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    • 1. Intro: Powerpoint 4 Thumbnails

    • 2. 01 Intro PPt 4 Thumbnails E

    • 3. 02 Tour on Different Platforms

    • 4. 03 Format

    • 5. 04 Ressources for Pictures

    • 6. 05 Background

    • 7. 06 Inserting Picture and Removing Background

    • 8. 07 Font

    • 9. 08 Polish

    • 10. 09 Exporting as jpeg

    • 11. Project Skillshare PPt 4 Thumbnails


About This Class


This class is for entrepreneurs who create videos or video classes and therefore need thumbnails but do not want to bother with software like photoshop or canva.

A thumbnail, sometimes also called cover image is a picture representing your video or video class. The more significant and unique it is, the more views you will get. Often thumbnails are created in photoshop or canva. But you can do easier:

Powerpoint: almost everyone knows it and almost everyone has it. But most people think of boring presentations when thinking of powerpoint. But thus they are under-estimating what this software can do!

In this course I will show you how you can create cool thumbnails for your video or video class – just in powerpoint!

You will learn the following:

The three major things to take into consideration when creating a thumbnail

  • picking the right format
  • where to find great pictures with free rights
  • how to create a significant background
  • choosing a unique picture and removing background from it
  • inserting fonts
  • make your picture look more 3 dimensional
  • exporting your picture as a jpeg

Some knowledge of powerpoint is of advantage but not necessary.


