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PowAcademy: Build an Automated Lead Generation and Marketing Funnel

teacher avatar James Taylor, Automate your lead gen and marketing

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Welcome to the PowAcademy!

    • 2. Using Free Trials Effectively

    • 3. Powleads/GoHighLevel Basic Setup

    • 4. Let's Talk About Lead Magnets

    • 5. Funnel Building and Forms

    • 6. Workflows in PowLeads

    • 7. PowConnect Setup

    • 8. Finding Linkedin Lists

    • 9. Let's Connect it Together and Automate!

    • 10. Retargeting using Facebook Messenger Bots and PowLeads

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About This Class

You'll be able to create a great looking website in PowLeads/GoHighLevel, and you'll start sending clients to your landing pages and through your sales funnel! We help students automate this process so that you don't have to sit and manually complete each action. Join us today! 

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James Taylor

Automate your lead gen and marketing


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1. Welcome to the PowAcademy!: Hello everyone and thank you very much for joining the Power Academy. So together we're going to create a funnel and we're going to use a couple of bits of software. Power leads and Pao connect and Zapier as well. If you need to do like voice and SMS and things like that, you're going to need a Twilio account, but we'll get into that in a second. So he's not very many bits of software just to put together. And I believe there's trials for everything. There's certainly trials for our stuff. So yeah, join us in the next one. And next one is how to use the trials effectively. So I'll see you there. 2. Using Free Trials Effectively: Hi everyone. This next one, I just want to kind of show you how we use the trials effectively. So how are we going to build this entire funnel and have everything like free during the time while you're building it. So for the first 14 days, you want to get power leads 14 day trial. So you can start doing that. You don't want to really start power connects seven day trial until you've built most of the funnel. And the same goes for Sales Navigator also offers you 30-day free. So you obviously don't want to start that until you've got power connect or setup and everything's running and everything's connected. And before you do your first search and finding your first client. Right. So so that's my suggestion. You start with the 14 day trial so that we can go into the next video, which in the next video, we'll be setting up power leads, playing with the templates. Once you have the lead magnet created and the basic emails kind of things like that all set up. Then you want to start pulling people towards their right. So you want to go into power connect, start the seven day trial. And then by the time you finished on day 1 of setting up power connects or within an hour, you should be actually having 30 day trial for LinkedIn. And then you can have 30 days of searching on LinkedIn, on using Sales Navigator and really get in those. There's targeted clients. One of the things that power can, I can do is actually just rip everything from a single search. So I suggested in those 30 days when you get Sales Navigator, get the 30 day free trial, rip everything, and then leave it in power connector and then just, and then just change the campaigns as you go. Next step is in the link below, there is a link to power leads or come to power leads start the 14 day trial. That should take you to an account creation page. So you basically just quickly fill this out and click Submit. And it will take you to the next page where you enter your details and it will give you 14 days free. Nothing will be charged. And if you don't like if you don't like any of this by the time you built everything and it's not bringing in as many clients as you want, then feel free to cancel it. But this way of doing the trials, this means that you will spend 0 money and sets up the full thing. And by the time you actually get started with power connects, you should have seven days of pure leads coming in. And basically, you should be able to make a sale in that time in order to offset the cost of all of these put together. So yeah, I hope that helps and I'll see you in the next one. 3. Powleads/GoHighLevel Basic Setup: All right, Hi everyone. Now you should be logged in to power leads. If you've started your 14 day free trial, this is the next step. If you have any problems logging in or anything like that, please feel free to contact me. You've also got this little thing in the corner down here where you can contact us directly. You should have already seen like a couple of demo videos to show you generally what each one of these things do. Well, you want to start is you have filled out this. This now should be within your settings page, okay? So you want to come through and you want to come to this settings area. So you'll have your company logo. Make sure that your company addresses the correct address. Enter in any details that are missing here, and then press Update company. This is what you can do later if you're doing cooling, you can upload a little MP3s to