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Practical Biblical Ways To Hear God - Bible Study With Exercises

Alvin Phang, Servant of God Since 2011

Practical Biblical Ways To Hear God - Bible Study With Exercises

Alvin Phang, Servant of God Since 2011

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4 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. 1 - Hearing God

    • 2. 2 - Why Hear God ?

    • 3. 3 - Many Ways To Hear God

    • 4. 4 - 7 Test To Know You Are Hearing From God

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About This Class

Do you desire to know God and hear God as a believer of Jesus Christ?

Discover in this class, how knowing God's will can help give you a greater purpose in life.

What you will learn in this class

1.Learn How To Hear From God

2.Understanding How God Speaks

3.Discover God’s Will In Your Life

4.Make Right Choices That Pleases God

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alvin Phang

Servant of God Since 2011


My name is Alvin Phang and I live in Singapore, I got baptized on the 31st Aug 2011 and since than I had a desire to serve God and have completed my studies at ACTS College Bible School holding a BTH degree in Theology :)

Since 2011, I have been preaching and evanglize in various countries and I am glad God is using me in various ways to reach out to people. God had placed in my heart to start up an online community on Facebook call GatherFaith that currently has over 37,000 likes and activity running to share Jesus online using this video here .

With your support, I be able to purse my passion of serving God and every cent you support will go towards serving God's people. I thank you so much for believing in this movement and thank you again for Loving Jesus. M... See full profile

