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7 Videos (10m)
    • Meet Your Instructor

    • Safety Tips

    • Crescent Series

    • Crow Pose

    • Child's Pose

    • Your Class Project

    • Next Up: The Balancing Act


About This Class

Practice this flowing yoga sequence to improve your balance and increase your strength. No prior experience or special equipment is necessary so grab your mat and let's get started. Enroll today!


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OMG, this is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. It helps that you have such a reassuring vibe. Truthfully I didn't try the moves out myself yet--I just wanted to watch first. I think I'll watch some of your other videos and see which one looks easiest, haha. Don't think I'm a slacker though! Just a scardey cat! Brand spanking new to both Pilates and Yoga (well, except for not ONE but TWO really, REALLY bad experiences with Yoga, both over 20 years ago, hence the scardy-catness) and I'm ready to lose the fear and take the plunge! SOON! First I have to find the easiest video, though! ;-)





Ivory Howard

Certified Pilates and Yoga Instructor

Ivory Howard, MPH is the founder of Flat Belly Pilates, the author of five guides, and a certified Pilates and yoga instructor.

For nearly a decade, Ivory has provided her clients with challenging, balanced workouts focused on strength, balance and flexibility to help them reach their health and fitness goals.

Ivory established Flat Belly Pilates to offer a studio alternative by delivering Pilates and yoga classes at the time and location you need. Flat Belly Pilates is a mobile...

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