afrim CD of the statement has printed entire, uh, ditto for him or ah, tabular data. Tell Rita hold by the data frame. See you give Be up. This is this Data day temperature, wind speed even. Okay. Okay. This is okay. This is one of the MANUALLY Creator. I mean, data manually created, created data and which we which we help Feet toe pedido data frame function from function. Okay. And we have explicitly past the hitter names here, and we have printed it here will be very simple. So next. So how do we check home in the records are present. And how many columns are present inside digital frame When we type d abducts. If it gives me, it gives me number of rows. It has a number of columns. Each has Okay, see, it has this 18 if you can't. These are 18 columns. So these are 18 truth She 0 to 17. Okay. These are 18 draws and four columns. Oneto 34 Okay. This is how this deep, dark shape is how this day, Abdur Chip works the shape Britain's this, uh, number of it rose a number of records that data from holes and number of columns, columns that data from has. And if we have to print See, this is Lindy when you directly print DF. So here we only have 18 records. But when you work in real time, you will. You will help some, you know, 1000 separate course in that you in the data frame on you will not be able to see you. You will definitely not like to print everything here, here in the Jupiter. Okay, so that's why you can friend only hitter here. Uh, using hair function. You can only a print very, very 1st 5 records. Okay. If you write deemed or tear, it brings very 1st 5 records only. Okay. And And if we pass any in teacher inside this hair, if we pass it, it will give us Onley it. Very 1st 8 records. Okay. Here also the Abdo tail. And if we write this dysfunction Deb hotel on If you don't pass anything. Default default is five records. Okay. Tell me is very last. It records. It will give. It will print. Okay. He fielded last tender fire records. It s printer by default. Okay. And if we pass any indigenous their tail function, it will print very last it records, As you can see here. Okay. I hope you are cleared with head and tail functions. Now, let's see how toe slice the data frame here. D s off. Eight to drill. See, this will give you the records from Index. It will. This will print the records from index 8 19 and everyone okay. This is the opportunities. The parliament went well is the parliament. It will print the record till index still index still. Ah, still very previous index do there. Well minus went index. It's everyone. Okay. Okay. So, uh, broken next is here. Here it is. Blanco kdf off. There is nothing Golan for you. This is This is similar to 0 to 5. Do you have a 0 to 5 extra zero? If we don't write anything, then there is a zero. Okay, dear. For 0 to 5 becomes, it will print print the records record with starting in the 0123 and four. It will not bring a record shipped index. Okay, this is the upper limit mentioned here. Okay. Oh, okay. This is OK. This is the similar similar way which, in this data from which didn't print build index record similarly here. Also, it will not create print 50 index record. Okay, I hope this is clear to you. So here, uh, this is similar to pain to last index. They last indexes 17. So tent index to last index. Okay, here there is 17. So I see you have 10 to last. So you're 10 11 12 13 14 17. Okay, here. Now, if if we hope data for him and if we have to retrain the column names or hitters off the table of data, then we need to print D of dark columns. Okay. It will print me all the columns. It will written the these columns, day temperature, wind speed, and even. Okay, if we have to print the values off values up only one. Only one field. Our values up living column. Then we can write d of their day or dabbed. Or if we want temperature, we can treat the other temperature deemed or not mean speed you've got even here. So now here we hope into deeper day actually. So this is on Lee Dae Dae tight will print here. Okay, on this is in the 0 to 17. So here, also deep your day can very also return SDF off a square bracket in single again in single record D. Okay, this is one in the same. Okay, if we print Oh, right day by that. These are this. It will give same result to us. Okay, we can print two columns, Two columns also the way we printed day at once. We can print two columns at the time. Also, hear the end means feel. We help printer. Okay, so here we help Winter temperature. Here we are printed. We can print the aggregate value here. So do you not agree? Is not egg? Not exactly the aggregate values. What? The maximum value hope temperature among the tail among all temperatures. This is 30. It is the maximum temperature acres digital frame in the data from column Minimum temperature is 23 so Ok, so here we can also get all statistics off the temperature calling values by describe function here. You can see there are 18 number of temperatures. 