be a voicemail and ensure that your time zone has been changed here. Team management, so it should be hit you here. You can add more employees and you can give them different permissions and roles. If you go to integrations, I always connects like Google account and Facebook account. And then you've got other things like this. If you want to connect your Stripe account, if you wanted to sell something or do a membership calls or something like that, you have to connect your Stripe account here. But I like to connect to Facebook, especially if I'm doing Facebook ads or I'm doing retargeting. And because we've got our new reporting system here, which allows you to have a look directly at your Google Apps, Facebook ads, cool reporting everything. The next thing that you need to set up a phone number. What you would do here is you would add your number. Normally what you can do is actually you can, if I wanted to UK number, you just pick a number here and that's the number I'll use. We will send you an email regarding Twilio and just set up a quick Twilio account that's just for your SMS and phone numbers and cooling, for example. Within your calendars, you've basically, you can go into here and you can see there's a bunch of calendars here, which is related to the forms and the funnels. So you'd pick the one that you'd want to use. We want to edit this so you can click on the Free tabs here. You can add a description to the calendar there. What the appointment tied to is actually going to be I like to have that meeting with and then it's going to have their contact name and then the company name, meeting location sometimes in here I like to presume, or the actual Zoom link itself. And then you've got linked to Canada. You can link that directly with your Google account and there's a two-way Sync option. Next page is going to be timing. These are quite self-explanatory. You want to fill these out and then add in office hours and things like that. All very easy. Auto confirm the appointment and he's got a cancellation drink and rescheduling link. If the client wants to change that, you've got Facebook pixel id area. If you wanted to put that in there. And you call a custom thank you message as well. So you can have, you can have that at the end and you just press complete. And then that's done. Your domain, very important. So type in something like knitting, or it could be just your domain. And then what you need to do is you need to go to your domain settings, your DNS settings, which will be on wherever you bought the main. And then you just add a CNAME record or an a record pointing to this. But yeah, do message me if you do need a hand with that. Finally, let's get on to SMTP. You can add a service here. So what you'd need to do is you'd have to start a trial with send him blue, but we also have Gmail. Sometimes Gmail does have limitations so you can't send like a 1001 day. If it's just gonna be like under 20 a day, then Gmail fine. But I like clicking here to Other. And then doing, setting up an SMTP from sending blue gives me 40000 emails to go for. Maybe you want to import some contacts you've already got and you do, do first like email campaign of some form. So important contacts, bringing everyone in, maybe tag in them. And then you could do like a manual action to send them to a new campaign. Probably a good time for you to have a look at this. I mean, is this going to be your pipeline or do you want to change it? Is it going to go like new leads? And then if they reply to the email is then going to become hot needs. And then i've I confirmed and then during that Zoom call AB then is a proposal sent and then the service is sold, or is there something in-between this, if there is, then come down to Settings, go to pipelines and edit this offer pipeline here. So say if you just had a booking coal with someone, then you just drag them across them, put them in a proposal that could trigger something else if you want it. So just have a look through here. And all I want you to do for now, just have a look at how I've said a couple of these things up. Have an idea of what you wanna do. Kinda thing. Maybe you don't want to send any SMS. You could just do simple that 50 emails are across five days. Obviously, you can change all of these and it's so easy to just jump in here and just quickly change. You'll love this. Look into the campaigns here and see how they generally work. Well, once you've got that setup, the next thing I guess is going to be building a lead magnet. We're not going to get into the funnels and things like that. It just yet. So this should be a really good start for you to take. I'd say probably an hour or something to set up. So I hope that helps and I'll see you in the next one. 4. Let's Talk About Lead Magnets: Hi everyone, James here again. Okay, so we're gonna talk about lead magnets today. This is basically a thing where we could pull a client in so that they can give you their e-mail. And you need to just give some value. So we need to try and figure out a way to pull a client in. So each lead magnet can be unique to each company. So let's just jump straight into it. And I'm going to explain six or seven different types of lead magnets. And I'm going to tell you basically how I