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Postales de Navidad con Acuarelas - Christmas Postcards

Annel Vare

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23 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Presentación

    • 2. Intro

    • 3. Materiales

    • 4. Bola Navidad - Primeros pasos

    • 5. Bola Navidad -Transparencias

    • 6. Bola Navidad - primera capa

    • 7. Bola Navidad - Adornos

    • 8. Bola Navidad - Pinceladas

    • 9. Bola Navidad - Segundas capas

    • 10. Bola Navidad - Detalles finales

    • 11. Arbol Navidad - Pincelada básica

    • 12. Arbol Navidad -Pintar sin tocar

    • 13. Arbol Navidad - Estructura

    • 14. Arbol Navidad - Colores y tamaños

    • 15. Arbol de Navidad - parte 1

    • 16. Arbol de Navidad - parte 2

    • 17. Regalo Navidad - Práctica 1

    • 18. Regalo Navidad - Practica 2

    • 19. Regalo Navidad - Base

    • 20. Regalo Navidad - Adorno

    • 21. Regalo Navidad - Capa base

    • 22. Detalles finales

    • 23. Proyecto final


About This Class

¿Quieres pintar tus propias postales navideñas para regalar este año?


En esta clase de acuarela, aprenderás a pintar tus primeras postales con acuarelas.

Las postales son proyectos perfectos para principiantes, por que puedes centrarte en acabar pequeños proyectos, que te darán confianza con el pincel.

En esta clase de Acuarela Navideña te enseñaré a pintar 3 tipos de postales, en las que repasaremos diferente conceptos básico de las acuarelas.

No necesitas saber ni pintar ni dibujar para hacer esta clase.

Al final de la clase tendrás 3 preciosas postales para regalar, y muchas ideas para continuar pintado con tus acuarelas.



