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Powerful secrets behind Reddit Ads | Everything you need to know | Ad types explained step by step

teacher avatar Nikola Lugonja, HR and Marketing Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. What is Reddit

    • 2. How big is Reddit

    • 3. Types of Reddit Ads

    • 4. Video ads explained

    • 5. Reddit Ads Manager explained

    • 6. Billing settings and managing accounts

    • 7. Different objective types explained

    • 8. How to set up the Reddit campaigns

    • 9. Things to have in mind

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About This Class

In this course, you will learn what is Reddit and the principle of its functioning. Why is it so popular and how to effectively advertise there. You will also get some great tips and remarks on the things on which you should pay attention when it comes to this platform. After this course, you will be able to set up your own successful and efficient Reddit ads campaign.

Reddit Ads (lectures):

  1. What is Reddit

  2. How big is Reddit

  3. Types of Reddit Ads

  4. Video Ads explained

  5. Reddit Ads Manager explained

  6. Billing settings and managing accounts

  7. Different objective types explained

  8. How to set up the Reddit campaigns

  9. Things to have in mind

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nikola Lugonja

HR and Marketing Instructor


-Multi-year experience in both HR and digital marketing. I started my career in Marketing, but over time I dived deeper into the world of Human Resources. I find these two areas commonly overlapping (e.g. when it comes to the employer branding), therefore I will also try to link them in some classes. 

-Here are 4 values that I always keep in mind when preparing and publishing classes:

Keep it short and sweet - eliminating everything that does not bring any value and ensuring the students get the most out of every single second Unscramble the content - making things simple to comprehend and outlining the most important takeaways Always explore - stepping into the unknown to extensively research new topics and broaden the knowledge spectrum Improve on fee... See full profile

