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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Hand Sandwhich

    • 3. 2 Red Jacks

    • 4. Red & Black Pile

    • 5. What are the Chances

    • 6. Color Changer

    • 7. Pinky Break & Double lift - Used in lessons 2, 3 & 6

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About This Class

This course teaches incredibly powerful card magic that doesn't require advanced sleight of hand or any advanced card magic knowledge. Anyone can learn these tricks in a very short amount of time. These tricks, although easy to learn, are extremely powerful, visual and will amaze anyone.

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Majd Hailat

Hello! I teach magic and python dev.


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1. Intro: Hello. In this class, you will learn five incredibly powerful car prints that have never failed to baffle anyone . These five tricks are super easy to learn and don't require any past experience with hard magic or any props to besides a deck of cards. Five card tricks can be done anywhere or any time on our great way to introduce yourself to strangers or get the attention of a crime. So if you're ready, start impressing friends, families and potentially random strangers. Thes are five traits that you have to learn. 2. Hand Sandwhich: Alright. What card is this? Right here before? Of course, for the clubs. Can you put your hand up for me, Isom Flat? I'm gonna put the four clubs in your hand and I want you to put your other hand on top. Press as hard as you can. Okay? I can't give to it from here night. There's no way I can reach into that. What card is this? Right here. Queen of Hearts. Queen of Hearts. Okay, pay close attention. Did you feel that? Yeah. Reveal this card. All right. I want to get to the editorial. This next trick is called the Hand Sanders trip. And this is one of my favorite tricks because it is very easy to learn, doesn't require macho set up and is one of the most powerful tricks that I do. And the thing that I like most about this trick is that all the magic happens between the spectator's hands. So for the set up of the strick, it's very simple. All you need is a duplicate part of so here I'm using the two queens. So if you have another red deck, you could just take out any card from there. And usually I like to contrast it with another card that I use. So here I'm using the face cards and a number card. You can do a number of face cards, and the duplicate will be number cards. And I also like to contrast the color as well. So here, Amazing red and black. It's just, you know, looks better. All right, The set up is very simple. You put one of the duplicates at the bottom the number card or whatever card you're using and the other duplicate on top. So just like a sandals like that, and you put all three on top of the death. All right, Now this trick starts off with a double lift. So you want to catch two cards as if they're one and turning around and show the spectator ? Look, what card is this? They're going to say the two of clubs so they don't know that behind a two of clubs is the queen of hearts. So after issue a spectator, this card, you can go ahead and flip it out, put it on top of the deck and peel off the top card and give it to the spectator. Usually what I like to do is tell them to open up the hand. Just like that. I put the card in the man, and I tell them to sandwich the card with their other hand, just like that. Okay, now, So they have the queen and sandwiched between their hands, but they think it's a two of clubs, so I'm gonna start talking to them. I'll be like, OK, so make sure I can't reach this card. You know, there's no way I could get that car right. And as I'm talking to them, I want to catch another double lift for a pinkie break between the top two cards just like that again. So then I'll go ahead and pull off to talk to cards as if they're one. So I got a two of clubs on top and say, All right, what card is this? So they're going to say That's the queen of fires. You flip it back over on top of the deck and peel off the top card. Now what's going on here is you have the two of clubs. They have the queen of Hearts, but they think it's the other way around. They think they have the two clubs and you're holding the queen of Hearts because that's what they just saw. So now you can do whatever magic you like to do, so I just wave the card above their hand or beneath their hands or whatever. And what I like to do is a slow reveal, usually builds up the most anticipation, and so they'll see the two of clubs in your hand and you can tell them. All right, go ahead and flip the car between your hands and they'll reveal it to be the queen of hearts. So again you have the two duplicates sandwiching another random card in the middle on top of the deck. You want to do a double lift, peel off the two top cards as if there weren't say alright, What card is this? They're gonna say that two of clubs or whatever, tell them to put their hand out may have them sandwich what is actually the queen. Do another double lift just like that Queen of hearts. Put it back on top of the deck and peel off the peel off the top card. Do whatever magic and go ahead and reveal both parts Really simple. Now I you can before you do the trick, you can do whatever fake shuffles you want. You could do a riffle shuffle as long as you maintain top three cards in the order that they're in or any fake cut that you want. That will keep these three cards in the same order. I don't usually like to do this trick more than once, because they'll get confused as to why you're using the same You know, the queen all the time or whatever duplicate you have, unless you can find a way to have more duplicates in the deck and get him to the right order without them noticing. But usually this trick is best when you do it one time or maximum toward two times. 