1. Intro: Powerpoint 4 Thumbnails: Hello and quarterly. Welcome to this course. My name is Mike Home Bata and I'm a business coach and I help entrepreneurs with their business concept and with the self development. So what he will you be learning in this class Power point for thump males? So first of all, what is a thumbnail? I'm here, for example, at YouTube, but the trending page as off today and each off thes videos is represented by a thump mail . You see, these are old, some males that should kind of let people know what's inside, what's inside that video. Or sometimes it's also video courses like, for example, on you, the mere on skill share and eso What should it be? It should, of course, be standing out in some way. It should be special. It should make people curious to see what's in there and so usually what people do. But intra preneurs do is that to create the thumbnail at, for example, photo shop or a canvas. But what many people don't know is that power point is a really great software, and you can do a lot of different things with power. Point already showed you in others off my classes. Power point. It's not just for boring presentations. Power Point is really a powerful too. And in this class I will show you how easily you can create your thumbnails with power points. And I will not only show you the edible showing exactly that thumbnail off this class, how I do that. But I will, first of all, also show you what's important and what you should take into consideration when you create a thumbnail. So if you're interested in learning more about that, I'm really looking forward to seeing you in this class. So, Justin role and see you at the other side. 2. 01 Intro PPt 4 Thumbnails E: so hello and welcome in this class. So this first video is a little theoretical excursion on what? Your what your thump male should look like and what it should be. So your thumb, they'll re percent your whole video or even your video class. And so, from seeing the family name, people should want to see more. They should somehow be made. Korea's off. What's inside? So to say so I found three main topics that you should take into consideration when creating a thumbnail. So first of all, it should be standing out in some way. Usually, your thump may be shown in a search. People are searching for a certain search term and are shown different videos of different classes. And as you might know, your subconscious is much quicker than your conscious. So you already decided subconsciously, without really thinking about it, if you like something or not, and that you do easily by pictures because pictures, um, represent a lot, you know, one picture says more than 1000 words, and so the subconscious goes for the picture and not for the text. So you often already decided before you even know that you were deciding and you're deciding just on based off what the picture looks like. So you picture should be attractive for making people curious and this is usually by standing out in some way. There are several ways off how you can make you picture. Stand out and we will be talking about it In the next video, I will show you some examples, but now I just want to talk about it theoretically. So one thing is of course, color. So if you just look at my thumbnail that I'm showing you here, there is this this this really bright pink and also the green is not the usual green you will use. So this is one way off how you can just stand out off course, another possibility to stand out. It's just having something the rest doesn't have. So if people are looking for a certain search term and there is the usual way off putting pictures there and you just go an unusual way. So again, my thumbnail as an example, if when when you look for some nails you would rather look for, like, pictures off them nails are not off a really thumbnail, as I did and then, especially not for such a pinkish one. So for quite sure, there won't be any other some nails riel thumbnails with a pink nail polish next to mine. So this is standing out in some way another way. What, what is always standing out Our people. People love to see people, So if you have people, especially if you if they're showing some emotions, this is also often a way to stand out. So just make sure that if people use their search term and look for your kind of class or you're kind of video that you somehow look different, your family looks different and all the others second is also branding. I love to brand my thumbnails, and we will look at some examples where you can see that branding really helps. What is branding? It's making people recognize it again and again, So off course a local is a branding. But for US soda preneurs, often even more than a logo, is your face. So if you always have the same picture off your face, this is all the kind of branding, and you can also do different brand ings. Just make something on a regular basis and people will. We'll see that again and again and they will know Ah, heart. This is by my care. For example, I have, um, whole Siris on power point for always with the number forward to ditch it. And I'm showing different use of power point in a I'm comin way off using power point. So I also have, for example, power point for video, and these classes always have the same background. This time it's green. Last time it was blue and there will be more classes to follow and they will have the same background and just in another color again. So this is branding. It makes people remember you makes people recognize you. This is also a great thing, and that will also show you some examples on that. And another thing is clarity. So you picture should give some transparency on what is in there. So if you have, like naked girls and then you have, um, class on Excel, it might not be eat. You want to attract people by showing something, and then you bring something else. And this is of course, what should not happen. It's it's often so even on some platforms. It's not even allowed that u S o They will maybe not let you through review if if your logo shows something, if you come pinochle something completely different from what you're teaching, and it's not only that, it's not allowed, but you want to attract the right people who want to be clear on what you will be showing in the class. And often Vertes help. So if you have some some birds like here, for example, power point for thump males, then it brings more clarity. But sometimes, like, for example, you Jimmy, you're not allowed to use letters to use birding. So then your picture has to be even more clear. So these are three main factors I think that are important for thumbnails. And now let's escape older, that dry theory and let's go on the platforms and have a look at what I meant by this 3. 