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Power BI - Create Your First Dashboard

teacher avatar Ayush Kumar, Data Visualization Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What Is Power BI?

    • 3. The Power BI Desktop App

    • 4. Load Your Data

    • 5. Build Your Data Model

    • 6. Create Visuals - Part 1

    • 7. Create Visuals - Part 2

    • 8. Share Your Dashboard

    • 9. Your Turn

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About This Class

The aim of this course is very clear and simple - to help you create your first Power BI dashboard. Whatever your reasons might be for learning Power BI, this course will teach you just enough to successfully build an interactive dashboard within 1 hour. No fluff, no confusing jargon or technical terms - just a hands-on training that works.

This course is for you if

  • You're looking to add Power BI as a skill on your resume and impress recruiters.
  • You have business / personal data that needs to be visualized for business insights. Power BI can help you with this.
  • You want to upgrade from Excel / current tool to a more powerful business intelligence and data visualization tool like Power BI.

You could be a data analyst, data scientist or a developer looking to learn and get started with Power BI. Or you could be a manager, leader or business owner wondering if Power BI is good enough for your business data. Building a basic dashboard will give you get a hands-on feel of Power BI and help you quickly decide if Power BI suits your needs or not. As this is a beginner-level course, no prior knowledge of the tool is needed.

After this course, you'll be able to

  • Import your data into Power BI in a correct format
  • Perform basic ETL and cleaning on imported data
  • Build relationships between your data tables
  • Create a variety of visuals on your loaded data
  • Publish and share your Power BI report with others

Your class project

For the class project, you’ll be replicating the Power BI dashboard created in this course. I believe that learning by doing is the fastest way to learn. You can read all kinds of guides and watch all videos on Power BI, but nothing will teach you Power BI as good as actually firing up the application and trying to create a dashboard on your own.

I look forward to seeing what you build on Power BI. Happy learning!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ayush Kumar

Data Visualization Consultant


Hello, I'm Ayush Kumar, a data visualization consultant and founder of EverydayPlots.

I help businesses and individuals take better decisions via effective data visualization. I also enable other analysts to do the same by training them on various data visualization techniques and tools like Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio, Tableau, Python and Microsoft Excel.

Follow me on Skillshare to get notified when I launch new courses on topics like data visualization, business intelligence and data science. See you around!