create most of them. So the first one is an audit. An audit is in a checklist format. So you want a client to come in, do the checklist. And at the end of the checklist is to think, Okay, like this is an actual issue too, and I need to prioritize this right now. I'll show you an example of that very soon, which I use with my other company power animate. All of these suggestions can also be mixed and you can use it throughout your funnel to make a ton of value. Most of these lead magnets, you kind of want them to do something that is actionable, simple to solve. So next one is a case study. I love using case studies just describing how have other people achieved the result of that your, your niche or your target market wants to achieve. Normally, these are in a story format of some form. And again, it has actionable insights and side. You want to have that format as the problem starts. And now it does not because they have, they have used your software or they have used your service in some way. And now the problem has been solved. A resource list is awesome. That's kind of why I'm giving you here are software have I used? What products have I used in order to create this funnel? A resource list saves them time. So it could be something that you've spent ages and ages like researching in your industry and in your niche. And then you've created some templates or designs. And, and this is what we call swipe files. So something that they can download and quickly fill in. So next one is a report. So we're taking data to present all of the research that you've already done. So a really good example, like if you're a stock creation company and you're sending them the best stocks every single week is a report. Piece of data is extremely important and needed. So that's a really good lead magnet as well, almost like a subscription to continuous data. And if one is a micro guide, again, this is what we're doing right now. So it's identifying a problem and then showing exactly how, how to get to the solution step-by-step. This is what you need to download. The next thing is there, the next thing is this. You could do this in a PDF Standard, or you could do this in a video format like I'm doing now. But what you kinda wanna deal with a micro guide is something that is achievable in a small amount of time. So the next thing is a template, though it's kinda like e-mail scripts designed templates, snapshots back filling the blanks, fill in the company name, or it could be anything. Ultimately, all it needs to do is speed up that process. The next one is a tall, it is a little bit more complicated and it's something that you need to build, a tracker or a calculator, or a Google Sheets. You might already use a tool that you could white label out there though, access to at all. It's free for you to use and bring on multiple people. That can be a thing as well. So an example of that is to stop the price calculator, something that they can keep on coming back to again and again, and it's all branded to you. Let's talk about how to create some of these things. So this is an example, one of my companies, ones that power animates. So it's the only guide you need to plan it and effective explainer animation that looks a little bit like this. I would send them this EDF that just basically just tells them very simply I for free pages, some things to do because this is going to save me time. And the other one, what we've got is obviously the power leads web strategy plan, again is a checklist. So it's basically just ticking off what people need. So it's almost like an audit. Identify areas which to improve. They can book a meeting so that their next meeting is going to be really actionable and they can actually just see everything clearly. So this is like the top ten tips for making a private practice more profitable. It's just filled with values, filled with really, really used for advice. So that's kind of what we want to create. What I'm using to create most of these PDF documents is Canva canvas and then credible tool. It's completely free, you don't need to do the Pro has thousands of templates and things like that, and then you just download it as a PDF or whatever you want. The next thing is called Smartmockups.com. I use this one and basically you just make a design, chuck it on it, and then just save that design. Later on, what we're gonna do is we're going to jump into here, we're going to create this funnel. So that's what it's going to be in the next one. Good luck. And if you need any help, just give me an e-mail. Speech using chairs. 