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1. 1 - Hearing God: Hey, do you want a happier life in your life today? Or maybe you're looking for a way to discover how knowing God's real can give you a greater purpose in life. Hi, my name's Allen Peng and welcome to this program called Hearing God. I introduced myself and how I can help You do know God that my name's Aaron pollen them active evangelists mention 37 years old this year, Mary and living single ball with my beautiful wife. Right, I forget you're buttering theology in S Bible College in Singapore used to be called a g B C and I have been doing evangelism for a few years since 2012 various country and locally in a war on the world, my passion and always bean to help train Christians or find God's will in your life and to serve our great master Jesus Christ, Sistol six. Before power to go in Bible school, I have been a business school teaching business things to monitor the fight on students in 144 countries online. You can check out my courses that you d be dot com. We should sound there are free and check my website together. Stop calm. We can find more about what I do online s well. So basically some of these around of pictures or ministry on the left against Yeah, the healing ministry. So I go house visiting. I pray for people, teach people disciple people to or on the world. And the left the lady over there, you see, it means praying for the leg as she she couldn't walk. And thanks to Jesus Christ she was healed in the name of Jesus. And that's what it's on the ministry that I do as a visits Tom areas and appreciate your just as well, locally and overseas as well. Broad overview. Why do so? Why is there a need do here? God, it's unfortunate. Many people think is not important to hear. Maybe this thing oh, is just my job to go to church on Sunday here, the pastor and that's it for starting the and then I'll go home. All right, so most people do that. I mean, I used to do that too many people think is no important to hear God. The thing is that Ghana has always be speaking to you every single minute. I just that you don't realize it and in this program gonna show you and make you be aware how God speaks to you and how got wants to know you and wants to speak to you. And that's why I created this free program to show you how you can discover you know, how God can speak into your life. And why is the abundant here? Because in John, Chapter 10 verse 27 there's a common common means. No choice. Okay, Common. He says they're my sheep. Hear my voice. Who says she The ship is you? If you are bustle, who s so jesus Christ? Or maybe you call us a Christian. You are the sheet and use a CIA. My sheep hear my voice means Christians here. Jesus voice. All right. And Jesus knows you because he said I know them and they follow me. So, you know, needing to hear Jesus, you need to follow him. To are not only just following the church, but follow what he tells you to do in your current life today, many people do. They don't hear from God doing. You spend time praying even but do you know, it's important to hear him so that he can tell you what to do in your life, things that you need to be changed. So in this cause, I'm gonna show you and open up your mind or renew your mile. How you can't you understand? God, it will help you in your life. And I can guarantee you once you get a known got even banner. All right, you leave a more peaceful life, a more meaningful life as well. Okay, so what are you learning? Is free costs. All right. Um, basically, how to hear God is very obvious. All right, London. Many voices. They here today. You'd be surprised. It's not what you think, and it is very important. Understand? What kind of voice you are hearing are anemic. You pray also learn practical steps on how to understand how God speaks. Got that? She speaks in many different forms, OK, and it's rest amazing. When asked this question some questions. Who has beena church for 20 over years? You don't know how God speak Or do you know how to hear God? So it wouldn't be surprising to me that you don't know how to do these two things yet. And if you think you know, I would challenge you to go through this program and see whether you go to the Chinese and see what are you really hearing from going from a different voice is very, uh, amazing that you need to know everybody. You need to know what you're hearing. Okay? And I think you let us all hard to discover God's willing in life. Are many people think it's nobody know God's will, but this course will tell you why you need to know and how you can use Scott's real into your life purpose to do God's work. Not not to improve alive, but more or two was pleasing God and very bodily. How do you make right choices that pleases God? Inferences that work pleases God not Please, you are Okay, so maybe we'll go to church. Are they spent? Got the police them? Unfortunately, you see, if you really, really, truly say you love Jesus, you should be pleasing him. No, he pleasing you. You should have a servant heart and no more off person who asking for things. Okay, so in this costly will show you that as well. So I'm sure looking forward to show you everything that I show you on the screen right now and looking for their tissue. Hard to hear. Go understand. God discovered, got through and also make the right choices. My name is Harry Pong and God bless you. And looking for the See you in the next video. So Sam right now is totally free. 2. 2 - Why Hear God ?: All right. Well, come to this program and work on this video will learn more about why didn't need toe here . God and why it's important, especially so if you claim to love Jesus and Ukraine to be Christian. All right. So in my previous view, I mentioned about this First John, Chapter 10 verse 27. So let's go more deeper into it and read the actual itself. So it stays here. My sheep listens to my voice. I know them and they follow me. I give them eternal life and they shall never perish. No one will snare them off my head. My father, who has given them to me, is greater than all. No one can snatch them on my father's head. I and the final one alone interesting things you can learn from justice passage alone and the first thing I want to bring the four points which is here. My shit wishes Christians hear my voice. The first thing England from that verse alone is the area Christians supposed to hear Jesus voice and is a common. So it's not a choice. So when you say yes to Jesus, you also say yes that you must listen to Jesus. And I just listen. But also, uh, action on the Commons that he has given to you. True his would And the interesting part that you re diverse, right? Those who follow Jesus Jesus knows them means if you are faithful, follow off. Christ. Jesus. Ashley knows you from the very time you go both until the end off your life. Jesus, no, From the beginning, on the way to the end, in those every TV off you, he knows your character. He knows what you're good and he knows your flaws and knows everything about you. So Jesus actually knowns his ship and it says it very clearly. All right, here he gives eternal life and no one can take away. And I like their votes because sometimes you know, in life we talk about salvation. And on Sunday we go so far but the shares that as long as you believe in Jesus, he promised to give us eternal life. And we know God cannot lie. And there's a promise is given to everyone who beanies in Jesus Christ. And lastly the assurance is Jesus is God. Because he put in a landslide. Since ai in the final one. Meaning put that Jesus, is God so clear over there? So there's an insurance to you that when you say yes to Jesus all right, he know any give your promise off eternal life This hour we want all right. You also have to know you just hear him, but also listen and take action on a common. The problem is, many people today accept Jesus very easily, but they don't achieve. Follow the commands that's written in her Bible. So it's actually a common means. If you ah, faithful Christian, you supposed to listen interaction all the comments that Jesus has given to us. That's when you need to read the Bible to know more about what other commands. All right, so we're saying yes to Jesus. You wonder follows commands. So and also listen to his advice. Alright, that will show that you really love him as much s you claim to be. And Merima. Jesus knows and Jesus loves you as well because it doesn't expect it to be 100% perfect all the time. But But that's where we learned. Just like when a child is born, they found many mystics, and they need to be discipline in honor. Toe more that character in order to behave correctly according to what the parents want. So since the same as