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Powerful Growth Hacking & Digital Marketing Strategies

teacher avatar Sivakumar Kannan, Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

30 Lessons (2h 6m)
    • 1. Intro growth hack

    • 2. Learning method

    • 3. What is Growth Hacking

    • 4. Growth Hacking vs Digital marketing

    • 5. Types of Hacks

    • 6. Product Development Principles

    • 7. Critical Mass Hacking

    • 8. Email Signature

    • 9. Twitter Bio

    • 10. Your name @ your company name

    • 11. Hashtag your posts

    • 12. FacebookTargeting and Email IDs of friends

    • 13. Email IDs of LinkedIn contacts

    • 14. Pattern Interrupt

    • 15. LinkedIn Audience Targeting

    • 16. Chatbot on a Website Hack

    • 17. Provide money back guarantee

    • 18. Someone Recently Bought Hack

    • 19. Powered by hack

    • 20. Steal Customers of Competitors Ethically

    • 21. Timebomb Technique

    • 22. Influencer Unboxing Hack

    • 23. Influencer Outreach

    • 24. Model the Influencers

    • 25. Referral Marketing Hack

    • 26. Little Bighorn Strategy

    • 27. Make it a Necessity

    • 28. Affiliate Marketing Hack

    • 29. 2 Stage Facebook Ad Strategy

    • 30. Link Creator Focussed Content Strategy

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About This Class

Visit the link given below to watch all my classes.


In this class, I cover growth hacking strategies.

Are you an Entrepreneur?

Is your true north the growth of your business?

Are you ready to Iterate different things to see what works?

Then you need this course.

It starts with a few simple hacks anybody can implement if they have some basic things like social handles,a website etc.

The course covers some of the strategies you can implement right away to speed up the growth.

To make it actionable, the course adopts a step by step approach to explaining things.

This means you can start implementing the strategies immediately without needing any additional material apart from the ones shared within the course.

Moreover, each lecture explains a strategy in detail and it's independent of other lectures. This means you can pick and choose any strategy and implement it right away. 

This means there is no need to go through the course in the order of lectures, even though this will help to learn in a systematic way.

The course covers growth hacking strategies from several areas of marketing like SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Blogging, Conversion Rate Optimization among many others and some non-marketing areas.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sivakumar Kannan

Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach


Hello there, I'm Sivakumar Kannan. I am a Digital Marketing Consultant, trainer, and coach. Teaching is my passion and I do this online with videos. 
I have created several marketing courses over the past few years.

I also run an agency called headnorthdigital.com. This agency provides an opportunity for me to connect with the real business world and their marketing challenges.

I wear different hats like SEO, Content marketer, Social media marketer etc to provide solutions to marketing challenges faced by businesses.   

I Invite you to join with me in our path to freedom and success.