1. Presentación: the number SNL. So you struggle happy in a class, Say they order for elected William Senior Propios pasta, less than the first in the class, is almost completamente demonic and evil. Most operator is those respirators parabolas travelers concept. Those must see that sort of almost time terrible projector in elk. Obama's concept of their Super Bowl local almost technique brokers the most famous E. 2. Intro: you have e seeing mass normal cesspit after we get sprinkled on poco com O Moses. Truth is, that's classy. Look, America, their proposals materialist Seper case was something important taking those kerekjarto quantum material. Mrs Thomas? Yeah, We're asking noise. The material material, they don't. A narrow, totally story upon tobacco. Moto will help Professor Lupin! Diarrheal Professional apprentice. I was pre actors, bombers up in turning or the blockage is cleared. Oh, stop with this salt under a projector for gas tank and Northern e polis cohere and paymaster will stay better to get a deal. Okay, for other than David, if you will that are sick and see it in the bucket of this second quarter last Osamu Paquita, Seraphin Those figures and course in this sort of Ocho Premera based on 1/4 last oh, ministers and defend. Oh, and there's a Secretary Commander Costigan Corso in Irving. Yes, that our sake Tavola Holomisa Sarabyn mostro Premera projector 3. Materiales: material is him basically made a video of almost every pass. Fabulous material is given. Much is terrible in Leicester's for study the perimeter Gladys style, almost daily paraquat a los for starting daily. What will a guerrilla group Ito's Keteyian so forever obey? Orders? Practical spot after provides they call or well, happy by that, I fair enough speaking eyes. Kenya's young eventually will comfortable just sitting here a year. Go by the police woman Normal Oh, Mom, Lab licking the hand refusal or they won't economic 1,000,000 I won't win, Pretended the recipient that McConnell in bigger drop on a weapon and quality until e finalmente go visit one city nipple emotions, cloud steps. What last your thing worse than a keeper with 35 tambien la Paz vicadin minusca heated Barbarella. But I want people Philip sore enteric Athena. But I wouldn't be at its. The government starts being Phyllis and have a hot out of the way a continent pocket a Martian perform neither with the mother Populus Querrey less. We know last Vaccarella sewn in materialist reoccur esta you really felt like a 1,000,000 people to pull should really care about a locket. Innocent custom in crucial sits on 1/4 last Scolari's The Bulletin said We departed. Our fearless practical Oculus is cornered. Isn't the little commando para 30? I suppose that is finalised. It will see a lot of attention. Por que media noble, Totally thermometers color It's wonderful. The chart records not downcast. Better this year. Food market Bomber seven That said No slush Appropriate misters. Bereted communal Estimated at the separately, Nickelodeon's bicycles I would almost have let him go. Help propel! Okay, it stops. The caves were standard that they're mean and a lot of the networks will doubles corner Marcel de Practica years a practical It's really important that Caparros practice tree nihilist capable Sanborn actually that see no canopy intimacy stressed pulls Falaise advance head Kororia Travels is important Ical purple prose stylist in Quinto Allah Formally culpable Acquiring up was this Ask away sake Sunk umbrellas less competent. I'm a phone any less placing contrary. Informative The postal. Perfect. Um, in that better grab us A senal Estimates put police tambien affairs with stress propia as post Alice. Okay, so now cuadrilla corporal in Quattro is the key Is that grammars e logo the cortical in Quetta populations on that last bone dust eso cara star. It's implemented on Italian. They took place in our last post a list. Okay, court addressing whether the sample mean that committed people they have the factors totally embarrassed. Scrapbook. Impossible Entered on their response. The last personal ism in the Roman Coppola is in a part of the rotation. That's the last time your mom, finalmente of almost of ladder their spin tennis. It's not realistic. E come over race and contacting playlists and somebody that, Hey, there's the Philistines. The people being there's a below not Ron Better wino. No so throws. But it's their classes solamente also up in state. Even the milligram media in three quadrillion say Sit down better festo, you see as the Tillerson did. A commuter Mukora Cecchetto says. Toast. No, but I'm a stripping tale about muscle car Happy. Familiar dealers care Some nappies. Ludo IHS and the little is still at home in the Mountain Patrol are gonna last for care. I am with Flo Heater E s, Salaam Levian, Perak on the summer, talking almost 13 years that year, get them in palatial TV canopies. Norman Friday at a movie moist Tito in a car. Dont move almost every federal she taped them and then But a fabulous this populism Blanco in Western and a little bit. Okay, so maybe if he starts the material is I would have seen those numbers have been deafness that I made a post. 4. Bola Navidad - Primeros pasos: no embassy. Moore's going towards perimeter spot, So Stephen Marshall B. Gardner from Cheltenham and customers Kamala Way. We car agua que pinto e a little the tail away upon that, I remarked, So brittle. A pack. A very small, like Miss Clasicos calories per seaport. Camp looking guys. Canadian government in the Escalade, Carlos from a tree in person care than when he took a comb over a little hot missing in the Got Simmons put up interest in the status post minus Novellus. Posted from something that is prepared, it must have been touring with respect Mentors Con Acqua Paradiso. Almost 10. In this trouble. They when the respective estamos trabajando agua coming, getting going agua. We open it. People eat innuendo. Me, I walk on. According last, I can make it on the consistency of our stand of us and the pigment ever has that been there ever Sunday? The the Luckily, the last one. Thomas professing Alex Salmon speak, Mandela said on Quantum, In our purpose in Dallas, it'll be nowt. Government deny the muscular, different the terrorist manera free of the yoke in the bomb. Totally centers, chorus bulldozing. Glad upon that. Even more people in this. Yes, I'm a little more self critical. Better this. That's a game almost prepare to avoid material. Also thirsty this replacement and posting that video. Palabra Paragallo Post Marseille's he can getting almost over those colors peripherals continent nevertheless, Grand Grand SK seat in the Cosa e. Simmons was. Can I get up in the record? So much propaganda. No pasa. Absolute time. Antonella. When the world we must respect set up in dresses that go on the strip in, you will wear a frontier that better. When Odyssey, you get nematodes, pigment those toes Prospero's mama's gonna see in the video and arcade Gamper Female Most tablets that esprit made a couple they level. 