imagine, God is I mean, Jesus is your father. And he needed discipline. You and a change of character. A coined What is holy according to what God expects from you. So got us. Expect something from you. And he expects you to listen to his commands and read his word so they can have spent time if he prayed with him as well. So how do you hear from God? Right. That's what this whole program So about. First of all before we understand about here, greeny the first understand the reason behind and also recognized that you know God is your closest friends on companion or the way you engage God does matter. All right. You cannot destry eat like it's nothing. All right. You must really like as if he's just in front of you. Says rain bottom. The way you engage. Got Mattis, right? Remember, he chose you to save you. All right. Before even you accept Jesus. He already had actually way before. Even you say Yes, right. And this Ah, interesting problem is that I just found out when I was preparing the notes. And, um, that's very promising and happy to know. All right, so you chose to you and God's in 10 for you, that you to figure out his will as you engage regular conversation with him on the embassies that were regular conversation. Is he got one? The sort speaks to you almost every minute. Even now, he's speaking to you, too. I just that rather you border the want to listen along. All right, so it's very better. Understand? You know that you must treat God like monster, closest companion or friend. Alright. Sink in. You need to also consider Maltese for wanting to hear God's. Some people have Rome. Ortiz. I remember when I was a new Christian. Uh, I have all around more this I only want to hear Go because I want something from here, all right. Not because I want to surfing. And many people today who knew toe Christianity on you, too, as in Christ tend to behave that way. And that's why they have not mature yet. You'd be surprised to know that even some Christians will attend. 20 years in the trash. Asked you behaving the same way here, asking from things from God, but never one time one to serve God even though they claimed that they love God. So I can you always be on the receiving one way and not give on your site. So it's a two way relationship. All right. Now you need to adjust. Listen, but also need to communicate our God. So you need the rest of your family. Why you want to listen to God? Is there a reason why you want to listen and to reflect? All right. And also you must be open to whatever God has to say. And I set them to go true. The challenges Many times I felt, you know, in my personal time we've got he tanked toe heat, hands to love to convict us, right? Convict us not the point for us, but convict us that there are certain things that need to be changed on a certain things you need to forgive. All right, that he will highlight to you. He's not dead to condemn you. But only the enemy will do that. But he's there to co write us just like parents who loved Children. When you see your Children misbehave, you cannot say it. Go ahead and continue the misbehave, right. You need a pointing up their fault and correct them. That's why sometimes censor Jewish in your life. Why do you face troubles? Why do you say to me? Because maybe God is trying to show you something that you did not see rather than you member and complain always could always change your Why got why got to What do you want me to see in this situation? God! All right. And then once you change your white toe or what you start to realize it's a little thing got trying to show you is whether you want to see the not actually my other cell. A lot times I realized Christians tend to pray a lot selfish things for their selfish reasons. Okay, So you need us. Um, when you pray to God, easier for selfish reasons or do feel comfortable, or do you feel righteous? Case is a very important question because many people think that what they praise righteous or holy a lot times, it's not really that true if you read the whole Bible, have you realized that? God, I mean, the disciples in the Bible Variable X not a single disciple. Pray for their job. No singer, this about pray for prosperity off Blessing no single one. Why is that so? Because they understand the importance of the well Got that. They need to do what God asked him to do rather than ask God to give them what they want to see the difference. All right, so a lot of times a lot of us back to God, there's not enough to pray for blast things right? But that should not be the mean objective on you knowing God or when you spend time bring or hearing God, when the multi should always be more of a seven hunt to hear what God wants you to do. And when you do this here it, take it a step it I didn't pass it. Alright, missions from God and you do it all right. So many years ago or so more than just hearing God is the modern to hear from God. But it should not be your often go. Your real focus should be instead growing in relationship with God so that you can much Ah , spiritually, which is very, very important. Hopefully, it's also important to stay humble before God. I remember when I was young Christian. I tend to be a very stubborn, improper Christian. I I always pray for law. Wrong things always bring for money for job. And if a little bear, I actually all this is not a whole year because they really what I prayer I saw for myself toe to use and nothing doing God, and you're gonna be greeting. All right, so this kind of set many today don't know. It's OK to pray that prayer. So be reminded to stay humble to speaking to God. Do not demand things from God. You know, some people, Priego, you owe me something. I know. A good this is every day. Where are you treating me like this? You've read that before? I'm sure you did. Okay, so I was only that before. Remember who is your boss? Your boss is got You're not the boss. You started the month things from God. You are actually saying that you are God and you don't need God, Actually. Okay, That's what you're trying to say so remember the state humble before God Because we are supposed to serve him. And not he's off us is a pre rich that he bless us but still way need to serve him first he saw us. So be a 70 hot to serve our master Jesus Christ even say today you are in the church for many years but haven't done a single thing for the church or single thing for Jesus. I believe now is the time you can run into and pray. God, don't go. What talents to our hand. What? You I'm sure you re no All right on you to the span. Time in mourning here to help to do what God asks you to do. You can be singing can be uttering cooking temperature. Jesus can be teaching German history. I don't know you to pray to God and ask what you should do for heat. All right then, you know all right. It's normal street fall answer But in other views Oh, share more haugland. And if I don't? Another thing you need to remember is gonna force Got tell something I remember that some Christian or movement with young Christian. I pray for something in for some reason for minds that simple answers. And so me and a demon. All right, so you cannot force. Got to tell you something sometimes what would Just how you believe us. Sometimes he will tell you months later something he didn't even tell you all. Or do you want to tell you may be the answer you regarded. You can, you know, and just they don't have separate. All right. And this defect. Okay, So no matter how much you want to hear from God already are few answers from God by the week. God doesn't always answer. Yes, for your information, if you first time letting it, I'm surprised. OK, but anyway, there are few answers that the Waco answer, right? God can be silent there on. We all know. Alright. Court can also say no. All right, because you don't know He can say no to go in Rio Testament. And you testimony. Sometimes there's no Paul was in during his journey to our reach base. He wanted to go because they know we don't go this way. Go the other way. So cooked us not say no all right. Okay. So I don't say later, and obviously he's will say yes, which is we all wear from media with, and that's what we want to hear all the time. All right, so it depends on how god convict you. Something got would tell you some of these answers. All right. Doesn't mean God don't answer. Got us. And so everything that you pray to beyond I believe in them Israeli you want to choose to believe all right, if he chose to be Silent Day is the reason behind it. Maybe you're not ready to hear his answer. Maybe it's not time maybe teaching you to be patient. That's why is silent. Okay, So sometimes that is one of the reason when he says, no, it's not because he don't give you is because you're trying