See full profile

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1. Intro growth hack: Hey, welcome to this powerful drove Hacking Strategies 2080. A step by step course, I'm sure. Come on. I am a digital marketing trainer, a grill attacker and an online course creator. I'm also a certify leadership coach from International Coaching Preparation R I C s and this course I teach you several drill tax. You can implement quickly to draw your online business really fast. If you implement them right, you quickly see drawled in your audience, growth in your website traffic, bigger social media following and bigger E mail lists. They all will lead to bigger sales and profits. You learn things like hacks to build critical mass in your business. How build your business with affiliates, referral, marketing, hacks, time bomb technique and salon. I'm a many years this course and designed to teach startups on how to implement some basic grow tax so that they can quickly building. Audience and Joe there say it's so. The primary audience for the scores is entrepreneurs and all line business orders. However, this course will definitely help marketers to learn some new techniques. They can apply to Joe that clients businesses are the start off the award for this was also a quip. Marketing students with, well, tough knowledge they need to apply The dro businesses when they become active in a business , are in their employment. I've included assignments to make the course interesting and hands on and quizzes to test your knowledge. I also included a checklist off growth hacks that I prepared recently. This contains some of the drilled hacks I have taught in the scores and many hacks that I have not covered so far. With in this course, I would anything cover them with the scores by publishing more and more videos as the time goes by being a checklist, this will be extremely useful for you to kind of check mark the hacks you're already working on. You'll also know what else you still have toe work on within the same chickens. It would be a handy checklist that you can keep visiting frequently as you work on growing your business. And, as usual, you have other benefits, like a certificate of completion. Lifetime access instructor support Angela, so there's no reason to have any second touch if you're an entrepreneur, are are a start of business owner. Are Moctar are mocking student. This course is a must for you. You can't afford to miss it. So go ahead and grab it. I can't wait to see you inside the course. 2. Learning method: Hey, first of all, thanks for enjoying into this course. Here's a quick dip on how to learn from this course. Our brains absorb things pretty fast when it happens to see things for the second time or third time. I mean, repetition is the mother of skill. It's an old saying, but it's very true. There are lessons in this court that requires you to absorb the fundamental concepts, and there are other lessons that requires you to work hands on, get your hands dirty and implement what you learn. So I strongly suggest you do this. You watch first, and you study next. Step one. Just watch all the lessons for once and understand everything from a bird's eye view. This will give you a holistic picture off what the subject matter is all about, how things work and what are all the tools you need and so on. So this is your watching time. Finish watching all the lessons in one sitting step to start from the beginning again and go through those lessons this time with full attention. You'll be in a study more. You'll see your absorption capacity is that it's speak because you know what to expect. You know what you'll see next you also implement by watching the step by step victorious. Believe me, it's were there. This is how I learned, and my absorption capacity multiplies when I learned the second time. Try this and you'll be amazed by the results and to increase their attention, go through the lessons as many times as possible. And that's how you nail those fundamentals into your brain. Okay, with that, let's get to the business now. 3. What is Growth Hacking: Hey will come back drunk. Hacking is a process off rapid experimentation. This means you conceive an idea, create a prototype tested several times really fast. If it's not good, kill it and move on to the next idea. Because not every hack is gonna work for everyone. And this has done a cross marketing channels and product development. This means there are many marketing hacks, especially in the digital marketing space. Also, there are many product development in technology hacks on. That's why engineers and product managers can also be good growth hackers. The purpose is to identify the most efficient ways to grow a business this has done to draw the business in the sharpest possible time and the least amount of cost. Technology plays a huge role and growth hacking, especially when you want to imply complex hacks like the ones used by growth hacking poster by Airbnb. If you don't know much about this, don't worry. I'll cover the strategy applied by Airbnb the later part of this course by plus a complex hack that acquired quarters and for grammars to implement the target audience of growth. Hackers are mainly startup companies. That's right, they are cash strapped. They need growth hackers the most. They need to drove that spending much on edge. But they're not the only ones that can use the hacks. Any smart, creative Moctar would keep testing a few hacks to know if they work. If yes, they scale it up. But how will use kill it up? Use technology and automation to do it that sustained the growth by understanding your best customers and find ways to acquire more of them. So growth hacking is a creative marketing using technology. It's about joy. The business has fast as possible by spending asked lit Less possible. Now, having seen the definition of drilled hacking, I want to show you an example off a powerful hack. This is about automating Lincoln marketing. As you may know, Lincoln contacts are professional because the community is highly business audie in it and will pay for your products. Now, a major problem people face on. Lincoln is not knowing how did target and connect with a relevant audience how to automate connecting with your second and third degree connections in bug with a personalized message and how to automate sending messages to your first degree connections in bulk are in general how to automate Lincoln marketing. It's possible with just one automation toe, it's called linked helper. Just go ahead and install the chrome extension, then go to Lincoln. You'll see the linked helper window. Let's say I want to connect with all my second and third degree connections who are growth hackers. So I'll click on collect. I want to collect from General Lincoln Search Page. I choose a filter and enter the keyword growth hacker here. Now click on collect. Now, as you can see, the do has started collecting details. It'll move from one page after the other and collect all the details listed out here. I lived for some time to collect the details while I work on some of my other tasks in other tabs. After some time when I checked, it's collected all that he did. You can see the collector number of contacts year now let me draft a personalized message. Here I can include some links. Also, if I want, then I'll save the template for future use. Now I'll click on invite. Then I click on start profile in Whiting. Now sit back and watch the automation effect. The do will start sending your message automatically toe all the collector contacts, not sending bulk messages to your first degree. Contact works in the same way. Click on collect Goto all my connection speech. Click on collect. Now the duel will start collecting message recipients. Once done, create a personalized message, then click on broadcast, then start message broadcast in the same way the do will send about personalized messages to group members. Also, just try this out and let me know your comments. So this is just a sample off several grow tax. You're gonna learn in this course, But you understand the fundamentals first, before I take you through other hacks, I'll see you in my next video to continue withdraw attacking for minerals. 4. Growth Hacking vs Digital marketing: Hey will come back. I know a lot of people get confused on this. Are these two terms the growth hacking and digital marketing? Both refer to the same thing. I mean same wine and do different bottles. The answer to Snow, The main focus of digital marketing is customer acquisition, retention and branding. Using digital technology, digital marketing is applied toe all types of businesses, including mature ones for continuous grounding and lead generation and customer attention. On the other hand, the main focus of growth hacking is job It could come from anyways, including digital marketing techniques. Digital marketing plays a major role in hacking growth. Apart from digital marketing growth, hackers use various other ways, including product design, user experience, psychology, engineering, statistics analytics and want to grow the business real fast growth hacking as a function is very flexible and very adaptive, and it could take and put from any of the about disciplines tohave the growth of a business and growth. Hacking is mainly applied to start up businesses, but you grow really fast in the initial stages off their life cycle, 5. Types of Hacks: Hey, welcome back. There are mainly two types of hacks marketing with technology and product driven. But the line that separates the do is blurring out. They've actually become one called growth hacking. Some hacks are quite difficult to implement. You may do it only with help off a developer. Air B and B's Craigslist Integration is a classic example off such a hack. In the initial stages of gold, Airbnb reverse engineered and created a system their customers can directly post on Airbnb and Craig List. At the same time, they just visit Airbnb site and filling the farm for rentals. This was done using a loophole in the Craigslist system. They're on Craigslist, found us and plugged in the loophole. But by this time, Airbnb managed to build a considerable customer base. This is how Airbnb hack to the drove off its business in the initial stages. It's an example of a complex engineering hack, but some hacks are moderately difficult. It takes time, and if we're to implement them, and some are quite easy. If you have a basic set up like a website and email our social handles, you can do it. Experts reveal that majority of startups failed because they focused too much on cool products and ignore marketing and distribution. The real challenge, however, lies in marketing. So in this course I'm gonna cover a large number off marketing hacks and a few product a bit of a hacks to get the best of both wash. 6. Product Development Principles: Hey, welcome back. It's common sense that toe built a great company. You need great products. But many people think that throwing out some money into marketing and PR will sell products . But the product is in good all the storytelling and all the partnerships in the world, the only end and waste of time and money. David Ogilvy, the great Copywriter one, said Drink marketing will only make a bad product fail faster. We don't read much about product failures as we prefer to celebrate successes. There are countless failed startups, which actually never get the product right. In other cases that are large number of standard by mediacom products competing for the same set of customers, they end up asked massive flops. Despite the marketing firepower behind them, even massive carpets have become victims here. Think about what happened. A new coat and what happened to the Newton apple, its first personal digital assistant. Building great products is difficult. Many believe that because they use the products and have an opinion about them, they can also design in building. But great product builders and managers are wrapped to see. To make matters worse, there's no formal training to become what the best product people have learned this through trial and enter. They have years of experience. They're passionate about design, obsessed with using experience and always on trouble. Latest tools and technologies. There's no hard and fast rule here on how to build a great product, however, that our principles one should follow questions one