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Powerful Excel Gantt charts -Effortless Project Management ! Become an efficient Project Manager.

Amey Vidvans, Education and Technology Enthusiast

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    • 1. Excel Gantt chart intro 11 05 19

    • 2. Decoding Essential Chart Elements !

    • 3. How to Create First Excel Gantt Chart !

    • 4. Create Gantt Chart in Minutes !

    • 5. How to Track and Monitor a Project?

    • 6. How to create milestones

    • 7. Create Events with Images

    • 8. Create A project timeline

    • 9. learn to calculate Planned completion

    • 10. Dynamic Timeline with Planned % completion

    • 11. Prepare a Time line with Planned Vs Actual Achievements

    • 12. Introduction to Gantt chart Dashboard with Pivot table

    • 13. Create Gantt chart using Pivot table, Add Timeline and slicer

    • 14. Use gantt chart with Timeline and Slicers

    • 15. Start building Interface similar to Microsoft Project.

    • 16. How to Create a Baseline Bar ?

    • 17. How to Create Actual Progress Bar ?

    • 18. How to to track a project ?

    • 19. How to Creat a simple Project .


About This Class

Prepare Gantt charts and Timelines in Minutes using Simple excel charts, without any codes or macros. So Even with basic knowledge of Excel, you will be able to use it successfully for managing simple projects.

Ideal student for this course -

Ideal student for this course is the one who works with the task lists or activities on regular basis. Moreover not just Project managers but people from all walks of life are using Gantt charts to plan, organize, monitor and deliver projects on time.

Where Dynamic Excel Gantt charts can be used  -

  • Excel gantt charts are immensely helpful for managing simple and straight forward projects.

  • You can use it along with MSP or Primavera ,for creating further break up of activities.

  • You can easily use Excel Gantt charts if you don't have any costly Project Management soft wares.

  • You can use various techniques to present critical information in a far better manner.

  • It uses tremendous capabilities and versatility of Excel.

Project management is like juggling many balls at a time. One needs to develop skills to manage different tasks and various task dependencies , material , people , funds and information. The moment you miss a ball or a dead line , entire project may go haywire with some serious repercussions.

Not just Project managers but people from all walks of life are using Gantt charts to plan,organize , monitor and deliver projects on time. So if you want to learn how to prepare different types of Gantt charts , how to use them effectively and how to efficiently track and manage a project ,all with the help of Excel Charts, you have come to the right place.

Gantt charts are beneficial for easily scheduling tasks,easy understanding, clear and visual representation of timelines and ease of adding dependencies .

Advantages of a Gantt chart-

1) Clarity - At any point of time , you know what to do and when to do.

2) Improved communication- Communications remains to be a major concern, It instantly improves visualization , understanding and better communication.

3) It provides a base around which all other verticals can work effectively.

4) Improved focus - You can channelize your efforts and resources in far better manner.

5) Progress Measurement. It helps you find slippage,delay reasons and take timely corrective actions.

6) Better time management - Time is remains to be the most critical aspect in any project. So it helps project team understand the severity of of time delays while managing projects.

Post purchase support : - A complete support and assistance is available for you, no matter at what stage you project is. I would really love to see you use this innovative tool on regular basis .



