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Positive Psychology Concepts: How to maintain Motivation and Increase Productivity!


Positive Psychology Concepts: How to maintain Motivation and Increase Productivity!


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11 Lessons (21m)

    • 2. Course Project *

    • 3. Guidance and Growth through Awareness

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About This Class

In this Introduction Course I share the concept of Positive Psychology, why it is important and what must first be overcome order for Positive Psychology Concepts to succeed. 


This course is inspired by Susan Jeffers Ph.D. book Feel the Fear …And do it Anyway!

Growing is a VITAL part of life and FEAR will be present with growth and change!

It is simple.

If you aren’t changing or growing you are staying the same!

Through my courses my goal is to make sure you all leave feeling hopeful for the future and with new skills you can utilize on your own personal journey!

I look forward to the journey of growth we will embark on TOGETHER


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1. INTRODUCTION: with the help of Dr Susan Jeffers book, Feel the fear and do it. Anyway, I will guide you through my course and share with you. The insights have gained to help you overcome fear. If you're anything like me, you're interested in fear because it has a direct effect on how you take control of your life or black there. How we handle fear will either enable or hinder our ability to take control of her life. It's something that we've encountered and will continue to face for the rest of our lives. With the help of Dr Susan Jeffers and her desire to ensure that no one is left in chains to their own fears, I want to share with you a few skills that I've learned habits of broken as well as new mindsets I've formed that enables me to feel the fear and do it in. I am incredibly excited to share all of the information that I've learned in this book with you. So let's get start 2. Course Project *: of course project throughout this course. So you will be creating an empowerment of resource guide that will be something can walk away with as reminders of things you have learned and things you're promising yourself to do in order to overcome fear and keep your path in order to complete this empowerment resource guide at the end of each lesson, you must ask yourself two questions. One. What have I learned in two? How will I now use what I've learned in this lesson? To take the progressive steps towards overcoming the fear that I have listed on the first to start on the front or on the top of the page? However you decide on laying out this empowerment resource guide right? One fear that you can think of on the top of your head that you want to overcome. This one fear will be the guide in the basis throughout every single lesson and after every single lesson, this fear will be the basis for two questions. What did I learn? And how can I use what I learned to overcome this 3. Guidance and Growth through Awareness: In this chapter, Dr Jeffers guides me through the incredibly beneficial beginning steps to ignite change. A task required to conquer this goal is to accept and become aware that something needs to change. It requires stepping outside of yourself to view yourself or even gaining insights from those around you. But filtering that information to cater towards your own personal progress. Sometimes insights from those around you might not be the best based off of their perspective, and not what would truly be best for you. When you complete this first step, it'll open several doors for your healing. You'll gain new insights to contribute to your new journey of growth and freedom. You'll gain the mental strength to break through your fear and take progressive steps towards accomplishing your goals. It's as if you're letting you the universe know how serious you are and therefore have awakened all of the teachers that the universe has to help you to reach your destination. This is also the stage where you're more open to accepting that help because you're aware of something that needs to happen. You desperately want to change, but you're unsure how you're more willing to take in information from others. I have insights to support your growth. I learned that power lies and listening to those who have overcome similar situations, not necessarily if they've been through the same exact things, is you. But you have to remember that we all cater circumstances. To our own perspective. My eagerness to change enabled me to be more open to accepting information from numerous. Resource is like, such as people, books, new experiences. What can tremendously help. Your growth is connecting with others who are on the same journey as you who've already walked the same path as you before. One thing that I know I am obsessed with is a learning from those that are already tubers because I am studying to be a full time youtuber. So I'm always watching what successful YouTubers do, how they started out. The resource is they use their morning and evening routines, their schedules, things like that. It doesn't mean that you have to do exactly what everyone else is doing. I've learned toe watching, listen, but filter and cater all of the knowledge that I've gained for my own path, utilize it on your own journey in a way that empowers you and inspires change further In this chapter, Dr Jeffers teaches me that fear can be broken down into levels. One level