80 number of temperatures Mean value of templates. Of his 30.83 standard deviation is this much minimum is 2030 which we help. Also printed here on this is ah, 20 feet percentile uprooted percentile 70 percentile And Max Max, 30 in which we have printed here. Okay, this grape is to get all the statistics. So also we can We can apply the filter on the data if we want to filter any any data with some condition. So here, dear for Debler Temperature equal toe The abrupt entered Europe mean so minimum temperatures 23. So it will retry me All the records. Sweet. Having temperature 23 or here here we can hardcore any other temperature Also. Okay. Similar every for maximum temperature. I opened it the day here. Here I printed all the records core minimum temperature and here I'm only printing days here. Maximum temperatures. Okay. Here also I can print days for were evenly sunny. Also see here also, the statement prints all the records, but not only the day column. It prints all the column having even sonny. Okay? And you can see the in Dixie It one first Phoebe's event. Okay, here we can print here. We have printer, they even all the records, we even snow. Although we here we are printed all the records with even train. Okay, So, like this, you can do Hansen. You can, actually. After you. After you are done with watching this video, please open your Jupiter notebook and perform these Hanssen's 22. Pandas DataFrame - Topic 2: Let's see operations, which we can put. Roman visited him. We can read a CSP file, see a suit filed by the FCC function from pandas liberally. Okay, we heard it on it. Like, really Don't releases fee and file him on this. Brings trying to get a from leave. Okay. Here our later in the data from T if he's like this. Okay, very first row. We okay? We will see imploded. CSP file. This is employed or C suite File on. This is the first first rule, which is hitter hitter off for for the data data from 2nd 2nd room onwards. Okay, so here question really is taken. Ask columns 48 of them. Here, you can see. Name, department manager, salary and index. You can object. 012345 Ok, so this data is not there. This index data is not there. Okay, See? You don't see 012345 Here in the in the data itself. Okay, this is bean. This has been generated by a data stream pond. A state of room itself. Okay, this is how we conclude the data from CFC file. We can read the data from, ah, spirit sheet Also by read Underscore Excel function bypassing the spirit chick name Here we can write Gaeta We contrite detained two d Tough them. We can try data into CSP file from late Afrim by two CS three function okay. To see a state function writes a letter to see a sweet file like this to see history here. We have ignored the index index. Well, is while writing gator to data frame. Okay, during hand sensation, you can, uh, during your whenever you do hands on the time you please observe the difference between these two fights. By opening the two files, you will observe that here in this file you will not find indexes. But in this file, you'll find this indexes from 0 to 5. Okay, we can put from group by operation on gator frames. Here we help the state timeto data for him, and we help group by on department here like this d a broad group. I and I have passed two column name this department as a column name here. So it is be okay. So now this day is a data from group by object. Okay, this de is a tough group by object. So here, how to check the data inside data for him. Data from Group B East By using for loop like this Okay, we can take on. We can eat it. Rhetoric toe this records daytime said be Okay, So at first situation see, we can we can get the data in Cody. Pity and the pretenders could give from the at first attrition. We get better for first department B A r. This first prince treatment has been Should be our and second print statement has printed this this record this this one recorded test printed this much and its second nutrition again. It s printed for insecure situation. First, Will print statement has printed this every below this much and second print statement has been did this much. Okay, this is how this is. This is This is how this is how you told the reader. Okay, Rita, frame goodbye. Holes. This traitor. Okay. Bar food and respective records it holes. Okay, so here we can print a specified group. Also here by far we printer Bodo groups Britta. So here we can print a specific groups data by dealers. Get in the school group, and we can't mention the group name. Here it is. Value off the department. We can for full. We help. C three records here are printed during Okay, if you replace. If you replace this Ebola by BIA, it will give you one record here. Okay, so here we can get Max Maxwell. You off salary by need, or it makes you can see here wherever there is a max. That that record has been printed here for the department. Okay, okay. Don't for me. Don't see for for every Balu see Fortis every below it has to records. You can. Officer here. Two records with salary 100 huh? It has taken last one legal John. Okay. Littlejohn who? Robin Hood. Okay, it has taken this lashed last. Wherever there is, a last index has taken that record for maximum salary. OK, but not this one. Okay, this also has 100 okay? It has taken only one record among boot when we do need a max. Okay. From that group. Okay. For full group, it s taken Max's 100 for little John employees, but not for this one. OK? It takes it has to take only one only Okay, so here for the door to mean similar, this is the similar function. Similar way it has printed me. Yeah, Yeah, it s been. Didn't mean so I mean, I absolutely forbid the departments. Okay, What would the department's bar and for a double? So here you just take and come up contact values. Okay? Here. Bar for name when Come. What about her manager? Did this one come like this? Or salary? There is only one salary here for bar department beer Department on for Abalo department. The spectator number of counts have there. You can see here. So this Describe function. Use the statistics for the salary. Here you can see Conch Statistics department way. Statistics up salaries Bean printed here by describe function you can see Count me in standard division minimum 25th percentile. Who played percentile? 70 peoples in Thailand. Max, you can see we can go on getting it. Two litre frames. We can concrete in it to deter flames by concrete function. This is our first to get up for him. And this is our second enough room. You can officer would deter frames, has different values. OK, so this really dirt concurred off in the least their past to board the Peter frames. And these are confident natured. Here. You can see this is data from first pills. 