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PowerPoint Slide Design™ - Casual Business Slides for Any Presentation!

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Before we Start

    • 3. Slide 1: Sliced Image Composition

    • 4. Slide 2: Equally Subtracted Pictures

    • 5. Slide 3: Four Steps Color Change

    • 6. Slide 4: Custom Colorful Icons & Image Border

    • 7. Slide 5: Proper Bulletpoint Usage

    • 8. How To Animate Any Slide?

    • 9. Thank you!

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About This Class

In the brand new 'PowerPoint Slide Design' series I am happy to invite you to its first release. In the #1 edition we will be designing 5 Casual Business Slides for any type of presentation! I will teach you interesting PowerPoint tricks, tell you how to lay out your slides so they are catchy and pleasant for the viewer and so much more! I will take you by hand and design the slides along with you, so you never have to worry anymore about comming up with ideas, because this class will set the tone for you to follow with even more slides afterwards! Take a short preview around the class.

Take a preview of the slides we will design in this episode and jump right in:



  • 5 Outstanding Slides
  • On-Trend presentation design
  • Brainstorm & ideas to follow-up
  • Master PowerPoint in a quick fashion
  • *.PPTX file included for personal usage
  • Design tips, tricks & shortcuts for PowerPoint
  • Confidence and intuition while designing presentations

Preview some of the animations:






There is no time to waste if you want to learn PowerPoint quick, efficient and become a better designer under an hour. I share years of my PowerPoint experience packed in tutorials in a concise manner. This series will be for everyone who would like to ramp up their Powerpoint skills in 1 day. It doesn't matter which version of PPT you use as the tips share will allow you to create powerful slides in PPT 2007 / 2010 / 2011 MAC / 2013 or 2016. 

Let's start....Enroll Now!