Contact: ayush [at] everydayplots.com

Website: everydayplots.com

Youtube: EverydayPlots

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1. Introduction: I? Well, my course bargain. My instructor for the date. So I have been looking as they get down. Just constructor for almost six years now. Happened. Him being doctors, medium a small businesses, the marketer of the bigger vision most descending. I've been helping the Lord off these forms. Uh, 25 games on this part. I'll help you with the scores in this course. I'll give you a hands on reduction to Paula Gate. So I tell you about the different confidence of Barbie. I didn't vote and take a deep dive into the stove off on a boat. Everything from Lauren get time to Park Gae Creating relationships, duty visuals on finding, shitting. So on this all day, getting a sample on, uh, that will also be your class collect between listening. So this course is basically made to give you a jumpstart into learning party. After this course, baby back to very basic for predicts. You can also try analyzing your own detail. Importantly download of your dog track crude individuals off only go on this data on If you're really you don't will be able to take a decision on whether to deploy are for your team or their organization or not. So this is what I expect or did you after school off for a class project. You're supposed to duplicate the passport that I'm meeting the hands on training at this course and you try making their dashboards. Are they go along the course off mean that you know people out of a steel safe. I'm so after you're done, you can share your projects in the discussion forum on the conference. I can have a look. Does not the sister. It is not necessarily. Do the ticket potash as it is, You can also argue with Elevations on a Narcisse was in the same dashboard. I'm suggesting this because I think learning by doing is the best way to don't on, uh, doctors way I for place almost emphasis on the sand country. So let's go into the force 2. What Is Power BI?: before we dive into part B a start trading dashboards. It is important to understand what party is on. Why is it getting so popular? So people use bar gay? Call it a lot of things. Some colored date, average listing application. I'm call it business and go in stool. Some call it Peter looks off, but the regardless of what you call it, what Barbara does this it hits You. Visualize data through interactive deal time dashboards on decks that generate actionable insights to break it down. What Bobby electors, Who is First Lord Exploring allies Data second transformed Return to stunning Visuals. Can you visualize the data in any The A lot of issues of liberal party, and you can use them toe. Oh, have a look at your data. You can also create customers, dashboards and interactive reports. Norman in just visuals. It also customize them and make them interactive. You know, get gin addition, Insights Fort Even deliverance types who decision makers by shedding get books on fifth insurance agents. Colleagues are in device, so oh, you can share inside some wine devices. You can share it online on a brozova. A lot of options out there living on, we'll have a look at some of them, literally sum it up. What boggy had says says it has to make fast and informed decisions on. I think it is very important for any kind off. Be a dolar, that sort for that using And that is what by way helps us to best. Now I'll show you some examples off sample dashboards, that period over time on just, you know, give us a feel off. What about they can help us do so. This is ample National direct treated for a mobile app company that shows a trained off the crashes off their anger, and I use APS over time. So in this, you can see that you can create a report or a dash were kind of thing you can float, which is like a bar chart line chart combined into one, uh, lord them over time. You also have keep a guard and headers, right? So this one kind for cash without even create, uh, we live on this is another dashboard or the border I created basically for review Trains rating dreams off restaurant. You can see that begun. How include fix ex visuals. Can I fritters over here to select the business name with a black from name? Gonna keep a guards? The potential custom calculations on probably is very good at this. Helping you with creating custom revolutions. You can also have bar charts along with Jackson. You can go look over the line charts on charts to show negative and positive breakdown. I don't think sample that I have for you is some kind of expense. Frustration for cancer treatment. The ceiling medical leader desert. You can see that I used on a Cray defectors over here for cancer by turkey is group, uh, fix surgery in the world. You can see that I've created a horizontal bar chart for different kind of expenses. You know what the deal is over your box block. So all this is possible in our game on a much, much more. This is a glimpse of what can be done body on. What do you expect? No. A good question to ask is why should you use our loan, Barbie? So I money that list. I vote for six years in Nutanix. Andi, I know already know quite a lot of software's like sausages. on index. Stop you. So the question that I was asking myself Waas, why should I learn? You know, I think Ah, good answer to this is is this charge you concede this is the glittering stars for probably over the last five years on you can see how our gay has grown only grown over the last five years. Right? So what this means for you, as our analyst is dark over time, probably is getting more popular. That means build more jobs, Barbie. More people looking to high part of your exports, right on target. The reason you should learn if you're a leader or a manager, why should use Bob Gay is because support for party on the left money for Barbie is going over. Time on it will only get better. The community for Bobby is growing with it. It is getting more popular, and that means it is graduating as a. It would be very secure up over the stable up for you to using our organization. Right. So they're a couple more reasons to learn party. Some of them are dark. It is very quick and simple to learn. You can easily train your team or train yourself to learn it right. It is free to start using north. Unlike some of this or fears, which requires you to purchase licenses or intact costing, the licenses probably is very simple to download. Start. I don't know. I just started. If you need to start working on it, that's when I go over. If you want to use advanced just like shedding on you know, if you ever skated for your organization, it comes to it with a very scalable pricing model. It is available in the bar. We website would not go there on. It also comes integrated