Positionnement Marketing : Faites Passer votre Business au Niveau Supérieur | Iris Siret | Skillshare

Positionnement Marketing : Faites Passer votre Business au Niveau Supérieur

Iris Siret, Marketing Expert

Positionnement Marketing : Faites Passer votre Business au Niveau Supérieur

Iris Siret, Marketing Expert

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7 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction Positionnement

    • 2. Partie 1

    • 3. Partie 2

    • 4. Partie 3

    • 5. Partie 4

    • 6. Partie 5

    • 7. Conclusion Positionnement

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About This Class

Si malgré vos efforts vous avez du mal à marquer les esprits des consommateurs avec votre produit, cette classe est faite pour vous !

Dans un environnement où la compétition entre les entreprises fait rage, et plus particulièrement encore depuis l’émergence du e-commerce, il est essentiel de marquer les esprits des consommateurs. Or, si le fait de se démarquer sur un marché passe par de nombreux aspects, la première étape cruciale vers une stratégie marketing efficace est un positionnement clair.

Après plusieurs années d’expérience en marketing digital et un doctorat en marketing, je vous livre des conseils simples et efficaces pour bâtir le positionnement de votre marque. Vous apprendrez quelles sont les questions clés à se poser pour écrire son positionnement. Chaque étape sera également illustrée par des exemples de marques connues.

Dans ce cours, vous apprendrez à définir :

  • La raison d’être de votre marque
  • La clientèle cible de votre marque
  • L’environnement concurrentiel de votre marque

Au moyen de ces trois piliers, vous écrirez une phrase synthèse de votre positionnement. Cette phrase constituera la fondation de votre stratégie marketing.

Même si vous n’avez jamais suivi de cours de marketing ou de commerce, vous découvrirez des astuces simples et directement applicables à votre projet.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Iris Siret

Marketing Expert


Hello, I'm Iris.

I am a young marketing PhD and I look forward to sharing my advice and analysis with you.
I am as curious as I am passionate about passing on my knowledge so Skillshare is the ideal platform to learn and teach!