1. Excel Gantt chart intro 11 05 19: project management is like juggling many balls every time. One needs to develop skills to manage different tasks and various stars, dependencies, material, people, funds and information the moment you miss a ball or deadline, entire project may go haywire with serious repercussions, nor just project managers. But people from all walks off life are using Gant charts to glower projects on time. So if you want to learn about gang charts with excellent how to use them and how to manage projects efficiently, you have come to the right place. My name is a mayor and I will be leading neutralise course. Ah, how been into Project Management Field with a total operational experience off 18 years Together, we will walk through this course step by step, recording each element. At the end of the course, you will learn falling things, presenting critical information in creative former it's toe instantly improve visualization and communication. Prepare dynamic plant was actually an charts to measure progress. Prepare Ganter dashboards with slices and timelines, and in the last section I have explained an easy system for managing projects efficiently. Ideal student for this course is the one who handles projects, tasks or activities on a regular basis. Gang charts are applicable for people from all walks off life to plan, organize, monitor and valuable projects on time. So what are the requirements for the course? All the former are prepared using Simple Excel charts. There are no cords or micro zoos. You just need to help basic knowledge off Excel, an open mind and desire to learn something new. All the lectures are adequately supported by resources in the form off PdF and many of the table Excel templates. With only a few adjustments, you can use them directly with your own later. Go through the course description and add this amazing tool to your knowledge portfolio. See you inside the course. 2. Decoding Essential Chart Elements !: Hello will come back. So this is a normal Excel window. This area is Carlos Pritchard area. It is made up off columns and rows. These are various commands. Commands are segregated in different groups. Every group contains commands off similar characteristics. This area where all the commands are available is Carla's Ribbon. These are different types, which contained different commands under each. Let's try to understand basic off charts. First, we will select a cell range, which contains data. In our case, we have it. No, we will insert the shot. For that. We need to goto Insert Tab. There is a group called The Charts, where different charts are available. Microsoft Excel is very interactive. When you take the cursor over any element, it gives you a description off it. So here you have different charts available. First, we will start with a simple bar chart. There is a small arrow. It means there are a few more options available for our selection. Let's click on it and let's elect Cory stock chart. You will find a chart review. No click. One chart will be inserted. There are small rectangles at the corners and centers off its site. it helps in the resizing the shark. On the right hand side, there are a few more options available. Honda up You see a plus sign which help us are, are removed different chart elements. When you actually click on the chart elements or the plus sign, it presents a number off chart elements to add Elements who check boxes checked are already added to the current chart. No venue. Mu yokels are over different chart elements. It presents a preview off those elements on the chart toe. Help you visualize the effect. Let's add access. Title Using the check box. Let's add data labels. Let's add legion. No, when you take your cancer or any off the element, one arrow appears on the right hand side. It means there are a few more options under that particular chart element. Let's take the cars on the grid line and click on the arrow. If you also only one check box checked that is off. Primary measure Vertical grid line. It means in this shark only primary vertical grid lines of prison. Let's our primary measure horizontal grid line. Using respect to check box, just check the check box by clicking this way you cannot different are elements to your chart. Let's discuss Poto added a particular charge element when you insert a chart and select the chart to contextual tabs appear under charters. One tab is designed and another is former. There are various commands under both the stops for further working and fine tuning the chart. In this tutorial, we will start with some of the essential options related to our course, as we discussed earlier. Microsoft Excel is very interactive when you take your cursor over different chart elements . Excellent describes the element instantly, so it becomes very easy to select a particle element. No, let's Second mu Yorkers are over various areas to understand them. Charlie Idea. You will see the name display in the box. Flordia Legion's access title. Let's former chart area When Excell Displace Chart area just selected by left clicking, Go to former tap and change the field. No, we will. Former Florida area. The procedure is same. Take your cousin when excellent space brought area in the rectangular box. Selected Goto former and change the film. In this fashion, you can former various chart elements. No, let's see a few more options select any Charlie Limit and right click. All options are displayed, which we can use. Let's select horizontal axis by left clicking and then, rightly, when you right click on any of the object or element in Excel, you get a minute toolbar and menu with her learn commands, which are most commonly used. With that selection, let's click on former access. As we have already selected a horizontal axis on the right hand side, you will get a task pin as we have selected former Axis. All the options relate to the former thing off. The access will be available on this passport. 1st 1 is access options, second size and properties toward effects. Fourth is feel in line. Let's check first option that is access option. You can access more options using scroll bar and clicking on the arrow. Just play around with various options. Try adding and formatting the particular chart element from the task. Been check various options. There is another way off adding chart elements that is, from the design Pap designed type chart layer groups click on the arrow near at chart element. There are various options available under each one. It was just to give you an area off charts. And Charlie Limits for every chart procedure is fairly standard. So first is selection off the data. Second step is inserting the 11 chart thirties, adding more later toe the chart. It's required, and fourth is for murdering chart elements. Thank you very much. 3. How to Create First Excel Gantt Chart !: Hello. We've been start preparing the gang chart in simple terms. Gang Church is a representation off. Activities against the timeline activities will be represented by a bar on the timeline. We have to create a timeline and bars for every activity. I prefer the simple shareable with activities there. Start and finish dates and durations. Duration and start columns are very important for us. Select the data in the start column, including column hitter, Go to insert tab Under charge Group Open Inset column or bar chart. Drop down select duty stocked bar. You will see a chart inserted with few bars resize the chart to make it comprehensible. We will make future nous select the chart right click click on select data. It will open a select data source dialog box on the left hand side, you have religion increase or cities here. One series is already captured on the right. Inside. You need to define category or horizontal axis labels. These labels will define names to our bars. Click unaided Select activity names. Click OK, click OK every first cities in this type of chart, as in our Kiss start, Siri's will provide a base using this the duration. Siri's will create required bars for every activity. We have already created a base by plotting start cities. Now let's see how to use durations. It is in our data. We need to create another bar. After the start cities select the chart. Right click. Click on select data on the Left. Click on our under cities. Name Blue Box. Select Duration in Syria's values. Select durations off all the activities. Click OK. Click on a horizontal axis. Labels select activity names. Click OK, click OK, as we have added to Siri's. We see two bars, but the durations it is will give us require bar chart, so we will keep only one series that is duration Siri's visible and apparently hide the start. Siri's select Start Siri's Bar, Click on former tab Select No Feel Select no outline. Now the chart shows only one bar for each activity. Next, we will format both taxes. If you observe the activity list, you will find that the order are the sequence is changed. To correct it. Select y axis, right click, click on for my access. In the past, been under access. Options check category is in reverse order you will find the sequence properly arranged. Moto horizontal axes. This axis creates timeline for us. Understanding off this access is very crucial, as entire course is best upon the timeline. Select axis Rightly click on for my taxes. Under access options, you have fewer blue boxes under bounce and under units bounce. Define the starting in off our timeline Veras units defined the interval off our timeline in minimum really box. Enter 6 November 17 in maximum ender. 