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Powerpoint 4 Video A2: "Meet Oscar: Oscar blinzelt"

teacher avatar Meike Hohenwarter, Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Intro: Powerpoint 4 Video A2: "Meet Oscar: Oscar blinzelt"

    • 2. 01 Profilbild

    • 3. 02 Patches für Augen

    • 4. 03 Gruppieren

    • 5. 04 Animation

    • 6. 05 Timing

    • 7. Projekt und Vorschau

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About This Class


Powerpoint 4 Video A2: "Meet Oscar: Oscar blinzelt"

In meiner brandneuen Serie "Powerpoint 4 Video" zeige ich dir, wie du auf Powerpoint coole Marketing- und Erklärvideos erstellen kannst.

Kapitel A heißt "Meet Oscar" Hier zeige ich dir, wie du einen Comic-Avatar für deine Explainer-Videos verwendest und animierst.

In Teil 2 zeige ich dir, wie du deinen Helden blinzeln lassen kannst. Damit wirkt jeder Avatar natürlicher und menschlicher. Es ist gar nicht schwer!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meike Hohenwarter

Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.


My brandnew series: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Start now with class 01!

Meine brandneue Serie: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Beginne jetzt mit Teil 01!

Austria's No. 1 on Udemy/?sterreichs Nummer 1 auf Udemy

My Motto/Mein Motto: "Live your full potential!"

I help enterpreneurs with their online business concept and their self development in order to live an efficient, successful and fulfilled live.

Ich helfe UnternehmerInnen bei ihrem online Gesch?ftskonzept und ihrer Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung sodass sie ein effizientes, erfolgreiches und erf?lltes Leben f?hren k?nnen.

My udemy-topics are/ Meine Udemy-Themen sind:

- online Marketing

- Videomarketing

- Self Development/Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung

- (Visual) Learning Skill... See full profile

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1. Intro: Powerpoint 4 Video A2: "Meet Oscar: Oscar blinzelt": have no on terrifically communities. In course, my number is making whom barter with the healthy Tony Menard Anthony Marilyn medium own language shift concept on the representative cats and we come Hello on guns based on the SI article Commencement Annoyance Theory. A power Point for video It happened. A few muddy marketing videos in the explainer videos are stilled wound cans feeling Kant, in fact, make him a bit of a master. The language assistant was faster than definite software. On Serve It on a Company may be the second. Yeah, I can see. Also, once we at all be after effects about amazed saffron, marry feel and for a dramatic new off power point, The Scalp Med alighted on Afghanistan's moment. PowerPoint. Super name Young Come on, Justice So and for his on this vegan stop tickets here, this is theory of the power point for video in Entebbe on top of its village capital game. So we have to much capital. I'm askin Capital very meet Oscar. Harvest the skin on the very inverting Jameson and character in Food, a citizen character shamed beer drinkers were viewers pretense of ITER very in the know Mandarin Capital taking women be evicted integrating the marked Just the hint A contest See Time of us tumult! Then I'm under in capital very still saying we mothers mitt in hand martyrs of this hand a certainty nine. Bring on on Twitter in our household with the emperor This recognition from Bill Geum on survey does he capture Annie gets for so on Johnson were aimed Reconcile Phone Mitos, count him threatened Tell for meat also states the from this warehouse Captain from does on we disease the sprint in the least ever he'd interactive isn't really truly passion and a descriptive and propose mentioned here's own detected here That's the scans and focus even the silver still come on when the cannabis mills with us kids don't kick and best yet scary off enroll on same Mitya by for me 2. 01 Profilbild: so I saw yet cental to everyone. Your Skok and airplanes. Larson, where planes land for human character. Feel not religion of your list on this under shaded in heart from and start Ishan frequently from Innocenti Momento, the Oscar see in uniform Perfect. The extra grateful depending counter created Mr Cartesian plane from that Soon on, the Continent actually hit Stocks Tour in Guns, Cupolas and Alberto Atticus. The interdependence planes in the village when a practitioner assume is on this English integrating with us Martin, this is not really guns M for the name and an M from the motel. Jonathan Build course Kino case does this. It's not a Cruz sunk and injustice in Ishtar Peak silicon yet we couldn't you know, 100 King, Gruesome Agnes and for him, a scene that's meta classing news. Only booze, Different mosque A hardness. Mr Young, if you harm on time tuition off the lean kosaido welders off based all shot Mel medicines Most recent race in entreat on a Honda Rebuild are trying, or the Izmit Village off takes the bullet points of those of us Martin or the flight or finish breaks Plaza meant that was covered, spaced as it does does this bus was more to the railing there soon and our comes off math Guzman Info. Um, only the entire it'll depress or on trade. Little Don't know. Blood Fit was under arrest from them here with the Horton or scuffle. Canseco's marry and he's thinking, as a Soviet US can scoot passen unsettle him at an ocean it year. Good, I said, That's weird. So that's a first for me. Good past. The sisters get a start in foam. Invited the statement. Actually him arachnid. Next off, the others often room ameliorate attain hard to sing villages. It's in for action aid in the search kick here. Draft Sak format substitution in well name. It's here and factors a continent, this piece to count it and Stuart misters next. Better on fire. Sisto him on with a park, and it may be that the 21 that's right, an Oscar sel tradition it making have most owned biggest jacket after can not looking, also quoted in the media. Still, Hama Month for stocks seen about guns off Martin Cooper today, taking the stolen off nominee Pesonen Falcons links of the guns. Great commitment here. No Heldenplatz. So it's how my number four be righted. Fido's was Tanga Sheen, Salter on THE Nation video From now on, Mitt in Princeton, past bathroom. 3. 02 Patches für Augen: So in some, Clinton is only guns Leg that select once far, canny and 40 okeanos plain and feel Mary's is needed. This is so quids that zone the key interest. Interested to think doesn't assessed Alice's marriage Immersed in pencil ministers, it is appealing here first mean nasty for in the moment so we can say its first mean intimacy. Informative. A Take me turkey seats. Father, this is does not get TNT Isn't video behind? Mr. Mason's really similar in my own home pitch you were taking about. That team is a brilliant so can tickets and to put people in prison decamped if on the really have on All right, Marijn isn't filed. E r A Dickey pitches on the market in Dimi Foreman and figure five seconds and fruit foreman. And that's really happened that he does this fugue Direct egg. Let's teach those m for So does it has gone, Tiago. But take amiable neat are by Sultan Magus Canopus No meeting Mantia. So do sea standard me sick Easter Summer blow start talking and Lance And this most hits that really needs time. This haste. Um, it was a different, um engine sticky off full effect. That's very does not really. McChrystal in six Obama this ignominy tp petr on quicker Mukasi now by mortgage. Indemnity guns decay. He father helped us. They are dear to me and had to He could see far better months. Markets me a shot young on video. 