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PowerPoint Motion Graphics - Promo Video Animation

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, PowerPoint, Animation & Video Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Start a project!


    • 3.

      Choosing photo


    • 4.

      Choosing music


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    • 6.

      Color Scheme


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    • 8.

      Leave a Review, Please


    • 9.

      Design Slide #1


    • 10.

      Colorize Slide #1


    • 11.

      Animate Slide #1


    • 12.

      Finalize Slide #1


    • 13.

      Design Slide #2


    • 14.

      Animate Slide #2


    • 15.

      Design Slide #3


    • 16.

      Animate Slide #3


    • 17.

      Add bg music


    • 18.

      Export to Video


    • 19.

      Thank You!


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About This Class

Hello! In this class, I'm going to teach you about creating a promo video in PowerPoint including the design and animation process. This is the animation we are going to create:


You will learn how to:

  • Design engaging slide
  • Animate PowerPoint slides
  • Export a 60 FPS Full HD video from PowerPoint
  • Create promo videos in PowerPoint
  • ...and many more useful PowerPoint tips & tricks!


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Andrew Pach ⭐

PowerPoint, Animation & Video Expert


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach and if you want to learn PowerPoint you are definately in the right spot! To my friends I'm known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience. If you look below you can select any of my PowerPoint classes to learn from them! 

