Pottery on the Wheel for Beginners | Steve McDonald | Skillshare
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10 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction to Your Tools, Wheel and Studio Setup

    • 2. Getting Your Clay Ready for Throwing

    • 3. Centering Your Clay on the Pottery Wheel

    • 4. Pulling up the Walls of Your Pot

    • 5. Shaping the Pot

    • 6. Finishing Your Pot

    • 7. Cutting the Pot Off the Wheel

    • 8. Quick Trimming Your Pot

    • 9. Bonus- How to Keep Your Hands Dry

    • 10. Bonus - How to Set Up a Pottery Studio and Arrange Your Wheel

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About This Class

Have you been dying to learn how to do pottery? Now is your chance. This course will teach you how to throw a pot on the wheel from pulling your clay out of the bag to removing your pot from the wheel.

This pottery wheel course is for first time beginners new to throwing on the pottery wheel or for intermediate students who want to brush up their skills or troubleshoot their skills for quicker success.

Start watching and throw your first pot today!





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Steve McDonald

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