18 December 17. As the duration off the project is less, we will take quickly interval under units, Enter seven in measure as well as mine. So our first gang chart is ready. We can form at various chart elements one my one who improve its opinions or to make it more appealing. Select charred area goto format. Select a field select blood area, Go to format, select the field, make access labels bold Our horizontal grid lines go to chart elements under grid lines. Check primary measure horizontal. So our first gang chart is ready with requite segregation off activities, you can easily prioritize your resources. Are your effort according to activities coming in that particular vic In the next tutorial , we will explore more about gang charts. Thank you very much. 4. Create Gantt Chart in Minutes !: Hello will come back in this tutorial, we will create another gang chart. We will refer a different cereal where activities are overlap. Please spare a few minutes. Understanding the formula and linking it is very simple. In the last tutorial, as the duration of the project was less, we had taken weekly in terrible on our timescale in the street aerial as the duration of the project is more, we will use a different timescale unit. Also, we will begin in a slightly different fashion as your little no. We begin with the start cities, then we admiration cities to create required gang chart. If you observe the data you will find after activity names, we have start column, then we have duration column and then we have finished its for every activity. This arrangement is very important. It helps us create again chart in minutes, select the entire data, including column headers. Click on Insert Tab Charles Group under insert column or bar chart Select to Restock Bar. Like our first tutorial, it will insert a chart. We will begin with the X axis. Select the access right click Click on for my taxes. Let's define the boundary in the minimum and the 7 October 17 and in maximum ender mine August 18. Try entering different dates in minimum and maximum value boxes and see how it changes The times killed next. His unit as the duration off the project is more. We will take monthly division as their days off. Months are not uniform. Someone sell 30 days, somehow 31 days, whereas February has 28 or 29 days, depending upon whether it's a leap here or not. To cater this inconsistency, enter 30 point for you in measure as well as minor units. Next, we will change the number for my two month any year in category, Select dead and in type month. And yet, as durations it is alone defines the required bar we will keep. This city is visible. First select start Siri's bars Goto format. Select no Phil and no outline. Let's do the same with Finnish. Siri's select Finished Siri's Boss Goto format. Select no feel and no outline to arrange activity sequence. As per our original list, Select Texas right click Click one Former axis in the past. Spin. Check the Chick box categories in reverse order. Let's add start and finish dates near everybody. For that, we will use data labels first. Select Start Cities Bar, Go to chart element select Add data level and click on more options under labels. Option and sure Value Box is checked under label position. Select Inside End. So we have added, Started We're finished. It lets more to finish Siri's select finish, said his boss. Are charged Elements. Another data label. Select more options under label options and sure value. Jake Box is checked under label position. Select Inside Best. Now you can improve their statics off your gang chart. Using various chart elements. Select the chart area. Choose of Phil. Select the plot area, Select a field are presently grid lines. Add chart elements. Make access labels board. Spend some time for merging various chart elements. So our second gun charge is also really let's city whites. Gun charges basically re presentation off activities against time. We use debts to create the timeline. Start cities, acts as a base and duration. Siri's creates required activity bars so in the religion in prison, ensure that start Siri's should be the first. Siri's, followed by the duration cities. When it comes to formatting off access. You know, it isn't Alexis or the timeline access. Using moans we define the boundaries are the limits for our timeline. Whereas units help us create the time skill or the interval daily, weekly or monthly practice using different serial, different activities, different limits and different timescale. I'm sure you have enjoyed the tutorial. Please let me know if you have any queries. Thank you very much. 5. How to Track and Monitor a Project?: Hello, welcome back. In this tutorial, we will discuss about monitoring and tracking a symbol project. I just want to cover it in brief. We will refer a schedule to discuss about it. In order to commence what you need to think of. What do you need to ensure? What do you need to work out and arrange? Just think the startup project. Depending upon type of the project, size of the project, and nature of the contract. Just to ensure you have everything thought of like necessary clearances while sanctions. And we're corridors, provision for materials and equipments, infrastructure, manpower, and most importantly, funds. Let, let's discuss what is tracking. What is a successful project completion? It means you haven't completed the project in entirety, are completed the entire scope of work. More or you haven't delivered it on time at exhibited the project within the budget. In this tutorial, we will consider only one aspect that is timely completion, duration. Every project is a journey with each step taken in the right direction. And at right time, one needs to check output deliverables or results at fixed interval, say weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. It will give you a clear picture of how the project is heading are progressing. Is the actual output same as planned one? Depending upon the status at times, you can easily take corrective actions before it's too late. Moreover, it gives you a base for effective communication with all the stakeholders of the project. Next question, how frequently should you track the project? When it again, depends on specifications, pipe, and nature of the project. What is the requirement from the project? Are you tracking from the developer's side or from the contractor's side, then there is a duration. We will discuss about duration. If duration of the activities are less than seven days, like three or four days, packing twice a week will give you more control. If duration is more than seven days, once a week will give you a good control. You can always take a call based on the status of the project. And at any point of time, you can change the frequency of the tracking to bring their desired results. You can choose whatever works best for the project. Now next question is when you should track the project at the start of the week or towards the end of the week. If you take the review of the things at the end of the week, it gives you a clear picture of areas of concern, further giving you more time to plan for the next week. If anything is going wrong, then tracking it at the start of the week. Again, it's your call depending upon what is working best in a given situation, belief accessible. Now let's discuss what should it be, the thought process every week, if it's a week before commencement of the first activity, what you need to check. Whether shadowless abroad, whether manpower is allocated and rated to be onboard, materialist, properly arranged to be delivered in time. And necessary provision for funds is done. You're going to make a simple checklist of all the requirements and XL, It will be easy to maintain. What about the activities which are planned in the second or third week? Again, you can use the checklist of clearances manpower, whether you have material arranged, whether your funds for the second, third week, whether you have thought of long lead items or the material which has more procurement time, have you worked it out and taken care of? So just think of all the aspects of the project. Now let's move ahead as we have arranged everything properly and we have started the first activity on time and we're tracking on the last day of the week. On 18th, what do we need to review? Is the first activity is started and finished on time is the second activity is started on time. Let's assume a scenario where first activity is delayed, then what do you need to think? What is the reason of the daily, how much it will affect subsequent activities? Is that delay because of the less productivity, do we need to increase the manpower to overcome it? Is there in cost impact? Report it immediately. Just keep on taking the record. The initial delays more. It may not be possible to recover it in second or third week to follow. But you may have to plan TO, to cover it in the activities happening in next few weeks. You can use same checklist of approval manpower materials, and funds every week. If it's a weekly tracking success of the project is guaranteed if you ensure that activities are falling in that particular, we start on time and finish on time. Monitoring the progress and taking a review helps us keep all the activities in control and use more control on the entire schedule every week, ensure that you, What do you want it to achieve and what have you achieved in terms of activity, quality, time, and cost. Now, you don't have to worry about the things that are happening as per our original plan, but always give priority to the ones which are getting the lead that you need to take care of. Tracking is keeping every step in check and accessing the performance. It's not very difficult if you keep your eyes open. Tracking and monitoring is all about analyzing that data and making predictions. Making accurate predictions about the future outcomes, always going to help you plan future events quite effectively. Loopback to get the experience and lookahead using the experience to predict and limit the surprises. Still surprises will be there no matter whom meticulously plan, but you can very well limit the damages. Wish you all the very best if you need any assistance, just get in touch. I would be more than happy to help you. Thank you very much. 6. How to create milestones: good morning. Today we will see or to create timeline with milestones. Or even I had taken a project off. Softer elements have listed known activities and their respective finish debts Finish dates may very depending upon the type and nation off your project but the former and the process will them in the same. So what we need to do we need toe are two columns first is right and second is bustling. Heightened whistling Represent the position off data label and marker on the world. Take Alexis So first we will you height. You can you hate a spirit your choice so that it freaks properly into the chart area fire Then I you then then minus for you. For you Then then next is minus 10 fire again. Minus five and 15. We can edit diet later on for Miss Lane. I that point for you and I enter the same value in all the cells. So control second told me our data is complete. No, we need to insert appropriate chart for this to create this particular thing. We will use combination off charge. So first we will select baseline go to insert had duty clustered columns. We will right click on it. We'll go to select data. Siri's one It selected So I will aided the city's I Will you see his name has finished cities, cities will lose. We are really selected. Click OK every day and pick finished debts. Click OK, we need to add another cities Goto our cities Name is hate Select series values from Hate Column We are given name. It's hate. We have selected cities were losers from hate column Click OK in horizontal axis level Select activities and click OK now and bring the return to the chart is completed No, the third step is formatting the chart. So as we had discussed earlier, we will use combination off the charts Goto change starts tape. There is this last option Click on it. It's a combo and go toe combo Finish change this chart from cluster columns to line with markers selected goto height change this chart tape from line to clustered columns and chick the piss as second Rexes click OK, now again we need toe Do some electrician in our data. So