1st 3 rows is data from First data from first to do it for him. And this this much from genital to this last three. Rosa from last three. Different you can see on those are concluding it'd particularly Okay, You can see first right off from Britta and below that second data from Greta, particularly they had khunkitti needed. Okay, so here you can object. Index's 01 to 01 toe. These indexes are taking from wood digital frames. Okay, but as way d, if he's a new tough for him, we definitely want to help. Index from 012345 Okay, from 0 to 5. Like this in sequence. Okay. If we want the indexes in sequence, we can ignore being vexes. Okay, If we ready? Ignoring the school index equal to prove then it doesn't create in Texas like this. It creates in sequence from 0 to 5. Okay, Okay. So as we as we already as we were really sore here, concurred function this Khunkitti needs data frames particularly. Okay here. Excess equal to zero. This is by default for access Jewish before it will you Okay, so we're excess equal to zero is past data frames are called getting a terrible Typically. Okay for the statement and district mint for both the statement X equal to one is quasi, implicitly. Okay. By default, excess equal to Djourou has been passed. Okay, even though you don't see here but deferred values to access our past 80 here. Okay? Okay. So when we pass excess sickle to one, get a frames are concluding it'd horizontally. See this first reasonable thing You can see this horizontally. So here, 1st 3 columns you see is data from first read Afrim and large three columns is the data from last year of room You can see. Okay, let's see how we can work. Pull it up in flames so you can see Oh, first data from creative is this employee and name are the columns for four straight off him. And for second, a tough rim Employees and salary are the columns. Okay. You can also no piece of difference between two data frames here. Employed cream play ideas are common. When? 01102 and one territory history. When? 0110 21 0 tree This three employees are common. And here, in frustrate off from there is when Joe for which is not here in the studio from and when Joe five is only in second a tough room which is not in first right off room. Okay, Who lets try to march much? Would rate of frames here if we really don't Mars? Okay, we hope our state for a straight off from second to talk to him on on which column we need to march. Them is employees we have past year, so it will give. I knew it will. It has much to see. See here. Employees name employee salary. So against employees name in salary, boot armored, the wood armor here. And since only three employees are common, those are only taken. Ok, okay. So in in a Skrill in a Skrill operations in a skrill. If we want to join two tables and and if it takes the records records which are in both the sides or for the key employees a key here on If we point result like this we call it is natural. Joining the school. Okay, so this is a natural drain. We'll perform on wood digital frames. Okay, if we have to perform left outer, join on wood. Editor frames we can pass. Lived here. How equal to lift. Okay, here you can see when zero for Is it left side lived? Is this is first? This is lip one, and this is right one. So it left one us Underscore e m p 104 Was there so left ultra joining us for family. Take all the employees get up from lips side and big matching data from rates it on. Very were matches not founded. Play played. Rita. It is 10 for place now. There, Nandi. I mean, placed no value there. Okay, this is how it's a little join. So here, similar way we can perform right off a drain on board the data frames, like this year. How equal toe. Right. And here you can see here. This is when you're if I m Brady, when verify is is only in distant off a great city. Took him that status here and name respective name is not there and I respect you. Named It is not not in the lips and it of him. That's right. Business. And in here, similar way we can perform after join here. Buy rating How weak will do after here and said the march function. Okay, you can see here would the record for when Jiro Foreign went 05 which we see which we see he is record 105 record. You see here for rate oestrogen and for little project you see record for when Joe full. So this this record on dis record would the records we see here Okay. I hope this is clear to you now how we can perform joint operations also onto data frames using more statement. Let's see, Numerical in Dixie on Monday. State Supremes. There are two functions LoC and I L Lucy. Okay. Here. Let's create one data from I have created a data from having these values. They lose approves these row values. Okay, this is first. First, we'll lose second value. See, these rules are there. 12371234567 Till here is 1234567 are here like this. And indexes I help. Created explicitly 71 76 79 went 234 Here you can see 71 76 79. 