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Positive Psychology - 21 Ways to increase your happiness

Simon Kenny, Live the life you want...

Positive Psychology - 21 Ways to increase your happiness

Simon Kenny, Live the life you want...

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22 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction Ways to Increase Your Happiness

    • 2. Be Honest with yourself

    • 3. Share your feelings

    • 4. Breathe

    • 5. Appreciate yourself

    • 6. Laugh

    • 7. Notice the world around you

    • 8. Keep Learning

    • 9. Have goals

    • 10. Find ways to bounce back

    • 11. Take a positive approach

    • 12. Be comfortable with who you are

    • 13. Be part of something bigger

    • 14. Hold on to your values

    • 15. Accept the good reject the bad

    • 16. Imagine the best

    • 17. Do things you love

    • 18. Find Purpose

    • 19. Listen to your heart

    • 20. Push yourself not others

    • 21. Be open to change

    • 22. Bask in simple pleasures

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About This Class

Do you want to be happy? Of Course you do, we all do, but sometimes finding the key to our own happiness can be incredibly difficult.

Happiness can be found in many different areas of our lives and in many different ways, whether it is having a passion about something we do, a person we love, a belief system or religion or our relationship with nature.

The key to happiness is different for everybody, but sometimes we can forget what that is, or we can be so caught up 'life' that we forget 'how' to be happy on a consistent basis. 

Using the 21 proven methods found in the videos and by monitoring your progress using the attached questionnaire, you can find the best methods for you to increase your happiness.

When you finish the class, you’ll have a better understanding not only of what makes you happy, but ways in which you can help make other people happy.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Simon Kenny

Live the life you want...


You don't need to be religious to be spiritual and you don't need to be a scientist to believe in The Theory of Evolution.

Although not a religious person, Simon has a strong affinity toward Buddhism, Zen, Hinduism, Far Eastern and Western Philosophy and Yoga and the life and history of Jesus Christ; but he also firmly supports science; to quote Richard Dawkins, "Science is the Poetry of Reality"

Simon describes his interest in religion combined with his belief in science as being "Scientifically Spiritual." 

Simon's books, videos and recordings, provide scientifically backed, tested or proven methods for improving your day to day life and the lives of those around you whilst simultaneously questioning ideas of the paranormal and pseudoscience.

