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PowerPoint Slide Design for Crucial Presentations

Guillermo Gonzalez, Founder of Presentation Blueprint

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31 Videos (4h 37m)
    • Course Introduction

    • Types of Presentations

    • Planning Your Presentation - Part 1

    • Planning Your Presentation - Part 2

    • Slide Backgrounds: Dark, White or Use a Template?

    • Choosing a Font Type

    • Choosing Font Color

    • Choosing Font Size

    • How Much Text to Have On A Slide

    • The Beauty Of Empty Space

    • Aligning Objects In Your Slide

    • Contrast: The Key To Well Designed Slides

    • Intro to Visualizing Data

    • Well Designed Pie Charts

    • Well Designed Bar Charts

    • Well Designed Line Charts

    • Well Designed Tables

    • Taking Adventage of the Picture Superiority Effect

    • How to Position Pictures On a Slide

    • Customizing Pictures

    • Crop and White Space

    • Pictures for Discussion Slides

    • Illustrations and Diagrams

    • Proper Use of Animations

    • Proper Use of Slide Transitions

    • How to Incorporate Videos In Your Slides

    • How to Achieve Unity in Your Presentation

    • What To Do Before Your Presentation

    • What To Do During Your Presentation

    • What To Do After Your Presentation Is Over

    • Course Wrap-Up


About This Class

If you have to sell anything as part of your job -- a product, a project, an idea, a service, and we all do in some way-- you know how the right presentation can make a project or an idea go forward and the wrong one can kill it. These are crucial presentations. And despite what's at stake -a promotion, raising money, getting new business, peer recognition- most times we do it incredibly badly by crafting lengthy, boring PowerPoints.

The success of presentations depends on the process you use to develop them, on figuring out how to keep your audience's attention and not on how hard you try. The better you are at engaging your audience the more successful you will be.

If you are an expert in your field but you are not necessarily an expert at PowerPoint and just need a method and tips to put together a compelling presentation that you will feel proud of presenting and your audience will absolutely love then this course is right for you. I can help you get better starting with your very next presentation.

This course is organized in three main sections and you can jump to either of these depending on your needs:

  1. How to create a powerful, compelling story
  2. How to create engaging slides that support the story
  3. How to deliver your presentation with confidence

All eyes are on you when addressing a group. Presentations are part of your personal brand. What you present and how you present has an influence on how you are perceived by others. Get started right away!

What does "best" look like?

In this course I give you plenty of examples that will inspire you to get better at creating slides. Here are some before and after examples that show the types of improvement you can see in your own slides:





What are the requirements?

  • Basic knowledge of PowerPoint

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn the 9 step process to create a storyboard for your presentation and ensure you have a clear message, clear structure and appropriate balance of facts and emotions
  • Learn the distinction between slides for reading, slides for discussion and slides for presentation
  • Learn how to choose the right backgrounds, colors and text
  • Learn how to use size, color, shape and position of your elements to create contrast and make your point crystal clear
  • Learn how to give "meaning" to your data and be able to "tell a story" with it.
  • Learn how to present data, including pie charts, bar charts, line charts and tables
  • Learn proper use of animations, slide transitions and videos
  • Learn how to reduce "noise" in your slides by dropping unnecessary elements that don't contribute to the main purpose of your slides
  • Learn how to take advantage of the "picture superiority effect" by using photos, illustrations and diagrams instead of boring and childish clip-arts
  • Learn how to transform your presentation from a collection of slides into a cohesive deck by applying the principle of Unity
  • Learn how to keep your audience interested throughout your presentation
  • Learn how to close your presentation and have people recall your message and act on your requests

What is the target audience?

  • Business Professionals, Managers, Directors, VPs, CEOs
  • Consultants looking to land new clients
  • Entrepreneurs looking for VC funding
  • Anyone who has the desire to stand-out by creating more engaging presentations





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Guillermo Gonzalez

Founder of Presentation Blueprint

I create presentations all the time. My job requires me to communicate with different stakeholders through presentations. I am good at it. I help develop storyboards and slides for town halls, sales meetings, presentations to corporate executives and key customers.

But I wasn't born with this talent...

During my 20-year professional career working for two Fortune 100 companies I've had to sit through many presentations and I got tired of them. But my presentations weren't too di...

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