02 Tour on Different Platforms: Hello and they'll come tothis video. Now we're going on a little tour under will go with you through some platforms and people were talking a little bit about the different thumbs some males that we see. So as already mentioned, the thumb nail should make people curious about what's inside. It should represent the contents off your video or even your off your whole video class. So let's start off here at YouTube. And that just shows the trends that today's trends and never mind that most off them are in Germans. I'm always in English and somewhere in other link, which is where I don't even know what languages is. So never worry about that. We're just going to talk about the pictures, and I will give you my personal opinion on different pictures. And, of course it's my personal opinion, So maybe you think differently from time to time. But in general I will just point your attention to certain things. So let's start off here, okay, so what can we see? As we said, this is the trending off today and just imagine there is this office clerk and he's just a little bit bored and wants to take this sort off some minutes off off the off the office Berg and wants to watch one or tow video clips on YouTube and he goes for the trending. So what might look attractive for him or her? And a case of what can be see. So, for example, let's see here the 1st 1 The picture doesn't say anything because I can't really tell from the small picture what it is all about. But there is a headline you might say, and that this is a girl gets beaten so and if you're up for some to see news, you might be interested in that. So what I want to say about this first picture is the picture is rubbish because you can't see it clearly. I bet it's just exactly the moment when she gets beaten. But you come tell it from here. But the headline tells you what you will be seeing in this video. And as you can see, a lot of people want to see how a girl gets beaten. It's here. No, not very funny, but still. Okay, this is a language. I don't know which what it is. Maybe check or something like that. But this is clear. So I guess if you know this guy, it's some part five off any anything. So But this is quite clear. Politicians, you know, you're even know they're more not or you like them or not. I don't know what this is all about on by, for example, Also don't know what this is all about. So how can it happen that there is a company with just two numbers on it? This is because YouTube and for example, also still share would take a screenshot if you do not have a If you don't decide on uploading a thump name often just a screenshot is taken on my guest. This is what happens here. So if I am this office cloak and I just have some minutes and this digits digits, this numbers don't say anything to me. I won't watch this video. Not only that, I won't watch it. I won't even have a closer look at what it is all about. Still, there must be some people who like this because it has more than one million for use almost two million views. So there must be some interesting content, but you come tell it from the thumbnail. So they are advertising somewhere else, but truly not with a thumbnail here, for example. This says this is an English roof falling during football game. So what we might might soon will witness if you watch this video, is that a roof is falling down or somebody's falling from the roof. I don't know how to interpret this roof falling, but there will be something happening from the above, but you won't really tell it from here. You think it's maybe just a football game, just, um, sums course or something. So if you're not interested in football, you might not want to see. So this is lacking exactly that. The headline so that you can see it clearly because people won't usually read that off course. There are other criteria ins, where and when people pick videos. So this is not the only one. But we're talking about some nails now, so we're all looking through the thumb male class glasses. So if if thumbnails are attractive okay, there are more like screenshots. We don't know if it's really interesting, boring, boring. Your subconscious would say OK, this city stands out for me, comic usually works of course not around old, different comics. If the whole third searches just for comics than comics are not outstanding. But like here, a comic is quite outstanding. This also seems quite outstanding to me. For me personally, not in a positive way. It looks extra, extra funny. And I think I wouldn't like that. But for the people who like things like that, of course, this looks attractive. What else does my subconscious see? Therefore example here. This eel with pink lipstick. I'm thesis this is something out of the norm. Then this is off course before and after. So if you're going toe, if you're just looking for getting a six, practice might be very interesting for you here. This pinkish background is very outstanding. And he also the light green background and also these some letters love equals, lose. And also these kind of tears that you have here. This is outstanding. I'm talking about my subconscious here again, the comic And here again, the big letters. That's also point a little bit your attention to the branding. Like, for example, here you have to Nintendo brand. Bebel, you have here. Eso different here. This is, of course, some some kind of channel or something. So you have branding is like that. Okay, Make downloads. Everybody knows it's of course, also branding. Okay, so so far about YouTube. Let's look at all nine courses, for example, on you demean. So this is what you dummies suggests me when I'm just going for you. Jimmy dot com These are the classes with me suggests to me, as already mentioned you, to me, does not allow wordings does not allow letter. So the very best you can do is like here the a two because it's a brand or the F for Facebook. But you can't use any more letters and let's just let's have a look. What about this outstanding here. I think the logos are quite outstanding. Like you, for example, the filter shop logo. This guy's quite outstanding. It's comic again Then, like Facebook, this is very clear what it's all about. I can't and that's just a specific search. Let's go for Facebook right away. So if I'm looking for a Facebook as you to me and of course you know me always suggest me according to what I have done so far, so it can suggest you different ones than me. But let's just have a look. Okay? I'm half the search time, a term Facebook, and these are different Facebook classes on your enemy. And let's have a look at this. So this is very clear. I think it's quite a lot off White. I wouldn't put it on a white background, but But it's clear, and it's also outstanding because nobody else is a thumbs up. We have a lot off Facebook. I comes, so this makes it not that outstanding. But on the other hand, it makes it very clear with the class is all about, because now they're just looking for Facebook. But like before, when you have different classes, it's very clear that this, for example, is a Facebook plus, we're not so sure about that one. This looks a little bit messy in my eyes, and I'm also really wondering how this social media marketing wording got in there because you them is really very picky, are not using any words. So either somebody was sleeping at the review or the instructor exchanged the picture after review, because this is really not allowed on you than me. But anyway, I don't I don't consider it such a great picture. Okay, What else? This is clear. This is Facebook. Also, the Facebook plume makes it even more obvious in the in. The Facebook F is also this is a social media class in general. Yeah, it's OK. I think, by the way, these two are mine, and you can see branding again. Um, so these are my my beginners in my Facebook ads class. And you can see I used the same Imagine, just changed his little things here. So there's only usually can tell that to belong together. And I was like, these kinds of backgrounds, like stars exploding or something. So something coming from the central's from the