must ask and tools one can use. I'm gonna give you nine off the most important principles that you can take and apply when building yar products. They are meant to provide a condensed and framework in the long journey and acquired a build a great product, I think, on these lines before getting to the marketing part. These principles may seem quite obvious, but you'll be surprised. Many startups fail to validate their offers against these principles, which are pure common sense. But surprisingly, common sense is so uncommon, and that's why 90% of the starters fail, but they don't comply with any. Are all of these principles any kind of marketing and growth hacking efforts that only go in vain and that why we'll cover these product development principles first, before we move on to the growth hacking park, you may be a product developer. Arias service provider. These principles will work for any off your products are service. These are generic, but quite important to understand. So let's get started. Principle number one. I would always focus on getting the right product of the market. First, I start with what the market watch. Once I do it right, I can start thinking about getting my product right in Shark. I'll primarily focused on getting the right product of the market first as quickly as possible. The Iran. I'll focus on getting the product right by fixing what needs to be fixed within that principle. Number two. I'll start with the available data to determine if the product will fly in the market. I can give this data from competitors in my niche are directly from my customers. I may combine the ABA with my intuition to make decisions about choosing a product, but that's not the end. If it I would expose the product of the customers even at the design stage. This will help me know their desires, tastes and preferences. This will help me to redesign the product in line with the market requirement principle. Number three I would understand my products unique selling proposition, our USB from the beginning. For example, when I released my product, I would ask myself these questions. How is this product different from what are very exists in the market? What are the are tentative products in the market? How big is the opportunity for this product in each market is the timing of the product. Release the right one. So go ahead and ask yourself these questions for your product, our service principal on before. Always ask. Don't assume I would ask my customers, should this product be created a doll. There are a multitude of reasons why someone would choose not to buy the product. So the best solution is to ask. Ask about the likes and dislikes. Ask what are the minimum required features and benefits that will make your customers to fight anyway? Is it the right time to buy the product? Call them awesome questions about their habits in needs. Observe them using your competitors products at various stages of development. This takes time, but it's extremely valuable as you design your products. Principle. Number five. My initial goal would be to build a minimum viable product, R M V P. That is good enough to put in front of my customers. I must then iterated based on testing measurements and learnings. This will normally lower the cost, but also a quicker way to burn the right product, making small, measurable changes, testing them quickly and refining the product accordingly, as much more effective than making big changes that are more time consuming and more challenging. Principle number six. Why designing the product? Keep in mind that it must be simplistic and easy to use. It's a virtue off any successful product. Take the example of Google. If you go to Google's home page, the only thing you can see there is a search engine. How easy it is. If you go to apple dot com, you see a big crystal clear image on the home page with a call to action and big, bold letters. How easy it is to understand right Principle Number seven. Build a brand. Don't ever listen to the ad wise that will affect your brand image. Whoever say's it. The success off a business is measured by its brand image, so don't ever compromise it for any other thing in your business principle Number eight. Be determined to run an organization that is product focused. I mean creating quality products. Once I know what my customers want, product quality and performance takes the centre stage. Everything else is secondary. I need the right people in the right rules. So I would take time to find these people, train them and design the right processes to be used. And finally, Principle number nine. My product should tell a clear, simple and compelling story. Those who have successful products are great story tellers. People engage with stories, not fit faction features. That's why great copywriters and advertisers don't great stories that helped tow, create and measurable impression in the minds of the viewers. Not sure how positive video and watch this ad. I've given the link in the description section of this video. Welcome back. Hope you watch that ad now. No, down the story line and the personalities no down the words used by the ad. No doubt the expression for facial and Weiss over no down the background music and the noise that use your creativity and make your own air for your product. Here's another funny one from depend and I doubt diaper company. You don't need a celebrity to create such an act, but you need some creative copyrighting skills. 7. Critical Mass Hacking: Hey, welcome back. Every startup has to go through a period when they have zero traffic or activity zero customers and hand zero sales, zero content, zero social proof and zero data for analysis. I mean, they are starting from the scratch. This is the most vulnerable period for any start up. And you know what? If they don't do something at this stage that kickstart the growth quickly, let RGE section and many start up owners quick at this stage in this video, let's see what some of the successful companies did at this stage when they were a startup . It's kind of a chicken and egg situation for many startups, especially when they are a platform where they connect to our more parties. For example, in sites like you do are you enemy in orderto have content, which is created by content creators, our instructors, you need them on board to have them registered. You need site. Visitors are students first. Otherwise there's no credibility and hence creators a lot publish content in there again. In orderto have students, you need content. Otherwise, why would a stolen join a platform which has no content? So if there is no contact, no safe. And if there's no sales, there's no conduct. Likewise, here's another situation is there are no sales that are no social proof. And if there are no social proof, that will be no sales. So it's a vicious circle. Now let's see how some of these successful companies broke the chain off this vicious circle. Some of these techniques may seem to be unethical, are immoral, but in the absence of them, these companies would not have existed. Now these are like strategies to keep the head of bother water on. Don't you gain your critical mosque once you reach that stage draw. It would be much quicker because you can build on what you already have. But in the very beginning, you'll most probably have nothing to build on on that ran. These strategies will help. So let's see the strategies. Now we'll see companies that gained the initial customer base using a drone attack called piggybacking on underlying network PayPal piggybacked on underlying even network people was founded in 1998 managed to gain a remarkable degree attraction by manufacturing its own popularity on eBay when it figured eBay as a wider distribution platform even created a bar that purchased goods on the auction site, using only PayPal as a payment method. Seeing the increased popularity up PayPal for payment, even centers began offering it so they didn't miss out on sales. Not only did this make PayPal seem more popular than it waas, it got sellers to actually use the service, helping them realise it really was a more convenient payment method. Likewise, Airbnb used Craigslist audience and underlying network to get initial traction. In fact, they poached from a computer. This can be an ongoing activity and can be applied by any online business, not necessarily startups at the very beginning. So I have covered the strategy in detail elsewhere in the scores under the hack name Customers of competitors. So stay tuned to learn more on this. Facebook initially started with a student network and Harvard and expanded late Rondo other schools before it became a platform for public. So these companies used the existing that work the game their initial customers. In the case of you do, they silently violated some of its early content late Ron. Then there were more traffic and content creators there no need to continue this practice. Likewise, UNA Me published some of the public domain content to get traffic in the initial stages. They stopped doing this practice once they have registered instructors supplying regular contact. Here's another example. Cora dot com a Cuny side. It acquires two parties to function, those who ask questions and those who answer them. In the initial stages, their site traffic was zero, and hence no questions are answers. The start up had some endurance, and they posted some of their own questions and answers. This kickstarted the activity, and hence the traffic, the traffic asunder in more questions and answers. So these are some of the hacks used by these well known companies to gain a critical mosque in the initial stages. So let's see the steps now. Step one for initial customers. See if you can piggyback on an underlying our existing network. Strict number two for initial Carter. See if you can created by yourself, are already existing content elsewhere. This is to be done without breaking any last, including copyrights 8. Email Signature: Hey, you will come back. Your email goes straight to your diet. Audiences in box How about optimizing it with an awesome professional signature with links back to your website and social handles. This will help you to get regular traffic from your email contacts and build brand of Venice to them. So let's goto settings page off the email service provider if you don't know how to do it. Just Google how to create signature plus name off your service provider. You know how to do it. Many of you may be using Gmail, so let me show you how I created my signature in my Gmail account. Here you go. This is how my signature looks like in my Gmail. My picture name designation. You can include address and phone number if you want. Then a call interaction with a link back to my website, then links to social media channels and I also included a USB are unique selling proposition. That's it. Now let me show you step by step. How did create it? Step number one. Go to the settings page off er email service provider Step number two Create a signature that your name your company name and USB put an image to personalize the experience. Step number three provides small image links, toe all the major social handles your active in and finally stepped in before create a call to action that saves, for example, visit my website here on making a hyperlink. The yard website. First of all, I would prepare the images so I would go toe cut my pig dot com and quickly designed my image. Choose your fight here. Now click on Go. You can make it a round picture if you want just the picture size here, click on preview. Now I'll sharpen the picture. That's it. The pictures really download now Click on Done. Click on this to download. Next Let's go too soft icons dot com Here. Choose the one that can be used for commercial purposes. Click on this commercial icons link. Now choose a bundle. Here you can be selective and choose an icon. The other option is to just type in the icon you want in the search engine. Then select the one that is allowed to use commercially. Once you have these icons ready, open Google. Click on Google ABS and Goto photos here. Click on upload to upload the images. You just don't. Lord. Once uploading is done, go back toe ABS and Google Drive. Now click on new in select Google Docks. We'll create a container that will hold my picture on the one side and the decks with social icons on the other side. So goto insert able. Select