60 cents Here. This a pitcher model integration. Father should have really cool Michelle So So he says. The says it's more signal Sean, the city's mayor Rahm, and was assessed emotion. This is not a member. Cuties. Get off form Contour on Second Herman and the deceased sister Ramen or click continue to Kim uses. No, she even does this kid know? Obviously, April Aram. It's pastors. It's something here. If there's entity are never take charge. Komische. Also over this vaccine doses can All this was happening. So in this body, discounting is normal. Our students and on it matters. And for medical PM, the 30 ticks are in HD most Astor Opium. Normal rates. The Master Stand, Enfield, Northern Italy. Here are meeting controlled from Jonas Account, or ITI and control Foul. Commodus, Kino. Zuma, The cheapest does here to river on the established president system. Harris is a blatant give one. As it does it doesn't de momento appearance licked socialise. Our Shannon momento airplanes. Let's 4. 03 Gruppieren: okay, It's medicine National was under is taking us to hell right here on about Muhammad's. They certainly give us an pitch. Links for his racially August isn't infallible from the hospice and links and enter at this Pecchia months from Hamas. Economia pages is a normal flick movie in this uptick before that's unfunny into an immune windows. Alice Kate said. Cristian source. And this is cool. Tremendous can take opium. The media, neat on the agony of animosity unforeseen, killed off his eighth er Gamma soon. So not just a semiautomatic gay ticket as VSD illness cause Aniko. Perform these in Biden pages when those Martin, via Intimate and yes on Cretan, then give me of string of the control on taking of Sweat that momentum Abita guy tick mark Here it's somewhere HTML was tested own yet sucking the Akopian until no harm Akopian on the assistant. A momentous is particular cruciferous case. He knows that this has to sum up radical appeared on detective novels. Proceed defendants Paktika, said experts Ian. It's Elissa Smith. Martin is it's getting static. Come on, it's either here, he intoned only when his aunts and be handled, born with but must be new, and it's for shipping boring and comma and from the anise amel, Anti Clinton current Mets Notice any machine as a Tuscan Shelton, Dame Akopian the scarves. Tim Evita Want asses off good, and it was mast before the enemy is. 5. 04 Animation: so on that somebody organ copia from this kind of music remains I'm anime. Um on trust Were born is, in fact justice a purchase a shine um on Tommy the machine Gunn in the mo mentally purchase A shine in is the Oscar Crotty Clinton's That's rickety organ to summon the sort of effect and on nzt the machine on Cynthia our video off as it assessment Business and animal bones prayer. I mean the cells 300. It's on you click the same task It's subordinates even paid its examiners. Copa happened making off animate union Dumas Many cancer in Foca Shane and animate human necessity pitches ashamed so to seize that year sama thought spay steen well but us Yes, there Girma last mismo beneath the salmon Or does the scorpion from for here waiting for vendor doesn't imprint Tip shot it So our community on immaturely moment on John does the under section and meet Copia Discriminatory no glass And yet this memory that Clayton them after the album too. This is still supposed BBC it skid Mark Tom the office capable house. So common associates have avoidance of the results of the organiser off marked and the organ matter better off Indian visit pages, even with a fresh mean the says the market's been immunity. That is a is a graphic dizzy Copa on 21st mean and their motives off first. Then I'll finger feel it off. Baseer. This does middle of animosity. One. And get onto you, even get a visa and and get gets fresh mean. Ah, letting swindled us max. Two. Max Marquis Just to see stomach Most expensive Any hits off a shrinky don't have ignored the animate Janki end up the stairs to kept it for here. Regulars to cross you either. It's first of infancy. Nowhere but Kokkonen said Martin, with the no canister Shane and having us as a kid, Sawicki myself a chyna was it? Is? He asked. The here is done. The Oscar phoned in after After this traitor is classy. Just did the Pech Ashenden does a blend came out. Yet there one time one just the patriot of machine that the meter Oscar video see Tanker by Meat. And for here, starting Fresh means something must have my own business movies in second, an immaterial into food on yet fresh mean onto ceased yet isn't treated animate Yuanta on those comments. And Mama, Mama, Mama Some factor I might as a necessity. Secondly, the animate you into feeling ashamed, an immaterial into food, fresh on the material into feeling ashamed and animosity on him to food and fresh mean disaster. Muhammad's insecure some seed money material on here is just It's just the Oscar for open, oft out on down pitch, ashamed to damages airplanes. Pitch, get rectum. It's either we don't does in Vegas in North my mind on Attracted as Its With us Our shot Pacific in with a built in prison. That's Jonah from picking on on the world team actually have next time here, this moment it was proceeded to x 30 miles. You hear that? The sea status Marvin was proceed. Tiki meter mouse alternative. Readmit him. Failed. Asked those of us with its previous tub. Is Oscar ashamed? Oscar explained. Or Scotts Seed, Oscar explained, or SKUs Seed Oscars President Oscar seat As it assessed the mostest disc unchanged Nail Mommy got Ferguson. So Mr Stones marking as a cake, It's your name, the meat. This week it had an effect that this is not really no longer name this big mergers to those labour time. About 20. Pamela's can't similar office. It's the name Nation suggested video. Intermittent Master Meter Nischelle body considers cleat Most weather occasionally like pathetic that such breaking bills, all the determinist Oh my understanding or Cumin Muslims even off the national Peking cancers, that's good. React as a nation video tech activity this constant of time income. 6. 