to protect you. And he knows why it's best for you. That's why I said that. She says no. No, he said later, is because you're not ready for you yet. Okay, that's why sometimes you feel like saying later and then got Say yes. Obviously you know what to do. They wanted to explain, right? So let's remember, God doesn't always say yes. He has other answers to meet. Need to be aware. What counts is answering. But whatever is the answer focused on the answer. I developed a relationship with God is more important. So that's if was our boat. I pray something. God and you please help me in my job. I got no drop. For months I've been praying in one. Okay, So seems to be forever. No day. And then you don't be said. Of course, Some Your naturally you be said and stressful by just playing the wind. The weaknesses all. Thank you. Love for listening to my prayer. I believe you know what's good for me. And I pray that you continue to give me wisdom or direction to the right job is I apply, which is best feet for me or something like that. So it's more of a sub BC prayer red and compensation. All right, So try not to complain too much If you realize yourself you are complaining more to God than ever that shows that actually usually don't really know what is being humble means unfortunately. Okay, so we need to learn to be humble in, remember, not a false God or something. Number six. Right. Good night's got Communicates in many forms. Okay, according to God's timing. But we've got time, you know, timing is very different. He doesn't look by minutes on days to him. Maybe 1000 years is only a few seconds. OK, so he created time and he speaks in various swamps. Okay, but more offered, you will hear God speaking true. Your thinking and parts. That's the number one thing I realize how go speaks. You know everything. When you pray. You have that talk is actually got speaking to you already. They say you know what I thought that that is how got tops. OK, but there's just one of the many ways God speaks, okay? You mean something here? Got true angels? I don't have the provision senior in just so far. All right. Um but it does happen to some people. Something you see you got talking to usual visions means in your dreams You saw something, or when you're reading with Sally is you saw something. The sky, Let's call vision. Sometimes some people were for today's You can hear. God, I have no here. Got myself over. I've seen visions over most of us. In fact, godspeed was true. The Bible, by reading the Bible, sunny someone stick up to you, become Mrema. And that's something that God speaks as well. Or maybe something true events. Maybe. Well, you will bring for something. This I need something happened or someone say something and it triggered. And then Yeah, that's how God speak to. Okay, okay. Also, spectral circumstances. Maybe you were thinking of doing something and you realize it's all broken. Just don't allow it to go truly, smoothly. That can be a way I gotta tell you. Don't go there. All right. But don't be stopping as you continue to try to go there, because the more you try to be stubborn, the more you're asking for trouble. All right, So something got prevent you from doing something because he's trying to save you from even more harm. Okay, sometimes we're talking to other people. Got speak through them too. Maybe you're thinking or something. Or some dietitian that you think in your mind. It wasn't sure. You know we should do it sometime. People have come to you and give a confirmation to another way. God speaks to. I remember his goal has always been to get close to you and connect to you. So we need to be aware with surroundings aware what, you being aware what people say about you or what you read or where what you see? All right, those are very important things that you can realize how goes between. I remember when I first learned all this all praying. You know, that's one time I bring for something is a very tough sedition that I couldn't make in. Uh, I was doing ah. Societies are running around the track view looking the sky. And I was running. I was praying to God can give me a confirmation, you know? Should I do this? Okay. And what's interesting? When I looked down in front of me, I saw the would be Rettl leader Reiter would all be ey again in front of me. Okay, so I knew Car was speaking to me, asking me to obey his You know, that conviction was giving to me. So I think cannot be so called cheetah. So number mind so after my society, you know, I need to take a bus. So a nettle of bus are waiting for my bus, and somehow there was a policeman read that very clearly is the goal for all. Right. So I was like, OK, you know. Okay. I think you know. Okay. God, you really Percy city, you know, really trying to tell me to go for you and ask me the Kobe, then I before the fall over, right? And even purism thing. What was that? Prayer? My prayer was actually to ask. What should I be eventually? So it's because of their faithful answer and faithful listening, I decided to follow. You know that God speaks as one example. Okay, last one number seven might be transformed by renewing your mind. Okay, this is one Roman child too. So it says here, do not confirm toe the pattern of this world, which is where you live now, but be transformed by the renewing off your mind. Then you will be able to test improve That cost really is his good pleasing and perfect will. What does this mean? Right? Let's mean that you should not be influenced by what is around you in the world. I remember when I was very young Christian, I was influenced a lot by success. I wanted to have a nice car, nice house, nice life, travel around the world and have ah, beautiful wife. Yeah, that was my dream. Okay? And the timing was a Christian and said to say I pray for all those things. I want to be successful. I wanted to be reach. I wanted to travel. I was fortunate enough to experience everything that I pray asked for and go actually, bless me enough to experience all that. But, you know, they realized I didn't felt for feel are there some things do missing, And I don't even want that missing punt one day. You know, my father had exceeded okay? And he nearly died. And can God, they don't got safe him and that somehow want me up to realize that this will only use us a lot. Temporal enjoyment and young is all about life. And you do have got into your life that issue no purpose. Okay? So understanding cost you is very important for anyone in tow. Understand that you need toe renew. Your mind has changed the way you think okay about Christ and be more and more like Christ need to be more and more like Christ imagining it. I say you are Jesus today. Do you think Jesus today will pray? Look, No, Father. I need more money. Already a job. Do you think Jesus will ever pray such a prayer? I don't think solar if he does, something is wrong. Okay, so imagine. Sometimes you're not sure what you praise. Correct. Just imagine you are Jesus and other cell. Will Jesus pray like this if you think you just don't realize this. But you shouldn't be praying that these two Okay, So that's how you know how to pray to it is that's a guy, like, so recognizing got voice above all others. Okay, by experience, you will lunch slowly. How to recognize God's voice when he speaks, it takes practice, and it takes time to understand and descend. Which one is God's voice? Keep in mind that God will never give you a message that actually contradicts the Bible principles. All right. So he would never TEM you to be greedy. He would melt him. You to be, um, jealous or someone you will never make you feel easier. So Okay, so got one. Never promote the falling. He will never, ever promote any form of seen in our life and got one never blessed or promoting. I see Manny so call holy people. So they claim they'll be Christian. Okay. They like to pray for the our business. There's nothing wrong to pray for the business and dedicate a business to go. There's nothing wrong with that. But then a day they pray for blast seeing and prosperity. And I asked them, You know, Is it really that important To be very prosperous in the business? Why not you pray in a way that you surrender the business to call and let got this site. You know how much your business you and let's be turned for whatever you have in the business. So if you see a Christian pregnant law, can you please bless my business so I can be happy, blah, blah, blah. Although we never see the happy. But But most people are thinking about the happy part and also much off being thankful. You realize when you pray for blessings for business, especially for long sales, all business you're actually promoting Read. All right. I know you know a lawyer deny it by touch. Is