1234 Okay, so by using a lookie loc function lfc function if we try to write DEA Bdart loc Okay, from very first record, put third index. Okay, here it brings still here. See? Three a lexical and still feel cold. Record you Can. It prints. He just start from beginning. And it checks were dentistry index. Okay, here there's three index, and it brings till that index only get three loc function. Works like this. Okay, what if we instead of LSE function? If you're right, I look function. I Lucy. Then it only prints me 1st 3 indexes from beginning. Okay. 71 you can see in our ordinary tough room. Zero thes our 1st 3 Rick, he fleshed Phoenix will lose. Okay, question three, this is 1st 2nd turn. OK, three. Will you see 2176 79. Respective index, we're laser printing here. Okay. Hey. So again, let's see. Do you have got loc up 76? Okay, here for 76 If you check in the original index l O l SZ lyrically sees the index eassey 76 . Okay, too. He's been printed here. Okay, so 96 2 is when Brendan here it is too. It's printed here. Okay. At 76. But if you instead off low loc function if you If you write I love function. And 76 heat it gowns. It counts from beginning on 76 Index, Will you chicks okay, here. It doesn't take I look doesn't take the 76 value. Hey, Lucy. Function takes it is elusive function. It wouldn't stoop. But if it is I Alosi it goes and counting. 12345 1976 Where they were at 76. A record. What? They were on their values. They're it is going to print. But here there is no 76 record. That's why there's no 76 record in the auditorium. That's right. Using a single traditional indexer is out of bones. I hope you have understood this. Please do Hansen, Once you are done watching with this, will you thank you 23. Matplotlib - Topic 1: Let's get Second Week. Very popular library. My probably my currently being used for visualization, um, accurately is built on top of very faster number theories so that we can we can a to question visual ideations from the data. 24. Matplotlib - Topic 2: We will see. Here are two types of plotting plotting for a category data as well s rotting for numerical data. So our very foot we have declared created our dictionary having kids location on values as respective employees. Okay, For mobile location, there are 5000 employees or New York. There are 3000 in place for centuries. There are 4000 employees and so on. So we have taken location names, names into these names Variable from this dictionary. And we have taken number up in place into values variable from from this dictionary data. Okay. And, uh, let's see how we can plot bar bad blood here. You We simply need to write bipolar dot bar and were to pass whatever we need to plot on X axis here and what they were. We need to plot on. Why access? Okay. We need our names to be on the x axis and their lives to be on. Why access here and just x label location. See here, X label on employee count will come here and greed Well, bring these horizontal and vertical horizontal and vertical lines so that we can easily see Italy C like at what value this bar is Get 3000. We can easily see here using this horizontal and vertical lines. Okay. And here the springs title here. Blood ex works. That's why you can see a project satisfy This battle is been printed here and similar way we can plot us. Scatter plot here. Just replace scattered here and you get scattered block. Okay, Another way is insured cattle. If you write a lot here. And if you pass b o here in single courts B stands for blue color and those times for these dots. Okay, this looks like Oh, that's why these who has been taken here or stands for this worship almost worshipped. Dots circle dots. Okay. And blue color dots. Okay. Reached up this in Texas. One of the rarest of the statements are saying Okay, this title XX is liberal. And why excess label okay. And next is here. We have just changing color. Regular way can bring the scatter plot dot Cinderella color like this by this are okay. Next is lame plot by default. If we don't pass anything here like r o it it by default prints lines here. Ok? He stood up He should've dart. Not it brings lines here. Okay. Very simple. Centex here if you want. Oh, change the color. Okay, you best. If you write, it gives the line in blue color. Okay. Okay. Here there is dash. Okay. By default, it prints the line by this by default that there had been passed here by default. Okay, on here. Now let's see how we can plot all aboot. Three plots together into one plot. Okay, We need to plot these three parts into one plot on. We need to consider each plotted to support here and sin taxes like this. Figure comma excess equal to pi plot dot supports and one drew and three columns. Okay, this is one drawer. And in three columns when you took, we will print that and figure side is 15. Commerce six. Okay. And excesses off. Zero his bar brought, Which is here a second. A scatter plot. I think this statement and by last one is this lame plot. Okay, Categorical supports. Title has been printed here. It's a very simple let's block numerical later here. Good. A plot function well past. But they were values your stupid here on used to be their own XX is whatever we lived used to be there. And why axes here on XXI They have numbers on on Why existed rescuers And we need toe bring them as in a radical er Oh, who is dots? Okay, this is the scattered Prock you can see on grades are printed here Entitle, You can see here here to the plot function well past that lives which which we will y axes and by default in Isis are taken for X axis If we don't pass possibles So here XLE ability . And Isis why level is numbers on title this plot you can see here on grids you can also see Okay And this is how our plot groups I will explain you how we help. We have plotted this very interesting plot you can see here That's blue Dashed a stairs again You can observe here red squares You can see here Green green triangles again You can see these circles Blue circles. You can see these diamonds here Number area has been created like this You can see this name by Harry here 0.5 till eight and we helped past We help! Way have plotted departs way have plotted one by one like this. Okay, this is the first. First a video Pashto for XX is on for. Why access? We have passed a square. Okay. And here blue dot dots that that plot we look