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Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome In this PowerPoint motion graphic animation class, where I'll teach you how to create this type of animation that you see in front of you. Let's take a quick look at what you are going to design. And beautiful. This is the animation we will be working on. I'll show you how to get the sound, how to prepare a photo, how to add all the elements and how to animate them. A lot of cool PowerPoint tricks and a lot of fun designing this. So let's see each other in the glass. See you soon. 2. Start a project!: Hi, it would be amazing. And you can help me on Skillshare by starting a product for this class. Nice. At first, it doesn't have to be the ready product is go to the Project and Resources tab. Hit on Create Project. And right, You're welcome message. Later on when you create slides from the lectures, you can share a screenshot of that slide. You can do this by going to File Save As Selecting Browse. And you can select to save as a JPEG there. By saving JPEG, you can select all slides are just this one. Then you can come back to the project, select Image and to just add a slide that you created. I will be really happy to see it and it will also be very helpful. Please start the product right now. It will take only a few clicks and helps me a lot here on Skillshare. 3. Choosing photo: The first thing we need to do is gather resources. I want to choose a photograph and I want to choose background music. For the photograph. It can be a piece of clothing, it can be shoes, it can be a person, depending on what do you actually wants to promote. I will recommend clothing because this is kinda the sport is Tile. I went for this animation and it's simply fit this design. You can go to this website with free photographs called unsplash.com. I typed in dress here and I've selected one of the photos. As you can see, this is the photograph I selected. And one thing to keep in mind, please do select photograph that will have a clean background because we will cut out the background. So it will be much easier if this is a clean background, a white or a one-color background, like here. Once you have a photograph, just download it on your drive. You can download it in any size. I'd recommend a larger one because we will enlarge this picture and we are basically prepared. I'll also add this photograph into the resources because this is a free photo. So I'm able to do this when we start to work, we'll cut out the background from this picture, but that's for later. Let's search for another resource. 4. Choosing music: We could do this at the end, but I want to select some music that will go along with this design. And selecting music is far more difficult because there is very little free music online available. Most of good-quality music is rather paid or requires extensive crediting, like no copyright sounds on YouTube. There is, however, a website called freesound.org. You can remember about this website. Don't get me wrong. Most of the sounds here are of the highest quality, but some of them are really good. For example, this one I will found from slacking. If you want to use the same music, I'll also attach it into the resources because I'm able to do this. No restrictions or limits of use. We can use this for our private products or for our commercial products. I did type in an insert here, background loop or a background music, something like that. And I found this music, well, it's a very decent piece of music and it is lovable. What's important? It is a loop. So no matter how many slides you will have, it will loop over and over again, and this will be very convenient. We also have Creative Commons license here. The work is licensed under the attribution license. What is the attribution license? Let's do it together. Share, copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format like I'm doing here. I'll redistribute this original music from this user with my content, I can remix, transform, build upon this material, which we will do because we will mix it into our design here for any purpose, even commercially. It's great disliking, did this music and made it available for free. If you want to use the same music, you can of course use different music or you can use no music. The main thing of this class is to learn PowerPoint, but music is also important. So I'm selecting this track into our resources. And into the resources. I'll put some credit, of course, to this person and to the Creative Commons license. But we have already music and we have a picture, so it's perfect. We're basically ready to work within PowerPoint without leaving the program. This will speed up our entire design process. 5. Cropping: I still need to teach you the most important thing, which is creating a color scheme that will go along with this dress. But we want hands on practice in PowerPoint. So let's open PowerPoint. Let's create a new slide and we can select in the layout, a blank layout. So we have an empty screen. Here. I would like to place the picture because I want to start working with something. You can use insert picture or simply take the picture and drag and drop it into PowerPoint. If you have this in picture, let's work on it. We need to get rid of the background. And luckily, if you click on the picture, go to picture format and go to remove background. Powerpoint helps us with deleting the background. As you can see, PowerPoint did also delete those elements. And here left a little spot. I will come closer by pressing my left Control key and using my scroll wheel, you can also enlarge here on the bottom right side. I want to mark an area to remove. This is an area to remove. Powerpoint should be able to determine what I mean by that. And here I want to mark an area to keep. Definitely this is to keep and definitely that. And I like tried to go here. Okay. Powerpoint kinda knows what I am