5. Bola Navidad -Transparencias: mistaking deodorants, Parentage most upon the wind was trouble They eat wanted the need of sound. Okay, let me get a stick. Oh, Lord, Even Thomas looking Sericolo anyways Kicking. Understand it. Transparent but more cycle hood. Yes. Then Miss Mapping Very most. Don't know. I want to. The mood. Too much pigment. Double. It's a gtmo senior. The end opaque mantle. Mr. Carson Palmer, Director. We meet at Go Mama said Mama, ask people the most perfect. I'm in the ground in front Secretaria and Minto Quantum asawa, often the most calories muscular. Director Mama said A pretty delicate faithfulness to Kosovo. Nicoletta Mario. But I could be ice cannot A little schoolers, Kulasekera Less important, this color is cleared of sinister carcinoma Gov sk. But it's okay. Well, yeah. I gotta pick mental element in the way upped and have no country to sort of stand up. Of course, cameras kept in unify. Motivated? Yes, to sell a book it and I must get in there. And Quintal out of contention. Maestros form those kind of gorilla. But it was important for us. And then they decided that the victim and number several colores commercially. Sarah Parental bastard the medical myself. That is not technique, Dr Salama Omega, Kosovo Middle. You can see state and give them something that a on field below The Major Solomon Takanawa step Technical years We win a better political odors but I opt in there thanks to the house . But I said it they could either of those Kazan's lobbyists Example. Silica more starting tomorrow. Celeriac Post Kanako Konno meet up in local Cory Cuando last Aquarius Yes. Stay Issel Efecto temple Fierce. OK, so like we like on this technique And there were also video Middle you're not given most contentious par se una Sola The transporter at the is the loved one was this clean tech in Iowa We're gonna propel it urban And consequently last night reminds open air terminal staggers me importante They put out the nets They won't go to school travels Eat this The bottom being presented of olympiabakken, metal canisters, cooler areas, that much money. Those must be the dentist. I think I I think it once was, but I guess I can't get that I said Well, not technically CMA mental. He is David on the mystical Where a lump in Tora Bora, Mr take me coming That is been picked up by that I said it better really. And that esposa stick it almost this animal Colliers base being down Bokel We are standing up into refugiados Kayla gonna stay offenders wanted Koloa reinterpreted Interesting aka Weeping turned off topic will go in the second nuestras and those technicals the very most qualified as the currency realest for LeBron toe kiss Obamas the bottom are still a terrorist as those Paternostro fundo in this terrible 6. Bola Navidad - primera capa: Yes, The most fondos pedo out of a car Sick. Our public car is stopped. America Guerrilla Directamente industry postal all of it give you the more you move from Peter Cordero's. But back a little in, you know, say Market and Mascherano strip up in liquid. You're keeping taken away. I saw no temple for tape around on the guitar mass Him, Benito kill. OK, aqui and really that noble massage pass far aspirin, Timoleon lap its implement on job. Well, yeah. Obama shopping for the interim CEO. Yeah, the GOP. Okay. Mechanical technique of the police, the courts, the victim in color. Do you do reasonably well, Mother? Silverio Middle Park in Costa Mesa sticks to rescue one story. Lack what I like on the departmental when you tangle me Piccolo complete Palo Pinto Takanawa. It's kind of a union leader Color in contrast, Efecto Casellas Quality Azcona buying commerce it from this Paterson s. Oh, but I forgot the local cardinal. Come on. Lucky you'd experts in implicate others color this The memory had returned. E can look away Miss Cleverley or Bogota non couple. I cannot say that The voice said crude and we smoke a lot. You know what? I'm gonna carry? Replica arrested galore necessary. Most have a car estaba amid a Kappa under separate catalyst. Wanda, when I started looking into capital Capital must have got a 1,000,000 of speak mantles and puppet. I say get looking almost up. It better. But I know that most of Russia's school fellows bombs a profit status. The temple is the catalyst. Optimal. A couple Bana practica laws at almost the most upon Aaron was traveling toe on the cab, aka molders going back to that. So it's like 7. Bola Navidad - Adornos: from a Saudi. A practical the most part. Everybody was traveling most military element or spot any course parkas on heparin. There wasn't a clear so's 11 1 took him or there's no on the governor's. Never even years. I said Kevin was the best therapy. Tendulkar's What was in this set up for this occasion was completely cooking on before the choir. Let me not go a Miss Candle different Astonish us about their sleeping in this e Bayakoa here and Peter commercial with that I know the whole day never even yesterday momento several other Asean de moneda. We are a little painful. You'll get a pretty Tando I stuck in. You got a point and does is they had a separate that we had a potato movimiento para que loca eyes were being filled Yemeni because it would be in jail equals Waiting on the Ponta Levante. I was like a retrovirus. My pocho pocho from will be there may toe 11 toe a boil bell. A prieto eat. I would have said they don't know. He doesn't pay a bull. You operate toilet mental. Yes, there's not hit that numbers that they don't a bullpen fairy a Preto 11 Manto Apria toe element. Is that gonna be fuel? A police tactic out about years basis. Portishead. Everyone in that I hate. We don't really have a different Billy Crystal Goblet. Pharaoh. He does? Mustn't be, Yes. Well, Travis boiled being celebrated toe bond Boy, you're being celebrator. Elevon, minto, quantum us A pretty pimpin matter for the attention of a history lesson Police say you're pretty candles. The people they hate that overlay live on Lamento Better see nor Sally it. And most critical, basically police opiates. Artemisinin director seemed like about it. John this out of apple helping Bela Prieto live in tow Up. We're going to live on toe a Prieto event. He is their symbol. Union took of almost a rapist and a populist movement. Tovar Sicko! Get the name Osaki. Salin Revelers. So heater must complete Has the pain. Pilar Adobe. Ramos Horta. Mocha area is still in another No superior day. A they another poor. Yes, it doesn't matter. Spends a lot of us. He nearly a police commissioner. Movimiento Rapido, School mobility and mattering. There's a single Luna can not talk about. It was typical market at all. Political Hayes nobody's Karaganda, but it's small in front in the coma. Same problem. I see baseball calling in the national hate us, but given in book Omar's medical today, that's OK. Maybe some must see now what away in your little pocket of the cool I'm in this cattle. Better make a comeback. Internationals. Total cases came almost motel. You probably must not repairs on me. So heat us in that point. Heavy and almost 10 years in Colorado much for test, No south Or is there a scale of one of our own? Took a spectacular attack was accuse. Comment OS Kestas Colorist Nobuko, Mass. For there's four key attacking Obama's as well as killing through the colors on commercial to others, continue almost asking that are so heat. Thus, a little late in the lava Podemos apurate moves. It's list e commerce cooking different this summer, The moors. I set up on the telly hammers at Brenda there, but that it prevented different this poor storage media river for him so you can go. They know tocar la perimeter up in Malaga for KFC Nikola part in El Centro in Blanco case longer Afghanistan. His salary. The core vodka Police gave a fundamental thing 8. Bola Navidad - Pinceladas: out of a Muslim sailors. Practical is probably going to happen in this terrible que estan inspect the Cascadia most Chucky on psycho social model somebody with me that Ketek stories, either within America might also be a psycho. Give a skill nor through double smashingly for Miss Honest, as moist, rusty and a mono for that is that he read coalition Bianca Masters Augusta Para apple cart in the middle of the Victorian style media card. Seven. Korean singer parakeets squandering eyes must also states purchases completamente normal. He meant it in the most cost. But Atticus, that could put a complaint about apple and apricot. Stop us gays local. Always the perfectly get out. I will start with the demonstrate their practical little no no, they don't really have almost upon their now, however, e aqui looking almost applique, Dickerson esta skin tele Skillicorn apart they But I still not tell you about him Though I'm into the expensive lesson Combats a little. I am still here on this political of particulars Bombs are there those purple practical doors basis and there's a play after less practical dictum in the north Very close for most practical on poquito cada gorilla. I stayed roughly took on a secure, the local practical being a lot of US Latinos. Portentous