again, right, click it Go to select data. Now If you remember earlier for finish Siri's. We had selected finish date for horizontal axis labels, but you will see that horizontal axis labels are changed. So we need to edit them. And we need toe. Take finish in its click. OK, sort data is entered. What we'll do, we will be select primary. What a big Alexis. And secondly, we're take Alexis click. OK, I have just increase Solent a bit. I will select horizontal axis. I will. Right. Click on it. Last options Former. So click on it Goto Former change. This is the last option. Okay, access options in excess options. Click on the great access changed the date. We are starting the bait from 19 off October so I will change it to 10th of October and the last testicle restaurant stuff February. So instead of that, I will take your does end off much in measure access column. I would change units from months and I will take it as a one month in minor. I will goto days Syrian this come down. We're Dick Alexis crosses between did it? It's ok. Access position. Click on the tick marks. This idea whether this former thing is completed? No. So we have. Everything is place. No, we need to add certain things. When I weren't here, I want a name off the particular activity with finished it as the Taliban. So what I will do? I will, right? Click here and I will click. Add data level. So it is giving us the position and fire 15. So instead of that, what we want this We weren't name of the particular activity and it's finished it. But we need toe a column Additional column here. So we'll see Label. We need to enter one formula here. So the formula Camilla, let's equals true name of activity and give some space again. And then we ender ex formula we will take I finished it, comma. And who will choose the former in which we weren't our bed Toby represented and I will close the bracket. Okay, so my label column shows name objectivity and it's finished it in the former dead and one. So I will select it copy and pestered over here. No, I will click on the label informer data level. I will select a value from the cells. It asked me which data are labeled range. You want to select. So select this range. Click OK, No, we don't need this value. We have already entered a value to fix the proper position off the particular milestone for the label so that it is properly visible so that we don't need this particular value. So the selected click OK, no, we can for Matic, click on the cities, go to the right hand side. We get it as a former data cities, so select the first option feeling line once you go there and there are two options again, Line and Marco. So select line option and select Nolan. So this particular line will be these appear. Now the markets are selected. No. Select the second options and go to market. Click on Omar Corruption. Click on the built in pipe if you want. You can change if you don't want. That is an honor to tension, so we'll keep the type off the marker as it is but will increase the side of it so that it is prominently visible will go to fill. We will change the color of the film from blue, do some more distinct trade exited. I can't change the border. Also off the marker. If I wish the border is in blue color. I can change this to same color. Then I will select this and I can change the color do blue. So my former days completed. No, I see milestone dates on Hooded and Alexis. I don't need this great land also, So I will be slick grid lines. It tells you exactly which activities you have in the month off. Say October from 10 talked over. Pretend off November. You have this to activities to focus from Pender Water 10 December You have only designed to focus from 10th December 10 Jenny, where you have Dominic Duty which is finishing in Montenegrin December on 28 December and testing which is finishing on the 10th of January. So it gives a clear picture. It helps you focusing your parities. As for the finishing it off the particle activity, it gives it a nice flow. You can further for Matic if you want click this charred area, go to former you can choose ba feel Hoddle's who can keep the field hazardous. So this is basic former thing. I can change the color. What? I can keep color as it is I can make them bulldozer. So this is the milestones. Our events on dangling. So this is timeline. And this is the position off. The particular milestone Milestone corresponds to the finish it off. That particular activity. Thank you very much. Please do give their backs. If you have any questions, do post it. If you know any suggestions, suggestions are always welcome. See you in the next lecture. Have a great day. 7. Create Events with Images: good morning. We will try to create milestones or events. I have few events from our century Lister down here for the practice purpose. Some off the important events, like 1903 1st airplane flies 1914 World War breaks out. 1930. Great Depression 1939 It's World War Two. First, we need to enter the column height. We will enter height here for the first activity or the first even. Enter six second minus seven Ben, then minus 10. Fire you then minus for you. Well minus 12. Seven and last minus seven. Why? We are choosing such height that you will realize when we will prepare the entire chart. So here we have to enter the scatter chart. Select the entire cell range containing different heights. Go to insert Tab Charles Group, Select Insults Cattle Probable chart. Then select Scatter chart. You will find one chart inserted as often we did in our last tutorials. Select the chart and right click and click on Select Data and select date Asos Dialog box will appear. You will find one cities at it, select the cities and click on 80 and 80. Siri's Dialog box will appear for Siri's X value. Select years. Cities y value is already captured. Click. OK, so our first part here is completed. We have entered the data. No up to know what we did. We inserted only one value access. But now here we entered X values and y values. So we have to value access here. What do we do under y axis? We selected the silver range containing height and are not XX ISS. We selected respect. Two years. Select the city's. We will add chart elements here once to select the city's click on add chart elements and click on aerial Boss and click on more area of our options. On the right hand side, you will find a fast spin. Former eater boss. We have vertical later bus and we have horizontal later boss. First we will 80 political error part. So in direction, select miners and style no cap and a remount select percentage and do you 100 buzzing. Keeping the same selection. Let's former vertical Airbus who will change their dash. Type the doctor line and we will change the color. Let's select horizontal aerial bars. We don't want horizontal error bars visible on our chart, so we need to turn them off in the style. Select no cap and it in a more under fixed value. Enter zero so you will find horizontal error. Bars are disappeared, takes parties, toe add detail, labels toe each. Even so, select the chart Goto chart elements and select data labels. No, Select the detail levels. Right. Click and click on former data label. Click on Well, you from cells A date Available range Dialog box will appear. So here select the data range containing all the events. Click OK. The select y value and change the label position to write Jews. The liberal position s for your convenience. You can chooses to center left, right. And about here I will choose right became the resize the shark. We can either add grid lines or we can turn all grid lines off. So here we will keep vertical grid lines And second, we don't warn vertical axis. So just go to access and unchecked primary vertical axis. Change the chart title as important events off the century. He can select various chart elements as we did in our previous tutorials. And for Marty, you can select the plot area and choose off. Phil, you can select the chart area and apply a nice Phil. We can form a marker as well. To select the Marcos under Task pane Goto feel and change the field and change the outline off your choice. Our timeline is already what we did. We used scatter chart or a bubble chart here under the X axis, we give years which defined the X axis and under y axes we ended videos heights. We can't change the height to display all the titles correctly. Dis change the height and immediately see there is, um similarly you can change the year and the location off the even corresponding to the timeline will change. So basically, it gives a nice chronological segregation off the important event, this particular tutorial or this particular chart you can use for your important dates. It might be the procurement dates off. Important material are some of the important milestones in your project. Here we are using timeline in terms off years where we can very well former the X axis to choose the time line. Depending upon the nature off your project, you can use the timeline in terms off months are in themselves weeks. For that reason, just select the X axis and change the units accordingly. So if he warned quickly, indelible, select seven. If you weren't monthly Interval Select 30 point for you, we can make it more interesting as well. We can add pictures also. So for that reason, select all the Marcus and we have to enter picture to the unusual market. So again, select a particular marker. Go to Marcus under type building. Select the last image so it will ask for the image. So select the image and click OK, you will find the image added. Now, here is the thing. You cannot aided the image here. You cannot aided the amazing The Excel editing off the image has to be done outside. So this is a great way off presentation. And here, as you will change the date and the heights you are even will be automatically adjusted. So it is dynamic. So just to use scattered probable chart to create milestones on the even pass chart. Now, in the next tutorial, we will try toe and duration to the particular even. Thank you very much. 8. Create A project timeline: Hello. Welcome back. In this tutorial, we will try to create duration best Even we will use the data from one ofour earlier tutorials. The entire procedure It's seem that we used in our last tutorial. First enter the height column and give different heights. Let's do minus 15 15 minus eight. Hate minus 12. Well, To select the Selfridge, go to insert Undercharged group select Scatter Chart a chart you will find inserted Resize the shark. Select the shark and goto Select data We already have. One set is captured. We need toe ended the series so say like the cities and click on 80 are not X excess. We need to select start dates. We already have y values captured Click OK, so the first part is completed that we have selected the data and we have inserted 11 chart and re made certain changes in the data. We don't warn Vertical axis go to chart elements and D select primary vertical axis renamed the shark Here we're trying