3. 2 Red Jacks: All right. So I took the to read Jack's out of the deck, and we're gonna be using these later. Okay? So go ahead and pick a card. Show it to the camera. All right. Tell me to stop interview work. Stop. Okay, Go ahead, place your card, and I'm gonna go ahead and get the card buried into the middle of the deck and I'll go and give the cards some kind. Now, these two red jacks are magical. Red jacks. They're gonna help me find your card. I'm gonna put one on top and one at the bottom. And no, I threw all the cards except for one for our hearts. This next trick is called the to Read Jack's. And the great thing about the streak is it requires no set up. It'll now. This trick is called the to read Jack's because we're gonna be using the to read Jeff. But it really doesn't matter which two cards used for the street. Sometimes I have the Spectators choose. You know what face cards you have the most. Jack, Queen, King, writer, black. And you let them choose which cards are gonna use. All right, So you want to start to shake off by having a spectator shuffle, or you can shuffle the cards. It really doesn't matter. So just shuffle the cards. And then you tell the spectator that you're gonna go through the cards and pull out the two jacks. So you go through them and take out to read Jack. So whatever face cards using afterwards you want to let a spectator choose a card. So go ahead and pick apart. Say they pick the two of clubs for now. And now you want to have the spectator put the card back in the deck and you want to be able to control the card to the top of the deck. So that is how I usually do that. So you tell Expected. All right, go ahead. Tell me something to be wrong. Say they say, Stop right here and you tell them. OK, put your cards right. That they put their card. And now you want to put the rest of the cards on top. But you want to catch a pinky break right above their card. So if you don't know how to do a pinky break, go watch a video. The video on how to do you think it breaks. All right. So catchy. Pinky break and put the rest of cards on top. Make sure they don't. You know, there's no gaps here, So right now we have a pinky break right above their card. And what I usually do from here is I've tell the Smith Theater that I'm gonna cut the cards on. I start breaking packs off the top of the top of the pinky break until I reached their card and I put yes, the cards on top. So again, spectator chooses a card. Two of clubs, You tell them. All right. Tell me to stop in every war stop, You say OK, go ahead for your card right there. And we're gonna put the rest of the cars on top to make sure it gets lost in the middle of today. Catch your pinky break and then you want to start cutting tiles off until you get there. So they're gonna think you're just cutting the deck until you get there. Card on top. Not from here. You can do whatever shuffles you want as long as you maintain this card on top. So you can do a riffle shuffle where you make sure hard stays on top just like that. Or you can do whatever feet. Perhaps you are as long as a two of clubs stays on top or there's card. Now, from here, you want to say, OK, Thies to read Jack's are no ordinary Jack's. These are magic jacks. So they're gonna help me find your card. You want to put one on top and put it on the bottom? Now, this is the magic part. This is the main part of the trick. You wanna have your thumb grabbing the jack like this you want? Make sure it's not touching the rest of the deck. Just make sure your thumb is on the bottom card job just like that. And up here, you wanna have these three fingers holding onto this card? Which is there, The Spectators. Carter here. That's a two of clubs. So what you have is the deck not touching your hand. So you have your thumb touching the bottom Jack and these three fingers touching the Spectators card. So now when you throw the cards, what's gonna happen is all these cards are gonna fall out just like that. But you're gonna be able to catch the Spectators card just like so. So again, you tell them. All right, I'll put these two red jacks on the top in the bottom, so sort of like that in 10 indented outwards, and you won't have your thumb on the jack and these three fingers on the Spectators card. And now you can go ahead and fill the cards and you'll find that they all slip out except for the Spectators card, because you're gripping onto them with your fingers on. The spectator will see that there's one card Sanders opportunity to Jax, and you can go ahead and tell them. All right, take that card out and I'll reveal it to be a two of clubs. 4. Red & Black Pile: All right. So I'm gonna go ahead and cut the cards. And now I'm gonna go through the cards and take out two red cards and another two black cards. I want you to take one red card in one black card to keep them for yourself. Okay, So I'm gonna take these two cards. I'm gonna go through the deck at about half way through the deck. That's about halfway correct. Put these cards facing upwards in the middle of the deck. Okay. No thistles going to be our red pile on. This is going to be our black pile. I want you to go through the cards one by one, or you can dio, you know, chunks. And if you feel like the card is read, you're gonna put it here. If you feel like it's a black, you're gonna put it here. You're gonna stop at the middle point where the two cards are facing up. Okay. All right. So now, first of all, you agree that that was completely random, right? I did not influence you toe pick Any file? No, you didn't. Okay, so now we're gonna switch the piles. We're gonna make this one the black one. And this one's gonna be the red one. And I want you to go through them and you feel like it's a black. Put it here. If you feel