Corner Moore's does. It also has less pizza lovers Key Masajuro Cortes. Better autumn. Should there be a level mathematics having inimical a PMO stating they love it more more subject, we gotta say moving in Tiberias. This is political Indianola Mono under separate catlow the Rectum Indian Restaurant Piccolo's I Bring PP o are small coastal, Boka said. It's the space. Let it has no stroke apace, but it's something more practical for the city. Close almost that entire being processing meal bombers and promises during a partisan one. Every minute in Salalah. Director. You're almost there. Attend a pencil. Obviously, Wallace often level yes, hello in case of Iraqi who's a lot off the estimate that Santa Carla my name was Okay, it'll Mackey, You're lucky. Good thing. Awoke whole block long the the second sidewalk vendors levels if they had our skate looking . The letters from Papito Corba so celebrate that no person I always the most of them in the practical better still a little coke or whatever. I don't expect to its very core on Mr belittling you as a morsel drown out. There is a few levels. It's the number up in saliva. They left their computing old drum. Yeah, I would have almost amused become or maybe you Yeah, our media bullion, typical under spend. A lot of us on this people in medium radio was now it out the way up it in many of the they love being televised. Yet any I just even more so in their commandos being Think of us. Morse's hit on six, but it's the most important. A cashmere leather stand Perfect. That's pork A year. Zero Pacific took it. I'm we want it. Okay, when they put the most critical based, how do we get there? I miss my government pedal Gone. No trouble. You're gonna spend the last river record Grab me that come out of me. But they'll case came to a poor some publicly now because he matters with that masked pattern. Ursula spin. They love us because that case, his face must come over common. Papillon proposes. Young police said your key millimeter. According yelling, Momenta, when you read the practical on Westra forced Tina 9. Bola Navidad - Segundas capas: maybe in order for a team for the most public are less. They will not talk about the U. S. Travel a little. And maybe that when I want to get in the most lovely Divina without Gaston, let him in the second according getting against complete, um in the second year for them moves in Petar Oberon in a year. The leopard skin. Oh, sorry. Am orsato by Apple that I failed Posted a senior. Anderson picked Markham a lot extra Collado on a you call that cable separate police that there now let Technica their mothers always say cause Thomas I mean, it was okay. The last thing I take Story condo last trabajo unis take us away after Kamina Hydro Hope that I can get a cooler Dusty was someday people que interesante is true. Course 10 Applicable cooler master school up in Mr Massa Must content numbers have pain in the ass. Beginnings provides like allergic. But every scene That was that A secular Kim What are you here? You mean ever that was no someone to sell away the Louisville Poquito in Iowa. But I can make it a little Marcel. What? Hell? Abby What about competitors like a ppd for gay sex like them. Indelible most happily got out and us trapped Remain a couple they normally doesn't. We have more than a 1,000,000 Propel doesn't like a state Komano, Komada. But apple, they're a little structures on the mobile start when they will not be in solamente interational. He doesn't get off him of Sunny Mohsen manual e a stadium or having that Adam Boco. Marcia bought myself another. Maybe most of the smaller ladders fatal. Then you look with that'll. They have this packet. Eoraha always know Stomach Celinda, that much more centers in okay, Co hammers losses package Parallel the medical board. Miracle of the eyes. Terrible. Their letters heat record. Remorse No Britain like maybe like abortion being Terra Preta loyal. They cooperative is the equivalent stick at their most canopy bed dance. So your dad medical miss out on these fast being the lovers must Venus my little past Venus with you. What's gonna think Tyler remain a part of ways people say? Well, no police after service support stood a commercial. You know your was an employee. Still build a issues and these miles a season This must Come on. It was The Lakers secures movie Anacostia thing. No. Yes, correct. It will be in Salalah is that you can think of Percocet. Lapine's elaborate victor Willy Roberson No, are stuck it in uniform. I get me most, but against the troops on testicular sac, worry less mean there's some problem with a condo. That's the game we give it up in Helena K. Your kids. When I was younger, I call him the Parma. But more sense, the individual don't question their revival was trouble. 10. Bola Navidad - Detalles finales: and the governmental They don $1,000,000.10 years and was trouble terminally that where? Commerce a transformer poco poco My musical hit out and was quite a lahm metal fella. But I say it's the opinions of others they forced based. Remember? Thank you. We have been on the body. Assume, you know, gotta go ahead. According Rommedahl Atallah We have heard a gorilla commercial. Skoula No way of telling pocket of a corral Grow hoping cases Gorica, We have better of potatoes their stores. There's the color of school. Do you have a nice to get them? We wanna Dundee in these we have been Nazi. See a starter sometimes complicated locally based for the secretary stores that I think forget a locus, some sappy and noise ornament. Deafness Terrible. You don't see that I ask nothing The most mysterious, you know, But can your clothes base killing one poco poco Getting gulping failed by standing up in the lab. When there's some strong Honda will help in a lot into the tire is blown. Okay, a wardrobe. I want more perpendicular publication. Tell a poodle first person like in last year's The last point I'm MP had are still because trump up again. No last tomato lost. And I'm Izmery stamp candente about Alina. But OK, but I could get a young You still place a terrible to push him. Okay. Coming in musket. Almost like in poquito Tamarkin Available. It'll connect the mathematics student. What accord? Vice economist. Until a perimeter couple, in some cases via my travel Togo Political monem in Turkey. No imposed out. Yes, the is that extra cinemascore stories. They can be the galore a most blancas living in this troubled little national income. But it was the peak amenable stunk. A thing indexed. Yeah. What Obama trumpeters, Italians or others in a part of the every woman. Less trouble later. And then we definitely Pamela stuck with its motion figure. Picking your in that simply credible picking because impressed that I must have simple that we understand taking an official Lino e bomber pasando looking coma care. Yeah, no one would have fairly near the river. You're happy for him? The bushes, But is this is killing and pigment of our Alina. You're saying that the resting on a problem can would have Steve almost any of you last but days that we welcome you to stop acting Condo. A boy? Well, nobody s young number that there's There's the Arkema. Simples? Yeah, You seek it at a communicant. Biggest poorest. A skill most up in Genoa, Italy will get any mescal as they looking ugly. It's already to look at the pictures and there's no bubble. A party? Okay, Okay. A mosquito until its premiere. Respected cast come out after middle schoolers. Think that asked nothing That's practical. You get you Look at the pictures can No. We at their local will not be in a lotta should. Look a little bit of his, You know, the gate comically and our societal A formal perkiness in prison is a stereo. Are there little a brilliant Nando internal? They don't hate us. Okay, cause okay, get the recommended Simple thing is curious. Accommodate Ando toe poor style toe hit A practical august there in numbers to record terrorists. Who today? Come on. But always the mount them in the way I recommend our career suddenly in the house. They will not