5. Funnel Building and Forms: Hi everyone. So let's get started on the next section. So you now have a beautiful lead magnet and it's super valuable, and you now have to show it off, right? So let's go down to found on websites. You've got a couple of templates ready to go here. But say for example, you run a CrossFit. So basically the funnel builder is essentially a bit like click funnels or Wix. So it's a drag-and-drop website builder that will enable you to quickly create websites and landing pages depending on your lead magnet. So let's have a look into there. So this is what you'll get. You'll come in here, you've got steps here. So these are the steps or pages of your funnel. So you might have the first page as being the landing page. Next page is going to be a nice Thank You page or Booking page or something like that. So you can have these go like one after the other, jump. So a button can jump to this one or this one, or a form or something can lead to one of these. You click and then you go to the next stage and then the next stage. And some of these can be more advanced, that could be like upsells or something like that. So keep that in mind as you go. You've got some other buttons up here. For example, stats, you've got sales. So if you're selling a product on that under Settings, earlier we set up a domain name. You can just simply connect and link a domain name to this particular funnel. And then you've got a head tracking code and a body tracking code here. So this wherever you put in here is anytime when someone says, you need to put this Google Analytics or Facebook pixel tracking code in to affect all of the pages in your steps, all of them in one go. You can just go here. Let's just jump in to the edit page. As you can see here, there's a, this is a template just the same as anything else. It's very easy to edit whatever you want. I can change it is and things like that here. So you can upload more pitches and change it there you have themes and things like that for, let's say button things. I suggest just going in here, having a good play, but you get the point, it's extremely easy. You can even move things like that. So super easy to edit something. So if this is scaring you and you're not a designer or giant like writing content. And then what you can do is you can go across to our leads marketplace, which there's a link below. And you can get us to build and design a custom mom for you if you'd like. But the point is, is that if you want to, you can easily jump in and create something from this template or create something completely from scratch is also this mobile view here. So it looks really nice on mobile and do things like now you can turn it off for the phone or you can keep on desktop if you want to add new things, click on the Add button there. Some other little settings, your SEO metadata, your individual tracking curves for individual pages. So if you wanted to just track one page, again, there's some custom CSS there for you, CSS corridors. And obviously you can change the typography or the background very easily there. So under elements there are forms. So for example, this button here, when your free week that's going to open the pop-up. We go here. We see the pop-up here. This is a form and it's using one of these many forms that are in here. However, if you are creating from completely from scratch, you might want to use your own custom form. What you're going to need, you're going to need a form or survey or something like that, so that you can capture data and take that data and move them into your email or SMS campaigns. So let's now quickly check out forms. So we're back here. And under marketing, you can scroll down and there's a form builder or survey builder. Survey builder is a little bit like Typhoon, or it can have logic steps and collects information. So that can be really useful for building, say, some form of survey or application, or if it's just something like at your lead magnet is a PDF download. You might just want to use a form. As you can see, these are linked to a couple of the templates. But you can go here and you can create a brand new form and you can collect, say firstName, lastName, and I find number, or maybe maybe just their e-mail or something like that. So what's going to happen next is that your client is going to enter the information on your lead magnet and we need to set up a campaign or a campaign response. Okay, so that's it for this one. Thank you very much for joining me. In the next one, we're going to be talking about what triggers and campaigns. So I'll see you there. 6. Workflows in PowLeads: Hi everyone. In this part of the course we're going to go for the workflows. Now that you have a basic idea of how the campaigns work and how triggers work. And maybe you've gone in and you have activated all of those triggers. So everything's are working. Now, what I would suggest that you do is start looking at your e-mails. So start thinking about what emails you're going to send. So from that page, that lead magnet, you possibly need to set up some sort of vibe. Thanks for downloading the PDF for all common claim this, so you can use this system here to create some really beautiful emails. Again, this is in the marketplace. You can get asked to write a five part series, e-mail and HTML built and everything like that. But I'm going to quickly show you now just generally how easy that is for, for you to do that. For example, you can see that this is the same kind of thing as what we just learned about in the funnels. So it's a drag-and-drop builder. You can jump in here and you can do anything you like. Basically edit and add buttons and things like that, all very pretty and change all kinds of stuff here for the color. I would say again, if you're anything like me, I just click around until it works. Let's have a look. And if you run into any problems, this button down here, and that will send us the Pauli's team a