05 Timing: So give me no hands timing as it's so how ministers Let's demand Pakistan and this is the animal spirits quits between the start in first to the next off traitors. Dismounting got to lose his temper, since they contain service in Merida. Shante. Two key stuff. Animate Stolen onto your house to animate human spirit. Has a moment of those kickstand sees Toe does on to assist year off the new mantra prior to cancel here in mine action meant of us. Next rest was this vast city. Numa ends is the Oscar Auntie Newmont's where is even, say, physical p wrong on this Lake City mountain down opposite the certain says you can steer in the heat off 16. Mr Ross was here externalized. It was here on Don't get care. This is so cancer. The school to what momentum? A research. So on the it's Alan first defender to see state in new mom on men. And a no matter for Stirton has in my time clicking Azima by mouse click. Only then can you. No matter. Force didn't has. This was on the rest of the says to credits, and we weren't un fun and Oscar ashamed by most quick. Don't take him off the sweat, the suddenly evolvement and a mouse click this country in its young does. This princeling begins on time continues of attainment. This has with the street, the one we had sneaked. The issues did Burma's kick sound. Then we warns time, and that's kind of a sudden meat for here, Regan or the knock for hearing as a meat for hearing has care. Setting or not, for herring has direct an ominous fear. Tiki's When does the energy The honeymoon will get us? Well, Sagna for he everything fountain systems particularly. No mama terraces can no mosque, you know trending Lieberman Sebany. Now for hearing someone eat Massey Madiba meat for here, I could not meet for to go with that. This has to speak it meat for hearing the says. Many sets, elastin, Puritan videos and buckets static Say no. Nothing. Risking not getting baby going to be received. The info off. Cape wanted to submit car can and seen Abbas Yitzhaki, SecNav for hearing on sack meet for to go on domestic routes. Chastity Martin can pinpoint semantics. Tycoon investors are here. Cyst is the spread slick just let up. Let us to see Mother Off Pop Deeper pickle two seaters meter most Mackris Next off populace . Um, that's a cinch to kill for shortness. That's kind of to support its can it Starting off the sweaty Melissa It's been a straight a modest plane from begins Murch. The technique starting this doesn't stand in. Most clicked a few pockets on the Knicks sack feeder meets them for hearing no honey Cruise to refer to Go Munch. I'm for many here he kept on van that is occurring. A failing Bavetta River on a V off planes a month and Prince of Me, a fire in the mid notam, completely cut off on a market was offering in the set sail to the needs of acute itself even fired a passage. Kun, invective and, um on Tom's jacket came from nation, said He Betemit, for here. Bigger. Once it's this is with okay, sir. Tickets with cities with off him on tomorrow with no end and it set and hatch be tested. This has the solar. Milligan's could send us the organ tools in vessels. MEAC mayor dusters exited commissions shot remarking and in effect will be angry Tobon was Mike. Just treat them a normal here. Suggest with the meat. For here it is with great attic, the Sprink organics that she because with a little better to see still see, determine Advanta the cheapest a super Libya on this leads to my victims. Are you all with the meat for hearing on chips with them and its head and hatch? Peter, When the assistance ceased, ocean garnished may all this year Mendota seen Vince to then taming thing comes to here is in fact, Prusova. When comes to you after not timeline, vandalism goes past. It's not gonna matter. In this tallest ista deceased year. The and some traders did after is already master bed. The unity is to me than a mouse cake. Most naturally here are next for its name gains that staying on the area under and when the greenback instances Daughter statement for Herrington First meeting on copy on sex in the video. As of this test, then yes. Most Kika Santos governments that most kick commanders estimate indiscipline and and it said and hatch Peter machine, consider last map. Asa Coon, Forgive him, then completed. This is Agua for taken and anything that's said and hatch Peter Finch mean that the sweeter on Donald 100 this mind they seek out here the Hummer ends Miss may be seeing the shipments that just based sauce, that I think it is capped with them. Yeah, on So and for his sister's with an Oscar planes and us in on some shoes taking care of them for normal videos. It's our shot making off Bill Chimp Isn't Etzion mistaken from begin on wandering segmenting s mosque. Ika Shanta Oscar Hefty Most extra training Those two sisters Sister Basma Moment said in its um I its tremor. Prince Linenger Monsters on the ticker John Hamad Hamad is this Please welcome act on those Carmel A Jewish pathetic off Notts Inspiration That's not a CPV. Last night the sun settles Percy Anderson on Todd Oh, Vic Tinker actor feel h town free mentioned here 7. Projekt und Vorschau: so okay, this fashion, Vida Sean, Can Oscar Pinzon? Yeah, it's for eight meters tall, Lanky, believe based, owned the emergent thinking and its project. Oh, not really his. This project testers does not house Madonna, Avatar, Madain and character. They know from the ocean Kickoff Test owned a Firestone. It took another two decide Let's get made video. 80 Another soldier master like temperament and screenshot on test in screenshot on 13. Project Knocked arises Not really Induction and many films. Entire incomes. That's a Muslims heighten off in any cloud off laden with some passion. Often a dropbox order off YouTube would often a strike out of the Western model has on 10 cancer. The link in employee entail on the form I can't really see happening with the stores to know how the under and in the Cooper very does not relish. That's a bad trick. This is an and breaking our star skipped in blue, bringing beauty TV moment it acoustic if I didn't have to stood off and Yara and Thumbs Up for me keeps the system. Actually, artistic Human general is quiz rating, I don't know, and again, if what shall must keep Tim Mason course in Loma, Try Abit vitamin C. It's also called 30 Smile Gets That from this Oscar before I got to become on the Mimic and them on Day 30 got the opposite film as a f i T. He owns those tech tones open to mothers. Martin Come That's tasty of nation title in the formation doctor Avid Amita babies.