has to do with your inner thoughts. Your inner thoughts are a direct reflection of how you're coping with life's obstacles. Sometimes, in trying to protect yourself from fears, you limit yourself in experiences you would have had in return, missing out on a growth opportunity. Sometimes it's a cycle that you aren't even aware of. For example, if you have a fear of making new friends, that would be associated with the fear of going out. Because there's a chance of you making new friends, which in return would turn into a fear of applying for jobs, which would turn into a fear of doing that because of fear of gaining new clients. Another level is the fear of not being able To him. A direct quote that brought about new insights for me is at the bottom of every one of your fears is the simple fear that one can't handle whatever life may bring you. To overcome this fear, you'll have to work on techniques to build yourself up. You have to strengthen your confidence and believing that you can and will handle whatever comes your way because you've already handled so much and you've already come so far. The only way to overcome your I can't handle it attitude is to do just that. Take action, handle it. Taking action will continually build your confidence and strengthen your mental space and handling fear. Over time, this empowering chapter has been all about taking action for Chapter one of your empowerment resource journal. I want you to reflect on a fear that she want to overcome. Write it on the top of the page or if you kind of created a journal, kind of write it on the front and I want you to write this. I'm looking forward to blame and seeing what growth this will bring to my life. So I'm looking forward to overcoming the fear of and seeing what growth and change this will bring about to my life. Under that, I want you to list the little things you can do that contribute to you doing the thing that got you to the promise you made yourself. That sounded a little confusing underneath the fear or on the next page. I want you to write little things little baby steps that you can take towards overcoming that. So say you have a fear of spiders. That's one of my biggest fears. I'm not gonna work about anytime soon. I would write spiders on the front and on the second page a little thing that I would write would be to draw pictures of spiders, put pictures of spiders around my room, watch videos of spiders, can get my just to kind of get myself more comfortable with that fear and getting comfortable with the fear. I get familiar with it. We become friends. Get it. I found it very beneficial toe list, the things that are easiest at the top of the list and the more difficult tasks towards the bottom. This way, you're able to go back and start from the top of the list and look back to see how far you've come 4. HOW?: this'll chapter teaches you what you must do to grow stronger towards encountering fear and congratulations. You've already completed the first step to overcoming fear awareness. When you become aware of the things that limits you, you will be able to take the steps to break free of those barriers. In order to start building the blocks to your self confidence, you must take all of the little step this required. All change is uncovered. Once you become comfortable with being uncomfortable, you will be able to grow the mental muscle you use to break through mental barriers that are holding you back. Great fear will never go away as long as we continue to grow, because growing involves doing things you've never done before and venturing into uncharted territory as well as taking new risk that you've never seen nor experience. The only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is to go out and do the very thing that scares you, or at least take the baby steps that contribute towards overcoming, said fear. There are always a lot of little things you can do that lead up to overcoming that one large fear is a hole. If you're not familiar with fear, you will see it as a signal to retreat instead of pushing through to move forward. Once you become familiar with growing your relationship with fear, you get better at dealing with fear. There is incredible power and repetition because we cannot escape fear. We must make it. Our friend Dr Jeffers lists five truths about fear. One is the fear I will never go away as long as you continue to grow. Two is that the only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is to do it. Three. The only way to feel better about myself is to go out and do it for not only am I going to experience fear whenever I'm on unfamiliar territory, so is everyone else. By pushing through, fear is less frightening than living with. The underlying fear that comes from a feeling of helpless is 5. FROM PAIN TO POWER WITHIN YOUR WORDS- PART 1: in this chapter, I gained new insights on the power I have over my own life and the changes I can make that will make a big difference in my progress. The two things that we all have power over our our vocabulary and our mindset. There must be a shift in how you think about fear in order to overcome it. For example, if we all have fear, yet some are successful despite then, fear is not the problem. The problem is how we choose to cope with fear, whether it be retreating or pushing forward. It is our will. It is the actions we choose to make on a daily basis that accounts for the overall success of our lives. I understand a lot of things are easier said than done. I believe this is so because