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2 Videos (25m)
    • Power of Excel Macro Introduction

    • Creating and Copying a Macro


About This Class


Want to save time on routine tasks in Microsoft Excel? Macros are your answer.

In this class,  I will demonstrate how macros can be used to automate tasks in Excel, and how you can create simple macros of your own. Learn how to record a macro in stages, share macros between workbooks, set up keyboard shortcuts to run macros quickly.

Topics include:

  • Understanding what macros can do for you
  • Running macros
  • Creating a Macro Workbook
  • Recording macros
  • Deleting Macro

Think of a macro is a series of functions written in a programming language that is grouped in a single command to perform the requested task automatically

Macros use programming but you don't need to be a programmer or have programming knowledge to use them. If you perform a task repeatedly you can take advantage of a macro to automate the task.





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