very heavily with Microsoft ecosystem of Perhaps you've already used some of the Microsoft after for, like office 3 65 Oh, so you must the probably interface and feel very familiar. Do you do, you know, start using it on It is deeply integrated with other Microsoft ops. Other makes our office APs on. You don't think they get your officers to find stuff like that? Lost me. Bobby is under very every development right now on the lease. New updates almost every month, like every month on a lot off new and exciting features Armento on. That is a very solid ease and leave it right now. Now let's have a look. At the time of commenters off Barbie. Some of them are the biggest competitive off this year. Bill, you have looker on Google, the New World for you. All these have their own pros and cons. But as an analyst, somehow I've started a friend, Bobby Orr. These Softwares and you can see why on the right hand side, you can see the gardener to the 19 Magic order for an index on the bathrooms on you can see on the top if I can't corner that Microsoft is the laser leader in this quarter. It is a country that, as you did and a visionary on this lovely obviously, because of the features of Barbie on you know how easy it is to get started and go The features. A doctor gloves on global heels off RBS tableau on you go to see others, like some notable ones like Sasse click. Is it be on others now, if you compare probably and w you can see that little goose, they head off Bobby in terms off popularity on one curious thinking no business docked. Both of them have grown over time. This means that the market for B I tools are individuals and tools is growing Ondo. Learning either of them is a very good thing to know, But you can see that Bobby's Close E The Barbie is quickly closing the gap between these two. I hope in the next two or three years margaery over, But let's see what happens. No, Bobby app has a lot of competence, but we'll be working with two major competence that is the are will be online service. I'm sticking its toe Bobby, while we all ins of is basically your online probably account, Onda possibly is to be two actors on View your reports, right? The park your desktop up is basically the preferred way clear to partly Depor's on. This is what we'll be working with in the rest of the course right now. They're also the companies, like game over the probably a embedded version the silver version or but this is that is thes things that beyond the scope of the school we learnt. So the next tips that you have are to first downright install the part great and stop up. This can be found on the Microsoft upstate, right? Oh, probably right now is available for windows only. If you want to run Margaret s top up on your Mac, you'll probably need to use or some kind of a virtual machine. I'm gonna windows in it and then use up all your best. About second thing that you have to perform is to sign up for a pre signing for a three hour days account order online. So it's account. Andi, you need to use a work email off some kind off non three mil, a sign of footed. Right on. Once you're done with these steps, we want with the next step that is exploding, that they stop up on the different complaints. So let's go. 3. The Power BI Desktop App: Hi. I'm assuming that you don't Google on stole. Forget it. Stop. Then you've opened for the first time. It's just the screen that you get now. It may seem a bit competed for the first time. They if you if you're opening for the first time But somebody I'm here to explain each and every component of this software for you. The first thing that you see is a very blank Avio on doctors called can with video. It is basically the year that you created it, work on the create all the visuals and all right, you can ard more and more Peters more committee years or the report using the options we know, Then you have Who options? One is called the vision A vision. Pain on this again. Is the food being great? So you think these two options you compute divisions. You can either visual Tim picked on Dragon dropped the feelings onto the visual template to create a visual. Right. You have several of the options. Uh, you have this menu bar or the weapon which has a lot of options to customize airport. We have a look at them later. Unless you have reviews off report The current Van Buren is is called Very Poor view. The other two are the data. You on the model, we'll have a look at the Muto, so Oh, no, let's have a look. Actor actually report that Give Big Green Party on trying to understand the options. So this is dashboard Dark repeating in a course on in our class predicts now as compared to last. Trained this greens and the stream seems a bit full for us. So let me explain. Are easier things actually, Doctor, see a whale on the right. Inside, you can see something for beers on some people breweries. So desire re deserts that have been loaded into this file on below the headers You can see the different column names like a busy bee reality bu ideal. Oh, Then you have under the visual Asians Bean. You have some column names in the values section. So basically, these are the fears that have been dragged into one of the visuals Back to the table vision . We come to this later. Now let me try giving it somebody off the different kind of visuals that I have bean used over you just to give you an idea off. You know what we should be using in the dashboard. So first, you have, uh, something called textbooks with and used to write Hager's, which can be used to describe the report of the docks work. I do. Then you have something called filters slicer. So this stylist, once like so beside this is he state and city. These rows of slicers, sisal basically help fill the note or subsequently now, in the visuals, right. You can select a particular style and see the read of a dark. It's a particle of state of the city. What? You can see all of them together. Great. So this is what slices do moving on. We have a map Visual. Oh, well, you can see the map visual showing distribution of abilities as a heat map. Ismar visuals are liberal in the visualization visualization speen on direct insight. Then you have a table vision. Table visual is basically used for the spring raw data. Great beacon Dragon. Drop columns into this and see the auditor that you have. Then you see something called a K p A card. Keep a card is basically oh used to show a single important metric in your report. Like total. Prove these over your portal two beers over here. It highlights a total metric. I don't have a vision. Is the bar chart or the column? Start right? Shows different categories on the destruction of categories. Lastly, you have something on the pie chart or build a charge. It drove the distribution of