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: hello and welcome everyone to the Power Point slides designed Siri's where I want to teach you step by step, how to design power point slides, how to get ideas, forced life and how to move with confidence through the program to save time and be efficient. I want this to be a quick funds and engaging Syria where I opened up Power Point show you how I normally work for appliance brainstorm how designed how I use all the tools and by sitting by my best I designed together with you I plan on making just a recording serious. So each time we will tackle a new presentation, a new style and you design will be always on trend. With great idea and some fancy moves. I want to invite you to the first part, the first serious where we'll design five casual business life suitable for any type of presentation. If you are curious how I made those light, if you want to design them on your own, police enrolled in this class and I'll see you in the moment. I am fully prepared and ready. Let's go 2. Before we Start: are welcome. I'm really excited to present you what we are going to learn. Well, this time designed five slides. I'll teach you a lot of tricks. How to set up such slight how to make slight appear well, not be overcrowded have everything placed properly to get a little bit off sense. How to design in Power Point, where to get items and resources for it. I was working in Power 0.2013 but if you have another version, that's no problem. Some might have some problems, for example, with the Mac version from 2011 but this is not so crucial. The main thing is, I want you to get better sense in Power Point, how to design, how to prepare and how do creates light like that. I don't want to sound boring, so let's dive right into it. I had really much fun doing this, as you can see some fancy stuff here, really simple tricks, but they really stand out and make the presentation a bit better. So if you want to learn with me, I'm happy to invite you to the first episode off the Power point. Slight design. Siri's 3. Slide 1: Sliced Image Composition : Hello and welcome to this exciting new slight design lesson. I will teach you how to properly work with images, how to use our shape tools to chop up images and place them into our slight composition. I go to PowerPoint. I have a new presentation opened and I have three text boxes. This will be the core for our slight now for the fund. This time I've used the latter. Fund lotto is a really great formed. Once you install it, you should have here in power point several funds with the little to select. For example, hairline light, heavy and letter found can be downloaded from www. Let off on dot com The re simple website, which allows you to download a current version off this front. So at first I want to select a dark background. I was thinking something Blue grey, something like over Dolph course. So I'll try to select an interesting color. Something may be a bit darker. I can go here, noted a bit, and I think this would be a good base, a good color for our break room, something Graves Blue Navy like this. Now I'll select those to fund and make them white, so they are better visible. Or, to be honest, if I see it now, this perhaps should be a bit more grace. So, like the title stands a little bit more out. Now, this color should set the tone off our contrast color. I'll select a green corps or a blue collar. It all depends what you want to achieve. But since I am very often going for blue, let me take a different approach and maybe even go yellow or or this green one, this should be fine. Maybe of a darker or something more always like this. Yep, I like this color. Well, maybe it doesn't look as good now, but we'll see in a moment now how toe work properly with some interesting designs and pictures, I'll go to inferred. I go to shapes and I select the shape, too. I was like my rounded rectangle and place the first object here. Now I want to make their corners very round so you can take this yellow dot and just click on it and go to the right side so it gets more around it. You can adjust it like this. Now this is my first object. I'll rotate it if you don't know how to rotate. You can click on this one and rotate it around. Or you can go to the shape options. I believe these options position or no, they are in the size and we have the rotation in degrees if you want to be 100% precise. Okay, I have my first object. Maybe I make it a bit smaller, bigger here. And this object, the first object should have the same color as the text because those two objects will set the tone and the coloristic off the entire slide. Now, I already see I don't like this green as much. So let me try to select something else. So I go again to custom. I go to the green colors and I try to select more washed out color something maybe closer to gray like this. I'll try how this looks now I see I'm perfect. Instead of making text, will I mate? Shape Full control Z. But I have this color already. Here I click on it. I click on it here. Well, perhaps this will work now. I can work on other objects. I want to copy the first object places that aren't here. I will try to make equal spaces Next object. This will be bigger, maybe even longer. I can simply extended. This is no problem like this. A bit to the top. I see. They should be more rotated. But that's OK. I copy one more object. I make it even. Why there? I see. This goes too far. I tried to place them right? No, I select all of them and I'll try somehow to align them. I tried to make equal spaces and I believe this is all right. I select the 1st 3 object. I right click on them group and I group him. It's very important to have them grouped. Other show you why in a moment now I goto picture or text or feel. I select file and from my new product files I select city photo Now this photograph felt out those objects. If they would be ungroomed, each one would be filled with this image. And this want to look horrible. But if they are grouped this looks like that. Now I see This will look better If I will maybe have even more objects like this not let me preview the slide. Now I see. I need to make a few adjustments before I'm ready. So bear with me. I'll try to recite into shape everything to make it look a bit better. Okay, I have it prepared. I select all four of these group group. I have my current group. I write like former picture. I select the bucket, picture