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1. What is Reddit: Hey, everyone, welcome to this section and course in general where we're going to talk about Reddit. So read It is a very popular platform and I'm so happy that we're taking a look at this topic. It's really interesting and I promise that it will be fun and it will be very useful. That's the most important thing. So in this first video, I'm just going to give you an introduction. What other days? Because there are some of you that don't know haven't heard about it, which is okay, of course. And I want to provide you with some statistics and for Deron. We're going to take a look at the different types of science and how to set him up. So So, first of all, I would like to say that Reddit is really, really popular most in the US So if you were from some other part of the world, maybe you haven't heard of it. That's OK off course, but you should know that it's very, very popular. And before we start, I would like to before we start with some statistics. And although I don't like statistic very much because those data there is always changing and so on. I want to provide you with some so you could have a clearer image. Or what is the Web site of how how big it is. First prepared some definition, Let's say to help you understand what reddit is so red. It is a social sharing website that allows users to discuss and vote on content that other users have submitted. So it's a social website, social sharing website. But it's not exactly like Facebook or Instagram. It's it's different. Eso you don't get confused with that word social, and moreover, it's built around subreddit. We wouldn't explain that term Ron, where users submit links, images and text, which everybody can then vote on. So if you get a lot of those votes and usually best concepts, contents dio, then you get uploaded and you go to the top. If you get down older than you go to the bottom in your west visible and that's the most important thing to know. So it's like I wouldn't call it Q and a website. It's not just question to answer, although I would say that it is based on that principle, but it's not just questions and just answer so you can push European there. You can pose yourself impression so on. So you can the whole point of friend it is to induce a discussion on. That's why it's a great website. I mentioned that that were separated, which is very, very important in order to understand the whole functioning of the website, and I'm going to read a short definition of what some Brits are. So separatists are like the niche forums within the Reddit website. They allow users to focus on a specific interest or a topic. So read it is like website but subreddit r like specific What pages? Let's call it a niche forms as it is mentioned inside of that website. So you can you can look at Reddit as as Internet and old specific websites forms and so on , like pages with certain topics are some bread. It's in this in this situation and that's that's the most important thing to know and understand when it comes to the red do so it is based on those separate. It's like niche forms where you can seek for different topics and then post your your opinion question or whatever you wish in that certain separates on. Later on, we're going to take a look. Why, That is so powerful. Because you can with those subreddit you can actually talking to our audience, that that's possible way. So they watching this lecture, and I hope to see you in the next year. We're where we're going to take a look at that statistic and so you can get a better picture of the bigger picture. On what? How big red it is. So thank you once again and soon for you. 2. How big is Reddit: Hey, welcome back. And as I promised in this video, we're talking about Reddit statistic again. I'm not a big fan of statistics because those numbers are always constantly changing. But I need to give you something in order to understand how big red it is. So first of all, thes, uh, data laid eyes according to Instapage website so red and contains 234 million unique members. Okay, So maybe comparing to Facebook, they're faced with database instagram Google's database todo compared to daily visitors. You do so it doesn't sound so much. But believe me that that is a big number, especially when you take into the consideration which kind of audience that is. So believe me, it's a big number is the fifth largest website in the U. S. According to Alexa. So this this list is constant, constantly changing, but it's important to know that in the US, in the world also, but in the US specifically read it. It's a very, very, very important and very often visited. It receives eight billion page views per month. Okay, so that that's a big number. Just imagine if you place your ad there. How many impressions you can you can achieve. There are over one million subreddit. It's if you recall that term that we mentioned about some bread. It's that it's actually the structure of the whole right side. So there are over one million of that, like one million specific needs topics. And so I'm not saying, Of course there's a difference. Some small, some big someone even not visited a doorbell. The important thing is to normally just imagine you can. You can divide your audience. You could target them basically one million different topics. That's that's a huge number. So the next one and this is the very, very, very important one average visitor spends over 30 minutes on a platform. Of course, again, these numbers are always changing. But just imagine, even if it's like more than that, not saying more than 30 more that likes. That's the average time that the maximum average that needs it, people have instead of water. That and that's that's really really poll that just gives you a bigger and wider picture. How popular it is because somebody spent so much, so much time there and they read the answer on different questions. They they provide opinions they common and so on. They are up or down, vote and so on. And that's really, really powerful. You can see that their attention is really, really strong there. In four years, the network has expanded from about 40 millions. You as imagine, 243 millions, and that's really, really, really powerful reading, by the way, was was founded in 2000 and five, I think, and so it's been around for a while, I can't say, but still it has. In my opinion, it has seen a big road in the only recent year, Aziz said several times since its popular. And I think it has the biggest, the biggest, let's call it like the most users air coming from the US at least in my opinion. And I'm not. I'm not so familiar with your demographics on. I just want to say that their audience and is that your worldwide. But the website is most popular in the US I believe so. That's why it's really, really at our whole for advertises what they want to target specific issues on an interest . So that would be regarding this statistic part as I said, this is this is always changing. This is more or less prior. Teoh. Second half made off, two toes igniting. So