message and we can help you with any questions that you have. Or like I said, you're on the marketplace and we can we can build it for you. Once you have that all set up, I would send make sure you send yourself a test e-mail and you can preview that. And then what you can do is you can save it and then we can use it in the next part, which is workflows. And workflows is our new system, which is a hell of a lot easier and much, much nicer to work with. Let's jump in and take a look. So what fires works by essentially taking that data from the form of a survey that we set up on your landing page. And it's going to take that data and then creates full funnel cyst. So let's start by clicking Create Workflow. And you can see here that there is a couple of, you can either just import one of the campaigns. So maybe your book or your appointment reminders, you want to add something to it, you can pull in something from that. That's going to take all those triggers and complicated things like that. I'm fully 0 out, really nice. And simply in that, boy, you can start from scratch or there's a decimal, a couple of recipes in here. So a recipe is basically a template. So let's have a look at this one here. Click on it so it highlights and then create new workflow. So here we are. This is essentially a kind of a yes, no system. As soon as something happens, like a form is submitted, a SMS is then sent to that person if you've obviously collected. And then what he's gonna do, it's gonna wait one hour. So you can change that here. Is then it's going to ask itself a question. Did they reply within an hour? So this is where it gets really interesting. Yes or no. That means that if it's a yes and once the reply positive. So use AI to figure out whether or not that reply is positive or not. If yes, then it's going to go on to the next steps. Gray, I've got a voucher code with your name on it, et cetera. If no, then it's going to say like No worries or something like that. If they didn't reply. And then it's a no, it's going to send a second attempt. So you get the point here. So this is using an SMS system, but you could create something really complicated. Send another email if you do a wingless voicemail, APA manual coastal later you could call them, which is very useful of course. Or you could assign it to a user like a virtual system, for example, picker then manually follow up with them in your communication section, the opportunities are pretty much endless. So that is essentially your workflow system. But the point of this, this photo in general is kind of omni-channel. So essentially we're trying to pull clients in from different, different areas like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube. And what we're essentially trying to do is to contact them again via e-mail or SMS, or possibly for another way like voicemail or a call, it's just important to ensure that you're following up for multiple avenues. So hopefully that has helped you to create an incredible workflow. And we've lots and lots of follow-ups and different ways of contacting your client to ensure that you get your sale. In the next video, we will talk more about PAL connect. So using LinkedIn in order to pull in some clients. If LinkedIn is not way your clients hang out, then checkout the marketplace. And you can use something like our Social Media Management Service to pull in some more clients. Or you can even simply just get us to manage your PBC, Google, PBC, Reddit, BBC, and Pauline, some clients from those social networks. So join me in the next one. See you soon. 7. PowConnect Setup: Hi everyone. Okay, we should by now have built a nicer funnel within palettes and now it's time to get some clients. And father, what we're going to talk about next is how connect, how we basically gets LinkedIn connections to go and connect with us. Talk to us, share our funnels, share our value products that we've created. So this is going to be really good for those that are targeting anyone with a B2B product. But if you use LinkedIn already, you're probably going to love this. Say first of all, you can see here, this is the dashboard that you're going to get to, but before you get there, you need to come here. So below, you'll see that there's a link to click through to go and start your seven day free trial hip. We need to do is enter your company name, full name, email address. And then there's some card information there which is using Stripe. See you nice and safe. This is where you login. When you normally login, you'll be you'll be sent here. Okay. Which is where you would sign in by in order to actually do it, you need the voucher code. So we will send you the voucher code. Then it will ask you to login using your LinkedIn credentials. And it will also ask you where you want the server, the dedicated IP to be. So I'm in Britain, so I picked a great British server. Let's have a look at this. Power connects, well-connected, nice and simple. If you've seen the demo on, on the front page already, has great. You're a step ahead about basically will happen is after you've got a got the setup, it will sink. And then it'll come up with saying like, you know, how many connections you've got come to your front page here. I've got the profile settings