be the Latrobe. Second honest has not really in love with a lot of march. Gautreaux seen okay by years of Inter Cal Ando has been Manu Progressive Support a the name mouse Akili Video on a composite Siem If parasitical rekindles said, We don't know that can never be important. A sitcom pensando But I let him listen. Second, they lose some more morals. They take you through it. Okay is comfortable. In fact, people. And this color is available That is such a happy Uncle Mordecai and won't ask us on giving a young mask it with us. Mr. Dramatically like what I like realmente compose. Cope with this, that if Victor Orban Ito's right away after remission stay away every Ananda meeting Telenor saying You know, being in prison you know what really handle ekhomu vis buoyant Erica Landau nor Sama News away happy in the knowledge level You Are they true? Yes, he's a tool. Anosike Evan Westrup A little in love in love, coldness speaking as body Athena's commercial to respect calendar year were badly most Baltimore stoking sama. Really, In this they have second yard of almost warren Proxima projector. I was hoping that one pretty fierce or belittle leavin you in. Okay, that's a practical to British 11. Arbol Navidad - Pincelada básica: no one of us up in that is top postal cares. Nobody don't have you eating in the particulary that they stop for study. Yes. Que que No more, No more Even the telegraphy oppose Aguirre. Rock star in K Doris Elementos A former only wound. See better not a token, huh? Actually cave almost happening. That I said, is that people and the temple Forget element them. We could hear size me, Juanita trabajar Get him with the same apathy. Anthea Poquito practica. Better local for the most evil card Monte Moscow's when I started Practica but ah lamentable intercepted laudable Italy victim. And you know Kahanamoku Quarter land there. Start getting Oprah, Parana. Every Astro see anything we have had. And very well, Carol Contour, kiddo. It says video. No Moneda. At least implement. Yes, Tom. No time in Iraq. Syria, Carlo Yukon Efecto Oh, come on. How much is to be rocking? Are now asking a Britain Avello operetta Moto Labonte up in jail? Yes, Well, I'm ended in the UK Really? In our party can America Houston were provided in different. There's a $42 me about a compliment. Mahmoud, Just mama hold a Paris the people they dipping salata de ahora leva no se Milam. Which of affiliate Avinash manners its location? Because the tactic ask survives that whole don't ask a song was the key Moscow test. But it's the last 10 in uniform today. Commercially practical time in different. Pretty impressed that I see what was going on. My speaking I mean, a lot more practice car could different. There's they escorted Carella from intel were guitar Alexis. Oh, even if it cooler Master Agent Poco experimenter calmly step in Malaga Porky Always kick on the Ramsar bullet Oh, practicamente the local See? But what interest cover most practical gumbo course up in Kelechi, Look, there is your leader seeing today, you see in the parcel casket almost and entire I felt a lot without dressing talking 12. Arbol Navidad -Pintar sin tocar: tickle Rojo in Hong Kong. But what are they caught on this Bastille? In Blanco, whenever destiny must see Look of almost a pair. IHS said it starts four months. We have to spend the lovers A medial in a center Sexy enters their started liters. See? Put him blessing like you don't mean that began You que nada on the you wait Seniors ties come others in a step or stoda police committed a poor student. No, it's important that tequila mano a steak Go Mother, It was the case was Sunday importante por que base ackee ackee. And because they're so difficult, that asked our egos. Altan doing this intersection of Iraqi Just the heist. Then you look at the data. When I got some more yellow villa it in the local heroin is packing Blanco, it's fotografia. You kissed analytical data and that there s terrible, eternal being realmente no nothing in which are difficult, so principal difficult of a system Comparable camera Back in the eyes, my bongo and maybe lose interest The divorce a being Pilar's in the centre sexy and it is The key is the lead. That's the end up in fellow mates that part, the most important is history key, you know, talk Iniesta near stock. When are being allowed us? I see we're going Harris. They're full in three starters based on the Parramatta champion Eating a mask. Widow is hockey in 96 in this star stores Make your key thing on the intersection This tower central apart. Hey, Better if you ain't in that outfit based on Bianca No, stay Apkindo now as being correct a correlation Pokorny Movimiento But a camp lucky in a way that I'm pulling Bohemian Hall for getting much is to get a feel for his particulars. Time I made up with the most it practically handle being done. Nursing toe Carla party The latter Christmas is coming tail through co importante They literally doesn't know me that uncle ever raise Kavran throw for scary Harry Muslim Blanco Okay, No, sir, but open their respect The frost better one. There's sort of a team of most of the gun. Well, it pushes still talking about 30 ankle your respective condo But can the muscles that I Come on? Oh, what's that? Honors that there's only one target. I mean police hang Jawid for royalty moments together. Leaders cocky, you know. Belief. Corella. Marie Louise. Porky Common. Although we other mass Capus seen. Okay, Total Okoye, then here. The caloric bastard in National A Kappa Utilities are on a country that Intermedia Carella Participatory Phantom within. We'd oppose McAlary. A movie. Florita it Enrique. Arepas are yes. Was much eczema. Fine scares my horse After local eyes stay esta postal in particle Akimoto dancing outdoors Moto hoc on a condo. Low quality stuff discovers Keke came about Stop. Okay, Nintendo aqui Somalia woke us up after South Fresca E Westchester Bell. It's just beginning being fellas Chiapas. An Arab work. It's practical jokes. He within Amazon style I only he not important. Study images him are probably Yes they could on their problems and their repair without 13. Arbol Navidad - Estructura: Paktika on the march taking it doesn't write up interim, most for them through three and judo Not Be No no. So we must know they acquired inadequate color me nine. Labonte's you know poquito mas trabajo We have fed on a pre made up in Pella estar said on booking director. See Go hold regular coho yokoo dropping paella based Kittel Rattle Mikado. Then there's a Lappi can actually talk in any momento. We have been dropping Labaki with the left hand drill to get through the mind. Place Rafia this terrible little ISS Katayama Center calendars Colores Party. You can deliver most of our Muta text. Oudeh Meet tampoco Bowman Lake up ours now monitoring the case. A bomb live on each other because they're moving me and told him pocho Marseille A Inter Colangelo's calories Uncle. Out of the ways are seeing we said to Rallo the core erotic wonder cycle. A gorilla commerical er, squint up. I can Mona Lena in the cargo would have been a lot lower. Waters are already ordinary. Phone una you know what areas are those Nike, Your Iraqi? I literally a promoter is galore, but every and the workers, the timing. Kidokoro isn't there That mine yours? It says so much going on. This is that one must begin. There's too much at home. Want to showcase some bystanders? No other Santa Recuse. Ali, you can go. When I was like, you know a lot, you throw sake it still or go platinum pocket today. They could leave you when? Yeah, Every so serious room in the Beverly. Nando, look at some of that. You know, on a serious terrible itto is practical. Lam leprosy for customers intent under the car. I'll happy delivery, Landau. It's summer since conducted our nose, The drilling Lappi the lowest. Oh, no. So you're a practical, mature, a precision. 