you know, and always says the pencil on the sources where you were seeking. So this is just to give you an approximate image on how big it is because it really is on the Thank you for watching. See you next. 3. Types of Reddit Ads: Hello, everyone, and we're continuing with Reddit ads, section and course. So we're going to take a look at different types off ready dads that are available. So first of all, I would like to make a clear division. So there are two. Let's call it groups manage advertising and self serve advertising. First, we're going to focus on manage advertising or display posts. And for the majority day, they will not be just interesting because you can see here. That's the better choice for large scale advertisers with a big budget. The thing is that this play posts are custom based and you cannot set it up by yourself. So you need to contact the credit sale steam, and they're not even cheap. So price starts at $30,000. So at this moment, maybe they will change that. But that is supposed to be your budget in order to use this type of promotion, and moreover, they will help you with the advertising so they will run some. They will actually help you in the advertising process, and they will give you some custom metrics and so on. So it's a great feature, but it's for for big media agencies or big companies. And here you can allow or not the comments for creditors. But usually advertisers don't because rather, tours will troll these kind of posts. So that would be it regarding the manage advertising or this play posts. Now we're going to focus on the other group that is self serving, advertising or promoted posts. And this is this is actually the group that we want to focus on, because here we can set up the ads by ourselves. And when it comes to the promoted posts, it's important to say that advertisers usually leave the ability for editors to comment, since the point off these types off, as is to induce the discussion and seek different opinions to hear what other people think . And here you can include several wings, both internal and external websites, landing pages, other social media pages and so on. And you can see here that users can create ads on their own in red. It's in the Renaissance manager with even $5 you can see later on some metrics and traffic analytics, and you have important to know. But you have three types off as here, so that's a link at text at and video ad with which is relatively a new feature. We're going back. They look at that separately, but now we're going to talk about link at and tax that so first link. It's our rate for driving traffic to your website or post click landing page on Reddit. They include an external link, and these ads don't require much copyrighting. You don't need to put a lot of description, a lot of sex. They have 300 characters, but you can just write the strong headline with even less than 300 characters, and that could be great on. The main advantage of this ad is that they could be it created quickly and easily, and the next group text that you can see here that, um, you will see they sometimes maybe you don't even you will not even notice the difference. But there is a clear difference. We're going to take a look at some examples. I would just like to say a few words about that sets so they're better for driving conversions and engagement with Reddit users because they, they usually in use the discussion that the point that I made about this group. So you see, with Link as you just provide an external link and they go there. But with next ad, you can provide much more the discussion and engagement. And actually the some researchers have shown that thes types of ads received three times as many comments that link heads so that sets are better for those things. Text that's also send readers to a longer description off your offer were some external links or links to a discussion, for that explains more about your product. And, as I said, the video and we're going to take a look at that in the following videos. I would like to talk about that specifically, but here I just want to show you some some screen shots you can see here. Usually it will be on the top some sometimes maybe one. It will have ah, uh, different color background. But you will see this sign and you will clearly see promote that Britain here. So you will see a clear distinction on what is an ad that's that they're not trying to hide anything. You can see here that this is ah, link had and you can see what the leg behind this this ad is, and you can see a strong headline to drive your your attention and so on on those. So here you can see another example with the link. Click with the link that you can see a strong headline. You can see that it's promoted. You can see this is a display. You are out. You will have. There is a clear a difference between display on destination you or else, so they don't want you to include Ah, lot of few TM or tracking codes and tax here. They just want you to have a nice display here. But if you have some other the destination, you are all you can put it. When you set up the campaigns, you will see that far. And finally, here is an example off next that you can see here that it's clearly different. There's no this this link your link in the brackets, and you can see that the topic is usually you can see. They're talking about samples from the Marseille. They clearly want to induce that the discussion and to hear other people's opinion. And you can also see that it's promoted here, So that is just approximately how it looks them in. As I said in the following videos, we're going to take a look at how the video ads video type of looks like So thank you for watching that we paid for this video and see in the next one. 4. Video ads explained: hi, everyone. And in this short video, we're just going to take a look at the video ad format. Hero. Read it as a sudden, Relatively, I won't say new, I would say just a relatively new feature that it gave to read it. Aziz Extension to link on text that So you can see here that before advertisers needed to provide an external link to their YouTube ravine, you or a remote or some embedded better video on other websites, Teoh show their users their video, but now read it gave them the ability to show that video right on the red, its platform. And that is great. I have mentioned some examples here. You can see that to yoga or even both car brands and movies to the Away 24. They used video ads, and the analysis of those examples show that it was that the whole promotion campaign was very, very good. They saw an increase in engagement and performance and so on. So it's definitely Graito. It's important to know that videos will play automatically and you are able to set them by yourselves. You don't need to contact the sales, the red, its sales same. Or to have a big budget. You can do it by yourself and that it's great thing. But as I said, be careful just whether you will allow not comments because of the red jitters. We're going to talk about that later on. But they're really, really, I would say