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PowerPoint Slide Design™ - Fitness, Sport & Lifestyle Slides!

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction!

    • 2. Project Files & Class Project

    • 3. Slide 1. Title

    • 4. Slide 2. Information

    • 5. Slide 3. Several Steps

    • 6. Slide 4. Hall of Fame

    • 7. Slide 5. Guideline Points

    • 8. Slide 6. Badge

    • 9. Thank You!

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About This Class

PowerPoint Slide Design™ is a series of video courses to give you ideas for presentations & slide design in PowerPoint! It is all about utilizing Powerpoint to its full potential, as an presentation, animation, video editing and video marketing software. In the #2 episode we will design 6 Fitness, Sport & Lifestyle themed Slides!

Take a preview of the slides we will design in this episode and jump right in:


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction!: welcome in the second episode off Power Point. Slight design. Siri's. This time we will work on the presentation about sport, lifestyle and overall fitness, so we will use a lot of images, bright colors and unconventional placements. I will navigate you through the visible higher keep off proper slight design. Since we will use images, we need to carefully consider how to close up our compositions. I will go to each step in a slow and steady fashion. So if you want to learn how to quicker, interesting slice how to design with confidence and power point, I'll invite you to the second Aviso off our front. Slight design. Serious. I'm ready when you are hit the enroll button, anything, Let's go. 2. Project Files & Class Project: before we start is a nice light design. I want to show you how to get the project files. Once you are inside the class, you go to class product and you will have to files here. This is only the presentation. And this is about the presentation and the photos and icons I've used. They are free to use. You can do whatever you like with them. You only click here and you don't put it on your drive. Won't you download that you have a zip package? You need to use any unpacking software and simply unpack it and you have the files. Another thing I'll be really happy to see once you are in the class project and you are already finishing some of the slight, please start a project and showcase what you've done. It's really super easy to showcase what you are in power point. You can hit file safe s, and you can, for example, safe the presentation as a J pick or PNG file. Once you do that, it will ask you to save all slight or just one slight, and you'll have perfectly prepared images toe upload as the class product you simply go here, select the product title. Choose the photo as a Tom Male and you can also upload this light here so we can exchange slight ideas and over a slight design you just hit this. Select the photograph you want to upload you submitted. You upload the photo as well here. And the class product is ready once it uploads simply hit. Create project and you are done. I will be happy to see what you've prepared now continue with the lessons as we will grind our way through the presentation. I look forward to it. Let's get it on. 3. Slide 1. Title: in this lesson, I will teach you how to prepare an opening Slight will use an image will use a nice little trick to get an effect over this image, and we will try to create a simple logo to go along with it. Let us start and make this interest light. Now this is the first time I'm working in power 0.2016. I've updated it just a few minutes ago, but this shouldn't be a big issue. Microsoft is making really sure that transitioning to newer versions are far. Point is really easy right to start things off, I delete everything which we have on this light. Let's grab the image we want to place in the background. Once you have downloaded the product files, you should have several sports related photos for the first slide. I'll use the gym to photo. I'll take the photograph. It's perfectly cropped to fit slight, so it shouldn't be a problem. You just drop it in and you have the first photo inside. Now I want to show you a neat little trick and power point. You could click on this image goto format and use the color correction orphans to add a little effective this photograph. But you can also do differently and use this in many more items not only over photos, but overall in power point. Let me create a shape, a rectangle shape and place it just over this photograph because this will deal as a cover up. Now in the shape old line, select no old line and in the fill options, I want to use a radiant. So I'll, right click on the new object I've created. I go to format shape, and I will hear open their fill options once you have to fill options off the blue object. Here, select Grady Int. This is the place when you can adjust ingredient. I want to only use two callers, so I click and drag over to the lead two colors and I'll go for a dark approach. For example, Blue grey or something Dark blue, dark like that or even black, I will see the second caller. I click on the second color, please President color and select a black one. You see, we have this nice little gray didn't. Now what do we want to do with it? At first I wanted to spread radial because now we have a Grady INT. It goes from top to bottom from first color to second color. I want to select, type and change the type to radio. Once you have that, you could also change the direction