these do right click myself. Now you can drag the compartments of the container to resize it. Now click. Insert image photos again. Resize the container the way you fish. So now it's time to put the text on this box. I already have my decks ready here may just copy and paste in the same here. Now you can do the formatting of the text with the options available here, we select all the text and choose the foreign as the Vienna. Make my name of that bigger, bold and colorful. I'll make the designation italics and go toe. Insert image and photos. Insert all your social icons here. Now open your social media profile pages and grab the links. I have them readily available for me, so let me just insert them, click on the icon and then click insert link I can't hear based in the profile link and click Apply. That's it. Now let me do the same for my website. Ling also Now let me insert my USB here. How do you go? I will send it now. No, I don't want these container lines. So I'll choose the entire area. Go to barter, vit and select zero pixels. Now I want only a divider line that separates the picture from my text. So let me choose the entire area again and click to select barters and choose the divider option. Now I'll go to the bottom it again in shoes, 1.5 pixels with That's it. I'm ready with a professional signature. Of course, you can play around with the text on colors if you want to make it even more attractive Now I'll go to my Gmail. Click on the gear icon here in choose settings. Come down. So this is where you place your signature. Just copy the signature. You just created pressing control A and based in the same in here. That's it. 9. Twitter Bio: Hi there. Welcome back. Could a bio hack This basically increases traffic to a website and related twitter handles . First of all, this will work when you have more followers. How will you have more followers post valuable content regularly and start following people who need your content? When you start doing this, they also start following you. So if you follow more people, you have more people following you. No. Open your personal profile page in critter account and include Yar website Yorn. There you go. I've included mine is you have a printer company page Include that has at mentioned Ask all your employees to do the same. For example, see here that may show off hops Part includes the at mention and hubs part along with a startup Blawg euro If you click on this, it takes you to hop Sparred Company Peach It works like ah hyperlink not Rand Fishkin off mask includes AC Moss. He's also included his wife's blawg and his profile. By the way, many people use Hashtags within Twitter Bio by a wide doing this. People visiting your profile page may click on it and it will take them to some other page and they are lost. So instead, keep the bio clean. You can frame your Twitter bio dext Using this falling formula, I do A to my audience. Be to help them achieve. See, that's it. In my case, I say I teach digital marketing and growth, hacking the entrepreneurs and startups to help them gain more leads. Conditions do brand building and fast track jewel, so your visitors can easily understand what you're doing there. Click on your that site link and they go to Europe side. And if you have a lead magnet, are some of their way to capture their email address. You can easily do that within your sight. So it's an absolutely distraction free experience. Just try that. So here we go with a four step process to create an awesome freedom. Bio Step number one. Open the personal profile page in your Twitter account. Step number two. Use the formula. I do a my audience be to help them achieve, See and a wide using any hashtag within bio step Number three include your website. You are step number four. If you have a printer company page. Include that as an act mention 10. Your name @ your company name: he will come back. This is a simple but an awesome hack. It helps to build brand events, health people that easily relate your name with your company. Get into the habit off writing your name and your company named everywhere that it's all flying our online. Start doing this or repeated a dime. You have booked your personal brand along with your company breath. It's a very simple but effective hack. So here are the steps Step number one. Get into the habit of writing your name and your company Step number tube. Include this on your block Post social handles. Emails Answer one. 11. Hashtag your posts: hey will come back. Hashtag makes your posts easily searchable and findable but don't include too many of them . It looks Pammy. So it just used one or do hash tax in the post. This applies to a social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. Oh, that is a cool dip for Instagram. The best way to pulls the hashtag and Instagram is to post it as a first comment, not lineal caption. For example, take a look at this post from Instagram after posting the picture, a common disposed her. Then, after a few dodge, the Hashtags are poster. By doing this way, you'll be able to effectively hide all these hashtag so that you don't appear to be due spammy. And at the same time, Instagram considers all these hashtags for searching purposes, Right? Dag dot com is a site that can have you know, some of the popular dags. Let's say you're running a restaurant. You can go to the site, enter the word restaurant, find some popular hashtag and start using them on your treat. You might use one art to off him, along with your restaurant name. As a hashtag, you might also create your own hashtag with your brand, name our product name and popularize it over time. For example, being in a marketing education space, my hashtag can be marketing academy. Whenever I make any posts, I might use it. Hashtags are also pretty useful when you organize an event, all that a later communication can be easily find about it. You increase your customers using a hashtag Emburgh hashtag for the your website pages and block post for wide publicity. Just go here and copy the embed court and paste in the same wherever you want. When the esteem of pages off your website, you'll have a clickable hashtag embedded the in your piece. Now don't forget the pre populate the hashtag with treat this button. This is a better solution because people often forget to include the hashtag within their tweets and posts. So go to the link here and use the hashtag teau pre populate the button With the hashtag, you get an ember core. You can include that wherever you want when the hasty meal pages off your website. So click here. You know your hashtag here, generate the court and copy and paste in the court with his chief of Section off your website. That's it. This is how it looked like on your website. So hearing over the steps Step number one include wanted to hashtags and every post step number two. Go to write dag dot com Didn't know the relevant hashtags from yard niche. Step number three. In your organize specially revenge, create a special memorable hashtag and mention it in all your posts. It's tempting before in bad hash tax. Within the are the pages and block posts for widespread publicity and step number five pre populate that creed this button with the hashtag. 12. FacebookTargeting and Email IDs of friends: Hey, welcome back. Facebook, as you may know, is the largest social network on this planet. In this video, let's see how to target audience on Facebook. I've got a simple trick to show you how to conduct laser focused targeting off people on Facebook. If you simply search on the Facebook search engine, you won't find all the relevant results. This is more so than your search quit. He is complex. That involved several ifs and bunch. So let's go ahead and install a chrome extension called intelligence Search should go to Google and search for intelligent search crew extension and added Not open Facebook and click on this head on, not within Facebook. Tab off this plug in. Select your criteria and search. Let's say you want a target. People who worked at IBM and lives in New York City You can choose that here. What now? You can start sending messages to the people here and let Ron you can become a friend with them. This micro level targeting can bring in best quality customers to your business. Not only that, you can target pages, groups events, posts are photos within Facebook. Go ahead and give it a try. Now let's say you have a large number off friends connected with you on Facebook. Now, if you want their email, i ds, you won't get them on Facebook. Facebook doesn't reveal the email ideas off your contacts off French, so go to Yahoo Mail. If you don't have a male lady with Yahoo, I suggest you open it now. Go to contacts and click on Facebook. Here you can find the email ideas off most off your Facebook French, not Goto actions explore. See as we fight. You can download the list here again. Don't include these emails in your auto responded list and start sending emails. You can't do that without their consent, but you can use it to create custom and look like audience for your Facebook and Google ad campaigns. Now let's see the steps. Strip number one. Add in diligent search Chrome extension Strip number two. Within Facebook tab. Select your criteria and search. Step number three. Send your message to people and become French. Strip them before. If you want the email ID's off French. Go to the Yahoo Mail. If you don't have one open ah Yahoo account, connect with Facebook, then get image 13. Email IDs of LinkedIn contacts: Hey, welcome back. How do you connect with people on Lincoln? Majority of the people I know off connect with everyone. They receive connection to question Trump, and they keep sending connection requests to everyone that are out there. But do you know this? Lincoln has a limit when it comes to connections. You can connect with more than 30,000 people on Lincoln. And I would say those 30,000 people should be your targeted audience. They should be. The people who would buy your products are so says so. Don't ever accept connections with everyone. Now, why would you do this? That is a reason you can't get complete details about your contacts, including their prized email ID's on Lincoln. Let's say you have 10,000 connections. You get the details like their email. I tease messages companies. They work etcetera for all these connections straight from Lincoln. And remember this Lincoln audiences very professional. So the quality off this email list is also very high. Now what will you use these emails far, Definitely not as a part of your email list, Unless otherwise, these people opted into your email funnel. You're not supposed to include them in your email list. I'm in your auto respondent list. Waters. Can you do this? Email ideas with you can use them to create custom and look like audience on Facebook and Google average. This way, you can create a re bigger targeted audience for your aunts. If you know well about paid advertising, this is the way to become successful. I mean creating custom and look like audience and laser focused targeting off your customers. Now let me take you through. Step by step Howard. Download the contact details off your connections from Lincoln, so go to home page. Click on my network, Click on the sea. All now. Click on this. Manage synced and important contacts. Export contacts. I can choose to download all the details here are pick and choose what you want here, then click on Request Archive. That's it. You'll receive an email with all the details. Check your email that is connected to the Lincoln for the files. Now you have a big list of female. Use it with utmost care. Use it in your ad campaigns to create custom and look like audience. They're not supposed to be used in your email list. So here we go with the steps. Step number one except contacts only from customers and potential customers. Step number two. Download your contact. It is Arlington Step number three. Use it to create custom and look like audience on Facebook and Google average. So you've got a complete details about your contacts in their email ID's. But as I said earlier, never ever. Spam people via event. It's literally a boon that Lincoln gives this option to its members. Use the connections email ideas very responsibly. Good luck. 14. Pattern Interrupt: he will come back. Your audience on Facebook are simply scrolling the news feed. They have no time our patients to