When not ... See full profile

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1. Introduction Ways to Increase Your Happiness: Genetics may cook 50% of our ability to be happy, outside influences make up approximately 10 percent and the remaining 40 percent is our jets are known. We all have within us the innate ability to experience happiness. Or for some people, finding that happiness can be much more difficult than it is for others. Although happiness is in our genes, it is much more superficial in some people than it is in others. Syllables were born wearing our happiness and our sleeves, while still others is much more difficult to see. It's Perry so far onto the surface that we really have to work to get it out and put it on display. Many factors can influence our ability to display happiness. Even though it's within us, it can be very deepening thick layers of negative emotion, mass by feelings of pain, childhood trauma, insecurity, loneliness, self-loathing, ego, anxiety, stress, learned helplessness, behavioral habits, and negative thought patterns. The most wonderful thing is that the happiness genes can be influenced. Meaning that we'd life experiences, kind loving relationships, supportive friends and family, purpose and meaning, exercise, and so on and so on. Anybody can overcome their genetic predisposition towards on happiness and work towards being happier. 2. Be Honest with yourself: Before you can even begin to start making yourself happier, you need to identify the root cause of your own happiness. And in order to do this, you need to be completely honest with yourself. As mentioned earlier in the course, depression can often be the source of our own happiness. And quite often we may not even realize that we're depressed. But sometimes even people who don't have depression can be desperately unhappy or not, not the underlying cause. First, to find the true source of our own happiness, we could ask ourselves some questions. Remember, you need to be completely honest with your answers. You can start by asking yourselves questions like these. When do I feel most unhappy? Am I happy? My job? Am I have to remind girlfriend, boyfriend, significant other? Am I worried about money or am I in deaths? Am I happy with where I am in my life? Where do I want to be in 1251025 years? Is there anything in my life right now preventing me from achieving my long-term goals. These are just a few examples, but I'm sure you can find lots more questions. So ask yourself to help understand the source of your own happiness. Identifying the source of our own happiness can be an unpleasant experience, especially if we realize that it is a loved one or relationship that is the root cause for feeling the way we do. But we only have one shots are living a happy and rewarding life. If something or somebody is preventing us from achieving that, then we need to take steps towards fixing that problem no matter how painful and maybe short-term pain for long-term gain. 3. Share your feelings: If you're feeling down or under the weather, it's crucially important to say how you feel, whether that's to another person or just out loud to yourself. What do you feel? Sad, mad, angry, or afraid. Share it with somebody. Don't hold it in. Awkwardly. Soap will only make you feel worse in the long road. When we share our thoughts, our feelings, and our emotions with others, especially those we love, it can feel like a great weight has been lifted off our shoulders. And although sharing our negative feelings with others may not automatically solve the issue, it will almost certainly make you feel much better about the situation when we share our negative feelings with friends or loved ones. It will also open up more opportunities to find a reason for what it is that's bothering us and help us find the solutions, resolving the issue, and get back to our happy selves. After all, two heads or more and better than one. But what if nobody is around to share your feelings with? Well, if you have nobody to share your feelings with, then you still need to find a way to let its outs. So you could ask yourself why you're feeling the way you do. Ask it out loud if need be asked yourself why you feel sad, mark, angry, or afraid as yourself. What you can do to make yourself feel less negative and more positive, better still, write it down, especially if you often find yourself having negative feelings. Rising it's in a journal, may help you to identify a pattern. Keep a note of where you were, what you were doing, and who you are with. Going back through your journal on a regular basis can help you to identify the patterns and triggers in your own or other's behavior that make you feel the way you do when you feel down. Knowing the source of your negative emotion that can help you to prevent it occurring in the future. 4. Breathe: Although breathing is autonomy, that is, we don't have to think about it in order to do it. That doesn't mean that we don't have a say in how we do it. If we hold our breath for as long as possible, eventually, our body's autonomic nervous system will kick in and override our incentive to stop breathing and forces to let out a breath and begin breathing properly again. Taking a few moments to focus on our breath can help us to calm our body and our emotions down when we're feeling particularly anxious or in a bad mood. Try this simple breathing exercise and remember, you don't have to feel stressed, anxious, or in a bad mood to benefit from this set leak. You can do this anywhere. At anytime. Setting orchestrates whilst in a chair or sitting on the floor, close your eyes and put 100 in the center of your chest and the other end of your valuable. Suddenly. Take a deep breath in through your nose whilst counting slowly to aids. As you breathe in, feel your belly expands with the breath. Hold your breath. For accounts of eight. Excel your breath slowly through your nose for the counts of 10. Repeats three times. You should now feel much more relaxed. The beauty about breathing exercises is that making be done anywhere, anytime tried to embed, to feel fully relax before you go to sleep. 