going for. Okay, Perfect. Maybe it's not perfect, but it's decent enough. For this kind of promotional video. I will want to still adjust this little tip here and beautiful Keep changes. What do you are left with now with a clean element to work with? What I also want to do by having the photo selected, select Crop, crop it down just so you have this entire picture selected, nothing more. It will be much easier to work that way because this box got a little bit smaller. Now, I know that this is the main element in my design. In the next step is basically to set up a color scheme that will allow us to work with any given element. Because currently, if I insert a shape, it will have a color like that because I defaulted this color, but it'll be difficult to work. So how do I determine the color scheme? Let's go to the next lecture because I don't want to extend this and I'll teach you something really, really cool that you should remember for your entire design life. 6. Color Scheme: There are websites with Reddy color schemes and there is color space, my color dot space. I hope this website will be still available in many, many years because I plan to use it over and over. Now. Let's take, for example, this dress. Go to Insert Shapes, insert any type of shape. It can be a rectangle. It doesn't matter what you want to do. You want to select Shape, Fill, and use the eyedropper? I'll use the eyedropper. I click down and I select one of the colors from the dress. Let's say that this a darker shade of inside the wrinkle. Okay, I've selected the color and I need the hex code for this color. Now, the latest versions of PowerPoint. Finally, if we go to Shape Fill again more fill colors, the latest versions show us the hex code of this color. So I can directly take it from here, go into color space, and just place this color here. We can also enter the values directly here in the color space generator. Okay? I have this color generate. And what this website does, it gives us a complimentary, generic gradient, or generally a color scheme to work with. You know, that those corals will match well with this design. And this is beautiful because I can take a color directly from the picture shoe quoting from a person, and you can match a color scheme to it. What even greater about this website is that it shows you different ways of twisting those corals like spot palette or for example, a, a skip gradient pattern, which will be much brighter. And as you see here, I've selected like maybe this yellow color, this bright color, and one of the darker colors for the background. Or actually I took the blue one because we have here matching pellet. All of those colors in some way will work well with this element. How do we bring that into PowerPoint? We can use the eyedropper just as we used on this element. Because Shape Fill eyedropper, click and you can click into a different element on your screen and you'll match this color. This is trick number one, trick number 2 that I very often use and I will use it right now. To show you. You can go to Insert Screenshot, opening the options from the Screenshot, Screen Clipping. If you select screen clipping your screen, we will go white for a while. And any open window like my browser here, I can simply select a portion of it. And I have the color scheme imported into PowerPoint. I'm not sure which colors we will use, but you can see my idea. We simply will not think about color schemes. We just try out a couple of background and we will make a design without thinking about the color scheme, which is basically the most difficult part to make everything look good. Sorry for making this lecture along. In the next lecture, we finally start the design. 7. Background: You can see I'm not closing these websites because I'm not sure that this is the only palette I will use. I want a background. It's good to start with the background because it gives the tone for the entire design. And you will immediately see if it's complimentary to this element, to this main promotion element. Right-click Format Background within PowerPoint. Go to gradient fill. You can of course, stay with a solid fill, but I prefer to use a gradient. At least two colors will be very useful here. For the first color, I have it selected. I opened the colors. I go to my eyedropper. I click here, and I select one of the blue colors because I would like to contrast a little bit with my dress. I'm selecting the blue. I hope it's the same, but if not, it doesn't matter. I remove analytical, I press the last color, open the colors, and I give it the same recent color. Why am I giving it the same color? Because I want to stay in the same tone. But my little trickier is, once you select the same color, open it, go to more colors and not changing anything, just go deeper here to a darker color. It will make for a great background. You can enlarge this if you want to see precise and what colors you use. And if you want to enlarge this and boom, it gives us a nice shadow. We gradient going from bottom to top. And this is exactly what I did here with a slightly different color because as you can see, there are multiple good colors here. We could use this blue, we could use even the gray. They probably would all work. I will say with this background, it looks perfect and you should repeat my step. You should establish a background. And in the next lecture, we will add the element and try to color them appropriately. 