Practical Copywriting: 3 sure-fire headline formulas that suck in clicks | Dawid Tuminski | Skillshare

Practical Copywriting: 3 sure-fire headline formulas that suck in clicks

Dawid Tuminski,

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8 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Copywriting - Welcome to the class

    • 2. Copywriter - Class project

    • 3. Copywriting -Why do these formulas work

    • 4. Copywriting -Formula no 1 - The Immortal How-to

    • 5. Copywriting - Formula no 2 - The Power of the List

    • 6. Copywriting - Formula no 3 - What is the Ultimate Headline Formula?

    • 7. Copywriting - How to test the power of your headlines

    • 8. Copywriting - Let's sum up what we've learnt


About This Class

"Brilliant! I had no idea headline analyzers existed. This class gave me enough info to feel inspired and confident to do better on my website and Facebook posts."

"This was very good. As promised, it was to the point and I learned a lot! Thanks."

"Super helpful tips, especially about number of items in lists."

If you want to be a successful content creator:

  • You want to write a blog that people can’t stop talking about
  • Make Youtube videos that finally generate income
  • Or create anything that has a description and has to get noticed

you need a good headline.

Even more, you need a great headline!

But coming up with one that is going to get your audience’s attention can be a real challenge. 

So how to get those clicks like a professional copywriter?

Here are 3, time-tested, ready to use copywriting headline formulas that will get your content the attention it deserves.

Inside you will find:

  • Proven, ready-to-go headline formulas: just add your words and watch those clicks coming!
  • You will understand why these formulas work, so if you are looking for some business psychology tips, you will find them here
  • Straight to the point, no beating around the bush knowledge: you will learn only what’s practical and applicable straight away.

Creating great content is important, but so what if you wrote a great blog post or made an awesome Youtube video, if you can’t grab people’s attention?

This class is an opportunity for you to finally learn how to write headlines that suck in clicks!

Here’s your chance to make your efforts to create awesome content finally pay off.

See you inside.


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