or texture. Feel it will fill automatically. This is how I would leave this slight. If you want to be a little bit more fancy, I go to shapes. I place a new shape. No hold line. I dropped her and I make this feeling to make it exactly like the background. And I'll try toe cut out this place and this place to make it even more appealing. Control. See road it. Hold the shift key. Now watch what happens when I played this light. This is the end result and it all depends on what picture you select. But we created a nice border. We entered the picture and you have some small tax on the left side. Maybe the picture should be a bit more colorful, but this is one way of approaching a nice light design 4. Slide 2: Equally Subtracted Pictures: in this lesson, I will show you how to design a slight like this, how to subtract portions off images, how to connect the mood, one item and overall customers ations to such a slide. Hello and welcome back in the tutorials where well designed another great slide. As you see, I've changed the coloristic because I didn't like the green as much. And I'll go ahead and create a new slide. I'll start as usual. Why deleting everything? I go right Click former background by having the solid feel selected. I select my color with the eyedropper. I click. I direct with the previous light and I have the same background color here this time will again work with some pictures. But let me copy the text boxes. Just so I have something inside of this slide may be for the title here, Some text on the bottom and also some text here. This will be my slight layer. Let me move this a bit away and I can work with the pictures. I have some product photos here. I'll copy my mushrooms and also, for example, my tulips. Now I want to make them a bit smaller, so I can start editing them. At first. I want to make them perfectly equal For this. I go to farmers picture layout and I select that heard layout. Now they both are perfectly off the same size. I right click on the Smart art group on group once again Group on group. Now I can take the text boxes, delete them from here and I can work with the photographs. I come closer at first, I will know make them circles. So I select the 1st 1 I goto format Krupp corrupt to shape and I select the circle. I do the same for the 2nd 1 crop crop to shape circle. I also want them the aspect ratio to be a perfect circle. So I go once again to crop aspect ratio square. Also here crop aspect racial square perfect. I click on the crop now I can make them a bit bigger so they are visible in disliked by having both pictures selected. I goto format and I will start to work on the shape outline what outlined we want I have some colors here which are nice looking with this background and working well along. So I will select one of them. Then I right click former object. Oh, I have it over the open. So I select the bucket and in the line options. Here on the bottom side, I have my wits off the outline. You can also select the weight here shape old line weight. But it is limited to six point and out. For example Want to have seven or eight points So I make it more thick here. Eight points. Okay, this looks pretty tick. Maybe even a bit too much. But we can adjust this later a little bit. Let me make them bigger. I wanted to have really big pictures here. So they are pretty good visible now The magic will come in. I go to insert shapes. I select a shape like that around the direct angle I placed around rectangle here. I decide for a rectangle, for example off this size and I place it equally between the images Power point is helping me with that I goto offline. No outline. Now it's perfect. And I copy it two or three times. Okay, this is one copy. Let me maybe make red color. So I see everything. Control C control V. Okay, one as a copy and to our insight here. Now watch what magic you can do to adjust those images. I select the first image and the red one by going to the former merch shapes. Subtract. Now I select the right image. Select the next rectangle. Merch, shapes, subtract. We created a totally custom effect by subtracting those objects from these images. This is something you very rarely see used in Power Point. Not many people know about this, but I'll try to do something interesting out of it. Let maybe quickly changed the names. I'm bright back at you with in a moment. I'll just work on the textbooks is a little bit okay. I did change the text boxes so they look a little bit better. I once again go to view and open up my guides. So I have a perfect middle here. This face one should be on the left side like this face to on the right side. Something like that. And the slight is beginning to look a bit better now. I believe the images can be a bit smaller so they don't cover up everything and we can do more adjustments. Now, if the images would stay here and I would, for example, not have dis text, let me get rid of it. I make it here. Now I can take the box. I can change its collar, for example, to one of the colors I had previously like this blue one. I can place it perfectly here. I can resize it. I can pull the handles to make it perfect and watch what a nice effect we did achieve here . Now I could insert shapes, for example. I could use a circle or this heart here. I could make a little heart. Then I would just take shape. Phil. Eyedropper make the heart the same color as the background as it would be cropped out from the circle. Now, I could also make the same color like shape ful, eyedropper and the same color as the outlines. Here. No hotline. You can do really interesting designs by just subtracting something out of the pictures. Now, look, how customized does this look? I could move those faces here, and I have a completely unique design in my slight. I could, for example, changed things up by going to insert shapes and using air shaped like this. I would use this shape. Copy it a few times to have it for later, and I would start to subtract it from the images. First emit second image. Former merge, Subtract first image object murder shapes, Subtract. Can you notice? How good does this look? This is really a unique view. Well, we have a small error here, but that's no problem. We could adjust it. I just wanted to show you what's possible. I'll take the text text Phil Eyedropper Like the background. Place the text here off course. I would need to bring it forward. Brink to front. That text would be here, and