8. Leave a Review, Please: Hey, it would be extremely helpful for this class if you go to the Review tab and click on leave a review and write something there. If you don't see this button yet, you need to watch a few more lectures and it will become available. Sculpture now requires that classes have recent reviews on them. So it would help me greatly. You just click here, you tell if you'd like to class or not, and you write a simpler view and click Submit. I would be very obliged if you can do this right now. Thank you so much and see you soon. 9. Design Slide #1: Okay, Now we need to work really efficiently. Let's take this element and place it into position and go to Insert Shapes. I have set up a shortcut with old too for the quick access toolbar, because I can right-click and select Add to Quick Access toolbar. So each time I need to enter the shape, I press Alt to write the first shape. I wanted to add something to cover up my promotional element. I will use this whole frame, something just to put around this element. Okay? The whole frame looks like that. If you wonder why my shape has this color. It's because I took a different color. I made shape, outline, no outline. Right-click. Set as Default shape. Now, each shape I'll add into PowerPoint, no matter what shape that is, it will have this color and no outline. It saves a couple of steps. Okay, let's get back to this element. Simply make the sight of its smaller with the yellow dots. Something like this, maybe a bit thicker. Okay, now let me shift key. I make this smaller. To see everything better. I go to a white color at first, let's go to a white color. And I think that should be a bit bigger because it shouldn't overwhelm this object, but it should also cover it. Okay, this is element number one, Control D to duplicate. Start to rotate and press your Shift key. This way, you will rotate it for an equal amount. Okay, now I put it here. It can overlap a little bit. That's perfectly fine because we can at any given point, right-click and send to back. Okay, this looks good. This a little closer, right-click sense to back as well. So the dress goes in front of it. Okay, We created a little overlay for the address. It could be one element or it could stay like this. What about the rest? I'm sure that for this type of design, we need a box and the text. What I did, I did a shape on the right side because I want to contrast to the left side and again, make it white. And what about the text? I knew that I want to animate each row of texts separately. So again, all to text. I put and get, I click on this text box. I make it much, much, much, much bigger, bigger for the text color. I used another little trick. It's not really a trick. I simply used the one of the colors or directly from the dress. When it comes to the color, Shape, Format, text Fill, eyedropper, and just I drop one of the existing colors you see here. Text Fill eyedropper, one of the darker colors, beautiful. You should change the font. Of course, everyone has different fonts installed on his computer. I will select a big, big bold font. It can be a hero knee for example, Arial, Arial Black. It depends on what funds do you have? I have a bunch of fonts installed on my computer, obviously because I'm doing this type of designs. And I do often like those big funds, like little black, get Control D with the same options. Get dressed. In this case, we had this and get dressed text. It can have a little bit of perfect imperfection because we can, it can stand out of the design, it can be above it. Or if you want, you can extend the box and make it like that. But I think this looks more designers. Alright? Adding the rest of the elements is pretty simple. I just press Alt to each time I need to something and I simply created a rectangle here. I created a plus sign here. We can always admissions scheme with my shift key, making it a little bit smaller, rotating it twice. So it looks like that. And boom, and I felt like something is very empty here. So one little design element I've added all Stu. And this shape is always difficult to pronounce for me parallelogram. I was trying really hard at this this item. I won't say it again. Apologies. Just skew it a little more to the side, make it smaller. And just duplicate it a bunch of times. Control D, I'll put it here. The newest versions of PowerPoint will make equal spaces between them. If you don't have equal spaces, like if this looks like like that. In your case, select everything. Align, Align, Middle. Align, distribute horizontally. Everything will distribute perfectly. Control G. Put it here, make it smaller. Right-click, send to back. We have our first slide design. In the next lecture, we changed the colors and then we'll animate this light right away. 10. Colorize Slide #1: We need to change the color of the elements. Of course, why it works perfect with a dark backgrounds like that. So we can use the white elements. And this is what I did in the original design. It is very similar. I use the white because it really works well with the background. Now what about the elements? Don't use too many colors for this type of design. It can be one or two colors. And which color do you select? Of course, you can think for yourself, but I wanted the greens and the blues, or the yellows and the blues that work together. Let's try with the minty green. And the important thing is here, I have my eyedropper again because you can each time, Shape, Format, Shape, Fill, and you can click on eyedropper, but I right-click Add to Quick Access Toolbar. Now I can click on the Shape old tree and my eyedropper is already selected. I'm clicking down and I'm selecting one of the colors. At first, I will select three times the same color and see how that looks. In my opinion, it looks good, but it's too similar to the blue. It's in the same shade. That's why I went for a different color. And we don't have too many options here apart from like blue and those greens. So we probably will get one of the yellows. I selected this element because it has the most items on it. And it directly contrasts with the original address. All three again, for my too dark, we could adjust the background gradient to not be as strong right-click Format Background. We can move the original color further down. So most of the design will have this first color. We can also click to add another color. We can use the previous color and kinda shifted around or do a color in-between them by just slightly making it slightly darker. Okay, now I think the gradient is a little bit adjusted. This is an optional adjustment, but I wanted to make this yellow color stand out a little bit more. This blue. I'm skeptical about it, but let's try. No, it doesn't work. This is the way you have to work. You can use this blue. This blue, my opinion, would work, but the green looks a little better. The mint green is better. In my opinion, the contrasts and everything is done. We have prepared the design. In the next lecture, we want to animate this slide, and I'll show you a really interesting tricks how to animate those types of designs. 