5. Appreciate yourself: How can you feel happy if you don't appreciate just how absolutely awesome you are. Each of us is incredibly privileged to be on this planet. The biologist, Richard Dawkins, as repeatedly stated, that the potential number of different people that called a being created from our DNA is greater than the number of sand grains in Arabia. Put simply the set of possible people allowed by the DNA that we recreated from so massively exceeds the amount of actual people living. We are the privileged people who win the lottery of birth. Why waste that gift? Being unhappy? Don't move yourself. How can you expect anybody else sick? 6. Laugh: Laughing is one of the most natural things we do as human beings. Yes, sadly, we don't laugh nearly enough. The world seems to be all about bad news these days. Well, it says if you watch the news regularly, It's almost like we thrive on it. For reasons I'm unsure of. New stations only seem to focus on what's wrong with the world and rarely records unhappy events or if they do, it's usually a 30-second segment reserved for the end of the program. Surely there are more stories of happiness happening around the world. For many people across the world, there is nothing to laugh about family in Africa, war in Palestine and the Middle East, communism in China and North Korea. But for those of us fortunate enough to live in the Western world, we have plenty to smile and laugh about. Even if it's just something as simple as making more pies with the kids or dancing in the rain. For such fortunate people, we don't have complained along and laugh very literally. Laughing is good for us and incredibly infectious. It's incredibly difficult not to laugh when somebody else is doubled over in stitches. When we laugh, our brains release endorphins, the feel-good chemicals that puts it into a heightened state. And the more we laugh, the more endorphins our brains release. The short-term effects of laughter. I've been scientifically proven to relieve stress, suit tension, and stimulate your heart and lungs and kidneys through the intake of oxygen-rich air. The long-term effects of laughter can improve your immune system, relieve pain, improve your overall mood, and help you deal with difficult situations. We don't laugh because we're happy. We're happy because we live. 7. Notice the world around you: The world is such a beautiful place, the somos to see in nature. But we're usually too caught up in our work and our social and family lives that we fail to see all of us is beautiful around us. For many people, the idea of being in nature is looking at photographs of trees on the Internet or on Facebook. Put down the gadgets, get outside and be with nature, and you'll feel alive. There's a separate section about this later in the course. 8. Keep Learning: It's as being said that once we stop learning, we start dying. And although that's not always literally true, it is true that once we stop learning and we stop growing mentally, as we get older, our brains become less sharp and our intelligence starts to regress. Live as if you will die tomorrow. Learn as if you were live forever. Set yourself a goal to learn something new every day, every week, or every month. This can be something incredibly simple, such as learned in the capital city of an unfamiliar country or the name of the first woman in space. Also think much more complex, like a new language or learning to fly. No matter what it is, challenging and engaging the brain will help keep those alerts and feel alive. But there are many other benefits to continuing to learn. Learning can make you more confident. Learning helps us to adapt to new and different situations more easily. Learning can inspire us to think more creatively and be much more innovative. Learning helps our currents or grow along with our brains. This will make us much more interesting and inspirational. So those around us, although I don't simply case spending all of our waking lives on the Internet. There are millions of resources online to help us learn something new every day. Here are just a few websites I recommend to increase your knowledge. Yes. 9. Have goals: Planning for our future can be a really important step towards increasing our happiness. We all need goals to motivators in some way or another. A nice goals not only has to be challenging to exocytose was also realistic and achievable. See the separate document on smart goals. Trying to reach an unattainable goal or achieve the impossible, will create unnecessary stress and subsequent own happiness in our life. However, choosing meaningful achievable goals gives outlines some direction, brings with it a sense of achievement and satisfaction. When we reach them. Scientists have made this correlation is skill and challenge flow. We will learn much more about flow in the lecture. Flow, the number one key to happiness. 10. Find ways to bounce back: We've all been hurt, let down, or just thoroughly disappointed are some points in our life and it's pretty certain that we will all be heard and let down many, many more times over the course of our lives for major trauma such as bereavement or serious injury and illness to something perhaps a little less distressing, such as losing our job, being dumped by a lover or having our purse or wallet stolen. Now of course, the intensity and the severity of the pain we feel is determined by each individual. How we respond to these events has a big impact on our well-being and can be the difference between leading a happy and fulfilled life and living a life of misery. We can't always choose what happens in our lives, but we do have a choice in how we react to the things that's happening. Now we have no say over. Now, I appreciate that it's not always easy to react positively to an obsessing events in our lives. But like many other life skills, resilience, the art of bouncing back can be nurtured and learned. Life goes on as they say, and being led down or her can be incredibly hard on us emotionally, mentally and physically. Whether we remain sad throughout the event or tried to push on regardless, we will still have been hurts. 