PowerPoint Slide Design™ - Casual Business Slides for Any Presentation! | Andrzej Pach | Skillshare

PowerPoint Slide Design™ - Casual Business Slides for Any Presentation!

Andrzej Pach, Animation all the way!

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9 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Before we Start

    • 3. Slide 1: Sliced Image Composition

    • 4. Slide 2: Equally Subtracted Pictures

    • 5. Slide 3: Four Steps Color Change

    • 6. Slide 4: Custom Colorful Icons & Image Border

    • 7. Slide 5: Proper Bulletpoint Usage

    • 8. How To Animate Any Slide?

    • 9. Thank you!


About This Class

In the brand new 'PowerPoint Slide Design' series I am happy to invite you to its first release. In the #1 edition we will be designing 5 Casual Business Slides for any type of presentation! I will teach you interesting PowerPoint tricks, tell you how to lay out your slides so they are catchy and pleasant for the viewer and so much more! I will take you by hand and design the slides along with you, so you never have to worry anymore about comming up with ideas, because this class will set the tone for you to follow with even more slides afterwards! Take a short preview around the class.

Take a preview of the slides we will design in this episode and jump right in:



  • 5 Outstanding Slides
  • On-Trend presentation design
  • Brainstorm & ideas to follow-up
  • Master PowerPoint in a quick fashion
  • *.PPTX file included for personal usage
  • Design tips, tricks & shortcuts for PowerPoint
  • Confidence and intuition while designing presentations

Preview some of the animations:






There is no time to waste if you want to learn PowerPoint quick, efficient and become a better designer under an hour. I share years of my PowerPoint experience packed in tutorials in a concise manner. This series will be for everyone who would like to ramp up their Powerpoint skills in 1 day. It doesn't matter which version of PPT you use as the tips share will allow you to create powerful slides in PPT 2007 / 2010 / 2011 MAC / 2013 or 2016. 

Let's start....Enroll Now!


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