14. Arbol Navidad - Colores y tamaños: you're somebody Anything yet? Number sandpaper offender having Tlali Medio Lomas A tear Those mast Lord. Okay, uncle. Or you? Nothing. Or killed. No license to sell you. Christina. Let me smile to rise the tickets and see made records better Secures necesario tingling in Fukuoka Sambuca Marcel Ladders to the essence are saying the case was CNN. He will wipe it on a pink 11 in Marea Lomis More stop. Intolerable 1,000,000 within Abarca said Correct on that in a parka star. Perfect. I'm innocent rather Beto secret Indicate that on populations after indicate continuing Alina. Thank you. We have to start being a lot of e speaking. Yeah, you can maybe will help if some canola Politika live an allowable certain stroke toe your party. Nicky's a kid, age police and plethora Seriously, Most Americans to redeem us to step out in the media. Ikhwan, everything. How much country? That right in the name of the restaurant I can almost see. It would have been the last became. Yeah, I can imagine Iran The interest on delivery. Esto It's errant Ercolano The manuals, glories mining Gonna regularly work. Okay, Nobuko, look and have a different I was married Lima way upon their pockets. Immediately. Some colors complement our years in Gunther's the mysterious underestimates clan. Cohill Cooler tomorrow. But I personally don't better there a rest on dame school from the Yeah, underscore E s a family, Juanito. Some quarters Marcy go in. Escalators are suddenly 50 lives. They won't say he'd the in commerce. He was misconduct. Colores Media Post can color is me one Ito's Taliban was a complete Alistair Alito How come under there are lots of too much being tell us. Young astronomers hoping that a much stronger better and this is where they feel they introduced the strip to rather never mortal week are last bullet passed the color commercially to And this is especially true Tourondel up in tandem or delivering a kilo. Customers practice candles No extra places soon. Ah, a moment of the killer Emerson through the union lap If you seem tocar Philip Intolerable Accused on the upon their last let's party in the start of Alito, even though they don't stare at coming off the column is muggers handed? See? Order system. We defeated Lefevre will be tell a police practical. I remember you now. Hacer Siri close is erased. A. Okay, of course. The Moto No style Ambien. But it's going to the rectum and dont goto galore, especially they three years now Key. See the weapon? Little Nike commercial really took a no campus aeration. Poquito mas Africa. They took it on myself. I hope it on a lot of Alito it apart. Stop Tomato rojo color Complementary where they have become a silver salt are based on the lateral. They're going to take the video and a little Tambien Reina clunkers a con, especially after a hard last name Blanco e Tambien. Nor could I get a call rather radical contributed much rest and discourse has con este When they took a summer satelindo upon their large, believe that again. That means you're a key card already picking up Caroline, Texas Turkey is the Noto Guardiola Viele Spartans Get stung. Cumulus, I think in winning on problema and debris metal case. The car polito the lost and there were a lot of thieves. The toe harshly in the middle. It's but I think it is. That is this. The case recognises the landing 15. Arbol de Navidad - parte 1: Okay, let's hope the getting ready stance. Keep getting at least on getting an eastern city. Tell mental our bullet overstayed a little. Must pick in your case. Tom Case that the Anglo Pork Eric or that Obama setting that a then through the triangle until there's nobody toaster poor, then world record are key. Your key Ryan Poquito mas para cannibalize their better couple. Sotelo's police after Alomar's it must what we know. Things better the spirit. But all those good things will be better than my swam and thinking. People in the hold My uncle arrested and booked bottles correctly. Better than one better there. A person of color ticketing guys. Person capable. Rasca Scan Donnelly, Larry's best friend from high school. Hello dramas. Clara Loco Barrera Communal Those cooler days. Post police hearing and in the U joint. There's no one radio station Tokyo Amedeo Relations, asking me stuff. Thank you for seeing me think how much stuff we made up a lot of accorded Cannot In another e yes, were ahead or throw what the Lord see Neki, like a key secures legal. Can't buy years come a movie in the States Commodores and opposed to down. Director. No, you are up for him. Floors police. Morbid Moneda When I can see what is to a t the corner lookem early to mid second Street, Premera stressed, wrapped around him they re bajo can you see by the media? But allegory Lena rest 00 so much does he? And then there was lenticular liable for Casey Carrie Kahn, a schoolgirl peering GPO's He didn't literally that come into play. Look at it About seven more Sanders, my leg that the most stars spin, fellas, Poor Lassie and MPs in Maybe you You're getting talk with Julia whether we'd really in under better stopping made a partisan kids. But I couldn't hold it in their own because I quit. How much more interested in another way, you know? Yeah, you're ready in and no condom poco mas that, frankly, that money, when the record at the Mink Obama's will come in and poke a hole, is Korea's like a to those like you have a key way. If it will know Yaqui Way, a pair of those number key Kirsten level you don't well characterised camera, so it's like an annoying little burrito con cuenta bicommunal director Beki Arciero. Nurses have you okay, But usually get a hellish bath. You accumulate hatamoto maths. Okay, because so much practical precision noise necessary. Akator Village Beetle lovers Kinamore system weeping Others forget according kill all it in the most Capone air That's four litas on a struggle. A little bit more security k I enter sparked fears and blank When you're sitting in a local Delfina wake you molding Yeah Cocaina Former I get in a more salt around coming up with the congressional cholera speaker Salary friend Diego Costa Operator e reported low nurse punk I still secure liberates you to gnocchi made on Pokemon Serena No postal Bracke Notre Dame annually Mars See with everything took a LA peace means more time there Even we are way upon it a trip or to keep him blow away upon it into mine in programmers there on the truckers, etc. And there's a gain on its destination. Napolitano Iran Day per k C. What's one the bowlers color to scare teenage boys? Putting Kilar a colorless me understand is getting them in experimentation. O'Connell galore 16. Arbol de Navidad - parte 2: it must be made hours people are asking In Canada, a Needham Poco Continentals have a home last year are moors a feeler? Levels Bannatyne it considering poco mas, a massive cleanup party there will nominate a particular illiteracy Lizama Lesson says in the guests have in Dante's bombers are circuiting on Patmos. Inclination recorded que in the paint and others the most You open it became Yeah, because the hand is no bomb. Separate Sando Caloric intake. Alando, come here to the floor. Local time, Arsene in Libya telecast Amazon Vanessa momento to me But I am from P in a coma. Stamos Komada Me man Interesting. Columbus Alotta, Kick it out and cuenta conaway que stamping Dando bazaar One brothers off yellers Oviedo Killer Based on them us in a philadanco The lessons happy owned the K delicacy toasted rapido in the SSC from interception activity. Others take out their money Poco poco tickets for the last and don't face I get got book No , I get it When AKI I mean either come again, most of em a commando but a ski cavities must pc Muzi 50 por que but they cannot mean or cdo Yankee racking up in Pella Islam speaking as they put a implore key. We have all heard of the races to Colores, but really in our it's so yet does he is because you gotta take us. I mean the more loners big asi my life you can secure the Ariake and chaos is Clockers have really turned this Christianity really understand. Deliver that don't okay Mars must they landed there Quite a lot of air. The vapors The last course asked him as my boss today is terrible