we have another completely custom and unique look inside of the slide. Now watch. How beautiful does this light present itself? I should, of course, adjust the color, for example, make the shape ful like the previous blue to make it more consistent with the first light. But overall, this is what I wanted to teach you. In this life, you can subtract portions off images, you can make images equal, and this will create absolutely amazing slides. For example, by using some Grady int. Now it's your turn to open up power point and recreate this slight on your own 5. Slide 3: Four Steps Color Change: Sometimes you want to transition from one color to another color in your presentation. In this light, I will teach you how to do this by adding a custom shape and also how to design a nice light like this. The next light will be a bit simpler, but you'll still earn a ton of great tricks. Let's say that the next lights you will make will be white. If you don't want to make the change so abruptly going from dark toe bright, then I'll show you a nice trick. How you can easily transition between two colors. Let me delete everything and start designing this slide. I go to inferred shapes and we'll select the right rectangle. Not the wrong run the right one. I'll make it to cover the entire slight, but we anyway need to rotate it. So I start rotating. I hit this button, and by holding the shift key, I rotated 90 degrees. Now I played it perfectly on the left side. It will snap automatically. I make it smaller and I widen it so it covers the entire slide. We could stay like that, but this would be a bit too boring. So I will click on the object, go to edit shape and added the points right about in the middle. I right click and select at point. This will create a new vector point. And now I'll try to make a curve here, like an s shape. So I'll pulled left. Handle the left. Does your handle to go about like this just slightly. And I pulled the left handle to go about this. You notice in the corner it goes around. Well, this is because this point also has this handles. So I need to select this point and make it a bit more slight like this? Just a bit. Well, I've gone too far. I'm sorry. This can be easily adjusted by placing it like this. Now, this point, I just it just a little bit and I'm ready. I have a nice little Estrich. Well, it's a bit incorrect here, but this doesn't matter. It doesn't have to be perfect. I just want to do transition between the dark or and the bright color with a useful slide. Now, by having the selected, I go to Schaffel Eyedropper. I click and I select the background color from previous Now I go back and select some text boxes like this and I copy them over. This will be my first step. This will be my second step and I copied also here, one on the bottom and one on the right side. Let's say these colors. Let's say those titles will be with this color. This is look really interesting. It will have a nice contrast eyedropper like this. Maybe not face. I will call it here. Step three. Now we are close to being done and in the middle I would like to place some icons. So I'll go to insert shapes and I'll make some circles. I click by holding left shifty, I make perfect circles. Now those circles will be filled with a white color and their outline will be off course the color from our background. Now you can decide how big it is for example, two or three points and they copied for each step one to three. And for now it's a matter off placing everything in the right. Positions like this step tree will be in this place, and the last step for will be here down bottom, depending on how many steps you want, you'll copy them over now. I would just need to play some iPhones here, and this slight will be ready. You can download some. I comes from the Internet, colorized them. For example. If you would place a red icon here, you could select this text, click on this textbooks and make the text as well read or selecting the text eyedropper and selecting the same color as the icon. For now, this is enough. I have my slight prepared to go along from one color to another, and if I select a new slight, it will be white. The transition will be much more smoother and softer between the dark color and the bright color, and we used boat colors to create something interesting in the mother of minutes. 6. Slide 4: Custom Colorful Icons & Image Border: on this light. I want to show you how to quickly make custom icons and how to make images like that placed in custom shapes and with custom, colorful borders. Hello. Welcome. In the next slide design will prepare. You can notice I have some textbooks is prepared here, and I'll show you several techniques how you can upgrade them Now I go to insert shapes and I used a circle. I want to play small circles here. I would also like to draw an arrow out of it. But if I go to insert shapes and use the original shape from PowerPoint, this arrow is really edgy. You can't really make the edges around it. It almost never looks good. So another thing you can do, you can goto insert shapes and use different shapes. For example, if I will use this shape, I make the corners just a bit more rounded. I copy two times now I rotated on the tree. 123 one Too much. Okay. And I kind of created an arrow out of it. I'll delete this arrow. I take the circle. I make the circle bigger by holding the shift key. Okay, Like this now to cut them out. I can subtract it. Select the last 112 merch shapes and go to subtract This way I created a really unique icon with an arrow towards the right side. Now I make it smaller. No, old line. And I had a few colors. Now welcome the interesting part where I will show you how to make a slight, completely unique I goto insert shapes and I used a simple rectangle shape. I make several shapes, so it will look custom, not regular. I copy it over. I extended a little bit. Maybe Like this I copy it once again, I make it a bit longer. Just so, I achieved a really custom shape which you can't normally find in power point. Maybe this bigger so the edges are not as big to the right. All right, now this will cover this portion off the screen. I select all three of them by shift clicking on them merch, shapes and I union. Now this is one completely new, unique shape inside of power point I go right click former shape. I'll use my picture or texture feel and I'll ask you toe fill this object out with an image goto file. Select