categories on. You can visually see how big each tactically is, right? So this is somebody off the dash, Doctor, you making on a lot more options on? I'll be telling you about each of these options. Oh, like go in this course. So let's move One long We were willing report view. The poor view is basically used for innate individuals. This being the report right now, let's come to the detail. You on your computer, you, by clicking on this middle button over here, do you have use useful displaying order loaded on? Finally did effects that there so you can check on the right hand side one day does that door Gabby is the beer street dessert. Another sub Really Street had been lowered, right? So if you click on the beer Street you see your goodness, it loaded. This is a very fast and opportunity to quickly inspect the data figure Brita and check for that used to be like. And it's one to the told you that we have squired the modern modern view on you can access access it back the can over here and this. Also, you see all your dress. It's but you see them in a very visual. Be right. So you have beards and duties again over you. But you see them as a table on this view is useful. Creating relationships between a relationships will be very useful for us later on. Toe actually drove down different country, different handoff formalism on. We'll see that later, but I didn't even see this together. Line is kind of on board these classics, and this basically a relationship relationship between these two states. You can see the beauty idea is high. I couldn't bought these desserts, so that is what the relationship is based on so dearly. It is the common connector between these peoples, right? So let's have a look at some more options that we have on. Let's focus on the ribbon or the menu bar specifically with the fourth start. But if the in this menu bar is the home tab on, let's have a look at some of the options that are available for customizing reports for several options. Is the Gator option on their equity options? You sort of options. You can get new leader from different kind of sources on using ended queries. Can you modify your reader by loading Are from different sources on the way we have a look at these literal got tryto, but this is their we access these options from these are very important options for us in Canada and Queens. Then we have that a fresh button a wheel, the precious busy used for fitting new and a brilliant greater from are connected to their sources. So whenever you have any change in your file or a B I's or online, get us over. Great always is. If you click on the refresh button, it will fetch the latest data into their reports and upgrade the dashboard. According right then we have some options for customizing the look. Some buttons are text walks in the options, shapes and all. You can insert these into your dashboards. Wait, uh, after the fact we have to publish, but no video. Which button is basically used for uploading the report. Bigger online. Probably a service account. The one who signed up for earlier. Right after you have to click on this button, you can do your reports online. Ondo share reports. Father 13 Colligan on. Right. So we have a look at this. Also looked wrong thing we're going to review over you. So, uh, you have some options for customizing your book speeds on how you do it appears. And how best do you know both With the D tank visuals? I think you have a pretty self explanatory. So we just move on. Turban is the marketing top. You have very, very important options for creating measures or columns on parameters. The's are basically calculated off feels covered. Column san tables. You can create new things by in cream formulas into barley. Very cool feature and very flexible and dynamic feature of fargate, which I think sexual apart from other times off for database software's using these formulas, you could do practically in the thing in power. Bi, you can model and, you know, for do you need the active on on. This is a whole topic himself. How do you know a control on don't create measures and colored columns. So we keep this line. Then you happen often off my thing. Your return. You mean to you to tell you a secret genes for marks offered? You don't on how history. That's what? Uh, you can see the categories. I probably able display your data correctly, depending on what kind of vision is it? Good. You play around with this? Are you have a look? Yeah. So these are the basic options are available for us in our game. On the ones that have explain are the ones that be using the most and when you make any kind of report. So now it's time for us to actually open a Barbie on start making a reports. So let's go to the next lesson. 4. Load Your Data: okay. So convenient in direction to Pahlavi on what it is for on you know how it looks like. No, we have to get a hand starting and start creating a dashboard, right? And the first step to creating a barber dash workers to Lourdes and return it. So that is what we do. We go to get data Onda, uh, you know, in protest against the storm, I remember the good adoption on the Red Queen's option. We've come back with NATO, so if you can get your first so in a schedule dollar walks, we can see that Bobby offers us prices to ah source data from a different a lot of different categories of Britain, Very basic has ordered, like excellent ecstasy days on folder and gifts. We have option for getting rid of friendly devices like Seiko Server, IBM, My sequel, Fredericka Amazon on others, then is a zero based computer. Sources from online services like like the Google analytics are salesforce, all of them. Another's on things like from the Web. It's clear from a bill our script Spuyten skipping on weight. So are the resident is in the CSC from Texas me and we can connect, so we load the beer struck. CSU does that first on the system review and no tactic. Eight when we load the rest. RCSC right on What weapons Over here. When it's called Lord, on the second subject, we'll click on edit because you want to modify our data for us before loading. So I'll click on right now when I click on edit. Ah, a new window pops up and spenders called the power query it'd of Indo, right? So while the radiated of Indo is basically used for or the data transmission on loading operations, So basically from all types of media steps like extract, transform, unload, get more divided your dog from somebody that never you want on, then when you're done, you can finally close and apply tow boat every time to probably right so you can see that our beers, beers, data sectors loaded or did is it over here is called as equity very. You can see the treetop review in the tank on the on the agency tied in the queries that things window are in square easements. Bean. Two things. One is the properties jeans, the name from you off the data sick and second is the applied steps. So oppressed steps are basically a sequence of steps that apply to your Lord Peter, who grants on them in a way that they warned them to be right. You can see that we already have three stepped over here, loaded by the fort by power. The 4th 1 is a sore step in this body's sourcing the reader from our article apart and fortifying again. One is the promoted Heather Header. Step Bobby is promoting the first True as a header. 