and invite anyone that you want. So I've got my virtual assistant here, and that enables him to have access to here at this instead of my entire LinkedIn. Then you can see here that you've got your, your company. You can have like five people each with an account all under the same company name. And that means that you're not going to message the same person twice. Everyone's templates are shared or the campaigns and stuff. So it just makes it a lot easier in the future to set everything up. Now, this interaction settings, what you've got here is if your account is less than 400 connections strong, I suggest you do account warm up, so you just click on this and then you've got like a start limit and limit increased by one every single day. Just really good to warm up and account right. Paralyzed names was massively. You might want to do that. Make sure your time zone is correct here and then change. How I say you can see this is what I sell it for mine. You can add your inactive gate days, your holidays here. I sneezing. So I weren't run during those times and you're going to get those messages will transit by Apple. This is power anime Barlow, my animation company. So if you want an animation, here, we do like 60-second animations. So we target people that are interested in video in general. But yeah, what I normally like to do is I like to go to ad campaign. And I start by creating a template. And you can see here I've got a bunch of templates ready. What you can do is actually below, there should be an attachment with some templates ready, just like followup messages and things like that that you can just copy and paste into here just to make this bit of bit smoother. What you're seeing within the campaign is you've got these four tabs here. Seeing the people who are connected to your campaign in here you can do CSV actions as well. So you can send all of these people that you've selected to an email as a CSV and filter these people depending on context, data's conversation status, campaign status. You can directly message back these people within here as well. So what you wanna do next is say if this is in your template, you fill out your body, connects the message. We're trying to, we're trying to send them as much value as humanly possible right at the beginning. We're not selling, please don't use power connect as a selling tool. Use it as a conversational opening tool and a value share at all. That's all, yeah, you wanna do with your finals because this software actually captures the email anyway. You can basically say you can send them unlimited followup messages. This is where you would click in and then you put company name and that's going to rip their company name and put it on there. We've got all of these ones. The ones I like to use the most is simply firstname. Now what happens is is that if someone replies to any, at any stage of this, it's going to pause it. And so that's why each day you want to jump in to the inbox and you might want to resume campaign within your settings. You can set campaign limits for this. So you pull them all the way up to a 100 and then all the way up to a 100 messages a day. So once you finish the campaign, I'm going to pull this one down to 0. So someone has messaged me back here and then said, Perfect, Great to connect James. And it makes sense for the next one to say, Fantastic, Thanks for connecting, Katy, sorry, it's been a bit light, but that's one of my old somites and messages. But what happened off to someone replied to this first message is that as pulls the entire campaign and no more messages will be sent out. So my virtual assistant occasional jumps in here. He goes to campaign down HAM, compressor, Zoom campaign. That's it. As also grabbed Katie's name, email address from her profile, which is only available after someone has connected with you. And I'll make that very, very clear. The other things you can do in the inboxes real quick is reply templates. So jumping here, create a reply template. So it could be simply list is a playlist of the latest. And then I put the URL there. And then once I've created that, if someone asks me, you know, obviously go down to here, sam playlist and it will straight away, it will send that playlist to them. So that just makes things a little bit, a little bit easier. And again, amazing. If you have a virtual assistant, you should have created a campaign or a template campaign. And what you need to do now is obviously search and find some people we're just gonna kinda go for in general, the basics. So you can do a basic search here if you've got Sales Navigator. So I suggest that you get your 30 day free sound navigator. Right now, after you've got your sales navigate search, you jumping here and copy and paste it in here. Of course, the search, do you have to message us to get that active import contacts and CSV? And so this is what puts us a cut above the rest, is called post engagement. So I really loved this one. My virtual system will go on LinkedIn every week and he'll find like some really good LinkedIn posts out there done by a guru of some form. C0 will grab the URL of that post. And what that will do is it will pull everyone who has liked that post. What happens here is, so now I've got all of those