an image and fill it out with an image. Now I can select shape outline not old line to get rid off the basic outline. Now what? What you need can you do? Instead of only working with the Phil options, you can work with the line options by going to the line options. You can select radiant line, and this will create a nice Grady in color. Now, what is so unique here? What? What can you prepare here? I'll have only three cars. The first radiant I drop her clique, maybe the first color. The next color. I drop her. Click the yellow one. Next color, I drop her click towards the red one. Now you can shift those colors around and in the with options. I make it march much wider, for example, to five points now watch how unique this already looks. Maybe it's a bit to take, so I go four points and I see there's too much of green, so shifty yellow, and then I can work with the angle. If something is not right and you have too much of green, go to the bucket and work with the angle. The angle will allow you to adjust the coloristic. Now the green is on the right side and the red is here on the top. Maybe I want to even have more. Right? So you shifted here and it works better with this photograph. Now, can you notice How unique does this look? We have a custom shape and we additionally have a custom outline around it. Thank you very much for listening to me in this lesson. I hope this was informative and see you in the next one. 7. Slide 5: Proper Bulletpoint Usage: if you make those simple bullet points light, I want to show you how to make them a bit more interesting by editing the bullets itself and adding some animation that when you go to the next point, the previous point is dimming a little bit. Now what? What can you do with your bullet point list and how can you properly animate it? I have a new slight and let me quickly create a bullet point list. I listen to the left side. Let's say this is my list and I want to make it more interesting. At first I copied the title to have something on my slide. All right, now I can go to the bullet list. I'll have to tears off bullet points. So I pressed tap here, tap here and tap here. Now I can start editing it. I select the 1st 3 lines 12 and three like this. Then I go to my bullet point and I go bullet a numbering on the bottom side. I have my size and my color. You can also add a picture to use something completely custom, but I will stay with the bullet points, but I will make them a bit more interesting. At first, I'll use my two colors, the light blue on and the dark blue on. Maybe the bigger runs. We'll have the darker blue, and they will have about 160% off scale. The smaller ones. I will have the lighter blue collar. So I once again go to the bullet point bullet and numbering. I select my color and I select light blue and maybe make it 130%. All right, so now it looks at a tiny bit more interesting. I still should adjust the spacing between them so you can adjust the spacing either by pressing. Enter Oreos, select the entire text or the box. Go to the home tab and under home type. You have the spacing options. Once you hit the spacing, you can make it for example, 1.5 or 2.0, or go to line spacing and make it a custom. A month. I will go with 1.5. This looks really okay now. It was meant to be a simple bullet point list, but what else adjustments could I do? Animations are really important when it comes to bullet points, go to animation and select a simple animation like fate or wipe. For example, I will select fate. Normally, they would fate one after another. I go toe animation pain and you see, I have an animation which is cumulated off three animations the first, the second and deterred when each of second point disappearing I want to change is a little bit because when I'm talking about the second point, I want the first point. Tow them a little bit to disappear so you can go toe text animation and select that the first level paragraphs are animated or the second level if you want those to be animated. But I will stay with the first paragraphs. Then I go to effect and select after animation and select a core by default and power point it selected to don't them. But if you dim it, for example, to a great color like this animate text all at once is OK. Now I select. Okay, Now watch what happens when you preview this light I press shift and the five to preview this light. I started explaining you the first bullet point, and as I click my mouse the second time to go to the second point. The first point is dimming out. So you remember that I was talking about something here, but it's less visible, so it doesn't bother you as you are watching the presentation, and you're completely focused on the next point. As you click once again, it's again dimmed, and the last point appears. So Remember, if you do presentations like that with bullet points with simple bullet points, double click on the animation, go to effect and select after animation to be dumped. You can also hide them completely or hide them on the next mouse click. Let me select the second level paragraph. This would change the animation, so each time looked like the mouse. Something is appearing and disappearing. This is if you want to explain those secondary points more in detail. But if you want them to be together, you only animate the first level paragraph. This is how you can edit paragraphs and work with bullet points in Power Point. You can customize them with colors with size or even with custom images. And this all Witten one text box. Thank you very much for your attention. In this lesson. I hope you learned something about presenting with bullet points 8. How To Animate Any Slide?: in this lesson. I want to show you how you can approach animation in Power Point. Well, obviously you have the animation step. As you click on any item you have several animations to truth from. You can even open this up and select more entrance effect. Here you have even more animations and you can preview the animations one by one to see what do you prefer? What do you like? What do you think? Looks good. But if you are lazy and you need to animate much slides, you can even select everything everything at once or press control argument. A allergist DC like this one by pressing the shift key and clicking on it because I want no animation on this bars and I go toe animations and, for example, breast fate. Then I go to the animation pain. And as I told, since I'm