PowerPoint for Complete Beginners (PowerPoint 2016) | Lukas Vyhnalek | Skillshare

PowerPoint for Complete Beginners (PowerPoint 2016)

Lukas Vyhnalek, Microsoft Employee, Programming Teacher

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19 Lessons (1h 47m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Presentation Basics

    • 3. Presentation Text

    • 4. Presentation Shapes

    • 5. Presentation Inserting

    • 6. Presentation Design

    • 7. Presentation Transitions

    • 8. Presentation Animations

    • 9. Presentation Equation

    • 10. CustomColors

    • 11. Slide1: Work With Image

    • 12. Slide2: Advanced Animations

    • 13. Slide3: Text, Shape, Icons

    • 14. Slide4: Advanced Animations2

    • 15. Slide5: Equations

    • 16. Slide6: Duplicating

    • 17. Adding Transitions

    • 18. Adding Audio

    • 19. Recording and Export


About This Class

So, do you want to learn PowerPoint 2016?

Well, you have come to the right place. My name is Luke and I will be your instructor in the "PowerPoint for Complete Beginners (PowerPoint 2016)" course. Sometimes can happen that PowerPoint is confusing especially for complete beginners. You don't know how to add a slide, You don't know how to add an Animation and so on. This course is designed to help you master PowerPoint 2016.

What Will I Learn?

I start off easy. First, we learn how to save, open and create new presentations. Then I show you how you can work with slides. How to add a slide, duplicate a slide, delete a slide and change the order of slides in your presentation.

Once you master those things we move on to Text and Shapes, I show you how to create a new text element in your presentation and how to style your text. Then I explain how to add shapes to your presentation, and all kinds of cool things you can do with shapes.

Afterward, I show you how you can insert all the things you need in order for your presentation to look good. ( Images, Audio, Icons, Tables...)

Then I show you how to change the design of your presentation, in PowerPoint, there are several templates you can use in order for your presentation to look really good and all you need to do is one click with your mouse.

Once you master all of these things we move on to Advanced PowerPoint Tools, in this section I will teach you how to use transitions and animation. How to use equations, How to cut Audio, Image effects, Advanced animations, How to set the timing of your animations, and finally how to create HD videos.

Why this course?

I know there are many courses and books on PowerPoint out there. But my course is teaching you using examples, there is no point in learning PowerPoint from a book and memorizing all the functions that every button have. In this course, I show you how to create PowerPoint 2016 presentations like a pro!