difficult crowd out there and very specific one. You have to understand them and be patient with them and and simply understand their different. And they really appreciate the content that has its quality. I would just like to mention here requirements for the video. So format you should. You should use maximum like this. 15 minutes recommended. Expect radio is 1.11 about this suggests recommended one. That doesn't mean that you cannot use Thea other types off aspect ratio. And, of course, the maximum file sizes. One bite. So that will be for this video. Thank you for watching and see the next one 5. Reddit Ads Manager explained: Hello, everyone. We're taking a look at the red Etats manager and its interface. So first, in order to get there, you need to go to this this address. Read it in dot com slash advertising and you will see this, Uh, what a page from their side where they explain a little bit more about our advertising process and so on, The most important thing for use to make make a profile. If you don't have one, they will ask you to do so before you start creating in that. And then when you're ready, you can just click, create in at and you will be brought to this page. So keep in mind in some countries, for some reason, read it. Advertising on reddit is not allow. So when you click on advertising were created that you will be brought to the fore zero for Paige Gate and here usually you will be brought to this page, which is the basically starting up the ads and creating campaign. But what you can do here is changed to see the dashboard, which will be useful later when you try to see the metrics and so on, as you can see, it's very similar to the other ads manager. So you have the campaign level and group level and at level tire you can see for different period ads for different periods. Currently, I don't have any industry of this. Profile is due to record my videos and you will see some statistic down here so you can choose which metrics you wish to see by clicking on metrics on choosing different option and then just applying that you can export to see as v file if you wish, or you can from here making you compete. So it's pretty simple. So don't don't worry about that. On the off course, when it comes to the ready pixel and conversions, you can try that statistic here you can select the breakdown also said that the time period aan s so on export to see SV file and that would be is here. So when you have statistics, you will understand mawr on what you can do here. But you can always hover worthies question marks and find out more to get back to our create compete level. So here you're basically setting up your campaign and choosing the objective so when the following video. We're going to take a local. How you can do that. Thank you for watching and see you in the next video. 6. Billing settings and managing accounts: we're just one thing before we start that I forgot to mention is regarding the billing process. So wherever you are, whether it's on dashboard or create campaigner conversion, you will have ah, this option here where it will. Your user name will be written here and you have the option to log out to switch users billing and manage permissions. When it comes to the managing permissions, you can basically allow other persons do manage your ad account. So just enter their email and write their position. What you want to them to be okay on. You can see here what every position stands for every role the next one would be. Teoh. Uh, so billing is important for the Here you can see you can get back to any option that you wish. And regarding the billing, you can put your credit card number, bill, billing, address, country and so on. And when it comes to the last option, this is for if you have multiple comments, you can switch here. So that would be It's very simple, very straightforward. And if you wish to come back, you just go to dashboard or create campaign option and that would be. Since I don't have my credit card connected on this account, you can see that it says that your user companies valid billing information before the ads will run, which is of course, normal. And you can add it also here when you see this identification. Thank you. That would be just a show worked or you off this and in the fooling video. So we're taking a look at the campaign's thank you for watching and see there. 7. Different objective types explained: welcome back. And in this video, we're taking a look at how you can set up write the debts. So here in this section, you can choose the you can name your campaign and choose the objective. So I just put here test campaign. And when it comes to o the objective that you have five options to choose from before you had the last probably future, you will have even more. But as you can see here, they're pretty straightforward and clear. You have brand awareness and reach traffic from the versions, video views and that been souls. So based on their bidding method, you can get a sense on how they how they work. First, you have brand awareness and reach where you get, um, charge by 1000 impressions. So that's more of us, spreading a message to a larger audience. Traffic when you want to bring, uh, certain certain views to your website and click so you will get charged based on clicks conversions. So you have a certain action that you want users to perform. You will also be charged based on click Scenting goes for the APP installs and when it comes to the video views, which is a relatively new features from them. Uh, you will get charged based on views, which is logical as it is for other other platforms. So that would be just a short overview of these five objectives that are currently available. When you choose one, you just press on it and go to continue, and you will be brought to the ad ad group. As I said, it's pretty straight forward on what you can do with it. With each objective have used other platforms. You will understand that perfectly because their name, they called the same basically. But this is the word deal, the whole magical Freddie that stars. So here you choose your objective, and from there you're going to focus more on on some other perimeters and factors like audience, Senate scheduling, budget and so on. So thank you for watching and soon in the next video, where we're going to take a look at how to set up ad group and add for a certain objective . Thank you for watching and see there 8. How to set up the Reddit campaigns: welcome back and we're taking a look at how to set up a campaign on Reddit for a certain objectives. So mostly the process is the same regarding every off course, every objective. Of course, there are some differences, but I'm going to show you for brand awareness and reach how you can set up on that. And later on, I will just get into traffic to show you may be differences because those two are mostly used. Conversions are usually used by advanced advertisers who really want to track their their performance and so on. Video views. Of course, There they're increasing in the usage because video as a material