well. It's not good visible. Let me show you another color. The direction changes from word actual grading is spread from. I'll go back to the previous color. Let's stay with the 1st 1 At the beginning, I percent the first color, and I work with the transparency. I not the transparency to about 50% the second color. Also, I'll make it a bit transparent, and we created a really nice effect over this photo. Without it, it looks completely different, and the coating is here. You can always click here, right? Click former shape, go inside the colors and either change the colors and change the transparency. Diesel at new flavor and style into the design. I'll go back to the dark color, make it a bit transparent, and I can continue my design. I have a little shield. I can. I prepared it. Let's say this will be our example. Local. That's a really, really bad logo, but for our purpose. It can be okay. I place it in the middle. I made it a bit smaller by holding the shift key so it will remain perfect proportions. I press on insert Thanks books. And they place a nice little textbooks. For example, we are fit. This will be the brand name off. Our sport is like presentation. I will make it off course White because on the dark background, it should be white. I select another phone lycopene sense, and I make it bold and bigger to make a some kind logo out off it. Well, I see the shield is still too big like that. Maybe we'll connect them together. Okay, this looks good. The last little thing we want to add is some lines here on the left and right side. Because right now this light looks a bit boring, a bit dole and there's too much space here. So I simply go to insert shapes and select this little shape. It's called the Line by Holger Shifty. I place a line here, the shape old line. I want to select the white color. I click once again here I think the weight to about maybe three points. So it's visible, but not too strong. If you want to be a little bit more fancy because you see this ending here, I would like to this ending to be rounded so you can select this object. Right? Click former shape. Since we already had the former trade options opened, you only need to click on this and in the cap type, please select round. This will change the ending surround now I selected control C control V. I place it on the right side like that By holding the shift key, I select all those items, right Click group group and we are finished. I want to place it perfectly in the middle. So I hovered over So Power points asked me where the Middle East and I can still double click and change the position off each object. I can see I could not get a bit to the bottom. Also, the right one should be closer to this line. Okay, let me place it directly above this line. Okay, De, select the guides and we are finished. This is our first life from this presentation 4. Slide 2. Information: in this lesson, we will prepare such a composition. We will use an image for one portion off this light and the main content off this light will be covered with a nice title with text and with some icons to close up the entire design. As always, I'm an angry tomato and I delete everything from the slight. And since we wanted to have a sporty lifestyle kind of presentation here, we'll use a lot of images. I will once again go to my product fights folder and select one of the sport photos. Perhaps this one would be okay because we see a mirror here. We could use only this left part or corrupted here. Or maybe another. It will depend. What? Look what you like to achieve. I see this cross is looking really, really cool either shifted to the left side. I go to the picture tools in the former tab and I select crop crop allows you to make an image smaller and crop it to the right position only to the place you want to use. Well, I want to get rid of the right side. So I click here and I take out the right side and maybe a bit more on the left. So the other guys also visible. Let's shift it around a bit. And once you already you only have to hit on the crop icon. Now we have to image preferred. And I want this image toe cover the left side of this slight. Okay, Like this. I see we don't have much space here, so I believe we should crop it even more. I'll get rid off the left guy and I make more space here. Why do I do that? Because you need to look at the symmetry off the slight. If this slight would be 75% and image, the text wouldn't look good. And I wanted this light to be more usable. So this image on the left and now we have enough space. Once we are ready, we'll select a color for the background and I want a strong yellow color. I'll right click, go to former background by having the solid for selected I person color and more colors. We could use the default yellow colors or if you want to change something, we can always go to custom and selected here I believe, 252 100 green. This is a really nice, nice yellow color. So I will stay with that. Maybe maybe it's a bit too orange, so you can always go back to the color. More colors and the justice here you can either shifted around or work on disn up. Well, here I have a preview. I wanted it to be a bit more light. Okay, this looks fairly good. Now those sporty style slides need big, bold phones. So I will insert a text box and I write something like, Not only not only the body, let's say I write not only the body, it really doesn't matter because that's only a title, a big title which would catch your attention. Now I slept both text boxes Council be and I