middle to go outside. This is not very obviously Facebook, I would say, and this is it is outstanding. But for me personally, it's not not in a good way. It's not that that I that it makes me curious on what's in there. This is also Facebook class. I would say you can't really tell it, and it's the picture isn't very attractive. Maybe he's selling the software that might be Okay, this is IOS. Desist doesn't really belong here. Just as the Facebook in his subtitle. This is also together social media. But this, for example, is also Facebook class. I don't think this just put pictures. Very good. But as I said, these are my personal opinions. So I think I prefer all the ones with the Facebook F and to bloom. Also mine, of course. Yeah. I mean, I should like my Okay, So this is mutiny. Let's have a look at that for the same search at skill share. So now I put the word Facebook on skill share. And I think this is quite nice already because it has a person, an intense the Facebook and the Julie is something you bone see that often. And here are like this one. This is about your specific target audience, which is also shown very clearly. It's not specific Facebook class. From what I see here, I also like this. We were talking about branding and this is Diego the villa. I hope I pronounce him right. And he has a lot of lots of Facebook classes on skills here, and he's always using this speck or this spot or however you cold. It is this blue one with the Facebook you. So you will know He always has kindof interesting pictures. And then he always has this speck e Facebook local here. So you you can recognize all his classes. So if it's schools through, we will see this, for example again is Diego. And this is Diego. So you will find him again and again. And I think this is also quite good. As said, you are allowed to use Vertes on skills year and still many people don't use it. Some people just take take some stock image like here. For example Many teachers at skills here also teachers at you, Jimmy. And as you are not allowed to use words that you, the media, just take the same thump neo and don't create an extra realm. I always do because I prefer using wording. And I don't like it that I'm not allowed you to me. So, for example, here's again Diego here. These are too many words. If you ask me. This is just too much information on a small thumbnail because this is the usual size. How it is shown on skill share. Okay, Diego again. So you'll see. Theater is something with always using the same thing. Okay, So far for that, I will show you some more specific things like, um, when we're talking about the branding thing, I've also want to show you something else. For example, Neil Shearing. He always uses the same thumb. Males. Sisi. It's always the same picture, and it always stays news, all his classes and your it seems him. And the only thing that's different is the heather and these little I comes here. So he's changing. So you can see this is the same serious number seven and some number 19. But this is some other Siri's. So it seems that he only has two different Siri's one on instagram and one on how to use kill share. But maybe there's more. I don't know, But you see, you can others Facebook, Uh, you can brand yourself that you always have the same picture and I also want to show me myself as an example. I don't go that father, the whole picture is to say my just have elements that are the same. So if you search for my coun bata you can see you can exactly see what courses to belong together. So, for example, the yellow ones are all on productivity. And you, for example, these are the skills your classes than here have create space here, have a screen casting. So you see from the colors. Here's the power point for video, you can tell which ones belong together. Let's just make it more clear. If I sort them by their when they were uploaded, then there's kind of sorted. So you see, the last thing I uploaded was a Siris on create Space. Before that, I had the power point for video. Before that, I had seen simple screen casting. Before that, I had a skill share class. Before that, I had productivity classes. And that, you can also see, is what I do for branding. So, first of all, as I said, I'm using certain elements throughout the class. For example, here this very bright yellow and orange background and also the things comic style I'm using. Another elemental, always using is the flex, like I'm doing all my classes in both languages, German and English and so you can tell right away. This is a German class. This is through English class. It's the same class way. Concede, for example, here I always have numbers, so this is class number seven in German, and this is class number seven in English. So you will always find some number so that you can see what class number it ISS and another branding, if you look at it, is that I always have my face on it. It's always the same picture, and I always put it in one corner, not always in the same one. But there is like, for example, he It's on the right side, and here it's on the left side. And if you go for example, for the for the screen casting class, I just want to show you one more thing. So now you can see here from all my classes you can see right away or kids. This is about video creation with power point, and this is about spring casting, so it's very obvious always what the classes about, and this is what I love when using letters and I will use lots of letters. But it's just that you can see right away what the class is all about. So if there are different classes, it's easy to tell. But also like, for example, if we go right in tow screen casting, let's say somebody is looking for a class on screen casting tonight. The search terms green casting and you look to see their soldiers came to teach your classes and so on. And here, for example, three of my classes there are even more so they're ranking about the same in the moment. But let's compare, and you can see that here. It's very obvious that it's about screen casting. And it's not that obvious on a on a picture like that, for example. This, for example, dab it is his obvious with comm. Tasia that's clear. Or hear the contagion logo. This helps. This really helps that people know that this is about contagion. You see. Also here, Brian checks. Um, he's also branding. You can see this is part two part three, part four of the same Siri's. So this is always great if you do that. So I hope I gave you a little over few on what to take into consideration when you create a thumb nail. And now let's go to power points 4. 