3rd 1 is exchanged. Bobby is automatically assigning data types based on the data that we have in our. So we need to obey one of the more steps to find the CEO radar and a baby born right now remember that your because it will look like the way it looked like in the last black step right again. Remove any steps from between, although it should be very careful. Careful with that, you can aren't steps in between transmitted in any way that even on the original desert will not be affected by it. It is just a sequence steps on how the details loaded into power bi right on. You can come back to this window any time this power could hear. 7 20 time by clicking on the antiquities option. I showed you earlier it on you convene this. Any time you want some more options, you can see a leader usually a lot of options in the menu bar above These are all better. Turn commission off operations like to Scotland. Keep those. And those three columns grew by right, Even more Jennifer inquiries. Anyhow, you can pivot your detail. You can uncover to treat all It's pretty later. Splitting columns for matter. Ditto, apply mathematical functions into it even hard. Custom columns, custom functions excitedly. No policy doll. So a lot off options I've able to transform on your your digital. Oh, in Bobby right on the our leader is particularly clean, like, very clean. We don't need too much. We just need to fix some four months. Right? So we just apply off doorsteps, for example, This I d. You can see this I d has been recognized as a number over your right. If I click on this, you can see a lot of format options. We identify i D. As a text because I d doesn't need to be unreasonable. We need to perform a new mathematical called Collisions on 90. It means toe pipe on. I can either at a new step or the place the constant I just You see, a new stuff has garnered. Read this for my house. Deal straight. So a B is decimal. Oh, I've you is number on the name should be next. Sinus trouble text do the I d. Should be again next. Thank you. I then ounces triple decimal. So I think so. I think the for marks have bean fixed this. I'll just check my view ones. Seems like a all number doing so while it's keep it as it is. Now it's time to load the at the great, is it? It is. The brewery's director is really different on I do this on the public will ever know itself . Now I go toe new source again on, uh, text years again. Okay. On the other district. Do your research. Oh, yeah. The preview looks OK. Okay. And now you'll see that breeze has been ordered as a second. Greedy a wheel on the right, on the left, right so you can see that it has also got some default Applied steps right on. One thing we just need to change a little bit are small vase melting which is the real residing on. Make it as a text. You can see that you can danger greater interpretive form arts, medical form, arts date, painful marks, extra max, my nitty waas. A lot of options available. How very. Does a good job it tells and recognizing the auto, recognizing the for my tapes. But uses need to, you know, do a quick check If Father doesn't try to knock sometimes human to changes the context I used to and you don't All of these should be fixed. Okay, now what? Indoors? I just clicked on clothes and apply toe Lord, a final defects into policy on this old wood probably will take some time. Toe Lord, I play the Cui's on Monday. It is done. You can see your data sets that happened loaded. I could see them hell in the field. Speen Oh, all the off the problems Even in the data view Plenty of beers Andrea resorted on in your body. Now the next step is to build a model and you know well, the relationship between the tables before we move on to the next letter. This one Just very small thing that going to change Go to the report. You on. Uh, I predict this beer street on Go to the modeling we need to classify You need to go to the beauties on going to classify our dudar Oh, got to go The veto A city amnestied. So that is what we do will help you later on in creating a maps. Make so with the city just like the city I see the detector activity is under. Categorize it. No, I just changed to Turkey. Really lost it. I said, Take this, dude. I go to the retail category on direct our street province on Finally, I did one hierarchy for our state entity. So I just drag city onto the street. On how Gable or 20 Theater State hierarchy? Oh, for the genome. Thank Now we can move on to the next 5. Build Your Data Model: Okay, So you have loaded or literate is it's No, it's time to build a data model, uh, within your Jane Doe. Right? You can do that by going to this mortal view. You on in this, you can see all your lord revisits the piers on the rear is your dessert. You can see they have been connected by a line over here. Right? So this is the relationship between the tables. I will be a by default, bills connected, illicit based or no common. I d name. So you can see really idea where on both east tables on that is my relationship has been created apart. We recognize that. You know, every idea is common to bolt, and there must be relation between these tables Istanbul deity. So it does start by default vision common names within tables across tables on Sometimes that doesn't wrong also, So you need to check each and every relationship that our paper expected for you can. Also, it didn't relationship by double clicking on the line. A well, on this is the editor released your ballot box. So let's explore this border means on what? What it's about. Snow. You can see the highlighted columns from boarding stables from the beer stable. You simply are simply re areas highlighted. Have a broody stable. You see reality again as I like it. That means there is a relationship between these two columns across the stables. Two other option that we see is posted a cartoon ality. Carnality basically indicates how be that it's gonna get like off. How did out its president in a cross border people. So is that one entry for another entry in the table? Is there 1 to 1 relationship? Is there many to wonder? Listen, want money? Or many great uh, May showed. This is right. Tell it's inflicting and the legality on another thing that is there. It's the cross