select once again open sense because I know it will look good and I make it bigger. Now let's make it a bit more fancy. The first will be visible like that, but the other one will be a negative how to do this blow to insert shapes and insert a shape. I want a shape like that here to cover up this text off course, I'll select no hotline. As for the Phil, I use my eyedropper and I'll select the same color if you have a power for inversion without the eyedropper. Because I believe the older versions didn't have to just try to stay within this color range. I'll, for example, select a normal black color. Now you, of course, need to send it to bag. So the text is visible. Now, since the Texas Black, it isn't visible. And now what? What I will do in the text? Phil, We will have some recently used colors. One off This color is the latest color is the color for the background. So I will just select it. And I have a nice negative. Not only the body and you can readjust us. I believe this is a bit too big. It doesn't look as cool. It can stay here on the site. It can go to the Oh, sorry. I didn't select this body text. It could go to the right One Text could be here the second. It will be easier if I just group it. The second text can be in another position. Maybe in the middle. This would look really, really cool. Okay. In the middle to cover up this light like that? Well, a bit too pretentious. I will stay with this right side and this above that to make it. And really cool style. Maybe this bigger. Okay. And there we have it there. We have our title. Now Here I would add some tanks and eventually some icons on the bottom Insert textbooks. A big, tight box. Let me grab a text alarm. If some text from the Internet place it here. Oh, it's fairly fairly too big. Ok, I wanted smaller, like 12th bigger and justified in the middle. Okay, Now I need to work on the composition a little bit. Maybe the text should be great because I don't like how how strongly it stands out from the background. Well, not exactly black. Not exactly. Great. Just a lighter color. Okay, maybe 14 will be OK. This looks need I will shift this to the top. This here and on the bottom, I'll place a few icons just to close up this composition. I'm sure you've seen the several times working on this website. It's really great website just because if you don't have here an account and don't want to pay for some icons. You can use free icons which doesn't require back linking. Okay, I'll select a few simple icons. For example, if I click on this style, perhaps here will be several more icons in the same style, which is really perfect because I want maybe hard, maybe a bell and maybe this stopwatch something What will go along with sport and with type of presentation and slight I have. And I'll see you back in Power point in a second, I'm back in power point. I select those icon the heart to stop Watch Panda bell. I place them inside. Of course, I don't need those design ideas. I make all of them smaller and I placed him on the bottom just to fill out this composition . I could make circles around it. I could eventually answer some lines here between them just to make it look a bit more intact with the entire presentation. Since we used those lines already here, I could, for example, take this line, copy it over, and I would have the same style off line here. I would just need to go to format. Make it black. Come closer. Make it smaller. Off course This takes old time an adjustment. But look, How nice does this look? If I would have a line here and another line here now, the composition looks really more full and complete Without this, it's somewhat looks very simple, very plain. And with those icons, this looks really a lot more complete. This is how I design informational slides with big, bulky titles with a lot of content, a lot of text, and still this doesn't look overcrowded and really well prepared. 5. Slide 3. Several Steps: in this fancy slight design, I want to teach you how to make slight where we want to present several steps off something like three steps, four steps, making separate boxes for each step and making it work with the entire composition and the presentation itself. I have to say that I doomed myself a little bit because now we'll have to use this color across all slight. But we need to set a color tone for the entire presentation anyway. So that's not that I would like to change this black color because black will be simply to black. Let's go something blue and I just select a custom color off 46 58 70. I would like you to repeat the same color or select something like this. Ed Darkish Blue. What should go along with this yellow? We also need to change this box to the color we've just selected under shape. Phil, you can either use the eyedropper or more full colors. Custom. 