Power in your PowerPoint Presentations: it can be a breeze!

Kevin Butle, Level up your presentation skills

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6 Videos (22m)
    • Introduction

    • Starting From Scratch

    • Basic Work

    • Adding Text And Shapes

    • Saving Your Work

    • Final Thought


About This Class

Improve your presentation skills with or without PowerPoint!

Would you like to increase your influence, credibility, and personal and professional success?

Do you want to save time, improve efficiency, and increase your effectiveness for creating powerful presentation with slides?

Would you like to stand out, feel more confidence, and have more fun creating a presentation and connecting with your audience?

Yes? Then this course is designed for you!

While these worthy desires may seem like high expectations, you can achieve them more easily than you might expect. In fact, the guidance provided in this program is exactly what will help you do just that.

What is it?

In this course, you or your staff will learn the vital concepts, best practices, and principles. You’ll also take away a proven, time-saving, and easy-to-follow system for preparing effective presentations with slides, and even without slides.

This is not a technical course about slide software (although you’ll gain some great tips). It is, instead, a program designed to help you take the software you’re likely (at least a little) familiar with and harness it for its true purpose – to support you when you present.






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Kevin Butle

Level up your presentation skills

I holds a Master's in Organizational Development Psychology, a Bachelor's in Education, and a Certificate in Professional Photography. I spent the last two decades pursuing expertise in effective business communication, instructional design, the art of the presentation. Have acquired that expertise through my vast experience as business owner, teacher, corporate trainer, eLearning developer, instructional designer, consultant, and lifelong learner.

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