filtered addiction. Now cross return. Addiction means how the teeter between the table tracks. I think so. If we are to filter gato, so should one table feel trapped? The other whites were saw art. Should both peoples foot out of each other based on the requirement, the doctors worked crossword that excuse. So right now, the single on If you see the lead singer of Rio, the arrows pointing from Brewery's beers right so that means our data right now from release and filter better from the rocks, but not vice versa. If he changed the board, that means data from a new day will confer drug later from other teams. Like we see that in the port. This is particularly useful for lords and ideals. Formalities lets us make it bought. Okay, this change through the by daesh Nadal. So we don't need to create any more relationships for our great as it right now. But in case you had more real assets or if you needed to create more relationship between columns, you could simply drag and drop columns from one table to another, like this toe on the altar. Connecting column on. You would be able to create a new relationship so recently already this so it can affect us . This dragon drop across the common eighties. That is how we cleared in so now are released into the created. Our data model is ready now. It's time to dive into the dashboard. Creation uses. Let's go 6. Create Visuals - Part 1: It's not time to create our dashboard on the visuals, but before we do that, just a little secret done. I want to share with you. It's called the secret to getting a great dashboard, so basically, clearly great dashboard. We have no two things. The who off the dashboard on the board offered that would the whole means. Who are you building this dashboard for? Is this person and analyst a manager? A little eight? So we are asking this question because different kinds of people view different kinds of dashboard. Great national meat for analyst is in the steam. Oh, as the one big for her to see you. They view different kinds of data on they take different kinds of decisions. It is important to know who we're building this rash before on the other dashboard, according the second thing is deport what information decisional action does the viewers to take business. This. If you know this, we can put ourselves in the shoes of the view. Andi, behind the dashboard. According So basically, we designed national coordinator them and not or in the world beating they would want on thestreet. Things are very important in creating a create dashboard. Whenever I followed this advice A treated both the dashboard and kind of sculpt kept coming back. To sum it up a dashboard always simplified that decision making to sensible of you. All these So keeping this in mind this morning and start creating a national. Okay, let's start creating a visual power. Greater now. So we have a beer, our cameras video on. The first thing I do is your show. Great lines are Well, this helps us ally in the items. Berto, make sure the snap off. Just a great facility with help you in the land items. Oh, So the 1st 2 things that we created are the headers and slicers, So to create a head Oh, I go with tech parts of you on uh, it is a bit right. My heading right. It's just the text. A bit dead people. So how do is done? Let's create slicers. We screwed four Slater's Oh, on the explain to you What slicer doing that work? Here's a slice. A visual. Let's click on it to create a empty slicer. Oh, vision. You said it a bit. I know. Very go on. This dragon dropped the name of the variable the colony. I just click on this district. Now we have a slice of a baby. You right to create additional slicers. This copy Potosi and Control be based slicer just the provision and instead of maybe drag style column into the field video. So now we have ah, similar fertile, similar slicer. First style off the view Internet, This list you're just have a different remarked off the values this little arrow on sitting down now the other drop down off the styles of the years clicked. You can probably It is the size of this slicer sentence. The whole Texas on President it is Try. Okay, great. You make it. Now let's create too much slices. One for the state and one Felicity filter our data by location. Right? So you don't display So the state again. We don't want a list. We're gonna drop down. Copy this Control of Stephen for B, the distance size still marked okay on its head of state. Make this city face it. Wait. So what you've done is give created the head. Oh, we've created four slicers a b style state and city. What's license do is filter the visuals he's on the Gators elected. So for the visuals that I am creating, I can feel throughout the whole database in the States. That s electoral. Well, I can select one on my doing states late or the cities or the beer styles and all we can adjust these toe sucked it off into the data business. Worked with one of you on its trying, creating other visions. Start adding more visuals. First lifts at the map, vision cleared and remember, going or not oh, dragged a bit justifies. I like to think should Then what we do is you're trying to block the Berries across the USA in this map, back support was, what we do is be use this hierarchy off locations and drag it to this location, media, and I feel so basic. Map appears on. We want the blood. Which areas have the most beauties? So what really Lewis will plot with Count The beauty ID's across different street for that . When you drag this bleary 80 into the size field, who are you like this? So all we have a map chewing bubbles. Oh, across Steve's off the count off Really 80. So the years zoom in on the map. Also. Still, it's a really publish. A bigger. There are more beauties inducted. Publicists mourner their list Beauties. Lestrade, You know what Over and C, the state am. I has count off beauty ideas turkey, but, oh, this is a bit confusing. You know, the bubble is getting in the middle, mingled over your on. We can do better. I think so. Instead of the counts, let's try parting as a percentage off the total conch. So click on slavery. Drop down over here, Go to show, believes us. Wasn't it grand? Now nothing much has changed, but the calculation of scenes. So now we're seeing a lot off beauty ideas as a person teach. So the bigger circle, the more percentage off total breeze in that state. Right now we have to fix a couple of things. First, let's make the map a little bit better. They scored this bombers often so well until a lot of options off fighting though maps. Will you come to some of these little let's try it, just basic ones. First, the state first thing in the map from normal bubble map, toe heat map like this. Okay, now we can figure out you know which videos remotely Liberty. Yes. Have