to represent duration best events So we really use error bars here, as we did in the last tutorial Hard Airbus select the chart Go to chart elements. Click on Airbus. Have more options in the past. Spin forward. Take a little bodies. Select direction minus in style. No cap on a percentage 100. Let's aided the vertical air bar. Select the line color. Change the dash type. You can use the former off your choice. So for merging off articulator buses completed. No will former horizontal later bus. So select horizontal later. Bus position off the event or the start off that particular, even or activity on the X axis is completed. Now the objective is to shore duration. Best events here We will use horizontal air bars for showing duration off that particular event, or particular activity earlier. We have taken start. It's while preparing the shark, so we need to use plus in direction in style. No cap for it. Ammon. We're planning to shorter duration, so goto pheromone custom silicon. Specify value under positive air value. Select the sale range containing duration off all the events we can. Former later. Bus. Let's increase the and change the color. We don't want a marker, so select the marker Goto marker under my corruptions. Select none so the Marcus will be disappear. No, we'll try toe show the name of the activity it started and finished it near that particular event so that the presentation will be clear. For that reason, we need toe enter a formula or rather, we need to use a formula. Now here we are trying to connect name of the event it started and it's finished it. So let's enter the formula. He quotes toe select name of the event. Let's use and use courts, give some space and use ex formula in their text in brackets. First we need started, so select the cell you comma, then in courts choose the date. Former, you want the day to be represented D D M m m We weren't dates and months only courts again bracket completed can use And we will separate the started and finished eight using our dash So use court and dash court again The use and text in brackets select the finish date comma courts and D d m m m end up. So the name off the even that we warned to re present on the shark is really no less simply dragged the formula down. We will use this cell range as data labels, so select the bus. Select the shark Goto Chart elements. Check data levels. Select data labels, right click click on former data labels. Check value from cells. Select the values that we created using the formula uncheck y values. If any offer data levels are overlapping, we can change the height to get a more proper representation off their duration. Best events Changing the height will not change the position off that particular event on the X axis and just the height you can. Former various chart elements Select charred area. Use a color. Select the plot area. Use the proper color to select horizontal axis under measure units. Let's take the victory interval the duration off The project is short so we can choose the Vic Lee Interval. If their duration off the project is more, you can go for monthly Interval that Mr de Point for you or you can go for yearly interval as well. You can former various chart elements. We will make this chart more interesting in the next tutorial. Thank you very much. 9. learn to calculate Planned completion: Hello. Welcome back. In this tutorial, we will try to create a plan personally Completion bar. So basically, what is a plan? Percentage completion? It is the person that accomplish in that all the activities are the entire project should at you at that particular date. We generally call that date as a straight a straight on the other way. It is the percentage completion you need toe at you to keep the project on track. Let's take an example. Let's consider one activity and let's consider duration off. That activity is eight days. Let's Mother Days Day one pill they So let's just use the logic. What should be the plan? Personage completion if the project should be on track at the end off Thursday, So it should be when we were about it. Let's make this particular cell absolute because it will demand constant press here for Okay, let's drag the formula. What should be the person that accomplishing unit to actually to keep the project on track ? At the end of the second day, it will be 25%. Similarly, at the end off four day, you need to actual 50% of the project completion are the completion off that activity. To keep that activity on track on the sixth day, you need to complete 75% off the activity. Whereas at the end off ed day, your activity should be 100% completed. We need to enter three columns here First his height, second plan, percentage completion and last duration. It's Industria does it? We will take the state as late as 24th off November There were three cases When my street is there will be less than my start date. There will be one situation. Second, when my staters that will be greater than the finished it off their particular activity. This is second case and 30 case when my status that will be in between my started and finished it. So when the state is rate is less than started off that particular activity, it means the activities not started. That means the percentage completion will be zero. Similarly, when the state as well, it will be greater than the finished it off that particular activity it miss the activity should be 100% completed relevant the straight as it will be in between started and finished it the percentage completion will be from 0 200%. So here we will use if formula. So let's consider the first case when my street does that will be less than my started. So in that case, my percentage completion should be zero. It will be is equal toe. If my straight as there is less than my start date, then percentage completion will be zero. If not, then second guess status State is greater than the finished it off the particle activity. Let's take greater than or equal to, then the activity should be 100% completed. If it's not, it means status rate will be in between started and finished. Eight. That means there are two cases. So we will use if and when my status date is greater than or equal to the started it coma when my sister does is less than the finished there. In this case, let's enter the formula off the duration. So it will be the duration consumed by the project till the straight a straight that we will give by state, Is it mind the started divided by the total duration off that particular activity that will be finished That minus started if false zero. Let's close the back. It No, we need to make the cell that is re president District as date as absolute. So whenever this particular cell is there, we will make it absolute by pressing effort. So just go to the formula bar. But I say for but I say for but a safe for. But I say for in a place they're for So wherever the sailors appearing in the formula, we will make it absolute by pressing a for and simply dragged the formula. And we will get the percentage completion pill that particular Mr does. Then we will work on HEIGHT column. We'll try to show the plan person the completion part at the top off our baseline, but so we'll take the reference off the height. Let's get a height plus point for you. Drag it down. No, let's go to the duration. My duration are other than duration off. The particular activity should be plant percentage completion multiplayer by original duration. So it's assembly multiplication. Did I get down in the next tutorial? We will see how to actually enter Plan percentage completion bar on our chart. Thank you very much. 10. Dynamic Timeline with Planned % completion: Hello will come back. We will start working on preparation off the plan Personage Completion bark. So let's select the chart right click and go to select data. Select data shows Dialog box will appear here we're trying toe are another bar, so we need toe are another cities. So click on air for a series name New cell reference off plan percentage cities extra lose will be the started Cities y will lose will be the height that we're using for the plant personage Completion. So click OK, you will find the city's addict on the chart So I will select the city's off plan percentage completion and we will add a little bars. Charlie Limits check error bars and more options. Select plant percentage completion. So let's former vertical aerial bars first, one better direction. We are not interested in where Diggle error bars, so Aaron style Select no cap and in other amount 100 Fixed value selector. Zero. Let's former or isn't a later bus. Select ornamental Airbus indirection. Select plus in style. No cap in an Ammon click on custom specified value in positive error value. Select planned duration. With these aerial bars already selected, go to former and select a color. We heard it error but representing the plan. Percentage completion. Now we will try to actually re present plan personalized completion for better in this running on the chart, select data labels under level option. Click on Valley From Cells and the Taliban Raise Dialog box will appear so select plant personage Completion uncheck y value selectable position about select the foreign killer. Same as that off the bar. Let's make a new tactic. Also, we will have a straight a straight line on the chart. So again we have toe add one. Siri's Tow the sharks, so select the chart. Right click. Click on select data. Click on air saying his name. Take it out straight, isn't it Sirius X Values? Select the straight A straight and said his wife and lose zero. Select the cities. Go to chart elements. Click on error bars More options. Selects traitors. Date. Click. OK, so in case off horizontal error bars select no cap and fixed Ammon as zero in case off Wyatt Airbus select both No cap Iran Ammon Custom. Let's specify the value as 18 in 18 so a line is added over there with the straightest line still selected. Changed the color. Let's our data available, right click selected. Change the position Here we will see how the plant percentage completion bar and straight A straight line changes when we change the straight A straight first renders I went in November. Post activity should between the 9% completar. So let's change the street district 20 off November It would show the district really should be seven different person completar what should be the percentage completion on 21st of November so it should be for story. Activity should be 100% completion of arrest. Third activity should ask you 25% off the percentage completion the moment I change it to turn the sound off. November my three activities should be 100 person completar. When I entered 30 November, my four activity should be 100% completed and fifth activity should with 25% completed. So it is possible to compare the actual percentage completion so that we can get to know whether we are behind schedule on schedule or we are tired of the scary. So in the next tutorial, we will try to show actual personage completion on the shot itself so that warrants will be easily visible. So I just tried to keep on thinking Hope we can are actual percentage completion bar on this chart. Thank you. See you in the next tutorial. 