11. Animate Slide #1: There is no nicer thing than animation. Let's work on it. Go to Animations tab, open the animation Spain. And let's start working. At first. I want those two elements. I accidentally clicking on the dress. So I'll either move the dress to the side or go to Home, select, selection pane. And I can simply turn this picture off so I can clearly click on those items. Okay? The first element, animation. Open the animations and you can select more entrance effects and decide which effect would look good. I know that, which looks good on those kinds of elements. So I'll most likely go with it. But we can of course also choose wipe from bottom or from left side or strips also looks good, but I don't like the blocky, blocky way how it reveals. So I'll go for this wedge. Beautiful. We have this type of animation. And I will click on this element. Go back to the animation pane because I want to see the animations animation painter. And I will paint the animation over to the other element because I don't want to waste time doing two animations. We are done with the first two animations. For this slide. I can put the dress back in, go to the selection pane, and enable the picture again to be visible. Okay, back to the animation pane. Now, those elements, I want them to fly inconsistent into the slider. Flying is a beautiful animation that will very often use when we work with animations in PowerPoint. There are not many good animations in PowerPoint, so flying is the one we utilize the most. I will select fly in. And I, of course I want this to fly in from the right side. Effect options from right. But now it's very static, it's very, the movement is very slow and controlled. I want to double-click on it. Of course, the duration should be extended to at least 1 second. I will decide upon later if we want it to be more. But I want to actually go to the Effect Options and give it a smooth end. What smooth and does the animation will fly in and at the end, it will briefly slow down. So the animation looks more smooth and more natural. 0.5 seconds, which is half the duration of this entire animation. It should be perfectly fine. I was like, OK. And you can see it flows into its place instead of just flying in. Okay, beautiful. I think we've designed this animation pretty well. I will select it with my shift key. Older animations, I want to change them instead of onClick, I want everything to be animated automatically, rightly with previous. Now we've covered most of the animations. I will click on this element. Animation painter painted over to this object. Animation painter painted over to this animation paint, or do we want it on the text, led dude on the text as well, I'll try to click on the Get Text. And now on the dress text. Of course, I'll need to delay this animation, but that will be for the next lecture. The less adjustment I want to do is making this cross rotate because currently this cross just flies into the screen. What you can do, you can add two animations to one object. Go to Add animation. In the emphasis effect, select spin. You can see a spin will happen. I want to right-click select width previous, cross 16. I'll put this here to make it easier to see for myself. And of course, make it shorter. So it's the same duration as the original animation. Duration. 1 second. We can of course, change that later and we probably will. 1 second is very, very, very brief. Currently, it rolls into the screen, but in my opinion, the spin is too strong, so I'll click on it. Effect. And again, smooth and 0.5 seconds of a smooth and 360 degrees, maybe half has been would be a bit better. So it doesn't spin so strong. I will hit on this cross animation and it spins into place. Of course, it could go counterclockwise. If you wanted really to spin into this green, you can always click on this yellow animation effect and amount 180 clockwise counterclockwise. And this would look now better. Let's play it one last time. It spins into the screen. This is it for the first part of the animation. In the next lecture, we will animate the dress and finalize this entire slide with its Animations. 12. Finalize Slide #1: The reason we are doing the animations and all the settings right now, because this is the main building block of this animation. If we duplicate this light, I will already have all the animations applied. And it will be less work for me to do a design like that. Okay, Going back to the animations, I want to click on the dress. For the dress, I would like the dress to just enlarge into, into our screen. So we have an animation called Grow Shrink. I will select grow shrink. It should start immediately. In my opinion, it is a important animation, so I'll put it either here or just behind the whole frame animations. Of course, right-click with previous. Now for the duration, this will be a bit different because I want this entire slide to take about five seconds no longer. So I want this animation to take maximal five seconds. I'll double-click on it. I go to Effects options and 150 percent is way too much. You want 110 or 115%. Just look at the dress. It, it'll grow a little. That's completely fine. Press Enter and use that size for this MOOC. And I want this to be really smooth animation. So I'll make 1 second smooth end and 