46 58 Seventh. This looks really good. The next light will be very interesting. Well, once again, select a photograph for the entire background, and now it's again, completely up to you. I've been looking when I since I personally very like snowboard. I wanna go with this. And this photograph will also set the initial composition for us because we have space on the top space on the left side and the right corner is already used. We can, of course, overlay him with something. But I believe this sets every nice composition for us. So let's go to insert shapes and start right away, I'll make one shape here on the top side to to play some text and make the initial text in this presentation. Off course, as always, will select no old line. And for the shape, Phil, well, we could use the blue collar we had before or simply go with something dark. Other selected dark blue like we have here. Dark grays, blue, right, like former shape. And I'll work with the transparency. I want this to be transparent but dark enough so white text will be visible once I'm ready with this, I am go to the first slide and I borrow the text we prepared previously because we don't have to prepare text, always manually. Okay, But that's too big. I don't want it to be bold. I want it to be upper case, because this will be like a title. Change the text to anything you see fit like steps do a step like steps to a healthier lifestyle. I really don't believe I'm writing this. This looks like a shabby article. How to get better in 60 minutes. No effort whatsoever for this example. Presentation. This will be okay. I could be the same textbooks under it. I make it off course. Lower case steps to a healthier lifestyle, blah, blah, blah. Maybe I copied. Is this is, of course, Doesn't example. Okay, we have our main text and tagline. This should be smaller because we always want to make sure the composition is properly set . Now, here we want to do something really fancy and interesting. Well, later, see if the coloristic is all right. But I will go to insert shapes. I also like a rectangle shape and shaped like this with this kind of look ok where we can add just two corners off it. You can decide which corners toe work with either the left or right cornice. Let's say I want to stay with these to make sure it looks better. I select no outline. And now we can roll with this car. I believe you want to make it like three steps, so copy it two times over. Make sure it's not too big. So the composition looks OK? S is I see by mistake. I've put some text in here. Okay. You can also make sure that they are equally distributed by going toe former airline and distribute them horizontally. This will make sure that everything looks perfectly symmetrical to each other. As for the coloristic, the 1st 1 the first color, the second color and the Turk, or light, darker, darker. And it will be a bit transparent. So I will select the yellow color we had previously. And perhaps I will roll with the same color on all of these objects. But by going toe forward shape, I make the transparency here to 50% here to 40% for maybe that's too much. I see 30. Okay. And maybe 20 or 15. And this gives me a really unique look between them. Now here comes the part where you have to think about the coloristic off the entire slide. Maybe this is a bit too bright. So I notched the transparency just a bit to the left. So it's darker and it stands out more from the steps. Now I want to fill those objects as well. That's why I select some icons. It could be the same icons I've used previously. That's absolutely no problem because I want to distribute them. One Aiken for each object. I will resize them accordingly. I will place them in the according places. And this will be the basis for this design. Now the rest. It's a matter off. Placing some text on the boxes off course. This color should be dark like like black or something. Bluish gray age which will work along with this. Smaller, maybe less. Text would be better. Okay, let's adjust this. Okay. Bigger one. Much bigger. Wider. Okay, copy it over to the other object and make sure you'll group everything. I'll group this. The shorter is control. G select is you can also right click group group Select group. Now we have the steps prepared. You see, something is missing. And if you want to be consistent overall in designing and presentations, I look on the previous light and I immediately see that we used such a line. You can simply use the same line and put it here. My watch, how it nicely fulfills the entire design. Now, of course, I love just the placing a little bit because it's way off now. But you need to make sure that you also group this. You always have to group it, so it's easier to edit later. If I want to shift something later, for example, down, middle up, this will be no problem just grabbing it. Since it's group, it will move together. You can select each object later separately and edit it, and this is how we would approach a slight design with several steps across it. 6. Slide 4. Hall of Fame: in this light we will go crazy and do things like that. We will at random shapes for the title we will at a custom separator which separates the top site from the bottom side. And we will have nice text boxes with different coloristic in general will prepare a beautiful slight. Let's start. I will select another photograph for the background. I see this bike photo, for example. This by photo pretty much covers up the bottom off it. But that's no problem. We'll adjust it. At first. I will insert a shape to make it darker. Okay, a shape over it. I will hit no outline. I go to form and shape select a dark either bluish or black color and make it a big transparent. Okay, we have our dark base for the back. Now we'll have some fun with objects. I will goto insert shapes and let's pretend you're drunk and you don't know what you're doing. You just select the shape and you make a shape like this Boom. Then you're even more drunk. You copy it? Why the hell would you do that? Well, to cover up a portion off the screen. Let's say We'll have some title text here on the top side. Now I see the composition. This photo is barely visible, so I would like to move this by a bit to the bottom. We'll cut out this stop side here. Anyway, this will not matter if it's not visible now. A little problem is that we don't see the actual slight behind it. But you can always. But you can work around that by clicking on the image, going to former and to crop. You can crop it as much as you need to see if you are beyond the slight. Okay, we are a bit beyond I crop it back to about this position, and I know we've perfectly covered now this light Okay, this should be another dark color, so I select them At first, I group them so I don't have to do this twice. Group group. Now I select a color for them by going toe. Former shape Phil and I want a dark, bluish background like we had previously more feel colors. Custom. 