11. Prepare a Time line with Planned Vs Actual Achievements: Hi. Welcome back. Let's learn how toe are actual percentage completion bar on this chart itself so that it will be very easy to compare the progress with the planned one. We need to intercede on Collins. Let's select column Hit us. Let's copy the column. Headers and praise them. Just make a little change in sort of plant. Purcell is completion. We will change the header toe actual percentage. Who will change the stratosphere to 38 off November. We already have another 30 off November. So let's work on the Hate column. We wonder the president actual percentage completion bar below the baseline bar. Select the cell minus point for you. Drag the formula down. Let's end the actual percentage completion. Let's the first activity is 100% completed. So now here We're trying to get the actual percentage completion. We're assuming that on top it off number The first activity of the project is 100% completed. The second activity is 100% complicated. Third activity is 90% completed and fourth activity is 65% completed. As for the planning you were third activity should be 100% completed. Fair as the percentage completion is 90% for that duty should be 100% completed, whereas actual percentage is 65%. So there is of a Ryan's and we want to show their Brian's on the shot itself. We're Connor Duration called him. It will be actual person. This competition multiplied by the original duration. So, like the formula down, let's go to the shark, select the sharp right click click on Select Data. Here again, we're adding another cities, so click on air and 80 Cities Dialog box will appear under cities. Name Do the cell reference off actual percentage completion under cities X values you the start date under cities y values. Select the height. No, Remember one thing here we have kept the actual start date, same as the base line started. If you want to show the actual start date and finished it, then you need to prepare another column for that. And in serious X values, you have to take a reference off actual start. We're here for the case of simplicity. We're assuming that all the activities are starting on baseline started. If there is a difference in the baseline, started actual start, then he had to give the reference off that actual start date. Click OK goto chart elements for Select the cities that we added. Go to chart elements. Click on Add a robot. More options. Select actual percentage completion. Let's select cities. Why energy bars? We're not interested in why it'll bars in style. Select new cap in a rare amount under a fixed value and zero. Let's move toe Horizontal error bar direction plus in style. No cap in an amount. Click on Custom Spacey Fair Value. Customarily bars Dialog box will appear select duration or actual aeration under positive air value. Click OK with error bars still selected. Change the color of the bar. I will add actual oppose finished competition on the chart, so go to data labels under level options. Click on value from cells on a select actual percentage completion. Take a label position below change the foreign color as that off actual percentage completion bar, so it will show you actual percentage completion, and it can very well compare actual percentage completion with a Plan one. So 1st 2 activities are aren't tracked, whereas your third activity, which would have 100% completed you have a chilled only 90%. So there is a 10% variants in your throat activity. Incas off fourth activity there is over Ryan's off 35% whereas in case off 50 activity, there is a worrying. So it is very easy to understand the VA Ryan's and gives a clear cut area. So what basically happens is it instantly improves the visualization. And on this, turning off the chart numbers are abstract. Numbers don't make any sense. But when the numbers are put in a proper former, they start making the sense charts improved Visualisation Understanding on a communication can take strategic decision using different charts so English and die a section We youth scatter chart. There is a little different in the scatter chart. In the scatter chart, we have to value access. We always take dates on the X axis and other data on the Y axes, so the variable access is X axis. Third element here is error bars. We used error bars to show their duration for showing baseline bar for showing plan percentage completion bar and for showing actual personage completion bar, we added cities do not hesitate to ask if you any doubts, any queries or any suggestions. Thank you very much. 12. Introduction to Gantt chart Dashboard with Pivot table: Hello. Welcome back. In this tutorial, we will learn how to prepare again. Chart using people table Primary Object. The off the tutorial is to learn advanced features of people Table, which makes filtering effortless. It immensely helps us narrow down our focus. If activity list is huge, we will use a typical schedule off software development. Let's check the data in this column. We have activities in subsequent columns. We have person responsible for start date duration and finished eight off respective activity. It's a good practice to insert a table before building up your table, so select any cell inside the data. Go to insert tab under tables Group Klay Corn Table. It will display a create table dialog box. Insure my people has headers. Check boxes checked. Click OK, you will see a table inserted to insert a people table. Select any silly inside that people again go to insert tab under tables. Group click on People table. A create your table dialog box will appear under select a table or range. You will find the table already captured. We will insert the table in the same shit and select existing worksheet. Now we need to specify location where we want we insert the pure table, select any sale outside their table and click OK. On the left hand side, you will see an area where pure table is built. On the right hand side, you will see a task pane showing your table fills and people were table areas. In the next lecture, we will lend to create a guarantee chart from people table and various applications off different filters. Thank you very much. 13. Create Gantt chart using Pivot table, Add Timeline and slicer: Hello. Welcome back. In this tutorial, we will first learn how to prepare again chart using people Table and Second, How to add different pictures such as timeline and slices to our gang chart to build a people table. Let's Moto task Been Area had passed. Name Phil two rows area Add start filled. Who will lose Aereo duration field values area and finally finish filled two values. Aereo. You will find a P What? They will create it. We will format it. We don't want grand total here, so go toe design tap on literally out group Under grand totals, click on Select Off four Rows and columns, right. Click on the column header and click on Summarize value by some summarize values in other columns. Also by some. Select the Return the START column and change it into a date format by using control Shift . Three Change the former in Finnish columns Also. Now, if you always hold up your table, you might find a different activity sequence to overcome this first right, click inside the pure table and select your table Options under totals and filter tab. Ensure youth custom list while starting option. It checked No we need to create a custom list. Click on file tab. It will take us to backstage of you. Click on Options Hit to advance Scroll down with General Click on Edit Custom list Under Important. Select the Data Orange. Contending names off the activities. Click on Important. A new custom list is created. Click OK in the p word table. Click on Sort A to Zed. We will have our activities arranged in the original sequence. No, let's Morehead. The next part is creating again chart. For that, we need to insert a people chart. Go to analyze stab on Merit Tools Group, click on People Charts and In Searcher Dialog. Box will appear from Bar Chart, Select Stag Bar and Click OK, A chart is inserted here. We don't want Phil buttons on our chart, right click on any off the field buttons and select hide all feel buttons on chart. All fill Burton's will disappear from the chart. Go to chart elements and uncheck legions from the chart elements. Let's resize the shark. Select Start Cities Goto format. Select no feel no outline. Select Finished Siri's Goto format. Select No feel no outline. Select Y axis right click and select for my taxes from former Axis Task PIN are not access options. Chick that I get is in that he was ordered from Charlie Elements and check Primary Vertical Axis as we don't want vertical axis, we will display activity names using data labels. Select X axis good waxes Options under minimum. Enter fire June 18 under maximum fire. February 19 said Measure and minor units as 30 point for you under number. Select made category Select type as month and year. Let's had bait valuables from cities Options. Select finished cities go to chart elements. Check better label and click on more options more in the past. Been under label options. Select label position as inside Best Select Start cities again Go to chart elements and check data labels. Click on more options under label options. Get a getting him as we want to display start date and activity names select label position as inside in. So here we have added starting finish dates along with activity names. Let's add green lines from the chart elements here. Check both the axis measure horizontal and measure vertical as well. But the size the shark here. I won't spend more time on for Meiling. Charred Alien brought area, but you do it later on to make the presentation appealing. No, we relied. Timeline. Select the chart. Go to analyze, stab and click on insert Timeline on the Insert Timeline Dialog box will appear. Check, start and click. OK, reposition the timeline at another pain lane. Select finish. Reposition it a select release and former off your choice for both the timelines from Options Staff Timeline Styles Group. Initially for board timelines, we will keep filtering Cried area as months. We will make it more interesting by adding slices. Select the chart Goto Am Allies Stab Filter group Click on insert slicer. An insert slicer dialog box will appear Select Responsible Person recited the slicer and the repositioning Jews, a former it from Options Step Slicer Styles Group. We need to make a few adjustments from people table options while using filters before they will chart may change its size to avoid it right, click on the chart and select your table options. I had to lay out and for my tab and uncheck art off it column widths on update click OK, we have added another criteria for filtering purpose. In