1 second Smoot start. Beautiful. We have that set perfectly to the middle. One little adjustment will be outer reverse. So it will grow and shrink back and forth, back and forth until the end of the slide. Timing to maybe 2.5 seconds would be a bit more suitable. As you can see, this will happen. In my opinion, it's a bit too quick, so I will present 2.5 seconds. This will mean that the growing will take 2.5 seconds and the shrinking again, 2.5 seconds. If we double-click, go to effect options, you can see the smooth start and smooth and has adjusted itself. So that's happening automatically. The size, I'll reduce the size because as I saw it now, the 115% was a bit like overwhelming as an animation in my opinion. Perfect. We have completed this slide, this animation. The last thing you need to do in order for this animation to flow naturally and automatically, I don't want to click my mouse at all. Is going to transitions after 0 seconds instead of on mouse-click after 0 seconds means that this light will proceed to the next slide. Once animations have finished after 0 seconds. I mean, if there would be no animations, if I delete everything, the slide would immediately end because 0 seconds need to pass in order for the slide to go to the next slide. But since we have five seconds of animations, animations come first, transitions comes second. So the slide has five seconds to animate itself. And after those five seconds pass, it will simply go to the next slide. Beautiful. One thing you need to do is to extend those animations and space them around the slide. This is why I did them like that. How Frame Animation Pane, just give it a slight delay. This is the only thing you need to do. The rest of the animations, I press Shift and click on all of them, and I want them to take maybe two seconds. Let's see how that looks. Okay, a little slope, but it looks nice for the I. And the thing you need to do is again, delay, delay a little further. That cross needs to be delayed together. Delayed across the textboxes. That textboxes should be where the white box appears. So approximately here, I put the textbooks is higher. And for the delay, maybe a slight delay. The textbook a little bit more delay. And the cross should be the last element. So I made a mistake with those delays. Let's make it even more. So this is a nice way of animating elements on a slide. Our last preview. You can see everything happens now more seamless and gets into this green one after another. This is how we animate in transition from slide number 1 to slide number 2. 13. Design Slide #2: The beauty of working so hard to get slight number 1 done is that you have most of the elements ready for the next light, like if you want to showcase, for example, here I showcase that this element is 100% cotton. I just added this element because like with only this, it wasn't really obvious. To read this. What I'm doing, I'm pressing on this slide and pressing Control D. To duplicate this slide, we have all the animations, but we need to decide what do we do with them. We don't need those. Okay. The dress should stay. We don't need those elements. If you pay attention, I have changed this element just to have something different. But you can just as well state with this one. It isn't mandatory to change this element. What I did, I just did a couple of rectangles and I duplicated them a couple of times and group them with Control G here, I would like to highlight that, as I previously mentioned, the cotton. I don't need this to be that big picture format crop. I can crop this a little bit just so it's more convenient to work. All right. I promised I will take this on the bottom. I change the text to 100%. I don't even need, maybe I will make it a tiny bit smaller. I put it here with my shortcut, gets 100% cotton. This text should be definitely smaller. It doesn't need to be that big. For the font. I can stay with lotto, but the normal level, not black. I have it installed on my PC. This is not a default font. That's just an example. You don't have to use this type of font. Beautiful. This element should be bigger, in my opinion, at least on this slide. Like that. It will look way cooler for those elements. I just wanted to populate this right side. Maybe this year, maybe this turning it over like that. Make a different shape of it. Beautiful. This is too wide. You can even duplicate if you want more of them. This is everything that needed to be done to design site number 2. In the next lecture, we will adjust the animations from this slide. 14. Animate Slide #2: Now, what you have to do is adjust to change the position of the animations. The picture. This should come first and this should come second. The white box, it is practically second. Let's preview. What do we have? No. Okay. In my opinion, it should arise from bottom. So what we need to do is to select this. This, go to animations, change its effect options. Shift, click this, this, this, everything should come from bottom. This is a little change. Crosses, okay? Play from you can see a completely different look for the slide. It will take again five seconds, but we made the adjustments in really just a couple of minutes. I think the animations are a bit too slow, so I can take all of those animations and they have the same duration. So I can even make them shorter with one click. Okay, one. Let's preview. It looks like that, beautiful. If you want an arrow pointing towards the clothing, insert shapes and just select a curved line or something like that. Arc, arc would be perfect. We just make an arc here. Of course, we need to change the arc a little bit. This is fine. Shape outline, white, and right-click Format Shape. Here we have line options that you can apply. The width should be bigger. So we really see the arc and the compound type is okay, the datatype. We can do a dashed line or maybe longer dashes like that. Perfect. The arrow. One arrow can be added on the left