a 156 people. All he does is he clicks assigned to and then assigns it to the campaign he's created, and then he'll, he'll hit go. That's how you set up a basic Campaign inside pow connect. It takes most people on their first go, maybe 40 minutes to set this all up in the next one. Well, I want to do is just show you Sales Navigator and some other ways to find a really good target audience that you can use within Power connect. Okay, I'll see you in the next one. 8. Finding Linkedin Lists: Hello everybody. Okay, So we have set up how connect, and we've had set up. So now what we wanna do is we want to find those leads, don't we? So we want to pull in some clients from LinkedIn. We need to jump in and just get died. So this is a client's profile. And so I won't show too much by, we'll show how to actually bring in some clients. So this one here is a sovereign Sales Navigator search by URL that is obviously created a bunch of, a bunch of new stuff here. I can jump in, I can do basic search, Sales Navigator, search, import contacts on CSV, and post engagement. We're going to kind of blast through this one real quick, which is Sales Navigator search. So this is my clients, LinkedIn, and they have Sales Navigator. And here's the search that podium or those clients, I literally just signed up for Sales Navigator for 30 days free for this client. And that means for the next 30 days we can put in as many searches as we possibly can, then cancel it and then it's free. But we're not getting our clients to spend 80 pounds a month on Sales Navigator and they don't really need it. I won't really go too much into how Sales Navigator works. Where you can see here, you can find out the company headcount. You can target people. You can also people. So people in training, then I can find out their function. I can even put their title in there so I can have, you know, marketing director or something like that in there. So I can make a simple one like this. And then what I would do is I'd click this one posted on LinkedIn and last 30 days. So it might be 2 thousand results by, I want a bunch of people that I've actually posted on LinkedIn for last 30 days. It tells me that they actually use their LinkedIn. The other thing I like to do is I like to jump on a bunch of groups and maybe I just want to target those group members so I can do that in sounds. Now, there's a little secret one which I'll show you view or filters. So I can literally just like connects to the people in that group. That means what I can do is I can jump into here and I can download that search Sales Navigator. So once again, not just paste the link URL directly in there. Well, it will do if there's 35000 members or I think you wanted to take the first 2500. I can then go to my campaigns. And in this step 1 of the campaign, I can per hi, first name. I noticed that we are part of the same group because I've actually joined the group and I just want to connect with like-minded people now that they are receiving something like that rather than something generic as this. And you're going to get a much, much higher open rate. Now, let's move on to something else. It's a little bit more complicated, but what we're gonna do is we're just going to quickly go for it. I love using phantom Buster. Phantom buster is amazing and again, you can get for free. What this does is one of the greatest grippers of data on multiple things. So things like Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, emails as well. So you can actually find the email addresses, which can be very useful for later on in your funnel. That's it for now. I really hope that helped you today. Thanks very much. 9. Let's Connect it Together and Automate!: So what we're gonna do in this one is basically connect together, power connects and power leads. You'll need a simple Zapier plan. 1500 kinda works. So what you're going to need to do, first of all, is go into your Power Connect account. And I want you to scroll down until you get to a web hooks. I want you to come up here and click, Add web hook, name your web hook. And then it says the event upon which the web hook should be triggered, we're gonna do is connection request, accepts it and it's going to be waived any campaign. But we're going to make this just basic and simple. And now it says target URL to which information should be sent upon triggering the webhook. Way you get this room is you get it from Zapier. If you jump on just below this video and you have a look and you'll see that you need to search for this zap in particular, copy and paste that, we'll click on that. And it was, I have been invited to use power leads on Zapier, accepts an invite, build his app will just create as that from scratch, just as an example here. And what you want to type in here is just the word hook. And you want to find this one's called web hooks by Zachariah. Click on that. Then you want to catch a hook. So sending out a bunch of information, a bunch of data. And this is catching the hook. So it's catching the data. And then once it's cooled the data, it needs to do sign with it, right? And that's why we're going to put it into palettes. We've got accustomed webhook URL. So we just click Copy. We go back to here, and then just paste directly in