and online content is much more engaging. And, of course, happy installs if you're promoting in that. So when it comes to the brand awareness, I will choose this objective and please continue. And now I will be brought to the ad group level so I can write here, test the at a rule, okay. And the thing is that here in the corner, I can always see since I said that this objective you get charged based on 1000 impressions so I can see here the daily impressions right now, but I still haven't entered any any metric any any factor and first I will choose locations . So let's say that I'm trying to promote something in the US are the relatives I believe, very popular. And let's let's actually put it to be old English speaking territories or just the major waas. So United States, United Kingdom, Australia. Those are the 33 biggest one. OK, eso I will just leave this location to be like this. You can always have our work to see what it says. And you can always exclude some territories Gay important to know when it comes to the interests, you can have her over to see so target users who have recently interacted with content around a particular interest. Okay, and that is here. You can see communities here. We talk about separate it. So target users that have recently interacted with or are subscribed to a subreddit. Okay, so keep in mind that there is a difference between the two, but I suggest that you use both when you try to specific it your audience in order to target better. The difference is because when you talk about communities we talk about separate, it's And here we talk more broader in terms of interest. So maybe even if your not subscribed to a certain reddit, they can see your interests and so on. So that's why they want to know, Uh, this category also, I would suggest to check something here also. And then subreddit don't leave anything blank, OK? And the sending goes for separate. It's here. You can exclude some not just include And let's say here that I'm focusing on gaming, okay? And if I want to set up interest more detail in more details than I can check someday So let's say that the yeah, I just I won't promote my game just for e sports. Okay, Like this okay or yeah, yeah, Let's Let's leave it light like this. And now when it comes the communities So let's see what we have here. So you can see that I have this subreddit Okay, maybe I will try some other one. Uh, yeah, let's say that, Okay? Yeah, just you can't put multiple subreddit, which is actually recommendable by by the platform because they want you to have mawr. Subreddit is to put your red so you they can charge. They can play charades better so they don't have to force them. And since it's a bidding strategy, you know you always have to be the 1st 1 in terms off, offering the price for for your place. Important to know here is that not all sub bralettes are included, which is very important. And it brings a lot off discussion on the platform between users because they won't that The thing is that you have, like, over around a 1,000,000 separate it's But here you get, I think only those stop ones. So you're not able to target everything. Okay, so when it comes to the subreddit, you get only the 1st 5 actually the 5000 most popular subreddit to target, which are big enough for the platform to place the ads there. Okay. And that's the thing because some users are actually they want to target a limited audience . So they're staying to the Teoh, read the team. They're telling them, Hey, allow us to put our ads on certain certain categories. Certain subreddit. We don't care that it's too small. We want to target specifically, but read it is still not allowing that. So we'll see. Maybe they that will change in future. For now, you only have available dose 5000 most popular subreddit. And unfortunately, there is not a list of them. But they're saying that their Kurt they're constantly updating that list because new subreddit star rising and becoming larger and then there including them in that group anyway, So that will be it. You can. I didn't want Teoh target anything right now I'm just using this example. But within the interest, if you were whatever this year targeting you can when it comes to the gaming example you can set it up here and you can choose different communities. This is why it's important to do you actually use read it not just come here and advertise . It's important to know because you will not know which subreddit zehr popular or not, which ones are better or no? For example, on in my business I don't use gaming gaming I'm not working with gaming companies So now I have no idea on which Subreddit is to target. But if I did, then I would know which communities are relevant to this type of head and I would place them there. So keep those things in mind. When it comes to the device type, you can choose whether you want it on desktop or mobile. You can also choose the time of the day here, okay. And the here you can check allow, ready to expand your targeting to maximize your results. In my opinion, whether you allow it or not, they will do with anyway in order to spend your your budget. If it's not, if they don't have enough place on opportunities to do that, the options that you have put here okay, when it comes to the scheduling on the budget, if you have any concerns or questions, you can take a look here here a building frequently as questions. When it comes to the budget, you can choose a daily budget lifetime budget. If you put a lifetime budget, then you have to set up the schedule the starting later and ending date. If you put daily budget just starting date and the when it comes to the bit, that would be a bit tricky, so you can choose here, uh, the maximum price you're willing to pay for 1000 impressions in this case or per flick in the other case. And as they say, usually you will end up being glass. So this is just so they know the maximum price that you're willing to pay. And you can see here accepted values wrench from $3.5 to $100 and this is important to know . So I don't know why is it a big hiding down here? But you can see that my budget is $350 but they say you'll spend up to 420 on this campaign , and this is maybe this is not for sure. As you can see here, you maybe build upto up to 20% more than your budget amount. That is important to know, because this is auction based website case. So you get you place your ads bids on building strategies and taking that first place. So it's important to know that you actually sometimes you will need to pay a bit more in order to get there, and they don't want the reddit. The team don't want to be just limited with your starkly with the amount of your budget, they want to go a bit further to spend a bit more money if it means of other place and first place, of course. So that's why they say that they you might be charged up to 20%. I don't like this part, and I suppose that it's not always like that. But you know, like when different on other platforms on Facebook Google. When I say that I want to spend 300 bucks, I will spend 300 bucks another, another