like blue desde esta. Okay, on label is arrested toe here blue these days. See here, blue that you can see this line here. Do that these days. OK, next is next is again It is two point to fight on its red squares on disease. Really scripts. Okay. And label has been printed like that only rest to 2.25 and really squares looks here. You can Officer, here. These are really squares. Okay. Next. Next is it is too. It is to open fire on green green color triangles. You can observe green color trying goods triangles here. Okay, Next is here is to 2.7 for you, that is. Oh, that is Austin Moment. Dots. Thes blue dots. You can see here by the fort. It takes discolor. Okay. And here diamonds it is 23 Okay. Are diamonds OK? You can see these are diamonds. You can see labels here for each plot label. Equal Toe Resto Restaurant 2.25 Restaurant opened. Fire restaurant 2.75 and rest a tree. Whatever we pass in, label gets printed inside this legion. Let's see how we can plot these plots. Okay. These plots, diesel plots as a support here, you can see figure is been created in to figure out for Okay, You can pass the subsequent number here and support you can create here. 321 stands for block off. Three rows and two columns. Okay. See three roads, one toe, three and two columns on in three rows and two columns is I need to create first blood. Okay, this one first. So what? They were we right after this statement. Okay, He's a is the first block. My second supply Ortiz support I will create by these two statements. Okay, you can see here toe again. Next one. You can see here like this. Your squares against your 3rd 1 Okay, red dots. You can see a dash day. Sorry. The less you can see here on so wanted last. Okay, last one is Red Square. Okay. 61. You can see here. Let's see how how we can plot lines here. X and Y one is for our first line. Extra way too is for our second line Here we create our lines very well as a unicycle toe piper dot plot X one y one for first line has been passed. Extra way to for second Lane has been passed. OK, and if we print the type of lines becomes leashed. Okay. And if we passed very first line Line of zero is a type of that line of zero is lying to me . Okay. And type off line of one should be also line up to me. Okay. And here wear were plotting your bye bye party dot said he lines up zero calorie. And with 2.0 here, you can see this. This lane on second green line is printed by this by floor dot Safety lines off one color green on with 3.0. This is how I help Try to explain you Very basic plots are very basic visualizations from the later and you can use these very basic plots while doing some data. Visualizations are while drawing some conclusions from your business data I hope you have understood all these basic realizations. I request you to go ahead with this documentation link up globally and explore it further. This is because you need to learn to learn once you're done with the scores. Also, your continues learning process should not stop. 25. Seaborn - Topic 1: Hi, everybody. Let's get started with another liberally which is see Bone and very first we will see what is normal distribution. Okay, we will take very real world Example off. Female shoes sales by the sides. You can see here sites of the shoes ranges from 4 to 14. So here we help larger the history grams here. So this indicates that 16% of the shoes we taste it got sold here. Okay, this is the This is the highest percentage for say's it again for 7.5 size shoes only, like 11% shoes got sail out top out of 100%. So, like these, you can see how year number up shoot sold for SAGES ranges from 7 to 7 to attain and very lace shoes got sold for SAGES for poor plan for your fire and fight pain for you. And an eloquent 0.5 to 14. Okay. And this This looks like a bell curve. You can see like this from here to here. If you try toe, create a car, we will actually see how our welcome looks below for the data off Himanshu sales we put beginning with distribution plots. I will help you understand what are features. Let's take example of shoes shoes. So for shoes, there can be many features like like one of the futurist shoe size. Another can be shoes color. Another can be type of material used to create the shoes on types of trades. Usedto build those shoes and exit Brexit. Maybe the features. And we're taking one of the future, which is shoot size for our analysis unit. Variant analysis. Miss Analysis is done on only one feature our only on future we are using for analysis each suicides. No, let's understand distribution plots. We heard Gen. Richard shoot size data and we have Gen Richard 100 values offshoots ages You can Officer, here, these are you can observe here. These are 100 shoot SAGES. Each value is this you say is OK. And now we hope locket distribution plot by this plot function from Sieben Library here like this And here you can observe you can observe off these history grams and which shows at which at which shoe size how many percentage up shoes got sold? Si OK, and now let's see how our bill color looks. If you try to plot occur or history. Graham, this is how our bill good looks. And this is the court snippet by which we have generated this biblical de Spilker is also called this colonel against each Temic. It is also called this probability distribution function because if you older y axes, it always ranges from 0 200%. We can always convert this Gerald 100 range toe 0 to 1 who pretend them as probability values. Here we can together print history, um, as the less probability distribution function. 