46 58 70. That's our cue. That's our collar off course. We need to get rid off this outline and we somehow have prepared this light to make a title here. Okay, insert textbooks. I'll click here because if I would click here, it would answer this text box inside this object and then write some cheesy Tex like we stand, we stand together. This sounds like an army text. But let's pretend that this is a sporty lifestyle text. We stand together. Yes, we do. And we want to get in touch with the coloristic off this presentation. So I will select the first text. The first few words I go to former text Phil and I select one yellow color we used previously. If you want to be perfectly precise and you have the eyedropper and power point just like on the eyedropper and click on the previous slide. Now we need some small text under it and a few text boxes here. I copied the main textbooks I go to home, I make it lower case not bold. And I copy some random text here. You can see I've prepared some random checks and now I can prepare my tax boxes. I will not go far away and I use the title I've already prepared. I will prepare text like legends from each year. So I used the title and the text. Let's make it smaller. Let's justify it. Maybe I have one under too much here and the text looks pretty, well, pretty symmetrical. And I can copy those boxes to the middle and to the right side. Now the only thing I would need to do is change the text color. But this is really up to you. You can say with the gold, you could make a good GRE or something like first place. Second place for place and something is missing here. I would need just one little more object to make up for the lack off content here in the middle. Remember that you can insert any type of shape, even if it's a simple rectangle which would be inserted here in the middle. I make it no time. I fill it with the yellow color we have across here, and if this is too boring for you, you can goto edit shape, and I did the point. Let's do something interesting and delete this point. Now we have something a bit more interesting, and you can always work with the best your hands. I make the best year handles like this. And from a simple rectangle, we'll go to really more interesting object. Now, make this a bit round it by holding this point. Make this. Oh, also a bit a bit more curved. I see. I need to pull those handles as well. Okay. And I believe we have our object prepared. It really doesn't have to be fancy. Well, this should be also a bit rounded, so let me adjust it here. Adjusted here, and okay. Click away. We have a new object. You can always rotate it around. And it gives this light there really the last touch. We need it because it was a bit plane, a bit boring. And there was no difference between the top part and the bottom part. If this is to be for you, just make it smaller. Place it here. Rotated something freestylers around the design. I see. I have to the same colors and one different color. 2017 and 2018 plus. So it doesn't look every time the same. Also here, another color. What could we use? An orange runs? Well, this looks decent. Okay? And we have the next light prepared. This one is definitely more text heavy, but it's also very symmetrical and places informations in the right spot. 7. Slide 5. Guideline Points: in this lesson, I will try to teach you how to distribute items properly in the slide. How toe plan ahead and make sure that the viewer will be not barred by the slide. I will start things off by inserting and rectangle shape, a simple rectangle. I'll hold the shift key, and I make it to about this size in the middle. I go to shape outline, no outline and for the color, I'll try to use a yellow color we already have in such a presentation, I was selected from my recent colors. If you don't have this color selected, you can goto more feel colors in our gov eats 2 55 208 and 37. All right, that's for a start. Now some text under it because the text alone here would look a bit boring, a bit empty. So this rectangle is really just to add some design into the left side of this composition . I'll go to insert, I'll insert my textbooks and I'll write my text. Let's enter some cheesy text like how to get you your body where a blog's okay, I want to have it on two or three lines depending on how big I make the fund. I definitely want a bolt open stance phoned, bold and bigger. Okay, I don't quite feel it. Let's make this on the next line. This here. Maybe the last warning of its smaller. I just thought the design will be filled out, but not too extensive. Bigger, bigger, bigger. Okay, the color is too black. You need to select with the eyedropper the color we use previously. Once again, if you don't have the color, I'll show it more colors. It's 46 58 70. Now I'll enter a separator