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Powerful Life Coaching course for Success - Wheel of Life !

Amey Vidvans, Education and Technology Enthusiast

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12 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. What is Success?

    • 2. Importance of a balanced life.

    • 3. How good is your Health?

    • 4. Is your Career Right?

    • 5. Is your Financial Health Good?

    • 6. How wonderful is your Family Life?

    • 7. Are you taking care of your personal Development?

    • 8. Do you Have a good social Life?

    • 9. Are you Enjoying the life?

    • 10. Is your Physical environment great?

    • 11. Journey towards happy , successful and Balanced Life.

    • 12. Wheel of life Action Plan


About This Class

This course is for every individual who wants to take the responsibility and control of his life. This course is for that individual who hates mediocrity and has willpower to chase dreams. It is for that individual who has courage to act rather than wishful thinking to live a meaningful life.

Are you living a vibrant life full of joy and happiness? Do you chase your dreams? What’s the driving force for your actions, your own choice or circumstances?  Are you doing justice to your potential? What’s the purpose of your life and existence? Has the journey of your life an extraordinary one? If you feel the journey is not successful what’s the reason? Is it because you kept drifting away unknowingly because of situations?

Generally we don’t get what we deserve because we lack in preparation. We don’t give enough time to plan.

Two things are important for a successful journey, first you need to get clarity where you are and second where you want to go. You need to spend quality time using right tools and techniques. Once you realize these things planning and preparing action plan becomes simple. But remember no matter how good a plan is, if we fail to take actions the journey will be a failure.

By the way, what is the ultimate aim of the journey?

Simple answer would be achieving peace of mind, happiness and success throughout the life.

How do we define success?

Success is just doing the things we love.

A great health, A wonderful family, A fine home, A vacation, A financial security.

Success means freedom from worries and stress.

Success means self-respect, admiration from others.

Success is pursuit and achievement of wonderful things.

Success means fulfillment of ambitions and realization of dreams.

But how to assess whether we are successful? Where do we stand? How we have fared in various aspects? Are we on the track? Or we have accepted the fate and surrendered to the circumstances?

Wheel of life is a simple, easy yet powerful technique that gives you a vivid visual presentation of various aspects of the life as it exists in the present moment. You can compare your present status with your desired one. It will help you understand the areas which need focus. This course is a sincere attempt to help you know yourself, set your priorities, shape your thinking, help you take decisions and actions.





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Amey Vidvans

Education and Technology Enthusiast

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