like it's right, we're gonna put it here. Try to keep them organized. Okay. All right. How do you think you did pretty about? Okay, so let's see how you did. You got all of these? Correct On this pile. They're old Black over here. These are all black, and these are all red. All right. The set up for this trick is very simple. You wanna have all the black cards together and all the red cards together? It doesn't matter which ones on talking, which ones on the bottom. So you just have them like that. You do have to remember the which colors on top in which color is on the bottom, whatever way you decide to do it. So for us, black is on the bottom. Okay, so you start off by town, the spectator that you're gonna go through the cards and take out two black cards and two red cards. All right, Now you tell a spectator you know Teoh, choose to cars to keep for themselves. So I'll say they choose Thies to you No one black and one and you tell them, OK, go ahead and choose one black card to keep and one red card to keep on. We're gonna take these. You tell a spectator that you're gonna go through the cards and make sure that the back of the card is facing a spectator. You know you don't want them, Teoh. See the cards and you tell the specter that you're gonna go through the cards and find about halfway through the decks. You can just go through and you say All right, that looks like it's about the middle of the day. And you go ahead and tell them that you're gonna put these two cards faced up in the middle of the deck. Now you can go ahead and hand carts a spectator, and tell them that they can go through the cards until they reach the middle right here and put the cards on whatever pile they feel is correct. So you tell them if you feel like this is a black car, you can put it on the black pile. If you feel like it's red. You can put on the red part, and it doesn't matter if they do one by one or by chunks. So they're gonna go through the cards and they're gonna put them. Now, we know that the black cards on the bottom and the red ones are on top, which means that this pile is in the correct order. So all the red cards are here. All this pile over here is incorrect. We have all the red cards over here. All right, on when they get to the center of the deck, you can go ahead and take the pot from them. And you told them that we're going to reverse it. Now we're gonna make this the black pile on this is gonna become the red part. So if you feel like it's red, put it here. If you feel like it's black pretty here. So they're gonna go through the cards on when they finish. You're gonna tell them you can ask them. How do you think you did on, you know, whatever they respond doesn't matter. Now we know that this pilot here is correct. The red cards are where they're supposed to be and the black cards over there Supposed to be. This pile over here is reversed. He sort of black cars on. These are the red Guards. So you can start off by revealing this pile over here So you can say, Oh, you got all the black cards correct. And you got all red cards current. You know, you can show them off just like that. And over here. Now, what you want to do here is the important point. You wanna square of the cards, and then you want to pick up all the cards like, except for the bottom card and flip him up, flip him over just like that So they won't really notice if you sort of hide the six and just do it fast enough. And now they will be in the correct order. So again, you're gonna have, um, just like that. You have All these cars are the black cards and these cards are the red cards, and you want to square them up and you want to flip them on top of the black box just like that. And now they'll be in the correct order. Say you can say all These cards are red. We have flipped this card and all these cards are blocked. They won't really notice that. You know, the six of clubs wasn't flipped with the rest of the cards. 5. What are the Chances: All right. I got two decks in front of me, a blue deck and right back. And I'm gonna give you the blue deck. Okay? I want you to follow exactly what I do. OK, put the deck behind your back. Now. Take one card out at random. It could be any card. You are. Did you get it? Okay, turn the card upside down and place it on top of the deck facing up. Okay. Now cut the deck in half and place the bottom part on top of the deck, making sure that your card gets buried. Did you do that? All right, give me a day. And here's my I did exactly what I told you to do. So this is my deck, and this is your deck. So I'm gonna go through the cards and show you which card I took out. So, as you can see, I took out the seven of clubs. Now you still don't know which car do took out. So let's go through and let's see what car? Due to go. You also to go the seven of clubs now. So you don't think this was just a random coincidence? My card was blue and years was red. All right, So what I like about this trick is that it's really simple to learn there's no, like any complicated hand motions or gestures or any sleight of hand that needs to be done . It also doesn't require any gimmicks. So the only thing you need is two different decks. So, to contrast index here, I'm using the red deck and the blue deck. It doesn't really matter what colors to use, as long as they kind of contrast little. So the first thing you want to do is you want to go through the cards and take out one card at random. This is a set up. This is before you do the trick. So in this case, I use the seven of clubs. It doesn't really matter what card to use. Try to make it something that seems somewhat random. So don't use like a six spades or any of the face cards or a joker. So it kind of just gives off the illusion that it was completely our end. Um, and for the second day, I could do the same, so I'm gonna find there is seven