the next tutorial, we will use board for the maximum effect. Thank you very much 14. Use gantt chart with Timeline and Slicers: Hello. Welcome back. Let's see how we can use timeline and slicer to filter our data. Basically, timeline and slices are filters which slice the data and helps us prioritizing our efforts and resources. Suppose you want to check your resources for the activities starting in August 2018. Simply click on August from the start. Time line charge will display activities starting in August by filtering out dressed off them. Suppose you want to know the activities, finishing in August, keeping the earlier freighter just select August from finished timeline. Now the chart displays activities starting and finishing in August. Clear the Friedel from the timeline by clicking on top right and corner. I suppose you want to observe activities starting in August and September, and accordingly. You want to be prepared for select August and September from start timeline, and it's done. Charred will display activity. It's starting in these two months to set priorities so you can easily view activities starting or finishing in any particular month or months using one our board timelines. Suppose you want to change the filtering criteria from months to quarters. Select quarter on one are onboard timelines you can use years, quarter months or days as predetermined criteria, depending upon the type and nature off your project. Now let's see how the slicer works. Suppose you are a project manager and he want to reveal activities for which Ben is responsible. Clear all the fritters from the timelines and click on Ben in the slicer. All the activities except the ones for which Ben is responsible, will be filled out. And you will have activities for which Bend is responsible on the chart. It is very easy to track and monitor the progress. You can simultaneously select more persons as well. Moreover, we can use slices in combination with different timelines. Suppose we want to check activities due to start in the September, for which Ben is responsible. Select Ben from the slicer and September from start timeline. Now the chart will display all the activities do in the month of September, for which Ben is responsible. If you want to view all activities, just remove the filters by clicking on cooperate and corner off timelines and slicer. It is just fantastic and very, very fast. Play around and explore. If you have any questions, do post them. Thank you very much. How a wonderful time 15. Start building Interface similar to Microsoft Project.: Hello will come back in this tutorial. We will learn following things hopeful, create and interface similar to Microsoft Project, which is one of the most popular project management's off. There's hope you Simple Excel features, toe, analyze and manage projects in a far better manner. How to prepare a format for tracking and recording observations, which will immensely help you for reference. We will use a software development program. You will find a work based formula used while preparing the scary This formula. Lose out non working days, such as weekends and other specified holidays. Spend some time understanding whole linking Islam it is pretty straightforward. Whenever you double click on the cell, it will refer to the start or finish off the visiting activity, thereby. You will easily understand how the activities darling spend some time understanding the linking. So let's start building the interface difficult, eh? Miss Project Interface Contents table on the left hand side and bar chart with time lane on the right hand side. Here are some off the activities. First, we will create groups for inventing select roads from fire to a and youth shortcut. Are you a G? You will find a group created similarly Select Rose from 7 to 14. Go to date our Tab, Oak Lane Group and Click on Group. You may find the grouping little problematic has Excel is taking the robe below the selection as some real, but we want somebody room to appear at the top off this election, and to do it, click on the small arrow at the right hand corner. We will get a sating dialog box here. We want some real at the top off US election, hence under direction. Uncheck somebody row below. Details. Let's check. By opening and collapsing the group This click, you will find a sign inside the box changing from negative to positive as it collapsed. The group Let's do the same with other activities as well. - Next step is to create a timeline. We will take quickly. Interval start date of the project is 25th March and ended is 14 August. We will take your timeline from 4th March, built 26th off August. Go to the cell next to the column header plan. Finish an ender for march. Mind being in next column header. The formula equals plus seven select boot column healers. We will change the alignment. For that. Go to home under a lineman group Goto orientation. Click on the small arrow to open more options and click on rope it Next, change the foreign aerial, narrow foreign sides, then number format B, M M M Bait and month a line next to the left. Select a Feel off your choice. No, select both the columns. Unders. DoubleClick Next step is to select the sale where we have inter formula and drag it towards right. Keep dragging till it displays. 26 August 19. Select all the columns in the timeline and the ball flicked. Select this column Headers Go to Bard, US more the bardos and apply border. So in this territorial, we started grilling up or developing a format similar to Microsoft Project, we will explore more in the next tutorial. Thank you very much. 16. How to Create a Baseline Bar ?: Hello. Welcome back. In this tutorial, we will start creating a bar chart or gang chart. Select the data, including column headers from Task name to finish Go to insert tab charges group in certain body chart, Select a jury stocked bar. You will find one chart inserted. Let's do some formatting. Select horizontal axis right click, Click on for My Taxes in the past been and that access Options in Minimum and birth. 4 March 19th It's and in maximum. And during the 6 August 19 Enter seven in Major as well as minor unit. Here. We have to reverse the sequence off activities, Select No Y, Axis and chick categories in that he was already for formatting. Further, let's go to chart elements. Uncheck Axis UnTech chart title until grid lines and legion as well. Let's go toe format. Under current selection, click on the Drop Down Arrow and select Florida area under shape filled. Select No field under the outline. Select no outline. Select chart Area again. Select no feel no outline. Select series planned spot. Select no feel no outline. Similarly, select Siri's plan. Finish select no feel and no outline. Select Syria's duration. Select the field and outline off your choice. Here we have a gun charge. Really? The data is large here to make it easily accessible while keeping column headers visible, we will use free Spence. Select the first sell off for ganja area, Go to View tab and click on freeze pens. Select all the cells in our bar chart area. Apple II Border. Let's start working with our bar charts. We have just chart area and plot area from all the sights. First, we will match bar charts with timeline, so I just read from the right hand side and left hand side to match bars with the timeline . Initially, it may take a little time. Select blood area and charred area. Next, we will match bars and respect to activities in the table. So here our gang chart is ready. We can collapse the group by clicking on the buttons and allies. The dates. We can open an individual group as well. In the next tutorial, we will die. You will be by creating a bar for actual progress. Thank you very much. 17. How to Create Actual Progress Bar ?: Hello will come back in this tutorial. We will add another bar chart, which will show us actual progress. We can easily compare planned versus actual progress off each activity at any stage copy columns, start duration, finish and insert to the left off our timeline does the chart. We will make text italic in planned columns. Let's rename the newly added column maters as start and finish. Ferber toe this inside. Two more columns for plan competition. An actual person. This completion. Apply some water to it. Let's take status. Date at the top off the table, which we can refer for. Plant percentage completion. Here you can use to ray function. Let's see how to quickly create again charge, which will show us actual progress. Select the chart, Korpi and best it on the right hand side, right click on the chart and click on select data. You will find few. Siri's all very captured here. We have toe ended the data, which we already used for those cities. Select Eat Siri's one by one and let's a greedy, select plan. Start Siri's click on Edit under syriza name. Blue Box Select Start. He's in serious value box just change the column i d. From sea to etch Click OK, select Duration Cities and click on 80 under Siri's name. Blue Box Select Duration in Syria's Value box. Just change problem i d. From the I click. OK, select Blonde Finnish Siri's and click on 80 under Cities name Blue Box Select Finish, whereas in Cities Blue Box Change the Problem I d from E two z Click OK, let's go toe for my under current selection, click on the Drop Down Arrow Select. Start Siri's Select No Feel and no outline. Select Finish Siri's Select No Feel and no outline. Select Duration Siri's. We will use different color to show actual progress. Bar I will select the chart and move it just below our earlier chart. Just pain sometime. If you want to add district perfectly here, the top bar represents baseline or plan activity. Where at second bar shows us actual progress or they're dealing. Let's work out a plan percentage completion as we need it in our previous tutorials. Let's use a function here. There will be three arguments, so first argument. If status that is less than the start date percentage competition will be zero. Sick or not human. If a state is there is greater than the finish date, then percentage completion will be 100 person. And if both the conditions are not proven, that means if the state is there is in Midwin start and finished it, then it will be Buress and consume till status, right? So we will get it by straight as their mind. The start date, divided by the total duration off the activity so it will be finished minus start click. OK, let's make status. They sell absolute go to the Formula Bar and place a four wherever it appears. No. Begin simply copied of formula and based it in other cells. In the column. Copy the formula. Select all the cells in the column used best special formula. So as the street does, it will change. Percentage completion will automatically change. Let's try some cool features off Excel for better visualization. Let's see conditional formatting. Select plants. Start and finish dates. Go to home in conditional formatting. Highlight cell rules. Liz. Then