dollar most stand for. But here, you know, it depends because it's a different kind of website, and the next thing Teoh have in mind. So when you click continue, you get to the ad level where you can name your ad and the here basically, you know the difference. We mentioned the difference between the three types. You can choose which one you wish. The text post is now only available here. You will see different objectives. You have different four months. You can put your headline link display your also your destination. Your Ellen, This play you, Earl, keep in mind that you want to keep the shorter end. Nice looking. You're all hearing the display. Your Ellen destination you are, Elkan contain your tracking metrics and so on. That's why you have two categories. Card image. You can click here to see an example. Okay, but that depends on the which I. Let's say that this for the link post you can see here for video post, you will have something else for the ex post off course, you won't have anything, just text field and you can choose a thumbnail image. You can see the the dimensions. There you can see here how it looks and why you need it. And here comes that the important question, whether you want to allow comments on Reddit post or not, whether you're brave enough to do so or not, we explain that in the previous videos wise that on Dhere you have add preview and when you're ready, you just click review and within a few day you actually, in the past it was a few days, but now they do it within one hour or a few hours or one day you're at will be up and running and you can preview here for the mobile. Is it that stop and also important to know sometimes maybe rights won't run, but you will see them as active. That's because your subreddit communities very small. So maybe you need to include more subreddit so you can see that the freakin we ask questions. They explained those things great over there just to get back here for a moment when I go to a traffic objective instead, I just want to show you what are you see. The first things are relatively the same sort interest community, subreddit types, device types, time of the day, budgeting on. The only difference now is the bedding strategy. So now you're bidding for click, not per 1000 impressions and you can see here, uh, again you need to set up the maximum price. We're willing to pay eso here again when it comes to scheduling again up to 20% more because of the bidding, bidding strategies and the here. As you can see now, I don't have a exposed option format, so I only have linked post and video posts and everything else is the same. So you can play with that. You can check different different objectives there are available here and you will see the options that they offer and that would be it. So thank you for watching on. I hope to see you in the following videos. 9. Things to have in mind: Okay, so we're going to take a look now at some important tips or advice that I want to give you regarding the red. That's that I prepared. Let's let's call them actually, the things that you should be intentional gate So attention several times over the be careful and patient with predator. So they're very specific on a different type of audience. I'm not saying anything in a negative way, but I'm just saying that you just cannot approach them. As you approached the audience on Facebook Instagram, Google lengthen Snapchat so on. So you gotta think those things in in consideration they don't didn't have they to down vote your your your ads to write something against you to draw you or so on. So you have to keep that in mind. You shouldn't start poor with them, but you should just they difference in tow the consideration. And as I said there, there were some and there still are great examples where big companies were able to to approach them in the right way. And when you do that, when you offer them what they want, you will really see their their respect and admiration from from predators, and I see that you conceal. Just take a look at some great examples from big companies from Viola, and you will see the first comments, how happy they are to see that how we share it and and so on. But you conceals some negative examples, so that would be the first. And I would say, the key important known this year. So be careful and patiently comes to directors and no, no, your audience, the next one wise inside. Whether to put whether to allow comments or not, we mentioned that you had the ability to allow comments or not. If you do so, you're taking a risk. But if you don't do so again, there are off course. I mean both ways. So the Benson what you want to change. You want to induce the discussion to start a conversation among them. You cannot disable comments that that's normal course. You have to give them that ability to common. But you know, as a central, there was big campaigns that usually don't allow comments because they so invest so much money and so on, so they don't want to see trolls there next. One small submarine it's cannot run at. So if they have less than 1000 views per day, they cannot from that. It's important to know that maybe these these criteria this criteria will change but approximately just know on small subreddit. So even if you if you find your perfect subreddit, you should know that you will not be able sometimes to run as there because the audience is simply too small. Carefully choose between text and link at so format. So those two types of four months on, of course now video ads. But they're like I wasted them separately anyway. Carefully choose what you want to achieve whether you're driving traffic off, read it or not, whether you drive traffic on reddit, whether you want that discussion or not, so be careful there. Invest a lot of time and energy. So as I that's connected to that first point I made regarding the renders, you have to know them. You can not just going to read it, adds manager and set up your ass and leave it like that, you simply have to know your audience. That's that's my This is the platform what you have to go do the deepest point when it comes to that. And finally, don't forget about trying to pick. So we didn't mention that a toll didn't mention much. But as other websites do, also read, it has its own big, so you can put it on your website on. That's important when you drive traffic off Reddit when you want to see what's happening, whether you reach conversion. So that's like the general, the general principle off big, so on. It's important when you want to say promoted the install the rap. And when you try with Link, have you tried people off your office threated to your place to where they will download wrap? You want to see what's happening after where they stopping, why very stopping and so on. And that's the most important part. So always will be some, actually, if you this on what should be on what you should focus on when you set up your read, it adds, I believe that they will be helpful to you, and I hope that you will have success performing ready. So I think watching assumes in simple in videos