of clubs. Okay, so for the deck that you're gonna give the spectator also. So we're gonna switch the cards. So Thistle is a deck. We're gonna give the spectator. The set up is we want to have the seven of clubs facing up second from the bottom. So this is the bottom card. We're gonna put it right here with the rest of the cards on top and for your deck. You just want to take the seven of clubs seven of clubs and place it somewhere in the middle of the deck at random facing up. So, just like that, now you're gonna give this deck to the spectator and make sure they don't look through the cards. You don't want them to see that the seven of clubs has faced up. So give it to them and tell them due to do exactly what you do. So how the Spectators put the cards behind their back and then tell them to go through Well , first, I wasn't supposed to be like that and take a random card. So jack of hearts and place it on top of the deck, faced up and then tell them to split the cards and put the bottom pack on top of the top. Um, so what they did now is they have the seven of clubs with another card in the middle and then the card that they actually chose. So for your deck, you don't need to do anything so you can make sounds behind your back to give the illusion that you're actually doing something. But really, your decks already set up. So now you have the spectator return their deck to you, and you start by going through your deck and you're gonna reveal that the card you selected at random was the seven of clubs. And you can take that out and then you go through the Spectators cards. Now, when you're going through, you want to make sure that you don't flash that there's two cards facing upwards, so there's two ways you can do this. If you want to play the Safeway, you can go through the cards one by one like this, or what I like to do is I like to sort of tightly go through the cards, just like just like that, until you reach the seven of clubs or whatever car do you use. So from here a spectator will already be amazed because, you know, you guys picked the same exact cards. But the kicker is that there are also different colors. So that's it. I really like this trick, and it's not that hard to do. 6. Color Changer: All right. So I'm gonna go through these cards, and I want you to tell me to stop whenever you want. So you can tell me to stop at the five, for instance, or the two or the seven. So I'm just gonna go through them and you can claim it to stop whenever you want. Ah, stop right here. You sure you want base of diamonds? Yes. Do you change your mind? You know. All right, So we're gonna do the ace of diamonds. I'm gonna put the rest of cards on top. Put the cards down. No. All the cards have become blue, except for one hard. Your card is the only red card in a deck of blue cards. Not only that, your card is also blue. This trick is called the color changing trick. Now, for this trick, you're gonna need a double backer. So here I'm using the blue and red double Doctor. So I made this just by gluing together a red joker and a blue joke urges like that. So it really looks like it's one card on. It's really easy to make. So you put this double backer on top of a blue deck just like that. The red side facing up and you put the cards inside of a red box. Or, you know, you can have the cards being red and a blue double back here and you put inside of blue box , You know, just to give the illusion that the cards air one color, but they're actually a different color. All right, so you put these cards in this box and say you're performing, you know where the red back the whole day on at the end of the day. So you want to do district, you take out these cards and the red nobody's gonna suspected things. So you've been using red cards, and they're gonna think they're not gonna have a reason to think otherwise. All right, So you're gonna start off by flipping the car's upside down on cutting a pack off the cards , and you're gonna tell the spectator. All right, I'm gonna go through these cards one by one. And whenever you find a card that you like, tell me to stop. So this is this is the kind of routine you're gonna do. Do you like the two parts? You know, whenever you want. You can tell me to stop the king of diamonds, Queen of diamonds and queen of spades, and eventually you can you start peeling them off. Now, what I'm doing here is after every card that I peel off for the first, Like few cards, I say the name of the car that point to that card. You know, I'm just talking, you know, tell me to stop whenever you want. Four spades. And as I do this, I flip over this pack. You know, for each card on what this does is that the Spectators seeing different cards change here. But they see the red card here every time. So it gives the illusion that all the cards are red, where really it's just this face card. This card doesn't king. But as you change the cards and you flip this packet over to reveal right every time it really gives civilian that all the cards are red. So again, you can just start saying All right, tell me to stop in everyone. You could say stopping two of diamonds, Jack parts. You know, the six of clubs to Joker where you want to make sure, though, is, whenever you peel off cards, they're gonna the card after is gonna peek out a little bit. So you want to make sure that you square it up afterwards because you don't get off the car to flip it over and, you know, have have a blue card peeking from beneath. So you want to make sure you square them up just like that, make sure that they nice and closed up so you don't peek, reveal any blueprints. So, say, the spectator says, Stop here, King of hearts, right we want to do is you want to put the rest of cards on top. Say, All right, I'll go ahead and very your card in the middle of the deck. Now we just put the double Doctor. Where