in the blue box, give the cell reference off the street as well. You will find the cells highlighted, which contained dates less the Indus traitors. It means it tells you which activities should start and complete by the status date. We have already calculated plan for certain this competition off all activities in the straightest more, or we can use a variety or filters for activities. Week wise. One poise quarter wise. You're wise. Are many more fielders are there. It helps you to slice and dice the data. It will help you tone at around your focus. Further began further activities using colors as well, so select filter by color. This filter will give you all that do. It is which should have started by now, or by the state of are the activities could start. There is less than a straight Thursday. In the next tutorial, we will develop a simple yet very efficient bomber for tracking and recording the progress . Thank you very much. 18. How to to track a project ?: Hello. Welcome back. In this tutorial, we will try to develop a tracking system. Monitoring the progress is the most important and critical thing. We need to track every unusual activity diligently to keep the entire project on. Scary generally, quickly assessment and review helps a lot in keeping the entire project on track. Let's discuss about progress up whenever we update the progress. We put actual started percentage completion and actually finished it once the activity is completed. But apart from this habit, off recording observations about activities help us a lot. Here we will have great few activities. Let's interest rate as great as First of April, so we are updating the progress after one week. On the right hand side, let's create a column where we will record our observations. Let's put column header as status are remark as on First of April, a play border for first at duty. Let's enter. Start date has been to six much and finished it as 27 March. Record your observations and findings in the Remark column. So we found out that first activity is delayed because off clients just give a few basic questions in your mind. Violent recording your observations about the particular activity. What is the reason for the delay and who is accountable for the delay? Let's move the second activity. Second activity is completed in today. As per our baseline duration. Let's enter the start date. I finished it as it is 100% completed. Let's enter on deck percent. Let's move the third activity. It is started and finished on 29th March in the 100%. The fourth activity started on First of April and completed 70 papers and by first of every here we can enter projected completion date also. So let's say it will be completed by Second of April. Enter 2nd April has finished here. Our weekly review or the tracking is completed. If you will observe the progress at the end of first week, there is a really off three days was the review is over. The next important step is to prepare a corrective action plan for the next week. They might not be possible to recover the entire relay in the next week only or in this week only if possible. We will try to recover one day in this particular V after internal meeting and discussions . It is found out that the need analysis activity can be commenced on the same way that is on Second of April. So let's change the start date off. Need analysis to second every. Here you can circulate your weekly plan toe all responsible persons. Autism. It's been two weeks since the project it started, and we are taking review at the end off second week. Accordingly, we will change the state as red toe top April for better visualization, highlight completed activities with Greenfield and activities which are in progress with your office. So at a glance, you really realize how many activities are completed and how many activities are in progress for the particular V R. During the particular enter another column to the left off previous column. Select the column, go through Home format Mentor and applied to the new lean certain column. Rename the column header as remarked on 8 April. Vile updating. We can apply filter toe the activities, which are 100% completed. You can enter additional problems as well. To know, start where's and finish your eyes for Italy. Additional columns can be used to add responsible person for every activity and later on you can filter and sort the schedule as per the responsible person. Keep repeating the same process on a weekly basis. Record reasons for the really and a certain accountability for the dealing a perform. Tracking recording observations is very essential. It will act as a project by from where you can take any references. Basic came here is at the end off every week. You need to know your human sensitive pages based on it, you can strategize. A corrective action plan to keep the project on Dr Weekly Review will help you prepare a lot off all the delay reasons and the end of the project. These findings will be invaluable for all your future product. Weekly review will tell you where you are compared to very wanted to go. The template provided is completely at the table. With only a few adjustments, you can easily able to put your data and start using the template. If you find any problem while using it, or if you need any kind of assistance regarding the former, please let me know. I would be really grateful if you will share your suggestions and feedbacks for further improvements. Thank you very much. Have a great time 19. How to Creat a simple Project .: Hi. Welcome back in this section we will see ho to prepare again, Chuck. As we all know, Project consists off a number of interdependent activities happening in a sequential manner or appeared off line. Gang chart is basically a representation off activities against claim. It gives us a visual timeline, off task and other deliverables sort of the bear again chart. We need tohave least off activities. We will create a symbol project with few activities in the first step and in second we will create again chart. So let's start building or first project. We will take the project as simple as planning for a trip. So let's start building the project. Planning for trip Our planning for trip starts from very graze for paint off member and plant it off. Our journey is say, 15 in December. I'm using control Shift three and I will start bringing on the project. Well is down all activities I do with the name. In addition, start and finish. So the first step is a destination. Finalization. Second, see slight booking thirties hard looking for this car booking than shopping this measure activity in likely will assign duration randomly. Let's say I need fighters for this mission. Relation. One day for fried booking forties for hard looking for car booking ended one day. Let's say eight days for shopping and for packing. I need another fighters. My project starts from critique and finish. It will be started. Plus, beautician, that we're concert. I will select this cell and I will drag it down in this will not considered a living object with it. So I am taking started or the flight booking once my destination for elevation is completed when I will and break it down. Okay, I spotted this. My pressure is getting completed on top. December on my planet is flip end of December so it looks okay. So in this we have been concerned. Any overlapping off the activities will be lower. Second quarter of here we will concern or lapping up back to this. And then we will prepare again chart for both of them. So let's create another pressure. I will take another simple project with few activities where we will consider overlapping off the activities. Let's say we'll start the process from Tory will create a project off bringing home start please from Corrie for end off. No, I'm, uh, certain things and my plan completion is fresh early. Pepin. Let's keep well, first, structurally 18 s plan accomplishing that which is, say, your dad's. But then it will be a nice gift to him to have a home where he spent the child. So no Liz known activities activity is volition offset, start and finish. So let's leased on activities First is land legal license Louisianan and crying. The next one is permission. Necessary permissions then conduct a violation, then material pro criminal and last one is execution like actually building the house or actual executive the construction process so we'll assign their direction. Let's say landing legal. Take your pick books 15 days and then it's 30. Then permissions take another 30 days. Contract violation. Let's say X fortifying days he will call the underprivileged will check the quality off his work by visiting various sites. The new will negotiate for Myrtle programming unit another 30 days and for actual execution . Let's say you need 1 50 days it started is it starts from pretty no finished. It will use the same formula. Start this 15. I would, but I get known and I will consider absurd. Absurd means this is one activity and listen Another activity in our earlier example we considered that this this is called a successor. And this is Carlos predecessor we defined earlier in orphans project. Their dissected can only start once this actor what is completed. But no, we will then sort of old living objective What is Let's start building origin as we discuss , will consider or left So I will give you or level object. So first officer this 15 days So what? It tells me their leader and design and drying activity can which started only after earning 15 days. But the started off your land legal and listen activity So this will be started bliss 15 this in similar fashion I will take another absurd of 15 years so your permission process can start only after adding for spend its toe The start date off here the Zen and drinks Unit 15 is to prepare initial set off season and trying had 15 days to that And your permission process will start after 15 minutes. So I think this will add another object. Let's had absurd off 30 days reading another 15 years Let's take another 15 less copy selecting dragged down. Now the DT's Wells, actually 18. But as we had decided, outlier are planned. Completion is first, actually, which is your dad's birthday. So we need to reduce the duration of the entire pressure. There are two ways to reduce the entire traditional the pressure. Either we can reduce the duration off. Individual activities are we can change. The overlap will increase overlapping. That means we need to reduce stops. Her team. But I think this Officer 25 made it comes down well at any second. I looked for it in this. Okay, Ben. So my project starts from 14 of member and execution and gets completed on first, actually, So I'll be in a position to believer this wonderful gift to my dad on his birthday. So what we did, we built two projects released. It known that they were this first without upset and second, with absurd or with your lap. No, We will prepare again, Jax, in the next election. Thank you very much.