Itto Kekana are well, it does look a lot different. There's work in our movement Different paper kcom about Moscow kendo colored azaleas argument Technicolor co comma but in their own ah inspector wardrobe Seen observation Such the wood as colorful a Caribbean look about recuperate are is the draw for the public area model really large galore. Your feet will stomach Mauriac much attention. I came just a party Want a condo in most European Tando because the independent there's city Or I could remember palms up there accompanist dispersal in Blanco in the color based . He up with me there, particularly where stop working, not allergies. Popular's cannot kill them, Blanco when I was little. Miss Mata Manu. Dr Salama. Hardest in the kitchen, which appears so wackiness is is I don't really do much picking. He put it, could put him pro keep with that fit on a bulletin. Podcasts People may be on the but I think believe it if they stop monotone Grandkids came here kiwi upon their own opera ticket. And we're seeing deal based? Yes, the way Cuban on Are you not key or ready? Aaron Turk Alando, You cast secular haria. Yeah, Utopia thing Go. So the rookie, the last people asking me will study. Yeah. And this elemental particles a squint American on a horse off Walton wannabe operation Premier, give me five is how little me important? Well, someone took home Okolobo in between and uncle ever. That's killing record is merely gris outer. Look away after years Go home color my wrong king not Ryan Media ecudr level. You get run level in regular tongue and you know no one remembers your city to lock in low level. This came together a bra a little less than happy When Ramos Horta sick on multiple Proyecto s every little enough e que remarkably Catalans. Those cautious cameras Apprendi the Doctor O'Connell a role Kemoko novel in every day 17. Regalo Navidad - Práctica 1: way more celebrated numero tres the statistic or saw the AKI Llamosa placard loves those causes. Camera separate Needle on this Anderson that there is protectors. But on Ladder Mama's happily Karol conceptually lighting as they feel the super upon the car passed Ballet mama to said Premier Gonna stop us. Almost trust concept a e bomber sap Prepare ministers three meters, 50 years parapet That a step a little. They never pre medical care problem. But I've stared, Alito said. They cases puller Sr there is my neighbors different. Is that really an adult? Nothing like I said on a core element. Confident, ravenous. The car. So particular about compassion. FEMA, yes. And there's the tires on the way. Get a standing, But But mostly they had to start a car in the understandable More so even in practice card . No party area. Riva is the party that really they still point Opener Santa Carlo, where fair is too deep Political. A sketch on his converse our doors. My dear Biddle, we have no role Voters. Taranaki, We're commode Army, but failed in the manicure state. Gromada you were for real esta manana. The thorough See our key or a key is more util walking corners or belittle Siraj Bullet us But I cook in the Calabria. Okay, I'm not alone. A particulary in a little louder I'm really put it over since I can't get I'm going back to you Pace asi the party Mercifully cars have spent a lot as a symbol bring people and from this constant or principio without a little Yeah, I'm really in that. See? I see. Yes, we open the vacuum Boco David Italy Get off the core that simply so they after the coma our stroke a little percentage mask. Amado's in your even fair like, um percent X like my mental image. Malcolm Marshall, Tito s tacos in the color laws. Really hard system The inter color lowers plus colorist is the feed noble? No other. They load Racine Okay. With hundreds packing trailer's probably character color and contentment in the Muskoka Cordaro me smile cake almost daily on the Cain about the name Amos Cappas. Keep it down to the little coloration. Poco mas said two hours did the most with absolutely no tocar must be that I was getting the most A lot also very Does he stand on with us 18. Regalo Navidad - Practica 2: on the in LA Tony in the Medea. Go home. You Aquino Britain ever committed like actual. We apprehend the mass. Yeah, maybe that cable we shall be in the match they put up with that galore. Sawaki a pre ato e. Coli. See Napolitano Saleh Premarin A person I've ever kill. A call about a seem to go hand in hand with that motor stocks, anything. Where is he? Well, if you don't get my whole happy to Herbert, we're being very likable. We don't know either by their almost holed up in the realtor Lado with everything that is told me all your stuff, Kitamura, he don't mean your uppercase came mirror Shootem Ashfaque feel fellow in this type of store checking out Go home color. Yeah, What's they came on the Connecticut as well. He doesn't. Celadon Marsh, Pick Kenya's oh musket on this mother endeavor Delinquent after McBean se my left. See me pin Sell your routinely hole. I see everybody manera model Dita it said have been said I like a tangle with a Hornbuckle mass employees are base And so one couple starting law 18th in Bullied Upton in the initial hoste Mass Venus Omar Ahmad Evita's oppo Um My poquito Ah ha Prieto Live on for your Ah Prieto 11 When the little head really is mass community s case a team they're finished mostly foot in parentheses. Interstellar Morocco. But it's using birth and death of Robocop Poco It's a welcome. A controversy Almost a parenthesis Seki Okay, area Syria Kamala Cora Cora Heat person Hospital pesos and nothing that gets a little up People a c chord Kendo Better We know so much has told. We broke up Poco the European celebrate our low this poise Live on Darla. What's working? Literally being used to people. 19. Regalo Navidad - Base: the tape that makes me that much. I'm hopeful that your C Mama Tokyo graffito, You know, I was up on that. So how can our movie in a remarkable Lanka? So I've seen that Porky yet in the remorse A list person Blanco vista a thin don't know in a word, he is a partner. Sorters a session of fianca sit in a cell where they put little communicable. Case was sent there. Hell, it's like 1/2 2nd in Moto casement that Stacy? No, they're for my serious Implement them. Ok, d Amato See in the four motherfucker Alito Bushwick on a lap. If mark area most don't the standoff in drawers Do you think seem tocar in nappies? Claro, esto is standing Mars complete Carlo or can imagine Looked like a real happy They look a harmless personal uncle in the very is what a day police hope that what? I still see him. No Iraqi. So what? I'm in there. It must complete cover the Carola Press's young marketing potential with Although they're not so far. Really, it is nearly lapis. Terrorist in local pool are giving subtle not lenient Blanca saying medio it's also, um I've been doing that for people. You can only Juanito. It's one efecto west on this in the UK there are some other manners culminating with a very toasty post area. They could outlaw bacteria. Everybody put him below on. A special heat has committed to end this. I don't think most European is not at all Mr Paktika against a square. Alito's machine. Others cannot know. What should they e k if they my name the headrest position Blanco metal To understand the complicated was in the car so well, but I feel like it in the bin. But up in we happened that on whether at all Ah, the smoke alarm. Miss Cannon Pocket of the color test alone over the oak A pair of school pin My God put on the kid Ok, mate, about this gun? Yes, the Latina mass Me city over there still makes it them in Canton. Hillary A 1,000,000. And don't disperse it literally to the Harlem bartering maybe. Oh, well, I think that in the most crucial pianist Well, what was going on? A worship tape Or, you know what time was the hundreds? But it's in the table or in What? Famers Not like those people 1/3 time. Lucky says that cooler DeSoto Yes, We have a lot of those up. Finish masculine. We want task in Pokhara. Personal. Okay. Paktika Masaki Maeda must article were Go