Power Productivity– Ultimate hacks to unlock your inner productivity WARRIOR! | Caroline Ellis | Skillshare

Power Productivity– Ultimate hacks to unlock your inner productivity WARRIOR!

Caroline Ellis

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10 Videos (53m)
    • 01. Introduction to the Power Productivity Course

    • 02. Aims: Focused productivity.

    • 03. The Productivity Project

    • 04. Blocks (part 1)

    • 04. Blocks (part 2)

    • 05. Practical steps to take to improve your productivity.

    • 06. Knowing ourselves and how we tick.

    • 07. Productivity is a skill we need to keep on learning.

    • 08. Productivity: To-Do Lists and To-Don't Lists.

    • 09. Conclusion and Thanks!


About This Class



Everyone suffers with productivity challenges at some point. Whether it’s in your professional career or another aspect of your life, having the right mindset and tools to hand can help you power through barriers to achieve success. If you want to make the most out of your potential, our productivity course is a must, turning you into a true productivity warrior.

The accelerated learning course is designed for the individual that has big dreams. Our course promises to support your ambitious, creative nature by exploring how productive you are now and how to work smarter. With an approach that considers you as a person, we deliver real results that have a positive influence on every aspect of your life.

The aim of the Power Productivity course is to unlock and unleash your potential.

How do we do this? We offer you practical and honest advice that you can actually act on. After completing the course, you’ll feel motivated and inspired, putting you in the right frame of mind to both plan and execute the steps you need to reach your goals. Our pragmatic approach to boosting your productivity unlocks your abilities and capabilities, placing the power in your hands.

Throughout the course, you’ll take a comprehensive look at your productivity. You’ll be able to objectively assess what stops your focus and the areas that are holding you back. With a clear picture of your productivity obstacles, you’ll gain a better insight into how to overcome them. Armed with the knowledge of how to leverage key tips and tricks to get the most out of every situation, your productivity will soar. Our goal is to help you improve productivity, allowing you to complete tasks efficiently and to high standards, with minimal procrastinating. From mastering new skills to staying on top of busy work schedules, the productivity course helps you make better use of your time.

Caroline Ellis is an experienced, inspiring and personable instructor. Her passion is to inspire people to break boundaries and become their best self they can be. You will enjoy her unique style and fun approach to inspire you into action.

Productivity Power is split into nine bitesize lessons, allowing you to progress through the course at a pace that suits you. Whether you want to take it one step at a time or complete it at an accelerated learning pace, you’re in control. With over 45 minutes of original, invaluable content to tap into, it’s a course that can transform how you approach everything from routine tasks you complete daily to challenges that you need to rapidly overcome. 

With the right productivity hacks, you’ll notice real results to how you approach tasks.


This class project is all about gaining a better understanding of ourselves, with a particular focus on our drivers and motivations. We will work through a few pages of inspirational strategies that will help us learn to stay focused and put us on a track towards success.





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