03 Format: so Okay, we already mentioned that your thumb will represent your video. And you know that nowadays the format has changed, like in old, different players. If it's your mobile or all your screen off your laptop or your your PC or whatever. Nowadays we have HD format or even full HD and HD. Former is a 12 80 by 7 20 and so you have Tom Male should also have this for months, and also this aspect ratios. If if your videos full HD, it's still the same aspect ratio. So this is what we want to go for. And Power Boyd provides that for you, luckily, so you don't have to do much about it. So the next step is that we will have a first look into power point. And even if you haven't worked on power point before, don't be afraid. It's really easy. I will show you everything, and usually you have power point with your office package. If you don't have power point, just Google for 30 days free trial and you can test it for 30 days, and then you can decide if you want to have it. My case and the vista and when you start PowerPoint first you go for a new presentation and we go for blank presentation. Power find provides all different kinds of presentations. But I don't like those, and I always will work on it myself. So just open a playing presentation and you also don't need thes here. You can just select them, and then you can press the delete key. Okay, so now we have a completely bring presentation and just make sure that you have to write for months. So, um, this is a 2013 version and there's a new 1 2016 I don't have it, but there are all the versions, like 2010 and I think before that it was 28 or something. Older versions still have the older format, which is four by three, and you don't want to have that because that won't fit with your with your video format. So you have to make sure that you have the new former by default, just to make sure you just go on design and then you choose here slight size, and then you see the different formats and it's offering both. But you see, my mind is by default already 16 by nine. And this is what we want to have. We don't want to have four by three. So this is 16 by nine. And this is exactly the aspect ratio that we need for HD. So it's perfect. And also, when you say if it later on, it will be exactly the HD for months or 12. 80 by 7 20 picks us. Okay, so this is what you should shoot. Plan a hat. And now we can start on the thumbnail. And first of all, you need pictures. And in the next video, I will give you some great resource tips on where you find great pictures. 5. 04 Ressources for Pictures: Okay, So I guess you are aware that you cannot just go on Google and find some nice pictures because they're writes about pictures. And so you need some resources where you can be sure that you're not infringing any rights and one off these great platforms who speaks up. It's just picks up a dot com and there you get Ah, si, si, si, rogue pictures. You can see that here. It says he s e C zero, and that means common creatives on and this year remains that you don't have to name the full toker affirm things like that. So you you're completely free off naming anybody or something like that. So you always have to make sure when you goto a platform like this there are lots of different platforms like this. That's that. You just have a look at the rights to be on the safe side, but with picks up a, it's old cc zero, and then you can just give you put in search terms. And this is in German, of course, because I'm in Austria, but you will see it in your language. And it just says that the pictures are free free off costs. These types that this means that they're free off rights. You have toe keep in mind, and this means that they are also free. This means you don't have to pay anything another platform like this. As I said, there are many off those just Google for CC zero picture platforms. Another one I can recommend his pack False. It's about the same. You also have CC zero pictures for for no charge. So also there you can find great pictures. And then, of course, there are lots off pictures stock platforms where you can also get the rights for pictures . But you have to pay for them. And I consider this completely OK. I often pay for pictures. Um, I think the picture is very important, So I don't mind if I pay some some euros before having the rights for a picture. And again, there are many, many platforms. I just want to show you two big warms like oneness shut the stock and the other one I want to show use Istock. So these are great photo stock and also video stock platforms. Eso just in when you when you want to create a thumbnail. Make sure that you have nice pictures. So what are the pictures I have? I have a background and then I have the nails. And when we, for example, go back to pics a baby you can just put into the surge you can just a background, for example, and look what they will bring. And just be aware the first row that sponsored at you See, this is not pixelated to shutter stock and shatter stock gives you some examples. And you see the sea they fit even better than the picks up a things. But just be aware, these costs something. So if you want to go change to show shot a stock from takes obeyed and you have to be aware that these are not for free. Okay, so they are not really that backgrounds. I mean, this would be like a background, but it's not what I'm looking for. So you see, it takes time finding nice pictures. You have to go through a lot. So one thing is that you just say background. This could be nice. Something like that. I like things like that. That, or like this old would things like that this is okay. Often you can call them that. They call them abstract, so you can also say like abstract and you seem or off Thies. This is more my style, some something out of nature, things like that. So you see, there is a lot of rubbish here. You have to have to have a good look and you just have to scroll through. It takes time. You can't change that. If you want to have a nice picture, you have to take time or frank something. You can also save all paper or just wall. This would be just a ball. For example. These often look nice that this this is, will be great. You can. You can also change colors and things like that in PowerPoint. So if you take this, if this doesn't have to stay in orange, for example, haven't show you that in a minute. Okay, so just to find the background you see, there's lots of things you won't need about. There are a lot off nice backgrounds that you can use and, for example, like here is grass. I like it when it's it's not just one solid color, but it's It's about one color. So, um and it's a set. You can change the color and there's lots of other things you can do to a picture, so this could also be great. You could could do great things out of something like that. Okay. And then the other picture we had was the thump, of course. And this was quite this was quite tough. Um, I was looking for some nail. I can show you here when you put in some mail. And I didn't find the results I wanted to have. I was also looking for thumb by was looking for finger on. I mean, this is OK, this is something I wanted to have put up. Didn't want to have a graphic. I wanted to have a real photo and I couldn't find anything like that. See, this is all What? What they're showing for thumbnail, for example, Picks of a. So finally, I bought a picture here on shop the stock. And what does it cost to buy a picture on chatter stock? It costs me unusually by a package off five pictures, and I think I pay about $30. So it's about $6 for one picture on this is really okay for me. And so what I found was this picture here, here it's implicated in large and I only want to have to some And of course I would have liked it if it was on White and I don't have to do anything about it anymore. But I couldn't find anything. They required some pictures off thumb nails, but either they were somehow are sore or the or the nail polish. Wasn't okay from the When the picture was small, it looked OK, but when you look closer, it was like fallen, fallen off and beat turn and things like that. And I thought, Okay, this doesn't look nice. If I want to have a bad picture over time, then it should be really terrible. But something in between just doesn't doesn't bring any effects of. Finally, I found this picture and now I have to work on it in order to get just the thumb out. But then I thought, it's OK for because I want to teach you something and so I can show you how to do that itself. So this is the picture of the thumb. And for the background. I have a picture I already used before because I have a whole Siris on power point for and I always want to use the same background and just which just change colors for the different classes. So I already had that background and now we can start working. 