is it right then, right on top of the King of Hearts, right on top of the Spectators chosen card. And now you can do whatever magic you want so you can put the card back in the box, have a spectator, you know, put the box between their hands, or have a bunch of people pa their hands on top and then you can take out their cards, reveal that they're all blue. So you can say Oh, look that they all became blue except for one card. Now the card on top of the double Doctor, this wonder here is the Spectators card King of hearts. So after you get to the red card, you can take it out that put it on top. If you do this sort of quick enough, they won't really notice why you didn't peel off all the cards on top. So you could say, All right, we got one card that's red and all the extra cards are blue. Then you can say all right now what you want to do is you want toe do a double lift or really, it's a triple lift thes two cards, plus the Spectators card. So you're like, Okay, let's see what this red card is and it's gonna be Spectators card. And now what you do from here is you can go ahead and drop the cards on top of the pack. I see there s and cards are blue, and then you can like the closing or the finale. You can basically rub the cards on the blue one and say that even your cartoon boot. Now the double backers. Somewhere in this in this pile, you want to make sure nobody really goes through it or else we'll find the double backer and then you can conclude. 7. Pinky Break & Double lift - Used in lessons 2, 3 & 6: in this lesson, I'm gonna be going over how to do the pinky break as well as a double lift. Thes two moves are gonna be used throughout the course in the hand sandwich trick the to read Jack's trick and the color changes trick. All right, so starting off with a pinky break, the pinky break can be used in many different cases. But in this case, we're gonna assume that the spectator shows the card and we want to catch a break above their cards so that we can control it to the top of the deck. So in this case, the spectator chose the ace of clubs on. We're gonna have them put it right here in about the center of the deck. And we're gonna tell them that we're gonna get their cards lost in the middle of the deck by placing this other top packet on top of their card. So what pinky brick is is that we want to catch ah, separation in the deck right above the Spectators card so that we don't lose it in the middle of deck and so that we can control to the top. So from the front it doesn't really look well right now it kind of does. But it's not supposed to look like there's any separation and death and you're gonna have the deck tilted down so that they don't notice any separation from the back. This is how it looks. So all you're doing, we have a spectator chose ace of clubs. All you're doing is you have your pinky right on top of the ace of clubs. Now, initially, when you start off, you might want to put like your entire pinky on top. It's a little bit easier to control, but as you get used to it, you can just start putting the little fleshy part on top. And that will be enough for you to hold your break. And from the front, it should not look like there's any separation. So this just takes some practice. Um, you also want his use your thumb to apply a little bit of pressure towards the front of the deck on this will hold the two packets slightly together without it could, like, sort of caused the break to be more visible. So you just use your thumb to sort of push it down and from the back. This is what we have. And from here, you can go about controlling your Spectators car to the top by, you know, cutting packets until you get to the brake. Or you can do whatever you want to control the Spectators card to the top. Now this particular figuration of the pinky break, where the spectator puts the card in the middle of the deck and you control it to the talk is used in the to read Jack's trick. But this pinky break is also gonna be used in doing a double lift, which we'll get to right now. Okay, Now, I'm gonna be teaching you how to do the double lift. So the double lift will be used in the hand sandwich trick as well as the cloud of training trick. And it does require you to know how to do a pinky break. Okay, so the first thing you want to do is you want to catch a pinky break beneath the two cards that you want a lift as one. All right. And there's many different ways to catch this pinky break. You could riffle through the cards and catch to above your pinky, or you could push the cards off and square them back up above your pinky. There are, you know, many different ways. Sometimes when I first started, I would approach this spectator with the pinky break already, like already already made. Okay, so after you caught that pinky break beneath the top two cars, okay? Or whatever. Two cards you're trying to lift as one, you want to lift them with your thumb. So I'm holding the pocket in my left hand. You want to bring your right hand over and you want a lift off from this separation? It should be big enough for you to be ableto pick them up. You wanna lift it up and you want to twist it with your index finger just like that, and you want to return it on top of your pinky? Thank. And then from here, you can list them back over and pick up the top card. Okay. So again, here I have the pinky break above the two cards and the way I just that was I pushed off the top two and squared them up above my pinky. I then brought my right hand over and picked up to two cards with my thumb getting under that separation and twisted the cards with my index finger. Now, from here in the color changing trick, you would just lift off this card. And this would be the double backer in the head Sanders trick. You would then lift it back down and peel off just this top card. All right, that's it.