side. And don't worry, if you don't look like the design, you can change this arc a little bit. For example, making a design like this. Putting it here on the bottom. And this looks now completely different. Maybe like that. Like that. It's another of clicking a little bit around with it. When it comes to the animations, you just give it a wipe animation. I'm usually giving a wipe. Opening again, the animation pane Right-click. Of course, with previous extent the duration a little bit. And the wife should go from bottom. Yeah, perfect. The ARC should come right after this block. So just take the arc, put it here and give it a slight delay. Now if we preview it, it will all make sense. Boom. The arc is to quickly animated, delay, delay, delay. So it comes after this white block. And this is when it comes to animating slide number two. 15. Design Slide #3: Let's design a roundup slide, which will take the last five seconds of this animation, something like that here. Okay, Again, we will duplicate the slide we already have. It's going to be the same slide. No problem. I don't want this element to be here. I don't want this to be here, and I want this to be far, far smaller. Now, I will put this on the left side. This on the right side, because I want to have a crossing animation. And for the additional elements. Like since we will not have many designs here, what you can do, you can do a little trick which is Control D to duplicate the existing element, going to shape format and just changing instead of having a fill, make an outline. Shape fill. No fill, shape outline. Let's make it white. And you can see there is an outline already here. Shape, Outline, weight, and make it a bit bigger. Three pixels should be enough. I will put it maybe in front, maybe in the background. It all depends on how we want it, but that basically fine. I want the main information to be in the middle. So you simply change this element to be exactly in the middle of the screen. If you have difficulties to placing it in the middle of the screen. Shape, Format, align, align, center, align, align, middle, wanted middle. I can click on it and put it a little bit towards the top side. Beautiful. I want to enlarge it. I can do so by clicking on this little dot on the right side. And if I press my left control key, I will enlarge it in both sides because I want some kind of text here. I will take one of the textboxes available for a limited time. The L should be small. The texts should be. I'll go back to home to change the text in the middle. Again, my shortcut to make the text a bit smaller like that. And I'll put it in the middle. Like this. You can decide if this shape is okay for you, for the Buy Now button or a shop now or visit my website. Shop now. Much, much smaller. And since I'm lazy, I don't want to design elements from scratch. I will just take this shape. I press Control D and I put it here. If I don't like the design, you can always go to Shape Format, edit shape, change shape. You can change existing shapes to have the same design. And I'll make this rounded rectangle, right? Let's make a rounded rectangle so we can give it some curves around it. Of course, again, with my left control, make it a bit bigger. Here, maybe a bit bigger as well. Shape, Outline, eyedropper. And I want this dark text color to be like the outline, okay? And basically we've prepared a design for this slide. We don't need this, but the bottom is now a bit empty. Put our website here, or we could add a couple of elements. We can use the elements we already have. Just put them on the right side, but I don't want everything looks so uniform. So I'll put them here. I'll put one additional cross, and I'll duplicate the cross and use the trick I used before. Which is Shape, Format, Shape, Fill, No Fill, Shape, Outline, white, trim, old line, wait. A bit bigger. And in the next lecture, I'll show you what we can do with the animations to make it a bit different from the previous slides. But we can build upon the existing animations we already have. 16. Animate Slide #3: Let's freestyle with the animation a little bit animations, opening the animation pane. Let's see what we have by default. Okay? Everything looks completely weird apart from the crosses and the crosses look good. This looks good. This could have a different timing. So immediately I change the delay to him to be a bit later. For this element, I press, it is already animated. This is nice, but I will press Control G because I don't quite like the animation. And let's go to animations and select Zoom. So it goes like grows out from the screen. I would like the same animation for this block, but let's finalize this 1 first. Right-click with previous. Definitely the duration should be longer. And I would, I would like this to happen somewhere at the beginning, so I'll soon put it somewhere here. Okay, Maybe let's, let's put it on the beginning. Click on this element, animation painter and give the same animation to this block. Okay? This will look much, much better. Of course I won't delay between them. So group number one, which is the shock now, will be delayed a bit. Like don't thrive to just replicate my steps. Try to look at this slide and think what should appear first-last second. This element should fly in from right side and this cross from the left side because I want a interesting animation for those two. This does it have fly? And if it doesn't have a fly and I don't want to waste time. I just select flying and select from right. Okay, beautiful. Right-click with previous duration, at least 1 second double-click effect and have a smooth and do an amount of about half of this animation. Beautiful, this animation. I'll copy it over to this cross. Only this cross will be emitted from the left side. Effect options from left. I want those two animations to happen at the very beginning of the slide to make an opener for me. Let's check how that looks. Everything is