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Power Tips To Achieve Your Top Goals

teacher avatar Marc Guberti, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Author

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Intro: Power Tips To Achieve Your Top Goals

    • 2. Focus On The Majors

    • 3. Asking Yourself Why & Laying Out The Deadlines

    • 4. Put More Weight On Your Deadlines

    • 5. Less Talking, More Doing

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About This Class

We all want to accomplish our top goals. We feel the motivation, but some reason, many people fall short of their biggest goals.

I saw this problem happening too often to others and myself on the road to success. After taking my personal development to a new level, I can more easily accomplish my top goals. 

The key to achieving your top goals is boosting your productivity. In this course, I'll share with you how you can boost your productivity and set yourself up for success.

Meet Your Teacher

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Marc Guberti

Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Author


I am a USA Today and WSJ bestselling author with over 100,000 students in over 180 countries enrolled in his online courses. I host the Breakthrough Success Podcast and Radio Show where listeners learn how to achieve their breakthroughs. I also coach content creators on how they can attract more traffic to their content and boost revenue.


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1. Intro: Power Tips To Achieve Your Top Goals: Hello, everyone, market birdie here and we all want to set goals. That is something that we all have in common. But just because we're sending goals and we're making progress source and not everyone is able to accomplish their goals. Some people feel stuck in that middle period from where they are now to where they want to be. So the big go getters there to people who are accomplishing their goals, they're getting things done. They're making things happen. So how are we able to do that? Well, that's exactly what this course is going to focus on. You're gonna learn some of the tactics you can use to exponentially increase your ability to accomplish goals I've used attacked if within this course, to get 400,000 Twitter followers before turning 20 get hundreds of thousands of block visitors every single year and right, 19 books and come out with 25 training courses also before I turned 20. So this is possible for you, regardless of age, regardless of schedule, because I've had to deal with the high school and the college schedule to produce off the content that I've been able to produce and accomplish the goals have been able to accomplish. So regardless of what your schedule looks like any other seeming limitation. Uh, this course is going to help you conquer that with some of the principles that you can use in here to accomplish any goal that you set out to accomplish. 2. Focus On The Majors: One of the big reasons people don't accomplish their big goals is because they're not putting in enough time towards their goals. And this isn't gonna be some type of rant about procrastination and not washing as much TV as you do while those things are important. But to tackle the workflow point where you could be going wrong with your work ethic is that a lot of people tend Teoh major in the minors, and that basically means you are focusing on the tasks that are having little marginal benefit on your growth and success. So not all the task you do are created equal. Some of them have bigger benefits and others. So you want to make sure you're focusing your time on a few big tasks a few of the major ones instead of many of the smaller or minor tasks that are barely moving the needle forward. So you want to make sure that you are focusing on a few big tasks. That's how you are able to accomplish big goals, and you may have little tasks that get in the way. I understand that. But what you can do now is start Dalla gating those smaller tasks to other people because if you're able to delicate the smaller tasks that are necessary but don't have as much of a gain, is some of these high priority tasks these revenue generating tasks, you're going to see more results because the more time you put into the areas that are yielding the best results. But more of those types of best results are going to multiply and expand, so you need to identify those few major things you need to be doing and delegate the minor tasks or even completely eliminate them. Just because you're doing something now doesn't mean you should be doing it. Or it doesn't even mean that you should be delegating at the sun because they could just be removed entirely from your workflow. And once you open up more time for yourself, it will give you more time to accomplish the more meaningful goals that you set for yourself, instead of the minor goals that yield very little results and don't get you as close is where you want to be, as you would if you were accomplishing the major goals in your life 3. Asking Yourself Why & Laying Out The Deadlines: very simplistic standpoint. Accomplishing goals is you giving yourself as many reasons as possible to take action. So if someone were to ask you, why do you need to accomplish this goal? What would it mean to you? The more you can give, the more details you give about wide so important to you. The more reasons you could give, the more likely you are to take action. And the more action you take, the more likely you are to accomplish that goal. So why is this useful? It's useful to know because A you could come up of all these reasons for taking action. But be you now know that one of the best ways to initiate action is the deadline. And I feel like you've heard this before. But when I just said that's really why it initiates that action. Why do I have to do this? Oh, because I have a deadline coming up, and that deadline really forces us to take action. And it's different from ah, gold out of deadline because you could just do that whenever you feel like whatever you have the time and whenever you have time, that just never happened. There's no, like spare time lying around. Time will always get filled up. So when you give yourself a deadline, you force yourself to Philip your time with tasks that are going to help you achieve the big goals in your life. So for all of your goals, that means something to you that you know what have a really big impact on your life when you accomplish them. You need to set deadlines for those goals, and not just for the overarching goal. Because if you said like the classic New Year's resolution, you set a goal for, like, a whole year, let's say to make it like you're washing this maybe like New Year's past. But you may be in June. You may be in March, whatever