26. Seaborn - Topic 2: Let's see. Box block expertise. Official addition. Tool toe visual light distribution across the contrails for really valued features. Any real valued feature can help. These statistics counts mean standard deviation. Minimum 20 feet percentile. Repeat percentile certificate percentile. Maximum value. This is second quarter. This is 1,000,000 value. Uh, this is third quarter 20 feet percentile. Louise 4.76 This means 25% off. The values are below 4.76 across all the shoe sizes. Similar. Will you can interpret for 58% and 70 percentile bucks lock. Looks like this. This is second quarter value. This is 1,000,000 Sister Quarter. This is our client. We will see what these values represent here. This to here. Uh, here had the structure we call. Does that the skulls? Bucks, blood. Let's see all the parts off box block here. This is 25% I. This is 70 percentile. This is media on from here to here is called this Intercourse. Children or arc, you are on this. Minimum value we can see at end of the fiscal is one minus one point for you. Thank you. On here. Maximum value at the fiscal is u three plus 1.5 start like you are. Okay, key one is 20 percentile on Q three is 70 percentile on. As we have seen beyond maximum, there are our clients on beyond minimum. Also at the side there are our players. I hope you were now cleared with all the basics of box block. Thank you. 27. Seaborn - Topic 3: well, it's not the same as books. Mark Acting well in plot probability. Density, density off. Real valued features are printed on both the sides. 28. Seaborn - Topic 4: Let's see come to plot our joint float. Contour plots are used for by a rate analyses. Let's suppose there are two real valued features on we can print or visualize these toe real value features using counterpart in two dimensions. Let's suppose we have these two really valued features X one and X two and we can see statistics are both excellent and extra Here counts Here you can see mean standard deviation minimum this 25th percentile Repeat and 75th percentile. And max, you can see first real valued feature Excellent Has been sorted and lose Start from minus 1.982 still 2.8 2nd really allude feature if we saw it in ascending order It looks like this when you start with minus 2.23 on en suite 2.8 Soon our counterpart for really valued features X one and x two looks like this. So here this one is probably being city function for red valued feature x one on at this site. This is probability density function for l A valued feature extra and deceive. You can imagine as a hill coming towards you. Imagine that you are looking at the hill from topside. So you're Hill will definitely look like this. I hope you are no clear with the counter plot. Thank you. 29. Seaborn - Topic 5: Let's now see what is Multivariate analysis. Motivated analysis is analysis done on multiple features. Here we have some some features he wantedto Sophie, 14. On these looks all looks really valued features. Except this. A 14 b 14 looks indigent feature. You can see this plot. There are three variables are being visualized. Few seventies on XX is he? 11 is on y axis, and here you can see the colors with respect. Oh, distinct values off. Even. This can be one of the example of Multivariate analyses, since multiple variables our multiple features 37 p alone and he would have been neutralized. Here we have just recreate statistics up each feature from the data it up. We can perform multi variant analysis using bail plots. Let's go inside this bill block, understand how how their plots and gets plotted. Now we help zoom inside the airport here. You can see if he wanted to on all the features till he put in a similar way. There are similar feet, similar way. There are features listed on why axes so in every beer off features on X and Y axes Did a scatter plot plotted? You can see scattered portrait in few one and people teen looks like this scatter plot between feet two and 14. Looks like these scattered it with a scatter plot between feet three on 14 features Looked like this similar way Have scattered plots here. You can officer, you can see at the one even it Why axis and even that except sees you can see this instagram similar way. There are history grams in diagonal. This is how we can visualize the multiple variables using scatter plot on. We will see how we can draw meaningful conclusions from these kind off their plots across multiple variables in some letter topic. 30. Case Study - Data Set and Goal of Analysis: Hello and welcome. Let's get started with exploratory data analysis for her. Berman's cancer Survivor data sit the status it has data related to survival. Hope Patients were undergoing the cancer surgery. The state a state is when downloaded from google dot com website. You can see the donor information here. Every data analysis had some gold to be acute. Findings are insides retreat from the data should be relearned to the goal. We help these four goals here First police to retry Hello. Statistics such as number of data points, number of features with dearer classes in existence In the data set on if classes are there in existence, then number of data points our percentages Number of the tough ones put a class second goal is to perform You knew varied analysis on each feature Here we will check a specific feature helps in classifying to get tryingto the found found number of classes Our second ghoulish toe Dubai variant analysis to check whether pair of features health helps classify the data into a number of classes which we found. We will check with weather any single feature or pair of features. Health are holds the data off classifications. We're just going to check. Reader. Were people toe separate? The data points off specific creature or fear of features into number of farm classes. We will always try to write. All our operations are insides in very simple, crispy language because you need to communicate these observations off the data toe. Any layman like business manager, vice president, president, your group leader are you were some business counterparts, so So that's always always keep a practice toe. Use very simple plain English language. Whenever you are writing Europe division, please mention results in quantities such as counts, percentages or percentage increase like that so that your business manager or group leaders are any authority will be able to take a decision based on the observations which you explain them in countries. 