a reconsideration off, are buried on which don't. So you can see that on this on the stadia, more constitute. This stoop has even more. That's gonna be the others around it. No. One more thing is Doctor will be in the title of this later for my adoptions. One thing that we can know down over your eyes start. We have a hierarchy in this map. Thank you. Moving out created a street hierarchy. Well, so right now you're seeing the totals by state. If it drilled on, we can expand Our real, known by the hierarchy to one level that insert 11 were struggling that now you can see the map is showing Boston did your grand personally have really eighties by in cities? And now you can see clearly over cities have a very heavy connection. So also, dealio has a very heavy concentration of blueberries. Total percentage impurities. Some cities over here in front. It is a well, right. So this is how somebody map has been created for the beauties counter beauties. Let's try adding one more visual Oh, for the data back to the people. Cablevision can be access by this picking on this. We have a temperate Ebola. Well, let's try shooting like this. Are table visual basically displays the data in our tables as it is. So let's try creating a basic detectable Oh, well. So I want to figure out which beers with styles on a sutra are in my current selection. So why aren't my beard name? Well, then I'll aren't my style of the beer. It's a real name. Maybe you I you and the answers. Right now, it's a very long list off interviews, I think, since we haven't applied in slicers extreme all the beers, right. However, if you apply state filters over your TV, apply this a key so that you can see that deter startled, wrinkled like this RTL Stoute. It's a sea estate, right? It's trying in. They can see getting it only for the eels did. Now we're getting rid of all the beers that are there in the street. The science that represented the state, the names of the beauties on this values you can see. Even the maps have figured out for the fifties in the state. Right. So we cleared Inspector. For now, what is we tried? Wing is creating more visuals. Oh, some keep big guards bar chart and enduring chart. 7. Create Visuals - Part 2: it's I want to know coming, talking beers. How many local beauties are there in this contradiction? So for that case, or keep your guard is the best visual. Begin use. Create this card of you big scar. Right? And let's see total beauty for Dr Berries. Grab it. The fields, often on a sort of first beauty. 80. Select a size down two distinct deviations so we can see that we have five appeared Our unique realities. No. Oh, I just replicate this quickly. Control Z Control v Hastert below this Oh, my eyes a bit aren't do the same. It sort off TV I d oh, I do the i d for the beauty America would. It's the first beauty. Now I want to see counter distinct. So this is the be ready Give 100 the number off varieties number of distinct varieties so that gives us a total number off beers are available in this election. Late. 01 more question that I may have as a viewer of the tax quarters, Doctor, I want to know which, really it's producing the most abuse. All right, where does the distribution? What does it look like? Oh, in such a case. So a bar chart is the best visual, like we can use pectorals as a distribution of categories. Very nicely. You strike looting, doctor. Oh, it's into a stock partner, You know, in this let's try adding categories, as do real names on the value US number. Off piers are basically the counter varieties staggered over there. It's rough legend target over the value like so you can see duty names on, uh, some kind of account going to fight. Oh, come distinct. But we know that energy eight Are the retail assisting ideal? Interesting. So that doesn't really matter. On in the tulips, you conard, the person date off cookie beers produced. So I drive with the i d. They told us again con distinct. I'm so glad you asked Percentage of candles. If you come back to this, you can see Do you read? Round has the highest number off of years. And if you go whatever the Bader you can see it has that to do beers on the 2.57% age off the local beers produced. So now I know this is the oh, the biggest beauty out there. I Similarly, I want to know which styles off beer are popular, that people are buildings. So for that, again I think I want nor distribution on for distributions are wasn't it of shared by chart or dork? Chart is the best kind of a visual we can use, right? So we cleared the pie chart or the work start over you instead of creating from scratch, morphing into us. Simply copy paste this vision. It's a very 100 feature and follow you this copy and paste officials again on you don't owe we're big into is he's the type of the vision, so I've just created a copy. If I click on this, do not start a protein, the bar chart in tow like this. So right now it's a growing tired of the three leads. But instead of beauties, I warned, though, beer styles right? So what are Lewis? If I see in the field, I have a theory name of you. It's sort of that I want to style so over right just over a legend with style instead of me . And now you see that no, don't start is the destruction or are positive share off the style of so you can see American I p a. Chemical American people. Dear old styles. I can see that American I p is the highest number off highest person. Your fear over here I've been doing in the whole world count if I d on a person deservedly so. American I. P is 17.59 Wasn't each share, right? So what we have done over here, it's creative, basic scared, another dart board and almost like 80% over dashboard. Ah, another task we have in front of us is beautifying this dashboard. You can see that the headers are correct, the forms of any small on their borders or, you know it's not looking litigate. So the next step is beautifying this stash border would Dr Visuals with Peter Visuals, but let's try make Let's try making Let's start with the map Visual post. Oh, slick them opposite. Go too far off there. Something's going to change. Like go Oh, that's a in the heat. Maps are another heat maps section in the colors of it. Make it can change. You can give the watercolors. I want to start getting. I live here and give great you might hatred for this person of people sent this one on 400 . Wasn't this doctorate, right? Bids. It's cranking in the title This occurs in Rick. I do. It's prior giving. Do you respect occasion? Jeans? A phone color toe Luck on the foreign sites. Now this looks a bit better. More you doing? It's tried giving a border around this vision. So, uh, let's try doing the same for the table visual of you selected people go to the formatting options. That's striking style