that your heart? There's actually what you want, right? You want the money morning contextually Because you know that money somehow can give you so called false happiness. Because your reference by the world all right, so far is number something that got with no proof you wanna uproot you being pride, you know, approve you being selfish, you know, pro few off hateful things. And we agree offering with is, um all right, have you ever heard of people praying a lot? Can you please remove this person from my workplace is giving a lot trouble. There is called Self Each nous and favor. These are definitely not correct area. Okay. Oh, you have no simple print way. Operate locking. Please give me this guy. I need this car Is aero brain. No, those are prideful things that you should not be pretty in the first place. Okay, because you don't really need the car. You don't really need aero plane. Okay? Just need to be thankful what you already have that God has given to you. You know, you be amazed when you try to be thankful and sorry. Everything got a already knew what you want you doing. You need to us. And he would just give it to you. Let's try it. Trust me, you will happen to you. All right. If you hear these things that at least a here, some of them you need to review distorts because this tots are prying on greed. All comes on 1%. You see that? All right. The enemy trying to bring you far, far away from God. Okay, so that's take away be a way of that. And lastly, remember that you need to trust in a lot with all your heart lead going to the owner, staying in all the ways and knowledge and he shall direct. Your path is from problems. Chapter tree was 5 to 61 of my favorite. This about leaving. Okay, so that's basically ah, want to stay in this part of this video? All right. In this next video hope to see you again The next video, you learn more my heart. In many ways, you can actually hear from God. And how does he said? So I'll see you in the next video. 3. 3 - Many Ways To Hear God: a every year and welcome to a Dicks video. And if after here, a lot of congratulate you because that shows that you really love Jesus, that's how you hear the lead more. How does speak in many ways they could speak. Praise God for you and thank you for being here. All right, so that's done all right for the long God speaks to us through many waste of one very common way is through his word, which is the Bible. That is why you need to read the Bible, right? That's number one. Number two. He speaks to us. True artists or experiences or events as well. Sometimes do you realize, you know, you bring for something and then somehow some person can talking about the same topic. Let's say you're praying about Let's say, um, about trip to some way. OK, somehow the country named him coming up. OK, so that's one example. Something can be true. Media through music and video, Something untrue. YouTube. I remember one day I was praying to God. God, can you please teach me how to pray for people feel Hughley. Okay, seriously, I really deeply for that. That prayer you know. And what happened a few days that you to sunny going suggestion? Video. No way that stays about how to pray for people healing energy, watching the view. Okay. And that's how I got to learn how to pray for people. Lose eventually through YouTube. Amazing, right? Hong Kong speaks all right. And something Also truth, circumstances sometimes, you know, we got one. You go certain direction or something. Maybe you lose your job suddenly own Norrie for no reason. Maybe God is trying to move you to another job. I don't know. Maybe you got shift on our department, which you don't really like. Okay? And you do understand why. Maybe it goes moving into a new direction. You want No India. Finally. Ascot. What are you trying to show me in these circumstances? Don't know. Way is a bad thing. I know. Sometimes it can be really bad. Okay, That is something that you don't like or you don't want. And he happened to you or someone. Parcel. We do understand why it happens, but you must remember everything that happens in your life. You know, caught is too good. No, my my father, uh, just possibly last year in 2018 It's a very setting, all right. But I was thankful that got him way, because I know he was in very great pain. And I thank God that he is at the right time when he knows that we are actually more or less really letting go. And we're so happy that he no, he's now in heaven preparing a good place where something close to speak to you through the Holy Spirit. All right, any time he speak to me chilled Holy spirit. And I remember this one time I pray to go, I say, God, I don't know how to proper size But you say that you know, everyone who loves you can probably cite. Then we need to publicize. And sometimes the proper size means I say something. You know, you hopes toe encourage someone, but somehow doesn't seem to click and something slightly more raising when you don't get it correctly. All right, I also do make mistakes, But the more you practice, the more you understand. You know how that's got voice sound like? Okay, so that's one of our spring. And I told God, you know, can you help me to emphasize? You see Atieno. Someone call for someone called Share it. Okay. Was I really weird? Okay, I just listen, you know, soft off the preaching. You know, I told the lip of favor. Is anyone called sharing change? Anyone like me? Like who? There's no sharing his church. But with the pastor was there was shock their digital sharing because this sharing and some issues. Okay, everyone really on want to avoid her, but somehow got still remember her? He had a story short. We actually went to the house and pray for her. It was someone that was really in need Off course. That was a rare meeting. Experiments have been true. Something got the speed Mutual prayer, you know, pretty quiet time he speaks to you. Even got talks a lot during my prayer time. Not really a lot. All right. And, ah, you also need to remember the anti tree voices you will hear. There is your voice, your own really old voice. There's also the enemy's voice considered because you don't know. And there's also God's voice. So unfortunately many people saying the only hearing God's voice But the true fact is there are three voiceless. Many people always think that you know your voices got boys or the enemy voice is God's voice. Unfortunately, you need to understand and differentiate between these three voices. And I don't teach you how to differentiate between the tree. Okay, so why some people claim they cannot hear God. I mean, sometimes Christians even see Oh, I cannot hear God, No matter how I pray, no matter worry. I can't hear. Oh, I can tell you that on. So why, right is this is from John Chapter eight, Verse 47. Stacie, Whoever belongs to go, Here's what got, See emphasised that would be longs to God. Here's what God sees. The reason you don't know here is that you do not be able to go this way. So have you really, truly surely accept Jesus into your life? If you have not, I sincerely hope that you can pause this video and asked you just not sorry for what I've done. Sorry, and I'll be hearing you lot. Please forgive me and let me hear you again. I pretty you read a pre is a very simple pretty, but that would have a kickstart you hearing gone again. And once you start hearing, you feel so I think that theory, everything that he says it is true. He lost you very much. Trust me. Okay. So as I'm both some of the things you pray just a tissue and give an example like, for example, maybe someone peering long. I need help. My marriage, you know? What should I do? So maybe you hear tree voice. Maybe one was. You here don't care her. Oh, maybe you here forgive her lover more. Or maybe that was you. Hear the water. Which voice do you thing is from God. Okay. I hope you could choose the correct one. The answers in the media. Okay, so remember, Gore is always about loving people. All right? It's know about causing harm to people. If you hear things that I don't care her this obviously own voice. You're just being lazy. You hear that? I've also obviously there is from the Satan because he is trying to promote. Seen in the promo seen normally is from Satan. Anything that promotes you to be more holy, more loving normally is from God. Okay, so that helps. You cannot as Abu. Very calm. Embraer. What? I need money to you. Please bless me or help me if you prayed a prayer before I believe you have. I have done it myself many times when I was young. No more so sometimes any here. Three voice, first voice. Fine job. Second voice be contained. What? You have the voice. You will be blessed 10 times. Okay. Which ones do you think it's from? God, I hope you say is the