in the middle so we can distinguish between the left and right side. This will be very simple. I'll insert Sape, insert a line a normal line. And by holding the 50 I draw a perfect line just in the middle somewhere about here. We can always take everything and strictly to the left, if we need more space to make the composition properly designed. Ok? As for the color, we once again want this blue. So I select the blue we had a few seconds ago. Okay, I click on it. As for the outline, I click on the shape, outline weight. And I definitely want this line to be bigger to, for example, six pixels. Okay, I'll go to the more line options I can adjust the with here. Let's make it even over six. Because this will look pretty nice. I see now is too fat. I'm sorry. I'm going too far away. Maybe a 5.75. OK, that's for the cap type. We won't rounded caps, so it really hasn't night ending here in the beginning. In the end, now we can start to prefer the right side and this will be really simple. I'll insert shape, insert normal circles. One circle here, I'll place one inside of it. Off course. The color needs to be changed. Once again, no outline. As for to fill the blue color. And now now it will be important to place them in according positions. I'll, for example, make four or five steps. Let's make it for copy it one more time. Okay, Five steps to tree for 55 steps. And if I want to be a bit more fancy, I could adjust the color off each one of them by going to shape Phil always toe more fill colors and each step will be a bit lighter. This takes you bit off time, but it really at some death into the design. And it's a bit more interesting to watch for the viewer. Maybe I went too far with this color, but this all depends This it could be just as well done. Dark, lighter, lighter and then again, darker. So here I'll go back to my dark colors just for fun. Maybe a different blue and I have prepared my first set of icons. The second thing will be text boxes with information and we could use the text we have here . I'll copy this. I place it here and I want to have boxes. Something like this. Those boxes here on the right side. I'll copy them off course five times. Place them in the appropriate places near the numbers and now I have to write some texture . You see, I am very unorganized here. So in order to make it better, I click on each of them and I'll once again go toe a line and distribute them vertically. This will make equal spaces between them and I don't have to do anything remember that this works. It takes the first and the last one and makes equals spaces between them so it will not shift left and right. It was shift only up and down the line. Distribute vertically. This looks really Maurin. Technol! As for the text, you need to figure something out. It depends on what you want it on the slight. Let's just make an example. I'll write a few example Text boxes. I make the text smaller and I place the text perfectly here. I place the next text and I'll try to change either the text color or the color off the boxes, as I did previous in the former shape. Fill more colors and I can go lighter. More fill colors. Maybe I go a bit towards orange. This would look interesting. Okay, A bit more orange film. Where do we go Here. Even more orange. A bit deep. Okay. And this last one will be even darker. So maybe it will go slightly towards red. Not too much. Okay, Now we can play some text. This is how an example finished light would look like What are the benefits off the slide? We have no title, so we have much space for the viewer toe. Catch the title here and immediately go here. This would be animated and each step what animates separately. We could, for example, put some icons here, but perhaps this design would be good enough. Just let's make an example and take from icons in places here. If this would look better, sure, you can take some Aikens. You can make a design out off it. You can, for example, shift this so it makes more space. We have two parts in this light, and everything is clearly visible. I hope you did like this tutorial. It's not a difficult design, but it's really crucial to get the overall idea how to distribute your slight so it's really nice for the eye and understandable. 8. Slide 6. Badge: in this lesson. I want to teach you how to make an opening or ending slight with a nice batch in the middle . Well designed this batch from scratch, including the background and the actual object in the middle to start things off. Take any photograph you'd like for the background. I have here some football photograph, so I'll just grab it and place it here in the background. Now we want a very strong color overlay over it. We will use our a simple trick by going to insert shapes and inserting a big rectangle over . It will select shape, outline no outline and we will go for our golden fill color. We will select the gold if you don't have this core to 55 208 and 37. Okay, now I'll right click and format shape and make it just a little bit transparent. Does so The photograph is barely visible, like 15%. This will be Oh, right now we can start to design our bat. We will start the better off with stars and banners will select something that has 16 or maybe even 24. I'll go for 16 now. I will use it in the middle. I make the corners a bit smaller like this. OK? And to make sure it's in the middle, I take it Alliance center and align Middle. Now we have the outline for our badge, so I'll select shape Phil. No, Phil, but I leave the outline. The outline