lazy, I will just click and check out which object is which animation. And by doing nothing else than delaying it a little bit, I want to treat 12 tree wanted 312312 tree. Okay. And this even more. You can also select it like that. But that's not always in handy. I delayed, and this is what I would achieve to be a bit more fancy. I see those objects should be animated differently, So I click on this object. And instead of staying with the fate innovation, I'll, for example, select the wipe animation, certain animations, aftereffect options, and I can click here, and I want the wipe to happen from Top because it should. It should be wiped. It should appear to the screen like that. I also click on this object, and I changed the animation to wipe and also from top. Now one thing has happened as you click on the new animation Power Point by default is making this on click, but you can right click on it. Then you have three options here on Click with Previous After Previous. I can, for example, select with previous and delayed a little bit or select after previous what will automatically make this animation after the previous one? But this doesn't really matter. I want in this case I want to delay it manually like that with previous delay, and this is my first animation. This light goes slowly in, and the sleight immediately goes to the next light. Why is that? Because on the transition step, I have selected that after all animations, and after one second passes, it should immediately go to the second slide. If you are holding a presentation and you need more time, you just de select this option and select on mouth click. Now, if I would prefer this animation, the slight would stay on the screen until I'm finished explaining what I wanted to say in this light. As I click my mouth, it proceeds to the next light. The same thing happens if you select under animations on click. Unless you are clicking, nothing else will happen. The second animation was selected on a click, so until I don't click my mouth, nothing will go forward all right. To show you an example. On another slide, you can approach each thing the same way you select group of items. You click on one information, and then you start to adjust this animation. One important thing to remember in Power Point. The best thing is to make animations at the beginning, because later, if you copy this text, for example, I copied to the next slide because I'm using the same text over and over again. It already has the animations, and I would not have to edit it manually. But this time I've made this presentation without any rain nations. And I want to show you a cool trick. Let's say you have a boring bullet. Points like like this. You've clicked on fate. You see certain fate options has appeared and multi diversion off. PowerPoint has that. But you can adjust this by double taking here and going to the effect a little bit nicer. If the animated text is animated by ward or by letter, not all at once. Look, what difference does it make its slowly fate work afterward instead of this entire group. And this looks really cool. Honest light, you see? See the difference in the next ones? Okay, this should be on a plate. It is okay. And what else can you do? I'm quite sure that the Mac version from 2011 doesn't have the dim effects, but I'm not certain because it varies from version to version. But that's not so important. If you have power 20110.2013 or the newer versions, you can select after animation effect on the fate option. I'll, for example, select it, should them to the great color. And this looks really interesting because once I have my animation here and the next animation goes in, this one is them. Also, the 2nd 1 should be dimmed. Well, now I've selected everything, but you get the idea. You can adjust each animation to be dimmed like that, and it will disappear once I'm explaining the next concept. That's all I wanted to show you in terms off animation in the Power Point. And if you have any troubles, please open up the project file, which is already animated. Click on any of those slides, goto animations and open up the animation pain. The animation pane shows you everything, and you can read from the information. You can uncover the mouse over, and I see it's the fight animation. Here. It's the fight animation, and once you click on certain items, you'll see what type of animation it has. It is also highlighted here on the top, and all the options like the delay, the duration and the placing interims off most clicking. A few students off me told me that they have an error and don't see those timeline icons. That's no problem just writing on it and height or show the advanced timeline if you hide it. We have only informations about the certain elements. But if you show the advanced timeline, you have those little element which help you to animate the entire slight Thank you very much for your attention in the lesson about animation. I hope this was interesting for you because it's a bit more complex topic. But once you get it and once you train it on a few presentations, there is absolutely no problem working with animation in Power Point. 9. Thank you!: Thank you so much for taking part in this serious. I really hope you had a lot of fun designing the slight, a lot of fun preparing, brainstorming and getting all the elements together. I would like to make more off such classes because I believe those slight have given you an idea how to follow up and create more. And if you would need to create a presentation, you could just follow up and create a similar slight in this stylistic and make a bigger template out off it. If you would like to give me your thumbs up and thanked me for the class, you can head over to sculpture. Once you are finished, click here, click on Leave a Review. And I would really appreciate a review from you. This is the best Thank you can give me here on this website and I'll know that you did like the class. You can even write something here, and I'll note that you like the class that taught you something and that you would like to see more off such classes in the future because I plan on doing them. I like to sit down and create something in Power Point And then Chardon Lalit, I've gathered while doing so. So this will be really appreciated by me This Waas power point Slight design serious by Andrey Pa It happens that it's me. I hope you are not surprised and see you in the next one.