one in the media as well. Like remember, God is not about promoting scene. If you hear voices says you were blessed 10 time one. Does he promote? It will promote greet g r e d. Greet. Okay, You're not being thankful with what you have. If you hear if you accept that, okay. When you hear fine job. That is your own voice telling you what to do. Okay. He has nothing to do it. God is just a common sense to go and find a job. All right, We continue what you have is obviously from God, cause he tried to promote you, teaching you to be humble and being thankfully what you already have. All right, you see that can example a lot. This sickness I would never get away. He would never get a week. All right. Please. Humi I've ever encountered. Some people seek or you are saying you, no matter how you praise your sick. All right. So you may hear the three voice have peace. I am. We few always or maybe see a doctor. Or maybe here got one here. You. Which voice do you think it's from? Court, I hope. The ones on the left this time. Okay, So remember, God is the God of peace is to give assurance, either. Trust him. All right. So you know this. Just wind. The wonder Levitt's got the win. The meters. Here, doctor. Obviously your own common sense voice. You'll see her doctor even know seen one. And the one is It's got. When Hugh you obviously is from Satan is not wrong, You see? Got wants to Hugh. Everyone but God may not you the way you want him to hell must remember that God may heal, are sometimes spiritually, physically or internally as well in case. And then you hear your heart, not you or sickness somebody. The trustees trying tissue to trust him more. And so you got a sickness it Because he knows if you have the sickness, you'll be more humble. Some people are like that, OK? And that doesn't mean got would help you. OK, you need to learn to trust him more, right? Who? Having a prayerful foundation is very, very important. Okay, this is the reason why if I have cherished sin in my heart, the lot one will listen. You know, sometimes you wonder why you pray. Pray, pray, but got no listen. Because maybe you have put the scene more important than God. Maybe you loved a scene that you've been doing can be money. Greed can be laziness can be a lot things you know. What does he needs? So it which Harris since and you embrace it and you love is all more a ho on the and refused to give up that can be won. The reason why you cannot hear God Or maybe God won't listen. So God see, God doesn't expect you to be seen less. There's only one person can be seen in us, which is Jesus Christ. But he does expect us to repent as soon as we can, All right. Based on First John, chapter one, verse night and the the instance that you choose to say sorry to a lot, the immediately you are forgiven already. Is that simple? Okay, so sometimes people struggle instead of things for many, many miles of many weeks or many days, or mini mart or years even is because they choose not to repent. All right, And And if you don't go through those suffering, my suggestion is to repent. Maybe you hit someone, you need to repent. Maybe just someone you need to repent. Okay, So those are the reasons why sometimes the gods not listen to you because they've seen in your heart. So you need to repent those stinks first, before you start praying, okay? And got here to prey on those who put their trust in him first. That's what I promise you. The eyes are on the righteous, and this year's are 10. Do they Cried? Is from some study for was 15 you know, interesting. We read more sums. You get to understand God's character even more as long. God's character in some good read sums. So when you leave a righteous life. You can be assured when you pray. The lot listens to our prayers. So imagine this. He repented. You know there's not including your bank. Be assured that God is listening to you. Okay, but also be a shirt. That's something God can see No. Later on. And look at the Yes look. OK, but no other times. Always. Yes, something. Maybe later. No. Oh, something else again can be patient to Okay, so it really depends. You know, Hung. Go on that. But you must respect and trust his answer and trust that the answer they give you is good for you because he has got plans for you. There's also from Bible too. Okay. And God answered a repeat airlines according to its will. Not your wheeler, not your desire about his will. Are these from first John, This is the confidence we have in approaching God. So when you're gonna that if you ask anything according to Israel, he will hear us. The emphasis were is according to his will know your desire. I ever cease. All right. So, God, the you like to answer prayers that are lying with his will and not your desire many times we made the mistake. We pray a Quinto all desire. For example, Here I work in a job and no happy in my job. I want a pay raise. You pray God to give me a race. Is that God's will? I don't think so. There is more than your personal these, I hear you know. And that's actually more like greet. Okay, so it has nothing to do. It got will. I strongly don't believe it is. It has nothing to do. But can God give with their race? Yes, he can't, because he love you that much. And if you do really receive it, you must be humble and say, Lord, thank you for that race. All right? And do something about maybe you got the race normally for reason. Like maybe got one tissue to bless others. I don't know. No. We need to ask him why he got the race. When you get blessing days, a reason behind in that he wants you to look maybe trying tissue to blast people. You people help people. I don't need toe pray to go after him for the instruction. Everyone will be different. So how do we know God is real, that you will learn in the next video, right? All right, so one way is you can pray more. You can also read the Bible more that will help. You do know God's will in your life. Notice everyone's life is shaped differently. In the next, we'll explain more. How do you know even Scott's? Well, there will be seven questions you can use to help you to understand God's real into your life, Kate. So on the must know. So when you us when you pray you do not receive, maybe you say use even know is because you are through the row motif that you may spend what you get on your own pleasure. It is very true, As from James Chatter forwards Tree All right, the reason why something goes saying no to many of our previous because they are selfish and self centered or bet are either anomalies history. So if you pray for more blessing for yourself or new car that you don't really need, it's more yourself. Each pleasure. He has nothing to do. We got all right. That's the reason why sometimes called on Sunday, but that's gone on. So when people pray for car or pray for prey raise yeah, they do. They do get them. Because God doesn't love you that much. They even though sometimes it's wrong, you know, but got stimulus, you know, to give it to you. And he hoped that may be true that you will learn something, but most time, people don't appreciate it. Okay, so be wary on that too. Okay, So surrender were like to God's hand, all right? He which is in this verse. Jesus, when away a second time. My father it is not possible. This cut the baby away unless under Get me your will be done. So just give us the ultimate example about foreign God's will. You see Jesus already in units going down across, and he pretty is pretty. He's also human, and he said it was for this cut the particular way. Unless I drink it trying to say, Can you please, uh, don't Don't let me go through the cross, right, because it's your wheel house to do it. So even though it's difficult, sometimes got a little difficult things. Transco, enough. You shoes. Do you go to do it So did a cell sample or sacrifice submission to the father's real when he prayed to spare him from the cross. But he stay humble and trusted the father's real for his life. So that many times sometimes you go through suffering some pass away or you got sickness or going through difficult times, it was trust God. All right, go through it together with him and you trust him enough. You, you, the strength and what you go through it, you pastorally They look back, right? Oh, actually going to be there all the time and he will keep in the reason why he allow it to happen sometimes is to grow your character the game most of the time. So safe or alive, we need to learn to trust God. And he knows what is best for us. Right? So that's for this video. In the next video, I hope to see you again. Next video you're gonna love. How do you know you really, really hearing for God. All right, so I hope to see you next video. God bless 4. 