go through each and every post in order to make them stop on the news feed and take note off your post. You need to do something revolutionary, something very unique. That's where packing and direct come into the picture. There are different ways to interrupt the regular pattern off scrolling. Want us to show a video R A G i F. Image with a text in bold letters, something like this. But this is quite common. Nobody's the other way. We just somewhat weird, but very effective is to show a bug or a reptile trawling on the newsfeed. It could be a spider or a snake, something like this. When my audience scroll through the news feed, they'll see this video R a G I F image, and then stop on notice. It sounds veer right, but it works well and in the scores, being looking at Onley, things that works, you can use it for any type of business at, showed us for a few seconds, toe enter of the pattern and then fade away. The image and show what you want to show. So let's see how to do it step by step. First of all, I need a Facebook news feed image. So let me take a snapshot of that with my awesome screenshot Crume extension. - Now I'll go. You do and search for a green screen snake. While searching for this video, I ensure that it's a copyright free video, So I choose Onley Creative Common videos. Let me become this one. I want to download this video so I'll go to Google and search for an online service called You Do Multi Video Downloader. Now I grabbed the link from the YouTube video based in Here and Download. So now we have a Facebook newsfeed image and a crawling snake green screen video. Now I'm gonna use Camped Asia to create this effect. There are other free Softwares like obvious are open broadcasters software to do the same, but I'm comfortable with Camped Asia for video It it. So I go ahead and use it. Now I'll go ahead and pull in the Facebook News feed image and the crawling snake green screen video. I'll take them to the timeline and I'll choose the video. I'll cut the unwanted portion of the video and remove the green color now, and I would do some adjustments here. Remove the green shadow effect and just the size of the snake and the image in the background be adjusted the way we wanted. I'd removed the excess video portion, and I'll keep it as quiet video so it's ready now. It may render this video so the video is ready. I can use it as such are I can convert this into a G I A file using the service car Jiffy. Just upload your video. They'll convert it into a giant file, then don't know that jf image and it's ready to use on your Facebook hat. 15. LinkedIn Audience Targeting: Hey, you will come back. Targeting the right audience is a key to his consistent growth and sucks us in your business. I think I don't have to give a lecture on that. It is the number one factor that determines your business success. This hack helps and targeting a very relevant professional audience on Lincoln. Let's see how Goto linked in search. I've been exactly what I'm typing in. Now this will show all the people who are register in Lincoln. How? Because I have searched for the profiles that either contains the letter A are not the letter A. So obviously Lincoln will show every profile Venice register now instead, off a you can put any letter off word there. The result will be almost the same. See here. Now The next step is to choose your filters. Let's say you want toe connect with everyone who's working on Microsoft within us, so go to locations and shoes us. If it's some other country you can type in the country name here and click apply. Go to connections and shoes. Second and third, you're already connected with the 1st 1 Current companies choose Microsoft now go toe all fenders and choose any other field that you want. That's it. Click oblige. So these are the people working in Microsoft. You can go ahead and send connection requests to them Now on desktop. Lincoln may limit you after use and a few requests, So do it on your smartphone and always send personalized connection whites and connect. I mean sin Connection requests with a message that starts with the name of the person That's it. Enjoy building a targeted audience on Lincoln, Not let's see the steps. Step number one. Go to Lincoln and generate all the profiles. Used a formula I just used. Step number two. Apply filters and target specific group of people. Step number three sin connection requests that personalized messages. 16. Chatbot on a Website Hack: Hey, welcome back. Installing an automated assistant on Europe's side so that you can communicate with your customers any time 24 by seven is a great way to hack your business group leading chatbots in the marketplace like Chad fuel can do this for you. All you need to do is to just install a piece off court provided by this chat fuel platform on Europe's side. When a person visits your website, they'll see a pop up that say's Leave a message here with our chat bark are Oscar question to our buck. This will have to capture your audience identity immediately. Later on, you can reach out and communicate with them. I have a complete shot, but building and marketing course if you're interested, please check it out. There are many players who use this hack to capture leads effectively. Take a look at this example from UNB Bunch, a landing page provider. They use a bar to capture customers 24 by seven. Now hearing over the steps. Step number one. Sign up for the chair Bob platform like chat fuel step number to go ahead and white list yard remain under conficker top in chat fuel stuck. Number three. Grab the piece of court from Chatfield. Within drilled tab, you'll find it's named as customer chat. Plug in stepping before installed Accord with the esteem of section of the page. You want the bought in and that's it. You have a chair bob on your outside. 17. Provide money back guarantee: Hey, welcome back. Providing money back guarantee is that great rated Remove risk when you're new in the market. Prospects obviously will have suspicions of our how good your offers. If there is risk, that is, if they don't like the product. And if it is not refundable, majority of your prospects will not pull out their wallets and spend money. Money back can't solve this problem. It's also a good practice. If a customer is genuinely dissatisfied, you can create a positive situation out of that negative one by offering a refund so it increases conversions and the bottom line. Several businesses have already understood that you gain much more than you lose here. The key point is this. Are you confident that your product is of high quality one and serves the purpose? If yes, you must offer money back, decide off of this guarantee for all of your products. Include this as a batch are button within your product. Please ask your customers that reason for returning. Make sure you're correct. Those pain points. This will reduce returns in future. Research shows that the percentage of returns is between 1% or 10% in the digital world. This could go up for physical products, as that could be damages. But in this case, if you get 10% more visitors because of this hack, you gain more than what you lose. Keep in mind a few cheat will anywhere rip you off, but in the long run, you'll earn more than what he lose so heavy over the steps. Step number one. Decide to offer a money back guarantee for all your products. Step number Duke. Include this as a badge. Are button within your product pages. Step number three. Ask for reasons for returning and improve on those pain points. Don't forget. Attract that is such. Strip them of four. Test the conversions before and after the guarantee. Compare that with the percentage of returns to decide whether to continue with the scheme are not. 18. Someone Recently Bought Hack: Hey, welcome back. You might have seen this message on websites and on social media with an action. This provides social proof and creates confidence in product are a brand. These are live notifications that shows your audience that someone recently bought your product. Go to Google and search for someone recently Bart plus a CMAs name that you currently use You are CMAs Could be Shopify Armagh Gento. Our WordPress are anything else for Shopify, there are APS like reason sales notification by chicken recently are the yo app. Check out the features off each of these abs and decide which one to choose. For WordPress, you may use a plug in called wu Commerce lives sales notification. Likewise, someone recently purchased extension from a gentle can help. If you are CMAs Esma gentle even for simple lead magnet downloads, this can be implemented cheese The wording to someone recently downloaded by the Blufgan and configure it on yard website. This is known to increase sales up to 40%. Many companies are successfully using this hack check out this home page from lead pages. They have this set up, So go ahead and try this hearing over the steps. Step number one. Go to Google and search for someone recently bought, plus the CMS name. Step number two by the plug in and confident on yard website. Step number three Even for simple lead magnet downloads, this can be used. Change the wording to someone recently downloaded. 19. Powered by hack: he will come back the powered by drawer tax and great rated stimulate drilled in your company. It is an ingenious option for deploying your company's identity within any embedded content . RV Gits that your customers see on your site. If you're a company whose business is embedded content, this is a hack you can't afford to miss. It's currently being used successfully by many companies, and it's worth some serious consideration as to whether your brand and its products will benefit from it. Take a look at this example Viste as a video hosting company, and as you can see, they use their brand name on videos they host. So whatever type off software you offer, including your brand name on your users and products a great way to joy or visibility and hack your group include a small logo. Graphic are a powered by link on any piece of publicly facing content your user creates using your app. Adding a culture action will make it even more powerful. In fact, heart may 1st introduced us, probably in the late 19 nineties, you might have seen their famous get your free email at Hotmail tagline. They added This trap line toe every outgoing mail off 20,000 heart mares off primers. The results were almost instantaneous. They were ableto grow their list to one million subscribers within six months time. Their subscriber base drew to a whopping 12 million users within a year and 1/2. This happened when there was Onley 70 million Internet users across the world. Those users who clicked on the link became heart mail users and this Fuel Exponential group , for example, If you are using a WordPress plugging that captures emails via pop up, you'd say, Powered by X x x. This is where your brand name comes in, plus the logo image. And below that you include a call to action that say's get xxx. Start growing your list really fast. So here we go over the steps. Step number one for the footsteps of heart meal. Start using a powered by plus logo. Step number two. In purely call to action relevant to your business at the end of the link 20. Steal Customers of Competitors Ethically: Hey will come back. The best way to start acquiring customers faster is to target customers off your competitors. From there, you create a base like reviews and testimonials from them to build your own customer base. So visit your competitors websites, and it works like Facebook groups that your prospect of customers hang out, connect with them and, as of the giant Janek, or do for better deals offer freebies to join your network. Our list. Essentially, you are piggybacking on others. Customers see if you can automate this process, that technology. This is exactly what Airbnb did. They piggyback Craigslist audience the Reverse Engineer, a system in which renter posting and Airbnb also got poster and Craigslist automatically the dark Craigslist knowledge. By doing this, Airbnb managed to attract huge Craigslist audience at that initial stage. Here we go, the quick tip on stealing yard competitors. Customers using paid at in an ethical way create a landing page with your competitors name as a key word. For example, take a look at this ad from flick funnels. They're poaching the customers off lead pages, competitors off click farms, go