will be something lighter. Not too dark, but blue light blue. Okay, now I copy this shape. I try to place it perfectly where it waas and now watch how you can make it smaller. If I make it smaller by holding the shift key, it's alarming perfect proportions. If I additionally hold the control key, it will go towards the middle And if you don't want it to snap, you even have to use the old PPI. So shift and control and even old and make it smaller now will fill this out the second batch. I will have a strong color. I only just the blue we had previously. So this will be custom 46 58 70. This is the base for our batch and the rest depends really on us. I'll insert at textbooks and I'll say Thanks for watching. I pressed enter here. Enter Here I make the text centered, bolder, open sense and of course, white. Because I want it to be strongly visible here. Maybe a bit bigger. Okay, The four text can be so it isn't so cut out here. Maybe the thanks even as well will be a bit bigger Now it has a really nice symmetry. If this will be too big, we can simply make it smaller. Now I want to do something else. I'll insert shapes. Please go to shape and insert a cerebral. I'll try to make a circle around it here. Okay, once again, Aligned Centre Alliance Middle Because I wanted to be perfectly in the middle. And now? No, Phil, I would like it to have some dashes and be around this design how to achieve this. It's actually really simple. At first. Let me up the weight of it. Here we have dashed type. And instead of a solid line, we can use some dishes. I'll come closer to show you the dishes. You see, they don't seem very nice, so I can, of course, change the cap. Type two round. This looks much, much better. But still the color isn't all right. We should use something. Great. So by clicking on the shape old line, please select something that will work with this background. I see this dark looks pretty nice. This gray looks also pretty nice. Well, this blue, it isn't perfect, but I guess we could use something like this. Let me adjust it by going toe more outlined collars and make it a bit lighter. Okay, so it's a bit more visible now if you want this designed to be a bit more interesting Control C control V it. Place it in the same position and make it bigger control. C control V. Same position The shift in control key and make it even bigger. How? You can, for example, change the desk Type two to be normal back again. Maybe this as well. Let's see what we got here. Ok? Like that? This a bit bigger. Will I be able to select them? It will be really hard now. Okay. They'll be like an outline here. Closer to the edges. It's too big of its smaller. And I see this color is a bit too intensive now, so I want to change this color. Okay? Yes, something closer to the background. Maybe even a dark one like that. Okay, even smaller. I really have to adjust this a lot, but that's usually how it works. I see this middle circle well. It's a trouble to select it now, but if you want to have no problems, you go to home, select and you open up the selection pain. Newer versions of PowerPoint, half the selection pain, and it's really easy to grab things if you use it. Maybe this should be also here on the near the edges. We have prepared our badge. We still have some space here and here. We could put another object like like some stars or some circles. If we go for circles, let's let's stay with Let's stick with them, okay? A simple circle without any outline and with a color, it should be the same color circle here. Circle here, make a smaller one and circle here. Let's say I am perfectly precise here in the middle. I copy it over on the bottom. Let's say this looks good. If it doesn't, you can always go. I did shape, change shape and changed the shape, for example, to start like that and and so I watch it. Now, I think this perhaps looks a bit better. Okay, maybe the ones this one's will be a bit bigger. Lift. Oh, sorry. Sorry. Left, right. And now I'm satisfied with the design. I could also make some shadow. Just so it isn't so boring and plain. You could also reverse the colors by making the background very dark. And this stark your yellow This would also look very interesting. 9. Thank You!: you know, in this light you see this word I want to highlight and emphasise because I'm very grateful that he wanted to spend some time in power point with me. I really enjoy designing those slides. Well, maybe it isn't a perfect presentation, but definitely the concept you're learning here are useful in your daily work. Several years ago, as I started in Power Point, I had really no idea how to design Slight Back in the day, I didn't have quite the ideas, the possibilities and the design thinking mind that that we all have now it's really a bigger pleasure to design now. I hope you did like this class. It's my slight design series which I would like to continue and produce more of such slight each time in a different fashion. So we always have new ideas and new styles to follow. If you want to do me a favor, please give me a thumbs up on sculpture. This will really help me. Is the designer here? You can go to the class itself and here on the right side you have leave a review by leaving a positive review and eventually writing some informations about If you enjoyed this class hero here. I really know that this material is well received and you would like to see more off it. Thank you very much for your attention. It was a pleasure for me to teach you and see you in the next series.