6. 05 Background: Okay, So time to start. As I said, make sure that the four months is the right one, that they are have a form it off 16 by nine, and then we will start with the background. And of course, you can make a very simple background. So actually we already half a white background. So if you, for example, just want to change the color, you just can right click your mouse and say former background And then this little pain opens here. And you can, for example, just go for another color. You couldn't say that you want to have a red red background or that you want to have a yellow background, for example, and you can also use different patterns. So this would be easiest. It always depends on what you're going for. Sometimes this would be enough effect, but sometimes it just won't look that great. I'm I always want to get away from like what you see here about the typical power point presentation. This is always terrible for me. Okay? I don't want to have it looked like something like that. So this is what what I do not want to have but Sometimes a simple background in one cover can be great. One thing I'm sometimes using is the Grady, Um, feel so does this year the second option. And you have this little texts and you can just give them any color. Let's, for example, say the 1st 1 should be white until you click on the 2nd 1 He said, this 2nd 1 is dark blue and let's say, Okay, this one is the life Lewis, okay. And this we don't want to have. So click on it and just go on here. A. So now we have three text, and you can you can just slide them here and there. And from where us lighting them. You have different effects, and this can look nice, but not always so it depends on a lot of things, but this could, for example, Now it kind of looks like a stage. So campaign eyes just play with it, and now we have it linear. But you can also have it like radio, for example. And then it looks like this. And here you can also say this is like only like water off a radios. He could also say the full radius and play around with this. For example, this looks like yourself from something so you can get nice, nice backgrounds with these Grady INTs. But again, it depends on what you're going for and what what especially you need. I would refrain from using picture and texture feels by by power point because they look quite terrible. But you see, you can go online and you can go for more, and so you can also upload a background. But the easiest is if you just insert a picture and this is what we are going to do now. So let's go back to solid field. Doesn't matter anyhow, because I'm inserting a picture. But just let's go back to the default version. And now I just say, Insert, pick Atriss. And as I said, I already have a background, and I'm unsure. Take this one and this is the one I was using for my power point for video. Siri's and I have more power point for to come, so I decided that I always want to have the same background, and I just want to use different colors, so this is a little bit too small, but this doesn't really matter with something like that, usually usually in large pictures. But this is really okay. There's no no difference because I want to have it structured anyhow. And I just I mentioned before that you can you can work on your background. So remember the grass and I said, You don't have to have it in that color and you can also change the structure. So again you have to have to picture selected so that the former shows and then you could, for example, go for artistic effect. And just look what you can do to that so you can make it look completely different. I just have over it, and after after some seconds, it shows. So some look quite the same. This, for example, says plastic wrap and some look very different. It's different artistic effect, so you can go for any of those and always make it look very different. So this is one thing where sometimes play around and the other thing, of course, is the color. And I is. The tested nail is very pink, I decided toe just take the the contrast and Teoh read. The contrast is screen, so I take a light green. So I took this one. This is how I created the background. And in the next video, I will show you how toe insert the next picture and also how to remove the background. 7. 06 Inserting Picture and Removing Background: so OK, it's time for our some milieu. The thump nick for the thumbnails. Funny. So insert and pictures ago. And here's the finger picture. I'm inserting that I showed you our bodies on shot to stop, and as I said, I would rather wanted to have, Ah, just the thump without any any background, but I couldn't find any. So this is good for you to learn how to remove backgrounds of pictures. And so, first of all, I will crop the picture because I only want to work on the thump anyhow, so I don't need all the rest. So it just make sure that it's selected again, and then you go on crop and then you have these little angles here and you just select the thumb. You don't need anything else, and then he can just click some barrels. And now you have this selected, and what we want to do now is that we work out the thumb when the background is white. It's very, very easy. This is not so easy because there is flesh color on flesh color, so Power Point doesn't know for sure what to such as, but I'll just show you. You will see it. So first of all, as I cannot sue me into the pictures a canto at photo shop, for example, I will enlarge it just to see it better. And then you have to have it selected again and be on format. And then you have the option removed. Background. That's what I click now and now you see again the whole picture and I don't know why this selection always is a little bit smaller. It's always that way. But just go on to the corners and just make it a speaker's your pictures. Election is okay, so this is what power point would suggest. So this is what what it thinks it might be eat. But of course it's not because I just show you If I find all say, keep changes, this is how it would look like. Okay, this is not what we want. So we go on remove background again, and very important are these to the plus in the minors make heiress mark areas to keep in mark errors to remove. So let's first start with keeping the goat on the blast plus sign. And then we get this little pen and the soul of Justo di Diagonals about the region we want to keep. And now it's calculating it new and suggesting something else and your cities are really looks quite good. There's they're here, little dots that's miss. Things are just go here again for just a adopt and also here. But now it looks really good and the same here at this side. So just make it I ago. No. Okay And is always looks very good. And here's something miss things that just go here. And I can also hear the flesh. It's missing. See, now it. Now it's reached a little. Think it, but that's OK now, because I wanted