31. Case Study - Lecture : let's explore to get a seat here we have imported all required level is not by Panda Seaborn. Also, we have imported by plot from methodically cleverly we Our source file is hoberman dot CSP , which we have imported into Ah Haberman data frame. And we have explicitly mentioned there these columnists to that data for him since in the data set information these column names are explicitly given to us which that patient days operation year, axillary nor count and several students here our get a frame looks like this and these are very first off Or get a points on here. You can see patient days, Operation year, absolutely no account and sort of status are the columns and you can see here Number of data points are treasury for you We have for a number of features and there are a total 30 fine number of data points in the Habermann dot CS three file on. We have these four number of features as we've already seen, and if you check we have fun. One column, which which holds two categories. Category one and category toe one. Re present patient Sarah, Way beyond for years and Category two represents patient died of it in two years. This meaning off one on meaning up to our paraded week did us it information itself across all data points 73.44% off. Get up Ones are for patients survive beyond five years and 26 wind 50 for you percent data points are for patient died of it In four years here we have consolidated our observations At one place you can see here one of the important finding is here We have two categories and we don't have balanced count between both the categories. Suppose if if it is like 15% and 49% for category one in tow are are refute, it is 45% and 50% off or category one in tow. So that looks balance. But here, here, if we check 73% on 26% does doesn't look balanced percentage for, ah record conch. And we can see that this is imbalanced data set across good two categories or classes. Here. Let's perform university analysis on all the features. One by one, our first feature for university analyses were taken. Is patient dish here we're going to check with the patient Patient age data helped separate . Separate the data points into two classes. Okay, Our first class. We have seen these patients That would be in five years and second class is patient died within four years. Here we see probability density functions for Buddha categories or classes or lapping here . Okay, they are not at separate places. Like like 1st 1 here on on like 2nd 1 Like this year. And there is a gap between those or there is very many moment of section between various very minimum intersection between them is not the case here. Okay, Okay. Since a boat, the probability density functions are overlapping do their completely or letting we can say that our patient age feature cannot be used to classify the patient into the stroke activities. Okay, similar case we will find for box Platon. It is obvious that we will find similar observations for box bloody and violent part. Okay, lives, let's see the importation page. Okay, this is the box plot We can see these box plots are are overlapping here. Okay, They said there is a patient age on here. There is a royal status here you can see both the box plots are completely or lapping. It is obvious that we will find similar case for well, in part also here both are overlapping. We can see and we can conclude that a patient is feature cannot be used to classify the patient into these two categories or classes. OK, next Our next future for univerity analysis is operations here seem similar way we help locked it. Ah probability density function Ah box plot and violin part we can observe here are probably density functions are overlapping. Okay. And obviously we will see these also box blood and well in parts or lapping. Okay, we can we see here Both are overlapping here also we see But what we're imports are or lapping So we can we can conclude that Oppression Year feature cannot be used to classify the patients into these took at classes Ok, Our next next feature for union it analysis is axillary nor conch. Here also were plotted PD ups, box plots and William plots. We can see both the PD apps. Pity apps for both. The categories are or lipping Here Here also we can see box plot our box plots are also overlapping. You can see there is a world up here. Okay, there is a world up here you can see. Okay. And here also here also, you can see we see or left okay between the two categories. So hence we can conclude that axillary nor count feature also cannot be used to classify the patient into these two classes. Let's perform by very to analysis. Go up. Our bible, it analyses, is to find pairs off. He just ah, very in. We can classify our data punch into two classes using the data off, appear off features were performing by very journalists is using axillary nor calm and patient teachers. And here way. See cerebral status Here. Here we off blue calories for first category on Discovery's for second category. Okay, so here we're tryingto identifies whether we can use the data off these two. These two features for classifications, that means we're tryingto