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1. Introduction Positionnement: Sure much in the prison precompetitive remarks in the spirit of Southern letters from the conservator, shook solicited a cultural event, Marx who lost her remarks. She gives so clear about my business picture of an entrepreneur of buying quantised picture. So lonely person stole the idea. Imagine cubic Tannaim, declarative, Kente the podium, curb, Lenovo restaurant grow presumption day, sushi roll, I failed you push it. And 6A is the persons who are innovated in Booker video, camera body who read, remedial you molded, who have whether laminar Kennedy was similar and got food siliceous at getting dates were exits in the public also matter. Blackcurrant marketing and development, nozzle and twist, inability evens transfusion doctor or marketing it is represent the idealistic de, large markets and of a common sense of advected, unfocused through quizzes. Remarkable genius idea can swim quizzes your Monday, but Fermat setbacks. 2. Partie 1: To the above volume of songs to kill position Mondrian mark, see downturn of ontology. Burly, medulla definition has to perform unpunished Hulu's reposition mode syllabuses, Sean cookies when Mark noise predict also matter, is actually the lonesome, polymorphically different, solid onstage and mark it rebel Madonna. So different sexual imagery did vocalize it reroute some gap by Blaut uneven consti, unlimited information. Lead all stayed in Mark do a donkey to track layer for girls who are rapid, more durable, more MIMO visible matter. The position more a10 until now not Ripley's in pregnancy at Roberto gene or communicates from the auto, please miss it. I want to earn T-cell long lead-in Lula mark, focus settled in, constituted a bushel polly, This is your marketing future. Loop position most articular toward the top ten vehicles. So Larry's on debt. Lucky until sibling Elon view on more concurrency. Libraries on death, LM, Mr. Weaver chroma support Gua exist to shorter marshy clientele, civil, elite category nucleon, particularly profits UNL I like Gilbert rapidly over to service. It is to me navi on noncontroversial, a lasagna Director concurrently with hammock. Mess mock observing, wanted to get a position margin mark journals edited apolar on care on their AS220 for Carbajal, some shoulder position, mondo watermark. 3. Partie 2: Lyapunov, linear position more ala, reason that Hadu Lamarck, la raison d'etre, these INLA mania latrine mock outdoors, we'll hold dollars with CT when production normal supernovae or not, or do lead us on activity economies. C Lydian dilemma, Suzuki motifs on existence Tsukiji Donor Source would lead you sample objective, degenerate allows. Lucky Strike the so-called ethanol auto million Virginia has shown that also matter on the prison. Please don't necessarily our batch peculiar presumably it should eventually million Euros. So de la Sheldon mark on AIG into to the axon through a rebellious was on the zombie cleaner. I don't listen to a song. Gas surely gone polymeric, dissociative, come redeveloped mandu hybrid, legally traditional lacrosse balls. Would he put a tick, do nondiscrimination on Bush? Diff noon raison d'etre, a donkey, particularly Amar Burton, Golgi. Pressures on concrete. See labor community does or miss your loamy soil. By example, clamor pop with the service leap, Audrey ALL Montesano guarantee, EXE, similar tools at Harvard recently Canada distribution, poor legal, Larry's on death, deliverability construct or Dodoma, AlphaGo decathlon, Lamisil ado. Ron, would you please elaborate on federal law creating new spur accessing or prevent Ireland? I will talk to methanol, concern over Tormach, cognitive, Kelly vert horizontally and pervasively do repo classic is true for whoever tomake exists to Dell can tell notion of zone more Gillies AMISOM, gal sources for seafood among this super slippery so bad basin. To take East also recoup a demo or some remote, difficult manure Debora de la raison d'etre. Already difficulties on death, no savant, but also reveal at Harvard who proper Visual C was at presume novel conflict please. Discretization of a Gulag Boss about Zookeeper feeder. Song was over conflict, please. Sukh over swiftly add-on pointed include document for Pachelbel Thomas shoe of a flipped Wu Mu circle zone gadget area set mock. Lizzie, departmental overdose. You pause. Per Colorado Donald roughly Sheila sick is strong. 4. Partie 3: Resume clearly position more elite clientele, similar dilemma. Or marketing locally or della Sera, Lawson likley on proton Cl cannot replace the Cauchy reef either. Silica category, particularly on the console matter. I'll again and podria Destiny. Let different genre clientele Siebel, that primordial diverse position will fall. A subgroup is on cooling proving best. Tournament. Contract said, I said tool mode on a tertiary element, Burson shackles matter, our business is concerned the boundary discovered Denmark focus. A vase on anti or homicidal is Bedlam and many siblings or tank also matter damage due to SHE disaster put on sale on proposal in repulse profit, more linear backlog hook bestial am Madu communicates from Korea Harvick loss attitude. For our needy proclaimed the Zukin clientele sin of Apollo glucose example, the mock Cooney. Terribly similar, photolysis be professional company their chakras, it Vikram union designs. If you do credit handle SOS through the gasoline, Monte Pork Preservation, Santi, acts, etcetera. So these omission didgeridoo