most things require actions, not just words, and actions require a lot more effort than words. Being uncomfortable trying new things, changing Who wants to do that right? My bed is so much warmer and my dog is, I found it important to handle fear by getting out of a mindset of pain, paralysis, poverty, victim, any kind of negative mindset. that limits you in your beliefs and goals to a position of power, their strength and gaining power within yourself and not over others. Desiring power over others can create negative, manipulative behaviors that can weaken your power in numerous ways. Those that are focusing on lifting themselves up tend to have a habit of lifting others up a swell. Keep this behavior to create Hae mo mentum around you to keep you strong on the days you aren't feeling too powerful. You are the company you keep. I found it incredibly important to gain power with in yourself by love, self growth gratefulness and other techniques that can create positive energy and strength within yourself. In order to be powerful, you have to be in control of all aspects of your life. Understand that new experiences always challenge your personal power or your comfort zone just because new experiences are uncomfortable and you have to break through that to find freedom 6. FROM PAIN TO POWER -PART 2: I also gained new insights on the power words have on the quality of my life. I've always been saying your words are powerful, but I definitely learned that certain words are destructive and harsh. Others can strengthen and heal. Reshaping your vocabulary will gradually have an impact on the direction of your life journey. For example, saying I can't implies that you have no control over your life, saying I won't put the situation in a realm of truth and choice. Let's try a simple verbal exercise unless you're a visual. Larry, go ahead, get out of paper and a writing utensil because I am so I don't blame you. Complete each sentence and right whether you feel each sentence gives you a positive or negative outlook on how you're choosing to spend your money based off the word she chose in relation to money. Let's try this simple exercise. Complete these two sentences and tell me how you feel about them both. I cannot spend money on this because Blank I will not spend money on this because 7. FROM PAIN TO POWER -PART 3: and feel the fear and do it any way. I learned that your subconscious Onley Here's what you tell it and doesn't feel what you feel your sense of self will change with your alter vocabulary as well as with the energy went out into the world. People who display inner strength are treated differently than those who come across as a week. If you tell your subconscious, you can't. It puts you in a position of weakness. Sometimes when you aren't feeling it, it's OK to fake it until you make it yell to yourself you can. While that small voices whispering my favorite affirmations involves sticking its and paper napkins. If you've seen my room to a video on my YouTube channel, my room is surrounded with positive affirmations. My happy place. Get stuff done. She believes she could. So she did believe have been so many affirmations surrounded my work area. So whenever I look up, whenever I'm debating Lee from our purpose, whenever I'm a little unconsummated, I'm focused feeling down. I can just simply look up, keep in mind each time you cope with the world, the more powerful you become in overcoming future obstacles most of us are filled with old conditioning that's keeping us week. When you don't use it, you lose it. It takes time to create inhabits, and you must discipline yourself and stay consistent in order to succeed. The more you see bad experiences his life lessons, you'll gain the knowledge to grow rapidly. Notice how most tips have a lot to do with the power within yourself. Didn't kill your old life until you rid yourself of your negative or limiting belief system , you should commit to actively working on strengthening that muscle. One practice I learned from reading this book was to plan a risk each night toe overcome the next day. Whether you deem it smaller, Big Planet and tackle it. Taking action, not talking is the only way to grip. 8. WHETHER YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN OR YOU CAN'T, YOU'RE RIGHT!- PART 1: in this chapter, I learned how to reclaim my power and gain the strength to take more intentional actions towards overcoming fears that block success on my journey. This simple sentence holds a lot of power control what you can and let go of what you can. We're all in control of how we react to the obstacles we encounter on a daily basis, taking ownership in reacting in a way that lets the universe no, you understand your mistakes, and you now know what to do to fix. It can change the course of the direction of your life tremendously. Taking responsibility and having little to no anger during the learning process is a sign you were on the right track. When you're not taking ownership, you keep yourself in a position of pain, not understanding the problem or what who cost it. You'll continue in that cycle and relearn the same thing over and over again until you get it. This will decrease your ability to handle fear or any other difficult learning experience that comes your way, and a victim mindset will surely keep you powerless to a Jew and staying far away from a victim mindset. you must figure out what you want in life and take actions towards attaining it. The chatterbox in your head will increase because