ahead and plays an ad with Google language. You're a could look something like this. This means your solution is in on tentative one to your competitors. When customers search for the competitors branded keyword, your ad also appears there as an alternative. When they click, they go your landing page. The landing page can say something on these lines. Hey, welcome. Are you looking for an alternative? Do XXX? Here's where you'll put your competitors name. If yes, you have come to the right place, you can dig deep into the key pain points off your competitors left side over yours and show why yours is better. It. Those visitors like your solution over your competitors. Solution. There's every chance they'll start buying your products. Now let me show you another cool way to target your competitors. Customers on Facebook Just go to audience section off your aunt set and insert your competitors name. Let's say you're in the personal development niche you're insert one of those well known names in this niche like Tony Robins are Zig Ziglar, our Jim Rohn. If you don't find a name, don't worry. Just water the next name. Once you find a name here within your niche, you can see the audience size here, Then just click on the suggestions. Facebook will show. All the related names are other competitors. Choose whichever is most relevant to you. You can also go toe audience insides. Choose a competitive name. Here in the interest section, you can see the reach year. You can click the page likes and see other pages your target audience are interested in. If relevant, you can run separate ads dieting the customers off these pages to see if there can wording . With this, you can go ahead with your ad and ad. Copy that box about how your offer is better. Vein. Your competitors may attract more likes and engagement. Incan wish, because you're offering an effective are tentative solution to your competitors offers. So you've seen some ways to use paid ads. Toe Ethically steal your competitors customers. If you don't have enough budget and your at the initial stages with no customers at all, you can't go toe I site called public www dot com. They have a free plan. Also, enter a key word your competitors customers will be using on their sites. It could be the name off an app your competitors has provided to them. Let's say Crazy act. The search results show all the website that I using your competitors product in this case , crazy it. You can download the names off all these lips sides in the CSP former Not Use hunted R I O To find e mails and reach out to them. Tell them how your product does a better job at better prices. If some of these customers are frustrated with the present solution, and if your product is really good at solving those issues, you see switch yours. Another way to stop your competitors customers is based on mentions off your competitors. Breath. The mentions could be because of two reasons. They like the competitors product a lot. This helps you to learn their strength. Are they hate your competitors product. So you have an opportunity to fulfill their needs and make them switch or your brand. So use mention dot com. Our Google Alert toe find mentions block competitors apart from the above. The other simple raised port your competitors customers is to become a part of their community and reach their customers personally and tell them how your product offers better value. This is pretty simple in social media channels and groups like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Now let's see how to spy on your competitors and so that you can learn what works for some of the smartest in the world. Goto at espresso and click on examples. Here you can see the ads placed by some of the successful individuals and companies. Type in the name here and see the ad. You can also enter an ad type and industry type and see the ach. How cool is that? You can see the ad copy the image and the Khan traction and so on and so forth off some of the expert Facebook advertisers around the world. Now that is another tool called swiped dot Co. They don't have volume like an espresso, but they go deep into the ad. That's Jews and Mitch and the type. Now just click here and see the complete analysis off the adhere this. They're gonna show you why they did what they did. So the site is very useful and learned some of the insider secrets of successful advertisers. So here we go over the steps. Step number one. Visit websites and other networks like Facebook groups where your competitors customers are hanging out step number, do connect with them and communicate. Offer freebies to joint yard network Step number three. Do your research on how to create great aunt on your niche used to. It's like an espresso and swipe dot co Do find ads placed by experts. Step Number four plays ads on Google to target your competitors customers. You provide an alternative to them. Step number five plays Facebook and start getting your competitors audience. 21. Timebomb Technique: hey will come back. What does this time bomb technique all about? At any stage where a user must make some kind of critical decisions such as approaches, set a time limit for them and displayed visually in a countdown? Why would you do this? This is a basic pressure tactic. I mean, you're putting pressure on them to take advantage off your limited time. Offers immediately. It could be a discount offer are a reverse discount off our giving users. A limited time to make Decision Helps increase conversions. Users will psychologically be motivated to move through a process faster, which can result, and more users completing a process. It can also have practical applications in high demand. Online shopping, for example, its youthful for clearing out a user's shopping cart to prevent users from deserving limited quantity items. Indifferently, many e commerce doors uses tactic. When check out process happens, the easiest radar do. This is via a plug in for Shopify. There are several plug ins available. Choose the one that you like the most. Countdown timer sales Countdown time bar hot If I calm down. Sales timer by pixel union. Our diamond. Bless all of them offer free trial, try them and choose the best one that suits you the most. For WordPress. I suggest one of these dupe luggage. The Countdown Pro. Are you calmer Sales commandant Plugging again? You've got an option to see the lie preview for them. Visit the landing pages and see the live preview and choose the one that suits you the most . Here's a tip Why implementing this pressure tactic can't backfire. Give your users too little time and you may frustrate some of them into closing the window . Are going elsewhere. On the other hand, give them too much time and the motivation effect off. This tactic is reduced, so provide a reasonable amount of time so that they can't react. It could be anywhere between a few hours to a couple of days, not let's see the steps. Step number one include a countdown timer. This is to apply pressure on users to buy limited time offers step number two and show that you provide reasonable amount of time for biased react too little time will frustrate them and turn to your competition. Too much of time will make them to lose motivation to buy 22. Influencer Unboxing Hack: Hey, welcome back. If you're in any kind of physical products business, influencer, unboxing watch really well. Hundreds of thousands of people type unboxing into YouTube every month, and there are several videos with millions of views. Products range from phones to clothing, shoes and jewelry, and what not in only in English but in several languages. They are very popular because these videos bundle up the anticipation in, deliver it to the viewers. Just imagine you receiving a parcel from Amazon at your doorstep. How excited would you be Toe unbox and see that stuff inside? Unboxing videos are addictive. They pass on that excitement off, enjoying something for the first time. Another reason we hooked on Unboxing videos is that they are a way of verifying a company's product. The dog didn't need to spend money. It's a practical way to get a look at a commission product that do, even before buying that product. Product packaging plays an important part here. Packaging is done beautifully, so that when opening it, it creates a memorable experience. It would be great if your brand images printed on the box and on the wrapping materials used like tissue paper filling materials and the tape, adding some extras are gifts can really amplify the whole experience. A thank you card at the end would help to increase the customers Emotional investment in your brand younger generation Is mawr influenced by celebrities on you? Do and instagram. A product recommendation from them seems to your audience more like a recommendation from a friend. So fine an influencer in your industry. Then send a piece off your product for free so that they can do unboxing for their subscribers. The encourage More sales provide the influencer with the discount code offered to their subscribers. Large branch work with giant influencers with millions of followers, but that's an expensive business. If you're a small business, you can choose to work with micro influencers, say influencers. The following off few 1000 people. Why choosing the influencer? Just ensure that he, er she has a following that engages well that influencer say in the comments section. Now let's see the steps. Step number one. It suits well for physical products business. Step number two. Hook up with an influencer in your industry and send a free piece for unboxing. Step number three. Make sure the influencer has a following that engages well. Step number four packaged the product beautifully for a memorable experience. Step number five include brand image on the packaging material. Strip number six include a gift toe. Amplify the experience. Step number seven include a thank you card to increase the emotional investment. And finally, step number eight provided discount code the influencer to increase the sales. 23. Influencer Outreach: Hey, welcome back. Almost everything you want to do is already done by someone else. All you gotta do is to ask, if required persistently and be willing to learn. Start following the influencers in your industry on social media like and share their pose common actively on their block posts. Ensure you bring in something new but relevant. Point to that discussion. Don't comment for the sake of it. And don't simply thank them that men are help, but add some value to the discussion. Once you become visible to them and then become familiar, reach out of them. Complement their work. Tell them how your product can benefit them. Give them details and ask for shares and re beach. If your work as really good, you'll be reciprocated immediately. Once you become friends, you even suddenly asked for back wings are testimonials. If you have a product, our service you offer special package to influencers and ask them to be Ah Phillip. An affiliate system like this works like magic. Grow your subscribers real fast. Now here's another super powerful way to speed up the world. Tired with an influencer and conduct at Skype interview on a popular trending topic, then dried an article with bullet points on your site with the audio Our video. This will quickly put the influence or on your site. Moreover, you have produced quick original content that will reach the followers off the influencer. You may find it difficult to rope in with a super famous influencer, so start with a moderately popular person and work your way up. So here we go with the steps on influencer outreach. Step number one. Follow the influencers in your industry on social media step number. Do like and share their posed on social media. Step number three Common actively on their block posts Ensure you bringing something new but relevant point of the discussion. Step number four. Once you're visible to them and become familiar, reach out to them for shares and retweets off your posts. Strip him a five once you become French you and suddenly asked for back lings and testimonials. Step number six. Offer special affiliate packages to influencers If you are selling your own products 24. Model the Influencers: Hey, welcome back. If you can implement what I say in this video, you're likely to be killing online. You drove fast as a next big influencer on your favorite platform. What