okay, apart from this one, this one flies through the entire screen. This is a bit boring for myself. So I select those Effect Options from left. Perfect. And this is, in my opinion, everything we need to do for this light in order to look good and take about five seconds. The animations, if you press here, take 3.5 seconds. So it does is perfect. The user will have 23 seconds to read this text. It's debatable if the text should fly from bottom. I'll take this text effect options from top. Transitions. I'll increase the duration of the slide to six seconds because this light would N'T now after the animations, which is three seconds, I want this light to take six seconds. Let's preview the animation once again. Okay, everything is okay. This is not animated. It's actually looks good. This way. We finalize this animation in the next lecture, I want to show you how to add sound, how to export it to video and have a ready promo made out of it. 17. Add bg music: This would be the simplest lecture. Go to your first slide. Here I have like the previous animation with right-click, I'll add a section. Second animation, just so I know where it starts. We already have our music prepared. I will just drag and drop the music in the PowerPoint. And what's amazing, we can select a feature called Play and background. What that does is it puts the music as an animation. But what's important, it will play across slides. Since this is a loop of bowel music, it looks itself. We can loop until stopped. If we play the protonation from this slide, we'll play the music until the very end of this entire animation of this entire presentation. So even if we transition to the next slide into the next light at the music will be still in the background. What we didn't do, we didn't do any transitions. So I want to use transitions. Fade. The last slide transitions fade. Of course, we could use push animation or any different transition you want. But for the sake of keeping it clean and simple, I will use fade and I will reduce the duration to 2.5th. I want a really crisp fact, 2.5th. And here, here, this is the first light, so it doesn't need an transition. In the next lecture, I'll teach you about exporting it to video. And how long will this video take? 18. Export to Video: Okay, let me delete the first animation, the first few slides, and we have our video ready. How long will the video B, go to transitions? The first slide, we'll take five seconds because we have five seconds of animations. I can confirm that by selecting five seconds here. So we are sure that it will take no shorter than five seconds. Flight number 2 has also five seconds. I forgot to put it here. And half of a second of the fade transition. And this slide has six seconds and 2.5th of a transition. So in general, it'll take about 1718 seconds to when we export this video, it is important that you count those transitions in. We have two transitions. So technically it should be perfectly 17 seconds. But you know, with exporting with PowerPoint, it worked sometimes differently. File Export, create a video, and simply hit create a video. There is also another way to export a full 60 FPS video that I'll show you in a moment. But that requires you to use a macro function. Create video. Here I will render it example, render one on the bottom side, you see that this video is rendering. The video is ready, exemplary under number 1, I'll open it. As you can see, it takes perfectly 17 seconds and we have a relatively low. This is really, really cool. The animations look okay, everything exported. Well. It looks exactly how we set it up. If you need a 60 FPS video, I'll have the script. I don't take credit for it. Someone on the web and create a descript and shared it online. This is perfect for exporting 60 FPS video. I'll try to share this file. If not, you can simply Google PowerPoint 60 FPS macro exporting. And they, this same code will pop up. What you can do going to View Macros, give it a macro name, exporting. Suddenly you will have to do this each time you create a new presentation. So that's really a bummer and you hit Create. You don't have to do anything here, just control V, everything and close down. It will automatically save. Now when I go to Macros, I have this PowerPoint video macro and I simply hit Run. Now it is exporting a 60 FPS, very smooth PowerPoint video directly from PowerPoint. Sadly, I don't know why Microsoft is an implementing this as a native feature. I really have to talk with Microsoft about this should, this should be a native feature, but it isn't. Luckily, we have macro, it, export it to my desktop. I have brought us here. And you can see this item. It's just barely a little bit bigger. But the animation is super smooth, 60 FPS and looks beautiful. If you did like the class, please consider reviewing it. Thank you very much for listening. I'm signing out and see you in other videos like this. 19. Thank You!: It took some time to create those slides, but we are ready with our animation. Thank you very much for listening to this couple of lectures. I hope you want to still learn more animation. I hope you have enjoyed this little sculpture class if you want to help me the best possible. Thank you. You can give me is going to the Review tab and scarcer choosing leave review and giving me a review for this class. Thank you very much if you do so. Thank you very much if you choose to do so, to spend your time on helping me. And basically this will also inform me what type of glasses we'd like to see. Do you want more of those animation classes? Because I would like to create more motion graphic content. And we will be both on the same page when it comes to creating new classes. I'm not wasting any more of your time. Now, work a little bit with PowerPoint to remember everything, what we've learned and we'll see each other in other classes like this. You can check my profile. There was a bunch of other different classes. See you.