to show you the miners anyhow. So if you go in the minors and say mark areas to remove, then we can remove this so we just go here. We don't want to have this. No, it's gone, but not this old vanished. So we have to go upmarket areas to keep again and just go here. It's making another diet go down here and here's a little bit missing, and I think this looks quite perfect. I go once more for here for the Plus, he is a little bit missing still, and then I go once more for the minus because here is a little bit surplus. Just make a little line here and also here. I don't need that. Something's looks really good. Um, just go and keep the changes and, ah, the nail is missing now help! I haven't seen this because it's also pink, so we have to go on the plastic and and get the nail back. Yes, now it's big. I think this is going to keep the changes, and this looks very good. Here's a little bit missing still, and here we can work a little bit more exactly. So let's go once more and say Plus again here there's a little spot missings. As I said, if there is a vital background, if the background differs a lot from the picture than it's very clear and power put in point will suggest something and you just have to check market. But here it's more difficult because it's flesh color on flesh color, and so PowerPoint doesn't know what to suggest. Okay, this looks great. Off course. You can play along very long, but I think this is beautiful. We don't even need it that big and you will see. And even then, the picture. The thumbnail usually is much, much smaller. So this is perfect. If you are kind of a perfectionist, you can go for one or two more rounds. But I think this really looks great now. So and what? What? I did, Voss, that the company was kind of pointing towers my picture So it wasn't in a die organo. So whether do is just turned this veal here and see this year. And I think this is quite good to go. If you want tohave little adjustments, we can't do them later on. But this is what what I did with the thump and yeah, now you know how it works. In the next video, we're going to talk about the funds. 8. 07 Font: Okay, so the next thing we want to insert other forms and what you do for that is you just say insert and textbooks and you put a text box here and on the upper hand on heart Divert power point. Okay, so this is quite small. May have to work on that. So for working on the farms, you can either just right, click your mouths and you have some some things here or you go for the home button and he also have things to work on the phones. So you have to select the Holbert. And what do we want to do with it? First of all, we want to have it bold. And then we want to have a larger Of course. I chose 18. And then one important thing is the colors. If you want to change the cover, you just go here. And it suggests a lot of colors. And you can even go from, or colors like here or like here. But what you can also do What I like to do is that I'm repeating colors within a thumbnail . This is what makes every graphic look more professional. So what? I decided I want to repeat here is the color of after nail, and for that you can use the eyedropper. So you just select eye dropper and then you go wherever you want, and it's choosing the color off the things here. And I want to have the color of nail polish. And of course, you could have the darker pink. Or you can also have to bright light a pink from From the reflection and test years, I'm selecting a very dark pink. So I go here and then a Nargis clicked on the word power point turns pink. Isn't that nice? I really loved I used it very often because, as I said, it looks more professional. If you're repeating colors within 11 a graphic design. Okay, I don't like the phoned yet, and Power Point is offering a lot of different phones and you just have to have our over it and it shows you how it would look like, so just go there and again also forms as pictures. You can get a lot of different funds, just Google for fun, sent for some euros. You get a lot of different funds and you can just download it. It's really easy. Or you can even get funds for free. They're also creative Commons with from So if you don't find anything here just just by a phone, or maybe even get it for free. But I found myself have found that year, and the name is show Cartago thinks I can either scroll all the way or I can just just type the first letter. So just say show and then it already offers here, show cut girl think and they're not just entering. And this is the funds that I found that I liked. I've never used it before, but this is kind of like a little bit like cartoon looking thing. And so I thought, This looks quite nice. Like here. Looks like the pau on a cartoon, for example. I liked it. Okay, It's not large enough, so we just enlarge it a little bit. Okay, so this is how it looks so far. And that I like to do is that I make the formed a little bit standing out. So what I usually do is a shadow. And because this makes it more three dimensional and what I did here, but also liked is I liked this reflection on the nail. This looks really nice, I think, and I wanted to repeat this year. So now I'm working on the funds to give it some extra, some extra extra. So I was elected again and I have to go for four months and just be aware that there is a shape former in the text form. It's the shape format with former distance rectangle that the whole text box and we don't want to share way want, Don't go to former that We want to former the text. So what we do, we go for text effects And here you see you have different effects you can choose from And one thing I did was the Babel. This Babel makes it more like a three D look and I can have over it. And you see, it gives all different, different looks and some of them look really great. And I found that this one here makes it kind off the same look as the nail is. It's also this shiny thing. So I chose that Babel here to give it the same Lucas the nail house. So this was number one that I did. And then what else? I did as I told you, usually I would work with shadows because shadows always make things look more three d. So let's go for text effect again. And you see here shadow and you see no shadow is selected. But you can have all different kinds of shadows and managers help overdue, seeded, just from varied comes from insider from outside or also the direction. Whether the light comes from you can also have shadows down here. So you have lots of different options about shadows, and most times I would go for shadows. But I found here all the reflections look nice often. Reflections don't look nice, But look here, this This looks quite good with this forms. And with this kind of thump Neil, I'm just crazy. So you could do that. But what I decided to do is to take a glow, and this is option. I usually would never choose, but I really liked it with this. So what you see year is that you have, like, a little Kalima around it, a little glow and I just took the green as the background is always a green, and this also has a certain a certain shadow effect and makes it look more 33 d. So I chose that one. Andi, I thought that it looked really nice with this. Asai said I usually wouldn't use that, but here I liked it. Okay, Now we have toe power point, and we also need four thumbnails. And the easiest is if we just copy that. So you just make sure that the text boxes selected and then you go into your