player into Syria, far Uniqlo sibling booklet, Strong Pretoria within Sweden privileges getting delivered more elite design, a minimalist, and observe only publicity to certain mark in automotive sectors, reciprocity publicity. Who really fasted morning, did you dizzy and delivery lipophilicity, city notification up results it would've geologists over tokyo, Delhi city. Alexander report I think is true, is from Brooklyn actuarial Buton CLR civil conflict with existing deja vu vt unilever could best hedonic Leon for we don't ship it could clear Maurya, astronaut who prays, went through that optional SR, No algae season, every pound girl, Duke Eon, the more liberal Cadillac person, not hockey-stick, JavaScript already atom, acquire Assam retail. Imagined 11 reproduced the D-Day possible. Civil visit, the particularly say utopic kale cannot entourage. Cozy mentioned earlier tonight you'll anymore, which is able to report you. Virchow serves also as a person who has OCD and New Delhi characteristic passband liver Tokyo, Delhi. I'll switch threw them into who demanded comb-over Qian super brought calcium is there between the vertical, similar, as we said, similar, Azure, Chardonnay, Tuan boutique, Kelly's regularity, dollies, Usha, Council silhouette. Joseph again, wherever demo, Likud forcing which restaurant? Russia is slippery, locality lead durability design. Kelley's Blue Jay has its similar way till every ten or villa companion of houseware LET hungry longer and visited. Those flooded with combusted on issues on Soviet Union would avert, which is adopted, issued a controversial syllables or repairmen listener booked credible quickly on del c. Suppose stressor at Treasury tail pushes elites, argue Molly priest receptive, Luke Kovach, literature disaster in constituted civil PDU. The vertical position. 5. Partie 4: It wasn't a leadership position. More, a lot more concrete. Cell do Lamarck. Local variables constitute law, somebody detector, focus on deserve reproducible members work because you cannot recover tomorrow. Lenin's shoulder voussoir is somehow loss indifference on the standing water molecule. Quixote's direct and direct law can cause direct if for me valleys onto a peace proposal and pulled you want service similar overt Suseela, yellow rose to spontaneously. Chores and direct contained. It constitutes onto Footprints, proposal and service difficult may rippled all members want to devote silicon. Quantum also really for, for the market component of concurrent forces or Sibelius, sea grasses would have identities to reassuringly don't stay unique. Immaculate is pre for beautiful commonly do demons formula can fuels and probe CLV does exemplify the MAC. And concrete on directed and Netflix EPA example, pine video. Fiscal proposal remains service going Netflix as a worthy continuity. They want streaming system WO uncomfortable and director, do Netflix. Epa is on PlayStation. Fiscal proposed and put your difficult McCurry BWA mem voussoir. So d vector xi volume m, logic and conquer on direct do Coca Cola epilepsy. Don't Zika can cure and direct. So rebar example, validity, appraisal, evolutionary, jelly votes for the different policies. Really kids from three-volt kills all recompute on direct. It gives him a concurrent and direct, gives her first Gilson are tibialis, kill Kennedy, vote easily, still come up community. Bipolar. Isaac is strong because really preceded with Hobbes, Iran more concurrency, saliva of bare-metal donovani visual clear it. Who said, wow, all livable city book about hallmarks were belts you can default. Finish this short video, ready Zulu twice m. If the only political position law. 6. Partie 5: Matt snow, elite only cleaving, hides it, sandwiches, overthrow position, set fries with surgery. I do Gouverneur K. Proving a typical strategic marketing. The wave with the referee, a tumor. In sometimes the position most articulate who told it gets really mondo bears Kusama, Lu Cleon's sin, LegalZoom, a darker theory vis-a-vis don't statistically on similar victory deuterium 3D position not lead, different storage, marshy, neglect category don't like L with remark superposition, concrete mom sucrose. Zhan De La Palma is the Mark Sullivan proven com theyve deafness that promise that your circle of Zhongshan available clear. And I forgot the seller is on dead grass. Alleles Glaucon curios. Let pumice is sucrose chromatic. I bought nucleon. Is it TDL mechanical Schorske who can Purana permit would remain near or far in yellow over slowly. Zackie, more Coke, fair offer. Weldable could promise solar rays on the quad. Her promise longer for tonight is doula concrete also sulla Sefton, parabolla. Mm-hm. Promise. 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Met noss devil who taught composition, NANDA mark, stroller base would have IQs, a fisher skepticism and visited, liquefies, recapitulates Iw, dollar raises from the speaker. 7. Conclusion Positionnement: They'll be avoided from the so-called felicitous rooms there. The vertical position on marketing over Nero had entailed sentences only convulsive m whose hands recapitulated the gospel, what will boost? So importantly, this is your marketing future. Fiscal satisfies the Musee de Ashoka who sweetly following this. So marketing I Valley dealer, coherence alpha, this is also sweetly palm. It needn't be proper divert remark bell-curve levy Definitely aggregate would presumably have Wu Veneto Priscilla pony up there, do what was traditionally marketing? Accidental program for charcoal.