head to stay this stillness. Kina, we have said being a lot of us coma last practical weapons there alot I mean the that can't we? You know everybody live on toe me that Kiki I want efecto the car. Comical Apunta Meyer Solo, you know? But he says that I'm in right yards oak, whether every tour. So please call our local market ice. You know what other fellows potatoes coming, I think, was the humble way it's run its course from this me picking Nieto's I would get numb because our system they can know I'm basing my no Nikki police acidic a left on this I mean police a federal city names connote gorilla Metallica. But it was he coming to me that depict a magical meat boy. The woman's have it out of the market. That'll particle tape and and washy When we took with at all when we took with that as he normal meant, that was she taped, Noticed, not aggressive, Open in popular. Seeking not only is getting near me, it'll put your so I see no police. Is there a purpose and this better way structures that Fiat is testing Amanita Inaki, finish this person there that you will Yes, however, isn't the perfect Oriental medical solitude. Burying he cannot do is continue without became obstructed. Kalombo Co. The lowest Obama say that Colonel strives for Stella's affinity us but American one, the skin on this throat like a little in Nevada. 20. Regalo Navidad - Adorno: boy, no morphine in another momento picked up most, throwing a little UK support standing my difficult. The last classes as the killer. Obama's operators, they harden, was, uh, no Mr Laminate. The most received practical first at the very couple, regulating almost the most trying record. The Muslim popular's concept. Er's e yellow Mexico Heading west. The unity of the American affair is the Mukhtar Latif, formally Rigoletto La Bien, sent with dollars by Lipa at the nearest path. You property very well. Run a little boehlje mark are moucheboume intake laugh water mouth, Children a little Remember you, Mark are still concerned. Can I Point Ozaki K's intersex Janka mercado? But I m Poko elfin Throw Portland doing up Assad a lot of special same Blanco he android sandal on getting over stunned Economist Anthea The Bullets are in the capital number. There's kissed Liam in my movie empire, a theorist at Lena's and Media. If something is that maybe you may wanna pet of the Year parking garage. We have seen that as we have a sarcoma liberating milieu. But I saw a spoon walkie. When you call Mr Mark your calendars see para mayor, they will wonder case we go head to stare a hole e welcome on the way Amounted to less practical skills Suck Organized a party for them in Este Carso will point of us there Isn't that sexy on? We have got on Poco Baruchel. Apologize Weighed on Poco in the it up for some farmers are thinking up in philosophy. Love record. I guess that means a lot of us said. But said much being a Latina con el mismo galore we have fit. What? They're being pinata. Innotrac. Direccion No Soloway Inter Kalar now poor Cecile need on their stripping handle. Seen autumn in Campbell's toman yours the local being done by him The Caracas store are famous Baruchel Color Caleb Industry Widow No, we have not over salary, you know. Can we have you know, American Cooler Winter Qalandiya, Your article in the far said they work with Milen so stop Vicky locate a slap on Mars. It's that it's temperament. I don't know Practical me precision. Don't go. You got a little bean, William before the Norman area Get up a little help in. Tell me they're gonna stop until intersex Ian R c mirrors with a march facility. Hodess pop you in three in three. Is that those people out? Isn't that gorgeous? Choke with? Are you gonna protest a fundo Yogi or boo? Yeah, explica Alicia Penis. Get a nice 21. Regalo Navidad - Capa base: people the most. The cigar tomato. I'm in a little. The problem was the heresy Have security looping that, you know, we affair. But APRA, Notre Sarno, Spiro Quest, um, book with them in their criticism. Police the heart in police and hearts. A car in a caloric allure for kcc precise, accidental meant opponent. Immature. Okay, you're stopping battle. Have also put upon a pit coloration. So glad Molly, You know at this time a fresco No way up in the lap. Es pirelli mascara came together, Supported everything through him Blanco boy L'Academie poquito happy. You have a sour look accumulated. Me that gonna be said we Evercore Endo I'll throw in a door they look a pinto We have the third of the kind of us on this path you alot We ate Mr Candle poco poco But they are Stalingrad on point on Erica Human Santa Because in that state of acrimony that no, we had a cut on this person. When we picking you forget one tomar subpoenas hairstyle in Lanka, Marcy filibustered Rocca yo mounting only places Young has taken away the hot dusty. Yeah, it's so for low class people that Sarah and not a real happy spitters Carry mass The Cardinals patio in Blanco, Alameda. Thank you so perfect them Anything based is telepathy. Throwing of the Estancia in the rocker Sleeping Daniela Cuadrilla Lappi It's so so. I'm intel. What a most Coloccini's name. Medio Jackson. Lt. Nasal media. Last getting in k k R M Blanco National Trust No personnel and see him with Okita line Seem a lap is and crucially bashing Cocopa Antimonopoly Bali is calling starting its interest corners getting open, inadequate Mulcahy Loca. But up all that a Ferris talking as being a portal here. How do we get there? May not be in that place. That's what little they had no respect. There's a medium Well, Uncle Local. Yeah, Clinton arms Almost a time doesn't business It is to squat a little sick It exposes and have cigar party Areva get I mean, ocw a out of them. Or so they caught up with a little Europe thing. Go through keeping technical of intel on this but our parabola one parent and video recorder sports. But if you'd I stuck it in a more sucky 22. Detalles finales: we understand. Look away. Up there is what are apart the Lappi. They literally took up intel over its cakey Sampo. Quite happy you bought a stock picker's tequila. Promedio Kato is from political law that acquired See it already Another. You see Komaki bicycles can pickle Canaletto Perfecto person Allah Burkittsville accorded less time with up with 1/4 heat My left. But I think it was that 10 years is more important Tickle According last, their mass confident advocate a fondue getting grammars. You didn't go to school. We took around the common uses to inter color time and you just time will be in particular someone Ada Cinecitta movie You know bullion on a party Simply put all Takahira window When the march taking out wanted Anita Mars became You know what? When we cannot afford a Kia come under the filled with coal eaters Either Cordero's case does the various municipalities that they're going to live over there solo pieces that Claudia's secret 19 turnovers with Hillary we don't ever think about Day three in our total have stayed close for a composer affair is really Takara woken America in or C Dangle wouldn't see the way. Okay. I want to get together from Bukoba Seal. What's I mean about the apple? The apple near I want to tell you mass able to come back to you. A key is to say the FBI letters took a spin. Alice. He ascended Soulama Psych eval. No strong drink a little bit. Now we that I would have see gunnery course Oyak about Obama's have aid the case it Greta El Prado Penal gave I saw their baristas classes. 23. Proyecto final: you know the Spirit and Ghost Arlotto. The last many classes Comercio offend. Oh, you poor support sold. Respect us, Thomas. Your property. Candle cooperate. Open apples is coherent. Calcula restaurants post Alice came O'Steen battle Yes, Last Badia CNN's Toki rest cigarettes for the CDA me instagram e a reporter as their last defendant is for CNN's KO thing. Go there. Stay classy. If they're supposed Alistair, we've been done a Percocet awareness in speeder mothers like Amigo Yesterday, Empathy and former to protect Athena There's been motionless that Brooks in my class tickets.