11. Take a positive approach: He may well have heard the phrase thing positive or the power of positive thinking. You may want to try to apply these principles to your life. Although the act of thinking positive doesn't necessarily have an effect on the outcome of what it is we're thinking positively about. It can have an effect on how well we will apply ourselves. Imagine going into a job interview with the attitude that you're never going to get the job because you just don't feel qualified anaphoric. Do you think that negativity might show on your face? You can bet your life it will. And do you think that will make you a good impression on your potential employer? You can bet your life, you won't. You see the truth is, you may not have all the necessary qualifications for the job. But there is a good possibility that what the employer is looking for is somebody who shows initiative, has a positive, friendly demeanor, good communication, and the ability to get along with people you going in. They're all negative and gloom. It can be the difference between being awarded the job and getting the necessary training to do it or walking back to your car had between your legs saying, I knew it. Now, I don't for 1 second subscribe to think positive and everything will be okay philosopher, things just don't work themselves out without our imports. However, I do believe our moods can be affected by the way we think, which in turn can affect our ability to deal with the day-to-day situations and circumstances in the most effective manner is therefore always best to have a positive outlook on any situation and to focus on what is the best thing that can happen, rather than focus on what is the worst thing that can happen. I think in the worst, I'm worrying incessantly, won't do you or your situation, any gold. 12. Be comfortable with who you are: Being comfortable with ourselves is something many people have difficulty with. Whether it's feeling too fat, too old, to front-page, too boring or too, Anything else effects in human beings have a real hard time just letting go, being who they are and rejoicing in advance. We cannot change it. We are, no, So we want to, we unique and incredibly lucky to be here. We should be grateful for it and enjoy our time here. If being do you are doesn't fit in with somebody else's agenda, then give them a big far, screw you up very well. 13. Be part of something bigger: Being parts of the group is more often than not, a better experience than doing something alone. It's human nature to want to bond with other human beings and be accepted as part of a group. We all wanted to delight our school and to be parts of certain groups, whether in the quiet, the football team, parts of the skill play or just hanging out with the cure kids. As adults, we still have the basic needs. Be part of a group. Think about joining a social group, the local church, volunteer service, or a charitable organization. The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have. 14. Hold on to your values: Having our own sets of values is what makes us who we are, makes us think the way we think and makes us behave. How we behave. The more you want to your values over time, the more you respect yourself. How can this can be found in being true to yourself and watch you believe, never agree with something you do not believe in, just to make us happy or make the situation easier, states what you believe in and you will feel happier in the long run. 15. Accept the good reject the bad: Allowing positivity and shoreline is a sure-fire way towards achieving calculus. Books allowing participate influences and TOO line is only one step of a two-step process. The other step to achieving happiness is to block or reject negative influences from entering your life. All day long way. Bombard it with negativity, whether it's on the TV news, the news on the radio in the car. Our coworkers when we work, our friends are always significant. So let us when he gets home from work, no matter where we are, we can find ourselves confronted with negativity. Negative people might swear their views and opinions, mold complain, and south off. More often than not, to the people who are their closest soup. If we're not careful that negative is it consumed robot almost. And before we know it, we're also in an active married. Fortunately, not everybody has a negative attitude. There are many, many positive we'd rather you also want to voice their opinion. Whether we accept their opinion or not is another matter for positive, inspiring people are recording voice. We should try to accept these people into our lives. We don't cut arms and respect their views and ideas, even if you don't necessarily agree with them. So how can we keep negativity out of our lives? Well, unfortunately, we can't always distance ourselves from negativity, especially if it's coming from a significance. Although for somebody else something may live with. In situations like this, we need to try and to be able to collect that. That's it. One person. And that would probably old facility down on negative in the past. We need to try to draw on those past experiences and trying to help others addressed their feelings and find the root cause of that exhibiting. Trying to turn negative conversation in some whites after and fix. So for example, if your spouse always gets negative when discussing word, tried to