that create new webhook. It's a test too. So I click this button here which is test. And then I'm going to test the trigger and bam. But when some template data by is pulling in all the data so we know it's working and we just simply click Continue. Then what we wanna do is we want to search palettes. And you'll say, you have now been accepted By us to use zap. You gotta come hand and you choose an event. We want to add a lead to the campaign. So you have to remember we created on the campaigns. A campaign has already made for you, code LinkedIn connections accepted follow-up email. Just says, thanks to connect, to move me on LinkedIn to just change this up, I'm insert your lead magnet URL that sorry 10, this custom time off and click Save. So well that's gonna do is it's going to send an e-mail off the 25 hours. That's because within the campaigns, there is a time delay of one day after they accept it off to 24 hours, this is sent to them and then an hour later in-between message one to the e-mail is then sent. So now we know about the campaigns and generally wall it is. And you've adapted that campaign, or you need to do is go out to campaign. And now we need to choose an account. What you'll have is connected a new account. It will have a look and I will ask for an API key. You can find your API key very simply by going to your power leads. Go to settings and under company and company data. Here. If we scroll down, you pull your API key here. So just simply copy and paste that into the and click continue in that window. And then you should be able to choose your account. Now it's got to find the campaign. So we wanted to go into LinkedIn connections accepted. Then what you need to do here, fill out as much as you can. If you go here, typing first, click on Contact, firstName, and that's going to insert that, that really you are needing the first name, last name, e-mail, and possibly the company name or something. Just click continue. And then it's going to ask you to test the action, press test and review. And what should happen is that under the campaigns, once you've pressed test to make sure to know it's working, you want to go here and you'll see this will turn into a number one. And then you simply just turn it on and you're dumb. And that's it that will now run a hopefully that helped. And I'll see you in the next one where we will be talking about retargeting. So I'll see you in the next one, which is. 10. Retargeting using Facebook Messenger Bots and PowLeads: Again, so it's the final part of this particular section. I love Facebook retargeting and Instagram retargeting. Retargeting ads are a secret weapon. And I think it is very important for you to set this up. What usually happens is that once you've got your funnel sorted and you start pulling people towards it, it needs to get 1000 impressions, so 1000 visitors before the ad goes live. It's really good to set this up straight away. So let's just get straight into it. I'm going to give you a cheat way around things by using a piece of software called Connect DO RE targets. Now you should be able to find this below. That is my affiliate link. What it will do is it adds additional features, things like how long someone has been on the page for. It decreases the amount that your spend on Facebook ads and you'll be targeting the right people. There is two options. You can either buy the monthly one or what I did, which is just go for the year one as there's a, quite a big saving on it. So I've got a bunch for all of my sites and I continue to add more. And a client just sent me this to add into his funnels. So we can do that together. He wants a on his main funnel that we create for him. So go to your funnel that you create it. You can just go to Settings, head tracking code, boom, for in their bats it is, it is done. What you can do from there, if you want, is you can send it to a messenger bot. It depends completely on in niche. I like doing that because it's capturing them on a different format. And a messenger bot is about 10 pounds a month. Doesn't take very long to create. I like to use ManyChat. The basic point of it is the 80 percent open rates. So it's just another place where you're building lists of potential clients. You might also see here that I've also got retargeting after the LinkedIn accepted and also after an email is opened. This will not be going through connect to you. Connect TO is only for when you're putting a pixel onto a page. This is actually using power leads, triggers and Zapier. So if you come down, this is your template. And you can go down to offer, offer email opened to Facebook audience. The event is, is that I opened or you could do opened and clicked. They scurrying to execute a web hook. As soon as someone opens that email. Again, we go back to our friends up here. And we simply to make a zap, we are going to type in hook again. Just like before. We have a web hook capture. I want to grab that custom webhook URL just as before. But we're going to put the webhook URL Australia to here. And we're gonna save. But that's the end of the main course. I hope you have enjoyed building something and you have created an incredible funnel. Test it as best you can. And I wish you all the best luck. So thanks very much.