of the fear of the unknown, which, when you think about it, none of us have ever lived this life before. So we're all truly in a state of a knowing. But when you manage those negative thoughts, it will increase your mental strength and resilience. Visualisation will be incredibly helpful for those who don't feel a strong just to yet and overcoming those mental barriers. Whether you visualize scarcity or abundance, it will be yours whether you believe you can or you can't your rights. So surround yourself with positive affirmations. Imagine and visualize yourself in different positions of power, and it will gradually increase your confidence and build momentum. The key is to not blame yourself for being upset when you encounter tough situations. But to reset, try to find a different perspective than the one you normally are comfortable with. Hiding behind 9. WHETHER YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN OR YOU CAN'T, YOU'RE RIGHT!- PART 2: In her book, Dr Jeffers, give seven tips to regaining your power number one. Avoid casting blame. Taking ownership will increase your power and your ability to handle the same situation next time. And there is truly nothing new under the sun. This is an expression that has been said over and over, but what has already happened has already happened before in a different variation during a different point in time. So relax. It's OK. You can handle it to have patients with yourself for not always being in control. I found that freedom lies and letting go. Letting go allows others to lead and for you to put be put in a position of learning to gain new insights. Different perspectives more confident. Number three. Be aware that you're not taking responsibility because step number one is what Number four . Familiarize yourself with your inner chatterbox. Once you become friends with your chatterbox, you're able to easily cope with that chatterbox and eventually overcome that chatter. Five. Figure out what keeps you stuck. I feel like this also goes along with awareness. Six. Determine what you want in life and act upon it. It gets a little repetitive but there's power and repetition in analyzing yourself. And seven. Be aware of the many choices you have. Choose the path that contributes to your growth and makes you feel at peace with yourself as well as with others. I learned to have patience with myself when it comes to the learning process. As a previous education student, I learned that all students in take and perceive information differently, and that's important to know because it's important. As a teacher, you have to have different teaching styles in order to connect with students with different learning styles. 10. FOCUS ON THE PERSONAL GOALS YOU'VE CREATED! THEY ARE VALUABLE!: in chapters five and six. I gained new insights on developing a mindset that fuels my actions towards achieving my goals. Chapter five refers to an attitude of newfound positiveness. This chapter emphasizes on how you react to situations and how your reactions have an effect on your mental emotional as well as your physical well being. 90% of what we worry about never actually happens in half the time. It's never as bad as we expect it to be, so why not use your mental energy on investing in a growth mindset? Only focus on what you can control. Chapter five sets of Chapter six nicely in discussing aware Now that we've gained new insights, it's time to become aware of what we can change and gain the power to take baby steps towards overcoming a fear. Awareness is the first step to change. Notice the consistency noticed the repetition. When people are used to seeing you act a certain way, they get comfortable. When you seem to want to grow as a person, the pattern of their comfort level is broken and disagreements start to arise. This could bring a fear of you moving forward of them seeing you move forward and a fear of you leaving them because of your new journey. At this time, it's important to take a hard look at the people in your life and ask questions. Do these people inspire, or do you motivate me? Do they encourage or discourage me? Do I feel contaminated by their negativity? It will be incredibly beneficial to your success to control those you surround yourself with. Surrounding yourself with those smarter than you will be important towards you. Like minded individuals tend to motivate and encourage one another their own understanding of each other. Before you know it, you'll be a reflection of those you're surrounding yourself with. Once you start to make changes, it will be natural for you to experience resistance. In my own personal experience, I've noticed every single time I sit down to calendar block or create a goal, there's instantly, always some kind of resistance. Is this the universe is asking, How bad do you really want this dash in overcoming that resistance have gained the strength to overcome teacher obstacles. This strength has allowed me to create a healthy path interacting with people. I've also discovered so much about myself 11. END: now. How do you feel? Confident we're still a little scared in this course. I covered the 1st 6 chapters of Dr Susan Jeffers Book. Feel the fear and do it. Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed all of the insights. And I hope that you now have some powerful resource is in tools to overcome the fear that you've listed on the front of your empowerment resource guy. I hope that this guide you're able to use to nurture your journey and fuel your success.