change the subject whenever they bring, it's all. Now. You don't have to be rude about it. Do it, circle it. You can even tell them not for their own good. Whenever they bring Goldberg, you're going to try and delete them that topic. Naturally, if somebody is genuine sense about something, you may deal with things differently. Fought. If somebody is constantly moaning about the same thing over and over again, I'm doing absolutely nothing to change that situation. Then you need to avoid it in your own well-being. Generally, if people are negative about certain things, you'll usually find, are there, think about themselves. You think you've got it but having to listen to them. Well, how do you think they feel living with these negative thoughts? The best thing that you can do for someone who feels this way is to try to compliment them on the things that they called us or for that perfect traits. Not all the more compliments help them feel better about themselves thoughts. It will also make you feel better about yourself when you see alternate facts household, then if you're the only person in the room with the negative person, you'll get a soul targets, role and activity. Trying to get backup from a friend or an upper member. So you will not in the focal points of all activity. And so you can change the conversation easily to keep a person. If all else fails and you need to distance yourself from the source of negative etc. Now, not maybe incredibly difficult. If this is somebody that you live with. If this is the case, then you need to be honest and open with them and let them know the effects of their negativity saying he's having gotten you this is your mind and your wife, his crashes negative and sent you so much and draining emotion and really noble to your health. 16. Imagine the best: Unlike in a previous points where I told you all taking a positive approach, this point refers to visualizing or a munching the best possible outcome for any given situation or task. For example, if going on a date, spend some time before the date, so much in the best nine you can have. Once you've aligned way, you might go what you might say to make your day law, how your date my reacts and so on. If before we get to play a matching given the best performance of your life without a single word that the scripts for in your mind's eye, I actually see in the audience and roles of applause as you take your final vowel, maybe you're a bodybuilder and you want to increase your maximum weights for a particular exercise. Visualizing yourself lifting that weight can have a profound effect on you actually achieving your goal. A recent study found that membrane Parsons activated when a weightlifter mammalian much in lifting heavy weights were the same as when he actually lifted them. The research also reveals not mental processes are almost as effective. True physical process about doing both is more effective than either alone or imagining or visualizing the best. And the hacking issue can be, can be the catalyst that makes this a reality. 17. Do things you love: There's so much joy from doing the things we love, but we don't always set the time to do them all. We're still we stopped doing them all together. We've probably all had stories of people who were outstanding athletes at school, who didn't continue that training when they graduated. Or people are naturally talented singers are axes for didn't continue with that studies once they're married or had children. Now, I'm not saying that everybody should attain to make a career out to that solids are skill a half, bolt. Know what I say that they shouldn't. I mean, if you love something or no, then why shouldn't use it to make a career out of it? Even if you don't want to make a career out of something that you wrote or a goddess. It doesn't mean to say that you cannot continue to enjoy partaking in that particular Ave. Yes, I know from when life gets in the way of your dreams and ambitions, but there's no need to neglect doing things like you completely wrong. We're all unique. We all have attributes, skills, personality and body shapes and compositions. We all have different jobs, responsibilities, and priorities. But one thing that's common to all of us is time. We all have the same amount of hours, minutes, and seconds in a day. We all have the same amounts of days in a week, weeks in a model, and moments in a year. If all the people can find time to fit in all of them work and priorities and still doing things a lot then so could do and more importantly, so should you all know we all have the same amount of minutes in a day, days in a week, weeks in a month, once a year, and one part at a time. That's not consistent ideas and alive. Unfortunately, we don't hold the same amount of years to live. Some of us are living far seventies and eighties, some fortunate, and one's warmer than today. Hundreds, well, those will move into my forties thirties humans one says, y is unpredictable. Passers-by, before we know it. Don't waste your life away. Take time to do the things you invoke starting today. 