right mosque. You can see copy and rice, right mouse, click and paste. And then you have it. Have it copies the same. Of course, if you would use your your control key and say controlled V and 10 control control, See, and then control we have. I usually used to write mouths, and now we want to have this down there. So we just say for some males and you see, it's it's taking all the four months, so this this is quite great. We don't have to form of the thing again. Just we just copied it. But what I didn't like, I didn't like the number for, because I think it's not really very well, readable. So I was looking around for other forms for the number four. So what you can do, it's even I have over it. I was looking for another formed and you see often they are not even the same size. But I found myself the goddess stout, which looks as if it could be the same. And you see em. I'm just typing some letters. And then it's suggesting Gowdy stout. And I thought, This looks as if if it could be the same formed. So this is just what I did. Some again. Now we have a nice fault, and in the next video we will toe do some extra polishing, so we will do the rest. So stay tuned. And in the next video of me, I will show you how toe do the rest of what I did to my thumbnail 9. 08 Polish: Okay, so let's go for the Polish for the last pits. Um, so I told you that I'm always offering my classes in German and in English and in orderto differ for people at the first sight, I used the flag, so I will just insert it. I say insert pictures and and hereafter English flags. I will insert the English flag and then the other thing. I also always uses a picture of myself. So again, insert pictures. And here's my picture. I'm also inserting that so these two things are now inserted and what they usually do. I put my picture in one corner. Let's put it here and the flag into another corner. Let's put it here, and it's always good to have things in the alignment, so it should be about the same. The stents. Let's put it like here. And then I will have to is in alignment that the P is exactly the same size here like that . And then here this goes a little bit further down on the little bit for the left so that we have the same distance to the rim. And of course, you know here when you look at the few you have. Hey, can have great lines. You can have a rule and things like that to make it even even better. Bob just looks quite good here. We can go a little bit more over there. I can't the same with down here. We also want to have the same distance from from from down there and also from the from the right. So I think this is about it. And then he can just gone few again and just make the great lines vanish again. You can also create guides. You can also have a ruler so you can have different kinds of help to make everything look look perfect. To be in alignment, we have sort off like a rectangle in the rectangle so that we have the same distances from the from the rim. So this looks quite good. I would I wanted to have the some point at me. So turn it a little bit and pull these a little bit further up, okay? And one last thing. But I also wanted to do you saw that I did this three d effect here with the Babel and also the globe and I want to repeat a repeated with my images. So I just select image and you see here the four mother have to select it for months and I go for picture effects. And again, I want to have to stable. So it was this one here, see, and did not mix in a little bit more three dimensional and picture effects and the globe. And I found out that the third option is good enough for the pictures. So here, the green green glow. Okay. See, now I have I have it added with my with my flag and I want to add it with the finger and also with my images. Well, and so in order that I don't have to do it two more times that just elect both. And I do that by holding the control key. And now I have both selected the finger and my picture and I go on pictures, picture effects again. I see again glow and take the third option for the green Globe and again picture effects Babel and the choose that Pape able here. And you see now I also have this green shadow and also a little bit more three dimensional look. So this is how I created this this specific time nail. And I hope I gave you an idea of how this works. And that was an idea on how you could also do other thumbnails. And in the next video, we'll show you how to exports that picture. 10. 09 Exporting as jpeg: so OK, now we need the whole picture as a J. Pick em. This is very easy. You go on file and safe f browse. And of course, you should be saving that as a power point. So do that for sure. But we also want to save it as a Che practices the way off exporting it as a che pig. So look for the file where you want to save it. Then you name it like, for example, thumb mail, Uh, point for some nails. A little bit weird. The divergence here twice. But it's just the way it is, So I named it now, So you want to save it? There's a power point presentation in orderto be able to make future changes if you want. Oh, and then you do it did Then you say with the second time and this time you select J pic you could also save it as a PNG, But usually I save it is a J peg. So you said like che pick and you say save. And now it's asking you if it should save all this lights of justice one. We just have one. So it's the same But of course, if you have ah, whole long power point presentation, you could save all the files s Che pig, each one, and it would make you file out of that. But we don't need it. We just have one slight. So we just need the slights. You just say justice one, and then it saves it as a J pick. And I just want to show you how it looks. Here we have it and we open it and you see, now you have J pic off your thumb nail. And this J pic is exactly the HD size. It's 12 80 by 7 20 and this is it. This is the whole art off, creating a very nice thumbnail with power point. And I hope you like it as much as I did a So I said I do tons of things in Power Point. People always think that power point is just software for boring presentations. I never do boring presentations on power point, but I do a lot of things on Power point, Asai said. I already have two serious power point for video and there will be more more classes coming on that and I also have other classes. Plan so state you want because I will show you beat by beat. The power point is a very powerful toe that you can use for a lot of things. And I hope you like that lesson and I hope to see you soon again. 11. Project Skillshare PPt 4 Thumbnails: Okay, so this was it. And I hope you liked the class. And if you did so I really would appreciate your thumbs up for this class. Maybe also, some birds added to it. And as over some skill share, you have a project for the class. And the project, of course, is creating your own some nail. You can do something like I did, but you can also do something. But you just need for your classes. And I just carried with this class I really would love to see. But some things you have created, and of course, you can also put your link there. So if this is, ah, a company or force for your own video class or for your own video, just put a link there so that people know very leads to and what it is all about. Yeah, and I'm really looking forward to seeing a lot off thumbnails here in the projects. And I'm also looking forward to seeing you again very soon.