separate these two color points into two different idiots. If we try to draw a straight line between these two color dots, we are no able to dry it here. Okay? Because they are ran. They looks mixed up into each other. Okay. That means our data data off these two features doesn't how property or doesn't doesn't help property to separate. Separate their data points at two different places. OK, that means we cannot go draw decision surface between these two colored points. Okay, that means pair off beach features. Data isn't doesn't help us classify daytime, two or two classes, class one and class toe. Okay, Here. Okay. So we can conclude that pair of features patient in age and axillary, nor count are not at all helpful in classifying the data into two classes. So we can write an operation like this If we can consider patient age and axillary nor con features for classification, they know accurate classifications can be done. As for the data which we have in hand, I left state in the Lays. The pair of feature using airport, as we already know on X axis, it takes all the features and why access also, it takes all the features and it draws a scatter plot between pair of features. Okay, between decent This pair off reach there is ah, scatter plot. Okay. Between this on these, you can see here this scatter plot. Okay. Now, for every scatter plot, we are trying to check whether we're able to draw a straight line between two color points or straight line between category off two points. Okay, here. If he Officer here, here, here and here. Okay. For for every very free Jake, for every scattered Prodi feature were no be able to draw a straight line between our two category points. Okay, that means we we cannot use any. Any pair off features data for classifications or that data off each pier does not hold the property to separate Gettinto. Would the classes Okay, then So we can conclude that no combination of features look is full for classifications off data across these two categories. Okay, for every goal, define now we have done the analyses are we have retrained the insights from the data. So these are the final. This is the final confusion. Number of data points are 30 for you. Did our four features who get these four features okay and classman re present? The patients are well being for years and who represents the patient died within for years . This was given This information was given with the duplicity itself. Okay, on 73% off patients are way beyond five years in the all data points. Also, almost tradition percent off the patient. Bradley, in five years. As for given the as part of the given data State. Okay, at these these are the numbers. Actual numbers for data point, number of data points for each category. Our data cities imbalance. OK, 73% for one category in 27%. Data points for another category. These looks imbalanced. There's no way looks balanced. Okay, so no single feature helps classify data into these things to classes. Also, no pair of feature helped classify detained to these these two categories. Okay, so we need toe. Always keep in mind that we should do the Dina Lizzy's based on our goals or data analysis , which is really want to our goals along were seen the data analysis or insights related to our defined goals. Okay. Apart, apart from our defined goals, we we have found some another observations into this data set. Also see, here you can see across across the patients 50% off the positive exploring your count Director are below one. You can see here here 50% and on. We can see below one here. Ok, another. Another observation or we hear from these For for patients there were being four years, 66% off. Was it you exploring nor conked Director are global in. You can see here here are below one you can see and 90% up. Was it your salary? Nor Commons predicted are below eight. You can you can observe here 50% of positive axillary, nor comes directed are zero You can see your 50% and zero. Okay, okay. On here another operation You can see these poor patients died of it in four years. 80% off was it you? Absolutely. Nor conks Detector are below 13 and 19% off. Was it you axillary Nor counts dedicated our Miller 20. You can see your 30 here on. You can see Gandhi here. Okay. And you can see for 80 80% you can see here parking and for 90% you can see buddy here. This is how exploratory data analysis can be perform on the given details state so that we can find insides related to our goal or some observations on let it too are defined problem statement so that it will help transform the business 32. Exercise: I have selected wine State, a state to perform exploratory data analysis as a exercise for you. I have to do. I have created this kid Afrim on. You need to perform your exploratory data analysis on this data. Okay? This data has these many features you can observe on. It has very last field called Class. Okay. And these are labels for each off the data point. OK, so now let's defend our goal off. Exploratory data analysis. First goal is to get high level. Statistics suggest number of features. Number of data points on get the number of data points for a class. Second goal is to perform United Analyst is to check whether specific creature is useful for classification. Next goal is to perform by very analyses. Check whether any combination off feature it's useful towards classifications. Please rate any other observations you will find during your analysis. Apart from these goals, we need to rate all our observations in plain Chris peeling, which we need to our ambiguity. Well, rating the results are observations. And please quantify all your results. Please mention the quantities in your observations. All the best for your interstates here.