18. Find Purpose: Finding purpose in your life doesn't have to be as difficult as it sounds. The most difficult part is finding a starting point. I'm trying to find the path to go on. With each new year comes new resolutions, and a new start is a new beginning and absolutely anything is possible. Many people have resolutions focused around losing weight, achieving a goal, or saying a certain amount of money to buy something they won. But people never really resolved to find purpose in their lives. Finding purpose in your life may seem like a very daunting and difficult task. Well, it can actually be quite fun when you really sit and think about it. But before we can find our purpose, we first need to find a starting point. Most people never even realized that they have a starting point in finding the purpose for their lives. For many, it seems as if they'd just jump straight into the adventure and then never take the time to look back and see where their purpose begins. So the first step to finding your starting point is to make a list of all the things you love. Include all of your hobbies, the things you volunteer for, the kind of books you enjoy, the types of films you like to watch, your favorite spores, the music you love, and even all of the things you enjoy your school or at work, include absolutely everything in your list that you enjoy doing and why you enjoy doing them. Next, you want to create a second list of all of the people that you admire and the reasons you admire them. Now, this can be friends, family, coworkers, your boss, actors, actresses, singers, musicians, politicians, religious figures, just about anybody and everybody that you admire and the reasons for admiring them. Finally, make a third list of all of your own qualities. The qualities that you're aware of, those qualities that you might not realize you have. That is personality traits. That's all the people notice in you that you're not even aware of. For example, you may be very generous or someone who likes to give their time to others. Or you may be very caring and understanding. You may be good at listening and giving advice. You may be the person. You can make everybody healthy or HA pair just by being around them as your friends and family to give you an honest appraisal of your character, your personality, and your best qualities. Now, these three lists combined will give you a starting point in understanding your true passion and purpose. Sit down and take a long hard look at them. You'll probably see a correlation between the things you enjoy doing and the people you admire. You'll also probably see that you have a certain affinity with each of these people you admire. You'll likely find that all of the qualities you liking those people, you will also find within yourself. You should spend a little time each day looking at your lists and make a point of trying to fit something from your list into each day. Now this could be something as simple as sending your favorite song in the shower, or something much more meaningful, like visiting the nursing home or a hospital. What's obviously only do things that are on or related to your list. Now, when looking for purpose in your life, you will start on a journey down a long, winding and ever-changing path. You may well lose sight of what it is you're trying to achieve or lose your passion. But don't worry, you'll soon find is again. Now there will no doubt be hard times and hopeless weeks. But you need to hold on to that dream of finding your purpose no matter how far from your path, your shape. If you hold onto your desire, you will always find your way back. Keep searching and chasing your dreams, and you will find the purpose in life or it will find you. So how will you know when you find your purpose in life? Believe me, when you find your purpose, you will know. It would just click with you and everything will fall smoothly and so place. And the most surprising thing is it may not be anything on your list, and so it may be something so completely normal or obscure that you will shock yourself. Now, I'm sure for some of you, your purpose in life will be something really meaningful and profound. Perhaps you decided to follow your dreams and help people in another culture. And whilst helping gal those people, you suddenly realize that this is what you're supposed to do. This is your purpose in life. But for many, it won't necessarily be something so dramatic or life-changing. Maybe one day you're sitting at home watching your loved one plane with your children. And you realize that this is what your wife with spore. This is your purpose in life. And you know what? That just as amazing. Knowing your phone, your purpose in life is a personal feeling and it's different for everybody. For some people, it takes a lifetime to find. For others, it may take years or months. And for song, well, they may just know all of their lives, what they were born to be or to do. One thing is certain. You'll absolutely no, when you find your purpose in life and they won't be a doubt in your mind. Many people have to go back to the basics to start on my journey. Don't ever give up. Don't let people tell you to give up all what you can't do or can't do. Keep pushing forward on your path and you'll find your purpose in life one day. 19. Listen to your heart: They know what sound you're Ha makes. But all right. Well, yes, that is right. If we speak in literally, but he's not just the dom. Dom. Your hearts can also create beautiful melodies, flutter nervously, race with fear, or even cry with pain. Many people do not say anything but the big dome that their heart makes and not because they cannot hear anything else. Who because they do not know how to listen. Our house can tell us the most amazing things. If we just listen. Listening to your heart allows you to make decisions in your life based purely on what you should do without the interference of outside influences. Now for children, this is easy because they do not know any different for them. The only thing that differentiates right from wrong is what they say is he drives have log. But as we grow older, it becomes much harder to simply that's a half decide right path to take. As soon as we're old enough, where it's all morals and we're told what we should do and what we should believe. And whether our school at home, by our parents or peers through religion, politics, society, They all push their models on tools and cellos. What we should see is right and what we should see as wrong. Now when we come to make decisions in our lives, our brains will run through all that we've learned. An awful lot would be told and then tried to decide the best options and say, bolts, we don't