4 - 7 Test To Know You Are Hearing From God: All right. Welcome to this video to learn mobile. The seven tests to know you're hearing from God. If you have miss my previous video off hearing our voice or whining the vehicle, please go watch the other videos first before you watch this video on. Also, if you're here, police Donald, this image B i t o r y slash g f here got none of this wonderful image can put it in your hand born war paper, whatever to help you to understand whether you are here home, God or not. And it would have you also toe make these issues too. Okay, So the first thing when you pray to God, all right. And you hear something, and you're very you're not sure. Is it from God? Or is it from your voice? Or is it from Satan either? Our first question is, does he agree with the Bible? Is a very, very important question, All right. And it's the reason why I also need to really Bible because you don't read the Bible. You wouldn't know what is a Piper or wise Agreed. A Bible. Okay, so it stays here. You got to be careful what you hear? Can't conceive first, John. For one, my dear friends do know believe or who cream toe the spirit but tested to find out if the spirit they come they have come from They have comes from God for many fourth brother had gone up everywhere. Sometimes you hear things from other people Are anti Vietnam from God already actually from the enemy. Okay, so you got to be very careful what you hear. You are very sure this is from God and not my own voice or not from the enemy. And make sure lines we've got 100 or no even lines. We're going to test them. So that's why he's 97 questions to help you to a test them. So the first test is too tense. Is it a line with the Bible? All right, I see. Agree. Sorry. The second question, you know us is that Jesus thing the way that you think or taught. Okay, So this averse to help you to encourage issue is issue. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or being consent rather in humility. Value others above yourself, not looking into your own interests, but each of you to the interest off the honors in your relationship. We want to have the same mindset as Christ. Jesus. So imagine I say you're working. All right. And then you jealous or somebody Is that showing? Ah, love to artists above yourself? I don't think so. Oh, maybe that's you, uh, doing something, OK. And you want to achieve great status in life. Maybe you want to be rich. Is that gonna do? We've ambition. Yeah, of course he does. So you should have nothing to do with your selfish ambition. All right? There's nothing wrong to have ambition, but it should not be the mean things. Okay? And you must be something is that's not look as if it is sinful. Any all day. You can have ambitions, but you need to be reminded to have a humble my set. All right, As I say, even not Sure. Okay. You're thinking or something that you pray. You're not sure, is it for Jesus? It's a very simple question. Is are so imagine you are Jesus. Will Jesus pray the way you pray or think about the things you are thinking. If the answer is yes, they eat from Jesus. If The answer is no, it is not from Jesus is from your voice or enemy voice. Very simple. Okay. How do you know? Jesus more. You need to read the fiber. That's the only way. No other way. Okay, so ask yourself, you know? Well, Jesus. Think this week, Okay? Because you know why? Because in second Corinthians 10 5 Okay, so that we take Qatif. Every thought to make it obedient to Christ. Okay, so every thought that you have every idea there you have it must be obedient to Christ. He must be aligned with Christ. Let's see, is the idea they have or the thought they have is a christ like so we need the test. Every thought. Is it obedient? Who got that itself? God, Not self yourself. You asked this very important question so well past the first question. Is the ally in the Bible? Yes, that's leading the way. Eating use of things, right? Yes. Again. And the Knicks a few things before I go, there is also a My thing is the toss a have beetle. Selfish because that's the scene. Okay, so it stays here. You have Hubble beetle every and self ambition in your house. Such wisdom is off the devil, So anything got to do envy or high ambition for yourself in your heart. Sorry to tell you there is not from God, That is from the devil. The wisdom that comes from God is for all pure. That peace loving, considerate saw makes, if very important, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. So if your toes don't have all of these things one of these things, obviously it's not wrong. Got, obviously, is from the devil anything that from was envy Anything. Them from selfish ambition is not from God. Full stop. It says they're very clearly marked. James after tree was 14 to 17. Okay, so it's very clear cut. Okay. The question you ask is that that's my church or family come from it. So go. Actually intense that through the church, the many for Mister Manco shall be made known means actually got wants to use the Chechen to do his will and to confirm Israel so others in the church can help you to conform well. And this one efficient ship, the tree 1st 10 this question. You are sometimes people past the first question but they forgot the question. Number four She is also very important. I think no is. If you pass all seven questions that I have crafted here you have northen and out. That is really from God. Okay, You cannot pass. I only wanted to He must pass all seven. So you need assets, Kreisher. Easy, Consistent. How God has shape you. You see, everyone is shaped differently. I know God has shaped me to be Eventually I can I can be a a pasta or I can't be a teacher . Okay? Asked me to do those two things. I was stronger But you asked me the evangelized. I'm very great. I can't so got these. I'm different. Some people are designed to be worship eaters. Some people are designed to be help us or give us. Okay, So the depends You need to find what is your desire and give hard? Got ships. You You see if you just to 10. It says Therefore we are God's handiwork created in Christ Jesus to do Google's which got preparing advice for us to do take non you are God's handiwork means he designed you. He created unique me to do good works for his purpose. Not for you to enjoy a is for his purpose and think a radi prepare in advance things that you should be doing according to how you are designed. So everyone is designed if you ask me to do worship singing which I can't sing. Okay, I think people will feed how they were running away from because I can't sing very well. But you asked me the pre show Shady's I can't do the very, very well. So you need to find what you are. Shameful. So when you pray for something and you feel very uncomfortable, let's say, for example, you always have a desire to teach in the church. But you hear what I say LV. Now I want you to see all right. So obviously that is not going to be There is not from God, all right, because not something that allies of what you are really good, but we'll go on, give you something else. That may be a comfortable Yes, he does sometimes give you things that Trent issue new things. Maybe at your actual gift is singing and not teaching that they do not know. All right. So that can happen to eso. You have the love of the sun and be aware. If you don't really know it can tacit ask people, you know? Do you think I can sing? Okay. After a little confirmation, this question on the tree. Right. So that will help you to OK, question number five. All right. That's He answers my responsibility to God. So it stays here from John. Chapter 21 verse turn entry into Peter Turn. And so on that the disciples whom Jesus loved was following them. This was the one who had leaned back against Jesus at the supper and had said, Lord, who is going to betray you? When Peter saw him, he asked Lord one about him. And Jesus answered, if I want him to remain alive until our return. What is that to you? You must follow me. So the question here is the answer. My responsibility to go there many times. Sometimes we pray for something and we always take the love to judge other people. But they have nothing to do with you. He has nothing. Dude, we all will. All right? And what? Jesus Trying to say here is that whatever you pray, whatever you have, you have us all right. That it helped tow answer or help you follow him and to be responsible. Toe Jesus. Okay, There's a reason why when people ask me, you know, and why do I say that when you pray for blessing for your business and job has nothing to do We've got because he does not pass this question. Okay? Want us? You having blessing for your business or your job got to do with flooring? Jesus. There's nothing to do it following Jesus. Right? And if you