is that? It's about modeling the influencers. But here's a word of caution. I never said copy or influencers are imitated them. I said Mardell them. Go watch the top inventors and their strategies. Let's take Gaddy we as an example here. Just see what he did to become an influencer. He's revolutionary. He creates a lot of content from his office in public places. He visits Camera Man always accompanies him, and he's really good at being himself on the camera. And you know what this skill is. Learn about do more videos and you'll get used to it. Like Gary, we create a style for yourself and be authentic. Hey puts his feet on the table when recording videos, and he doesn't care a damn about what others think. And that works well, really well. And that's because his content adds value to his viewers. He encourages his followers to approach him in public, and he makes content out of it, so that enables him to create tons and tons of contact. You might say it's difficult for you, but you know what? It's not that hard as you think about it. Let's say you have a meeting at your office with your colleagues. Can you film it to make it a content? If you do, you have a video content that they had run between 20 to 30 minutes. But hey, don't simply post it once and leave it at that. Break that into 10 different pieces of valuable mini content and post it separately on social media. Not only that, you can create a block polls based on that you can create infographics on key binds discussed. You can create a checklist of items discussed. I mean, there are tons of options to repurpose the original content. Engaging assistant who can do this fight he or she can be full time assistant are higher via sites like up work off fiber God. He has a set of implies with the Koch at its repurpose and upload the content you do can start doing what he does, maybe at a smaller level, to start with and slowly expanded. And if you're washed his videos, you might have seen this. He cursed us a lot, but even that gets accepted as long as he provides value. So these are just some pointers. You can choose your favorite and popular influencer and Mardell him or her and take it from me. In the initial stages. It will be difficult, but if you keep doing it, you get used to it. And that's how you become an influencer. Now let's see the steps. Step number one. Find an influencer to Martin Step number two Studied influencer and his Saw Her activities Step number three. Create your own style based on what you study. Stepping before create valuable original content. Consistently step number five be authentic. 25. Referral Marketing Hack: Hey, you will come back. Any reference program to become successful is that should be beneficial to the parties involved that, if for and the effort gets a jaw dropping benefit from the program. In return, the program organizer's gets new leech. The public off referral programs are amplified when more and more people look to refer. It's the bubble off word of mouth advertising. The best way to implement a rougher A program is by using his software. There are many software programs available in the market at a fertile candy is a good one. For example, it sent e mails. Do your existing customers offering it is gone for any reference. That effort also gets the discount if they buy the product from the link received from the referee. If the effort choose to go ahead and push is that a frill candy software tracks it and promptly sent another email to the refer Without his con coupon. The best timeto ask your customers to refer is when they have just made a purchase, and the best way to do it is like a thank you gift. They feel good about it. It's also a wise idea to introduce options like pay with the reference. It may be something like Get four people toe by and you get it completely free. When creating such schemes, follow the rules. I'm gonna tell you know it's dazed on experience and customer psychology. If you're advocates are likely to make repeat purchases. Give discounts if you're product costs more than $100. Cash discount. Sound more impressive if you're product costs less than $100 than a percentage discount? Sounds more impressive. This is called Rule of 100. You choose video. A number is bigger if your advocates are unlikely to make repeat purchases. Give cash to watch so reference schemes create wydell effect. If the offer is really good, it works well for digital products. Also, Job Box Reference System is a alone hack. It provided the referee and that afford 500 megabytes additional free storage up to 16 gigabytes. This permanently increased the sign ups for Dropbox by 60%. At introducing this river, a program the user base increased from 100 K to four million in just 15 months. People Referee program is another big. They provided both rougher and therefore cash. We watch. They saw massive 7 to 10% daily drill treat. They stopped the program after reaching the target number. Uber's referral program lets you give your friends the gift off. Discounted first, right. They managed to cover up to 50 countries in just three years. So different program can really create wydell effect if they are implemented. Well, here we go with the steps. Step number one set up a software to implement a different program. Ship number two. Best time to ask for referrals is immediately after. Pushes step from a tree. Get ready specific as to who they should refer. Step number four must be a to side of the front of program incentivizing boat that differ and that a for strip number five wash that affirmative statistics and keep improving. 26. Little Bighorn Strategy: Hey, you wouldn't come back This fancy little word. Little Big Horn is a river in United States. The strategy gets the name from the battle that happened in the banks off this a driver, but being a regiment off U. S Army and a few Indian tribes in the southern Montana territory, the tribes won the war in a big way because off a specific strategy apply. Now, let's see how the strategy supplied in the business world if your target market is difficult to reach instead of tackling it head on, go after in a Justin market, not at the stimulate demand. Originally, this tactic was made famous by Facebook. In the early days off Facebook, it was available only to students of Harvard. As a popularity off Facebook exploded. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg saw the opportunity to expand to other colleges in America, but he faced resistance with some of them Facebook waas, after all, competing with many of the Ecologist own internal Facebook networks. So water Facebook bill rather than try toe, push it way into these establishments. Facebook targeted all of the surrounding schools, knowing that they would inevitably contain friends off the storage. Who attended the college Facebook was targeting. After that, it's simple psychology. Once all of your friends were on Facebook and you're the last one left standing. It's kind of hard to say no right. Joining something because your friends are on it are because they said it's cool is called social proof. Social Proof is one of the most powerful, elemental forces off Internet and your disposal, so use it. Vice Lee. This strategy are Some of its radiance can be applied. Do whatever the business you're in. Let's say you are starting a rental car business and want a dog in a major city. But you know that our competitors in it and you cannot compete with them head on. So you might decide to target that Jess and 80 us that city first, where there is no are negligible competition. Once you are present there and established credibility as a business story, you can enter the prime target, which is that major city. Here's another example, which I see as a variation to this strategy. If you want to dominate the consulting space and digital marketing, you wouldn't go attack the whole space straightaway. There are big players in it already. Instead, you'll focus on one of the components are adjacent spaces like a CEO contracting our social media marketing aims. One. It could be even smaller, like Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing and Schwan. As you dominate one move onto the next. Over time, you have covered the digital marketing space as a whole. So begin with a well defined market and expand over time. That's the crux behind the Little Bighorn drill attack. Now let's see the steps. Step number one. Identify your main target market step number. Do identify a. Few. Related in adjacent markets are markets with relatively lesser competition. Step number three devices strategy to capture those markets first and implemented. Well, keep doing it until you dominate the main market. 27. Make it a Necessity: Hey, welcome back. You know very well that if a product becomes a necessity in life, it sells well compared to those that are optional. Products are products of sophistication. Can you make your product and necessity? If you manage to do it, you see your product sales stick off in a big way. That is what list Tareen, a mouthwash product, did in the year 18 80. And this tactic works even today and will probably will work forever. List Tareen Waas Selling okay when it WAAS founder. But that was not enough for the owner of the company at this time. Owner's son came up with a word that literally made the product sales going through the roof. He began to spread the word that Bad Red is a medical condition. He called it halitosis. It was an adopter word from Latin word halitosis, which means bread. He included pulses so that the term sounds like a medical condition. As a result, people started believing so and it could be treated with an antiseptic in fact list. Doreen ran advertisements in newspapers talking about the sad, unmarried Edna, who remained single as she watched her friends getting married It's not that she wasn't a great girl. It's just she had this condition called halitosis and list Tareen can cure it. The result. The product sales skyrocketed because it became unnecessary here and cures a medical condition. Let Ron List dreamed, ran several video ads as well. Just watch one of those video ads in the link given here. I have given it in the description section of this video that our companies in the present world that seemed to medicalized problems for their products to solve. But history was the first ever success story from this hack, So hitting over the steps Step number one Think how you can't make your product a necessity step number to call the issues your product solves a problem. Name it and popularizing step number three and provide your product as a solution to that problem. 