have to use our brains to make a decision. Scientific researchers discovered that the heart actually communicates with the brain in four different ways. That is, via the nervous system, through hormones produced by the heart, through biomechanical information via blood pressure waves and via energetic information from the strong electrical and electromagnetic fields. Researchers discovered that there is four times as much communication from the heart to the brain than there is from the brain to the heart. The neurons within the heart allow the heart to actually learn, remember, and make decisions. Independence of the brain. Yes, that's right. Our house can make decisions follows. Therefore, when we need to make tough emotional decisions, we should not always rely on our brains to tell us what we should do. But let's, our house meant the decisions for our brains. The easiest way to listen to your heart is to simply stop listening to everything that your brain says. Now, I know that sounds incredibly strange and incredibly hard. Both it's really not that difficult. Take a moment and drown out everything that your brain is selling you and try to listen to what your heart wants. And we might be very software first. But if you really focus, you'll be able to feel a small talk from your heart, pulling you in the right direction. With repetition and practice, you'll be able to turn these small signals into a much larger voice. And over time, you can train your heart to master your brain. So now that we've established how to listen to your heart, we need to focus on what he's trying to say. This isn't very clear to people first and can also be very difficult on the sound. You should take some time to ask you some questions. Sit and concentrate. Ask a question and see what your heart goes to show how leap for joy onto sing with sadness to Zohar, skip a beat, or does it not reactants? All these little actions can easily show what your heart feels about the question and also show you brain tries to cover all the stores and opinions about the motto. The true verdict about what your heart is trying to say is up to you as only you know your emotions and your heart. There are a few simple ways to slowly start listening to your heart when making decisions. Try listening to you or how when friends or family actually to go out with them. Let your heart decide on what do you really want to go. Or if you draw the plywood decline from there, you can use it to help with the right solutions to situations. The best job for you or even the best vacations fall. Take it slowly at first and you'll find it becomes more cheesy issues with everyday decisions. Everyone, no matter what age, should listen to what they are, how one's. Tone down the thoughts of your brain for a little while and let your heart guide you. Start by letting your heart answer simple questions. Slowly worked since your daily life, listening to your heart is absolutely essential in life, you might find out that your heart wants something very different to what your brain say. You won't. 20. Push yourself not others: Sometimes we find it difficult to motivate ourselves to be the best we can be and do the best we can do. Sometimes when things go wrong, we find the all too easy to point the finger of blame anywhere puts us ourselves. We sometimes may not even be aware of how much we blame others for the things that are wrong or that we don't like in our own lives. When we're feeling down, it's incredibly easy to feel that somebody else is responsible for the way we feel. For the reality is that it's really you and only you use in charge of your emotions. You are the one in the emotional driving sea. It's never been anybody else. Nobody can make you feel a particular way. If somebody says something of setting is the way we process what they say, that determines how we feel. Once you realize that you have the power to do what you want to do, being you want to be and get where you want to go. Stop blaming others or the world. And you'll find your answers much sooner than you realize. 21. Be open to change: Having an opinion or a belief does not mean that you cannot change your mind. If you find that what you want to believe in wholeheartedly no longer ring true to you, then change your mind. Change is something that scares many people. Doing something different to the way they've always done it terrifies them. There's an old saying, why fix something that isn't broken, bought on the flip side are saying based on something that poet William kelp want row stays. Variety is the spice of life. If you can apply that attitude to how you see change, your whole approach to it will be different. Change can be as exciting and rewarding. Unless you try something new, how would you have an overview? 22. Bask in simple pleasures: It's the simple things in life that can give us the most pleasure. And yet we often take these little things for granted on a daily basis. A comfortable pair of shoes, a nice warm blanket, a hot cup of coffee, and a cold winters morning, waking up with your loved one here in your children laugh, watching your favorite TV show. We all have our own little pleasures and we should cherish them, Baskin them, and enjoy them often. One of my simple little pleasures is eating a delicious chicken wing grilled with Don River jerk seasoning or Frank's Red Hot Sauce. Outstanding. I get a real sense of excitement, juice thinking about cooking them, and an even bigger sense of enjoyment and pleasure when I'm eating them. For me, happiness is a chicken wing. What is happiness for you? Write down a list of the simplest things in life that gives you great pleasure and pennants, your notice board, bathroom mirror or computer monitor, just somewhere that you will see irregular. You should say great pleasure in the simple things you love as often as possible. Simple pleasures are the gifts that are given.