toe. Oh, minimal farm still seems too small. So and the column headers. Let's try adjusting foreign color First black ex iced twin, then even for the values that stray foreign color as black on the next phone call, it also has back on. Uh, just hold on the excise us, then This seems much more really belong. But you notice that you know, have scrawl about as the two days larger and probably oh, are the size of problems like this Perfect it or everything horizontally strange the name of it, like so everything fits no on the people is looking much more better. Much more really belong. Last thing I had a border to a table, right? So we have fixed. Are beautified two of the visuals, your trade doing the same for dollars? No, let's beautify. Keep a cards on the remaining issues so it's picked this money. Go to the far mark options again, uh, explained this category label. She's a little black, right? Then you don't want the pregnant. Oh, it's over your sort of counter. Very, very. You can double click this on Jesus Name Cool until threw up over you. It's Detroit for real team thing for this division. No, but this on my daughter years. So we're changing the alias off the very one, not the very William for Mark, this one again category labels. She was the color that black, so I insist rating on the border around, both off these apparitions, I went. So you've done to keep their visions coming to the barge guards. Let's go to the farmer options. It means the title first. Jenna, too. TV's most craft beers. Funchal on Farms by Soutine, right? It's hard a bargain on exchange how the great appears on the way and the practice mark. It's really for the exactness. Got a black excites trip. Now this looks more spread out. What you doing? Tell you much more beautiful than the previous one, and much more meaningful. The last visual is the door locked again. Go to the farm art title. Forced to look at this time is produced. Jeez, foreign. 19 different sites. Right now this looks this looks better. Then it's proteins, though formed size and styles within that warrant. Oh, go to the detail lives for you. Let's try adding some movie deals. Believe ALS. We're just showing the people's the style. Emma. Will this try adding Go the street value as a category? And so you can see American I p. What went before, which is the root of I do the jeans again on the fixed. Let's let it be. There's almost to do. Increase the size right? It's just a border that lost, and I think we're done off beautifying the start. Uh, so just one walking in the tables. We don't need the daughters because it doesn't make sense to clear totals, or it may make sense. In your case, you can see the totals, but in my case in the stash works, kids are door to door Thaksin's go. So I just goes over totals subsection on the disable This just showing the doctor. Right? This is what you want. Both it. So, yeah. Here it is. Our dashboard beautified completed on that completes our visual listens. Now you can start it. However, you want our try adding more vigils off the own. You can try getting more insight from Rita. You can add more pages at the bottom to add more visuals, right? Trampling around and see what you can come up with. Additional insight you can come up with on include them in your class. Thank you. So now the next task will be to publish the support. Oh, and he was shitting. So let's jump on the doctor. 8. Share Your Dashboard: Okay, now that give computer dashboard, it's time to publish. It's even published over Docks Board on Door for just over, so save it first become like control. Let's off saving from second, it's believed now Big One that's published in a Well, our new dialogue box opens, which is published Party. It'll ask you to select your destination on its list. The default work speeds that is present in your online. So was the calm. My evokes wishes indeed. You can select Dig a pit for a place to park view on Brendan, You get a link Open this. What book? This dashboard been the length of this. So let's click here on Goto the browser based business. If the click on this link, call your open a browser on the open the support on nine on our online service. You should be locked in in your browser to your politics of this. Only then it will be able to open this. Now You're pretty Gosh board has ordered and I'm frozen. Probably account. See it exactly as it cause in the public to stop right on. It has all with the same orphans that were there in their district. You can play around your online from his account. See bottle options out there, I tell you, telling them so under fire, you can see can print the support importer you can publish to go published was basically emerging this board in a public block, a lot of upside and even on the Internet can view right and export of Alpine you an export . Pdf sport a copy R P B X Files. Oh, Captain viewing options. You can edit the report also online, right. I open the same options that was third a stopper with some limitations, then other options that they're just minimize this. The auction there are to subscribe to changes I finally share that. Now you can share this report with other people in your organization are outside the organization, but to allow sharing willing to purchase a licence that would be a pro license, which costs around. It's time cost around $10 per month. I don't everyone during the support believed to have a license you can into the human addresses in all, shake them with the link thes from. There are also other options to save it. People can explore them on the myself gave up site right on. If you have to do this report personally, you can use their own browser toe work like this. So traveling around on your account, you see you learn about more options on the wood. Explored the right, so that's work, fearing his boat probably. 9. Your Turn: So that's it. It is the end of the course on, uh, I I'm hoping that give these games significant knowledge on the basics of Barbie. You've discussed the basics. What what party is I use it. I learned on, uh, how creative for stash book. And that is what all you have learned now does. Task for you is to complete a class project and posted in the forum posted in the discussions and on in the last budget trying to replicate dashboard on additionally, tried to explore what we have done on your own insights, if possible on. Uh, yes, that's it. So you can contact me. I'll provide contact days. You can contact me if you're facing any kind of problems. I'll be very happy to help you in the discussion Forums are by our private communication. Follow me on, understand from toe, you know, get notified for additional courses and glasses that have load. Oh, especially on through Dianetics and Ballgame on its use Now the course to them. Goodbye