28. Affiliate Marketing Hack: Hey, welcome back. Recruiting affiliate, if done right, can create vital traffic and sales in your business. It's a win win deal for both affiliate and the business. Affiliates can sell your products that their customers and earned a big commission. You get a portion of that sailed revenue and customers contact information so that you can Upsell and cross sell to them. In future, nothing attracts affiliates better than a good product. With a good pill, you'll be the best. If it's a reckoning driven, you don't fuck it to offer a free leave, you copied your affiliate that explains everything and shows them where they can get affiliate promo. So you already created. Now many get stuck on. How did the crude affiliate there are affiliate marketplaces like Click Back. These black farms have thousands of a village waiting to see some products that are really promising. But you know what? It's not a white idea to keep your product open. For all the affiliates on these platforms, you need to be careful as to who your affiliates are, because some of them with no credible following can even tarnish the image off your product . Our brand, by spanning all over the Web. So you need the platform, but not necessarily all the affiliates on it. To succeed in Yon Mitch, all you need is a few Super affiliate with big following. You can find them with a simple Google search. These are probably authority bloggers in your niche. Reach out to them and develop a relationship with them, then Osem to promote your product that their list offer big commissions. This is possible in digital products business. Again, recurring commissions are better. Successful affiliate marketers have more products, show that them then they can possibly promote in a lifetime. So they pick and choose the ones that offer the greatest return for the efforts as a route . Sometimes that doesn't mean money alone. It might be on account of friendship. Or it could be you wanna pride that they feel will really help their customers and give them a big leg up. But money is also key, so keep that in mind. A riel affiliate mark there can promote a high ticket product, which is prized $1000 on more just as easily as a $29 product on all things being equal, the higher ticket product is the one they had. Shoes sort of. Start with your product is going toe. Have to stand out from the crowd. You lead a good hook, the get people interested. Then you'll need a killer sales letter that convert at least 23% off the visitors. The cinch. Next you need to use a platform guarantees your affiliate will get paid for their efforts. Use platforms like JV Zoo are ling share. Choose the one with a good reputation. Finally, your product needs to be prized high enough to offer a decent commission to make it worth their while. Unless, like I said about, you, have a higher ticket back and offer in place that will pay bigger commissions. Now here's a quick tips on how to higher affiliate Very quickly. Hire a JV broker that's trained to the crude affiliates and to oversee a successful launch . These brokers usually have contact with influencers in various niches. Search on social network groups. Place an announcement. If it were my launch, I would do this way. But it's only an example. Our model. Tweak it to your own needs. My communication will go like this. Hi. I'm sure McCarron. I'm looking to hire a JV broker for an upcoming product launch during the first week off June. My intention is to make this launch very successful, and my aim is to generate thousands off saves and crack into six figures with this launch. So far I've been testing my funnel, and it converts at 5% and gets just about $1.4 off earnings. But click. And this has bean on cold traffic so it will can work much better with an email traffic. My product is about Chad botch and how to build and market your business with Chair Bunch. The friend and product will be a $47 product with two obscenities in place, friend and product will be offered at 75% commission. The first up so will be a $267 extensive share about training that would show how to become a professional charvat builder for big Corporates. This converts at about 18% also on court traffic for all buyers who come through the funnel . For this, I get a copy idea to rewrite it and bring increased conditions so this first up cell is offered at 40% commissions. The second Upsell is continuing membership offer, where the price will be $67 per month for ongoing Charvat marketing training, new updates and features. I'll be teaching the scores along with other marketing experts. You'll get one video pervy that teaches some new feature. Our integration for automation This month to month continuities will be offered at 30% commissions. The product has buyers who already gotten results, and I'm made money with this proven strategy. I'm currently building a list for this launch, and I expect to have well over 2000 new leads by the time the course goes for a launch. I have tons of written testimonials and to video testimonial shofar. So I have social proof and a proven cellar. Now I want to take it to the next level on hire a JV broker who can bring affiliates on board and get them to send out emails to their list, promote my launch and help me pull off a top notch product launch. I'm only looking toe work with someone who has a proven track record and can show me the results off their previous launches. You must be willing to show me your portfolio and allow me to contact references before we take a step forward. Also, I know there are broker fees involved, and I'm fine with that. However, I'm on Lee looking for someone who will help me make this launch a success so that you can have another successful, happy, satisfied client in your portfolio. This sounds like you. Then please reach out to me personally. And let's start talking about making this or reality. I wish you all the best. Shoko Mark Carney from Marketing Academy. You can also visit jimmy broker dot com. Get yourself updated about this JV broker thinking. So we have covered a lot of ground here in this video. Now let's see the steps. Step number one. Collect the contact details off influencers in your niche. You can use 100 r i O to collect emails. Step number to launch an affiliate on boarding campaign, start by telling about your products, USB benefits features and present conversion statistics and success stories. Step number three. How one Ardo upsets to make the whole campaign highly profitable. Step number four Offer awesome commission, preferably a recurring one. If you run a membership site. Step number five. Keep the products prising high enough to attract super affiliates. Step number six. Tell affiliate How to Promote your Products step by step user How does cream cast video to show this step? Number seven Higher JV brokers to speed up the process of hiring super affiliates. 29. 2 Stage Facebook Ad Strategy: Hey, welcome back. Many a few might have tried Facebook ads to set up product. I'm sure a lot off you are frustrated with a basement results the Facebook ads are giving. It's not because Facebook ads don't work. It's because they're not done properly. So here's a quick dip to do it right. The strategy is to create and run Facebook ad campaigns induced ages. Stage one is for engagement and social proof. Stage do is for traffic. Our conversion stage One is the create social proof created awesome post with great aim age , Great copy and Sean and plays an ad. The campaign objective is engagement because you just want to engage more people at this stage. But the darkening audience should be from countries like India or Philippines. Pakistan, etcetera, where you get cheap, likes shares and comments. Facebook, with its powerful algorithms, will show you posted those people when the diet audience, you said, who frequently likes comments and Schatz opposed you, said the audience, targeting relevant but broader enough so that it reaches a lot of people within your niche . As I said, the idea now is to get social proof first because nothing attracts more people to your aunt like having more people in it already. So at this stage, don't expect a lot of sales. Once you have large amount of social proof, create another campaign. The campaign objective now is conversion. If you already have audience built up via look like audience, etcetera, it'll be traffic. If you are relatively new to Facebook Hatch and the start, your diet audience is from countries where your primary audience is located. Now click on Use existing post instead of a new post. Here you choose the pause that received a lot of engagement already, and from this strategy, you see very good our ally. So try this out and let me know your results. Giving over the steps Step Number one plays an ad with awesome image copy, etcetera. The campaign objectives. Engagement step Number two Target is brought about relevant target countries with cheap tricks like India, Pakistan, Philippines and so on. Step number three. Once you get a lot of engagement, create another campaign with conversion as the objective Step Number four. Choose the existing posed with a lot of engagement instrument, creating a new ad step number five target audience from the country that your primary being audience is located 30. Link Creator Focussed Content Strategy: he will come back. This is an S e o hack. If you know the basics of S e o. You know that great content and quality linked buildings are the primary factors are top factors that ranking a site in Google. That's right. You must write great content for your website. Then you must get high quality back Ling's from authority website in your nation. But getting back Ling's is a major reason for many sides not able to rank well in Google because it's not easy. Now Here's a secret hack that many successful websites are using and you would probably have not seen anyone killing you. I mean, this is being kept secret by many successful as your experts in the industry. The secret is this. You must create your content for your link creators. That's right. This must be your content strategy as well as Ling building strategy. Every niche will have some websites that are influential and they frequently linked to other content. These websites are called ling creators off that niche. Find out who the link creators are in your niche. You can find them using tools like a hatreds are majestic. If you're not willing to spend money for these websites. I have a cool tool that can do this job for free. Now it's called Valuable Bat Wings Checker From As your review touch, see what kind of content there linking toe create a better content than the one they have linked. Do in every possible way. Find out some of the topics that are close to your link creators heart and cover them with your post. Then reach out to them and tell them that you haven't awesome piece of content. Most probably they won't say no to you because you haven't awesome content and you've included topics that are close to their heart and you're reaching out to the most relevant link creators off your industry. So the property of them linking to your post is very high. A model reach. Our communication is added in the resources section off this video. If they link to you, you'll see your content ranking well in Google. If your rack well, you get traffic, likes comments and so on by saying this. I'm not saying that you should not create content for your customers are general audience. These are people who visit your site to buy something. I'll learn something, but they are not influencers in young niche. Some of them may not have a website a dull if your link creator content appeals to yard, general audience and customers, that's great. If not, you should put your focus on link creators first. Most of the website create content only for their customers are general audience. That's why they don't get backings. For example, a wedding organizer would probably right about 10 ways to save money on your upcoming wedding, and the doctor audience here is his customers. Likewise, a lumbers Web side might write about five plumbing dudes every home owner should have on hand again. The diet audience is the home winners, and they are the customers out numbers. In fact, you need some content that focuses on your customers are gentle audience again. Your main focus should be on creating content for the influencers are linked creators. Otherwise, you have no Ling's in your customer. Focused content will remain invisible. Now. Who are these link creators For a vetting organizer, it could be influential Blog's in the vetting advice based our personal finance companies that had wise about low cost reading tips. Likewise, Ling creators or a plumber side could be mixed. Specific plumbing blocks are really estate are building construction blocks that talk about plumbing tips. Now how can you find what these link creators are interested in? Well, there are various ways to find what these influencers are interested in, one of them via resource pages. For example, I search for entitled Colon Reading Resources. I find a few pages when I go to one of him, I can see the are linked. Do reading later products our services. The other way is to find the top pages often influence or website. Probably those are the topics they're most interested in. So the hack is this. Your primary focus should be creating content for your link creators. Here we go over the steps. Step number one. Find out who your link creators are. These are influential website owners in young niche step number to find out some off their favorite topics. To find this youth resource pages and top posts off influencers websites. You can also use bus Immel to find top shared posts in your niche. Step number three Gordon s your review tools and paste in the euro and find who else is linking the dis content. They're also link creators off this topic. Step number four. Find all the link creators and no doubt there. Site names. Step number five. Go to Hunter Dark Io and find the contact. Details. Darling Creators Step number six right? A top quality posed on the topic. Step number seven Recharge to the Link Creator with the post link and offered it to their audience via battling.