month urine. You could set 1/4 legal, which is more reasonable than a New Year's resolution because there's less time, which means you have to take more action. So with these quarterly goals, there's that smaller gap. But even then, like you don't just say OK, here I am today, this what I have to do in the quarter Instead, you say, Here I am today. This will have to do in the quarter. This is what I have to do this month. This is what I have to do by this week. This is what I have to do by the end of the day. So you give yourself long term deadlines that are out by a few weeks. But you give yourself deadlines for the week and also deadlines for today, because that will initiate you to take action the moment you stop giving yourself deadlines . It's the moment you stop taking action toward your big goals. So don't be afraid to challenge yourself of these deadlines. It's better to challenge yourself than to be a little too soft on yourself, because if you challenge yourself with the deadline, you can adjust course later. But if you're too soft on yourself with that bun, you give yourself way too much time. You're missing out on providing more value to the marketplace. You're missing out on making new relationships, building new connections because because you're not taking enough action that the deadlines force you to do 4. Put More Weight On Your Deadlines: each Deb on you give carries as much weight as you give it. You can take it very seriously and give it a lot of weight or you can, ah, lay back. And if you don't accomplish the deadline, the goal by the deadline, No problem. And it's obviously much better toe. Have the disciplined approach where you take the deadlines very seriously and one of the ways to assign weight to your deadlines to create a sense of I gotta do this thing are two things first made yourself accountable. Tell people we're going to do it. So with the breakthrough success podcasts, I told people that I wanted them to be guests on the show before even knew how to host a podcast once I got a few. Yes, Is this forced me to take more action to learn about podcasting that I had taken in my literally entire life despite two other attempts to you trying to make this podcasting thing work so telling a lot of people forced me to take action. You can also look at your schedule and plan massive action based on right before vacation, right before some time, where you know you're not gonna be productive for the rest of the day. So if I'm going out to see a movie or if I'm going on a vacation for the vacation, I'll be super productive the day before Lily work through that whole day because I know that when vacation time hits, I'm not working at all that time. So I want to get all the work done the day before. So I feel like we're good at doing that. Like when it comes to vacation, we want to get as much done the day before as possible. We need to carry out with us more, and it may be good in some cases, to set a time where you're like, Nope, I'm done. I'm not gonna do any more work at this time. Lights out or reading books at this time. You set a time with Dae so like, let's say 6 p.m. for me. I can't do that because, like some days, I've classes that ends later and I still need to create courses. But ah, literally. My deadline is eight PM like I am done like computers off a read, and that deadline forces me to appreciate the value of every minute that comes my way before eight PM So you mean with the vacations, like we get that, like the day before the vacation, You want to get as much work done, so you don't have to come back from the vacation with as much work. You don't have to do that much work on the vacation, if any at all. And ideally, you want to have that choice of what to do. Any work or no work. Uh, during that vacation, but usually vacations just virtually no work. But you want to impose more deadlines on yourself. And if you give yourself the deadline of like at this time, I'm done working like I cannot go back like I feel bad about what I didn't do, I could stretch it for 10 minutes. Don't do that. Resist that temptation. You'll feel bad about not hitting the goal by a PM or whatever that time is for you. But as you get better being strict with that deadline, you will initiate more action and you put on a lot Ah, lot more weight on the deadlines that you give yourself 5. Less Talking, More Doing: It's very easy to talk about what we're going to do. It's very easy to say I'm going to create a course every single day. It's very easy to say I'm going to write a block puts every day come out of the Ah, one new episode every day of the week Day, for my podcast is very easy to say. All those things doing them is very different, and we have to create that difference where we're actually going to be doing what we say we're going to do. And one of the reasons that this doesn't happen is because we spent so much talking that we don't spend time doing. And this is a rare exception. Were like my talking is doing because I have to talk to make these videos. But in most cases, talking about your gold doesn't necessarily make it happen. You can reflect about the gold to get a better idea of how to approach it, but you don't want to spend too much time talking about it, because then you're not actually doing it. And one of the worst ways actually talk about gold and this is actually very common is making excuses about why it didn't happen. You could say, Oh, I came home Land. I wasn't able to complete a training course. Er uh oh. I Then I got writer's block and I just stopped writing for the whole day. So they're like many different excuses that you I anyone can come up with. But the time you spent making excuses is a time that you're not taking action. And even the most beautiful excuse will not like you don't get awards for making excuses. That beautiful excuse. You're not gonna wake up the next day and see a completed training course. You're not going to see a finished book. You're not going to see a finished project. So you're not gonna get there by making excuses. So I feel that this is something that we know already. It just one. Those things that it's got, you gotta get you gotta hear again and again, like even me. We all make excuses at certain points. Some of us more than others. Uh, the best way to avoid making excuses. Those take 100% responsibility like don't blame other things like even one is one of those situations were like you could 100% blame something else, like some event. But, uh, you gotta put 100 sent responsibility for all the outcomes that you get in your life. And that way you can't make any excuses. In the end. Did you do your job? Did you do what you were gonna say? You're gonna do or not, And we have to get better at doing that. And the way we do that is by doing less talking and more doing.