really, really, I want to know, how does it sound like to hear things that followed? Jesus, I can tell you. From my experience, I have stopped praying for my personal things already for a long, long time. I am not pre fall my business for my life or personal desires our needs for a very long time. Because I know that is not the correct way to pre many time goes on. And what? How you do very crazy things sometimes. Okay, son. As you tell you, Elvin, on one you to pray for this person or Elvin, I want you to send a text through this person or every now I want you to go this place and speak to this person. Or every year when you give some money to this person, it's always about showing love toe artists. Okay, That's why I know this when I pray a many times when I will be and something called me with your wisdom. I remember that this lady on approach on us are you worried? And she wasn't maize. And how do I know she was Very and I know God At that point moment, we're showing comfort to that person. And in the end, the lady replied, Actually, my husband is in the Russia, the hospital. That's why I'm very worried now and important one. I remember us. Can I pray for you because I believe God is going to help you in this situation. And then they on the street. I pray for her and she felt peace. So sometimes this is how it sounds like to actually follow Jesus. Many times you realize God would never I should do something that used to serve yourself. It is always about serving him. If you hear something that serves yourself. I'm really sure is not from God. All right. Normally is a self him nothing to do yourself. Okay, So you're gonna ask this question. Does he help you answer your all right? You're responsibility to serve God. Remember, you are a servant off. God means you need yourself here and not got so you okay. Six question. Very important. He has the past is, too. Thus it convict you. Thank a. It's a very important cost. Many times we forgot this one. Okay, so what's it Even being conviction and condemnation Conviction come from God. Condemnation come from Satan. What's the difference? Conviction is something that is supposed what's wrong and there needs changing combination is something that attacks our value. A monsieur. A few worthless to got that call. Condemnation. That's the difference between the two. So you hear something that you feel bad on you Few. Little or worthless. That's obviously not from God. That's obviously from Satan. It was very important. When you feel down off hearing something is obviously not from God is from Satan. You hear something that helps you to correct yourself. That's obviously from God. That's hardly different shape between the two. I hope that helps. So you hear something to convince you to change or convince you to do something? For God, obviously, is from God, you hear things like a What's the point you're doing? They want a point. Are praying for that. But he would not be here. That's obviously not from God. Okay, so remember in God, there's no commencing condoms. Ation, condemnations, weaponized. Correct. Okay, there's no no go manager for those who are in Christ. Jesus from Romans, Chapter eight, verse 10. This is your promise from God right now. He will not call them. You okay? The only Buster never condemn you is actually only Satan. Okay? And he will always me very miserable. In case you didn't notice right before you start the scene. Thank you. I also just let about it before you start. Does say you, uh I think you like to be an easy all right. And you will do something and they hear voices. You know, it's OK. You know, you deserve to be lazy. What? So how The whole day. You know why I know you just take a break, okay? Emitting. You hear that? In the moment you decided to really be lazy. And don't do nothing. There's something here. Olive was a Hey, you lazy bomb. You see God to love you. Why you so lazy? Why are you not? You know, uh, doing what you're supposed do? Don't go hit you something I didn't. OK, you noticed the moment you did that scene, the more Satan will condemn you. But before you do the scene, Saito will try Toe Te Mu to do the scene. I see the difference. Whereas when it going to speak, you would how you do it because of me, even though you're tired because you love me, All right, And to be very honest, all right. Right now is I'm recording. I'm really very tired. I nearly didn't want to do that via to the okay. And because I heard a voice say, having just do it home awaiting. Okay, I would do it because I love you and then decided No, it's like 10. 34 PM doing this. We have been doing this for most 1 to 2 hours already, but I still do it because the fact that I love him and that's the reason why I'm recording , you know. All right. So this one example, okay. And it says here those whom I love, I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent their many times got would rebuke you. Not because he trying to punish you because he trying to discipline you. Yes. Imagine if you are a parent. All right, you got you go very misbehaved. You're it. Do not behave. Do you want to Sabine them? Yeah, you do. Same as our father in heaven. He would be slipping us, and he wants you to say Saudi as soon as you can. So that's why the whole Bible realized always about repenting. Repenting. Defending is very amazing, right? The Robert off lover repenting. But today, messages in church seldom talk about repenting. All right. I always thought about setting you just but not so much focus on repainting. So you're not repentant. Please start three pen pauses, video and repent. Very important. Uh, last seven. Question the seven question. Do you feel God's peace about the idea or off the top? Que you see God is Noah got off his order, but off peace, as in all the congregation off the lost people first Corinthians, Chapter 14 Verse 30 Tree. If you hear something or thing or something that makes you a few confuse, it's obviously not from God or mean you more confused. It's obviously not from God. Or maybe you think I'm big on tradition. You're really no sure. Okay, you need to really were on really with a confirmation before. All right, you move. Or maybe he's not human from God. It's possible or confuse you, because when he speaks to you, you will know is really from him. And then they expect this. You may negate the first time, all right, he told me a while, also to understand how that's got speak. Kane is slowly, slowly, as you speak to him, more his voice. Honey would become more and more clear to you as your practice. And sometimes you know, when you ask this question, sometimes the things you're thinking that any artists feel other questioning its assets. How do you feel stress confused or pranjic to do the thing that you're here? If you feel that then priest into it, but maybe is on the right. Time means not the right thing. I don't know Scott he wants. All right. But remember, whatever is don't be interest about anything in airy situation, by prayer and vision. Be thankful and present your requests to God and the peace of God. We transit all understanding. We'll go hot in your minds in Christ you thing got this over the mind to. And here's one for you to be in. Chapter four was 67. All right, so remember, don't be anxious. Trust God. He knows what good is for you. All right. Just present your request in court and he would give you a piece. And I'm very sure you give it answer to are even as answer last week. Maybe you're not really yet. Maybe you tell you later. I do not know just we but and say Don't focus on the answer. Focus on growing the relationship. You have. We got that is more important than the answer. So remember, don't focus, answer. Focus on beauty. Charity shape record will be thankful all the time. So I hope you enjoyed that last feed years old far. And, um, if your time base got down this picture from beauty, the on y slash GF you got there will be a size. Right. And when you do this, Donald, spend some time after this video, pray and listen to go and see if he answers all seven points. If you answered all seven points, Caretti always. Yes, Yes, yes, yes. All right. Obviously ease from court. So I hope that helps you. And I'm looking forward to hear what you have to rest, Mon. So calm and below all into the discussion. Anything you want, us or me. We can right now what going spoke to you and to encourage other people what you have heard ? All right, so you encourage others to my name's our impound. Thanks for hearing this bookshop. If you enjoy and benefit from it, please share your friends so that others will also learn how the God may God bless you and me He tissue a show you the way that is pleasing to God and no thank you for blast and see you very soon again