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Position Yourself As An Expert In Your Field.

teacher avatar Emi Koulev, The Cake Lady Of Online Home Business Branding

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Intro vid #1

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. Who is your target market

    • 4. Gift Ideas

    • 5. Google Account

    • 6. Create Your Gift

    • 7. Create Autoresponder Acoount

    • 8. Write your first email

    • 9. Test Your Email

    • 10. Create My Account

    • 11. Set up your Login Info & API Key

    • 12. Integrations

    • 13. How to upload Media

    • 14. Create My Funnel

    • 15. Edit Thank You Page

    • 16. Edit Capture Page & Publish The Funnel

    • 17. Test

    • 18. Shorten Your Links

    • 19. Make the most of your membership

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About This Class

In this class, I will walk you step by step through the process of creating your online campaign that will help you promote yourself or your business using Attraction Marketing. I will be using some free & some paid tools (very affordable) to create & host my campaign online, and I'll show you how to get it and teach you how to use it.

By the end of this class, you will have an irresistible offer, running online campaign customized to you & your business to attract your perfect clients.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Emi Koulev

The Cake Lady Of Online Home Business Branding


Emi Koulev

Wife & mom of 2 beautiful boys. Lives in Canada since 1992 originally from Europe. Teaching Cake Decorating Classes since 2010 & Online Home Business Branding. Also, passionate about gardening, oil painting & sugar flowers.

Author of The Cake Decorating Series of SUGARCRAFT -Modeling With Fondant Icing 101 Book 1 & 2

Dream Big- Go Digital! Brand My Business Online.

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1. Intro vid #1: Hi there. And welcome in this short video, I am going to introduce myself and give you heads up. What to expect from my course. My name is Amy. Could have coming to you from my home studio in beautiful British Columbia as an independent. Both an instructor. I am teaching classes a little bit over five years now here locally. And two years ago I was introduced to the online world. And now I get to do the two things that I love the most. Teaching cake decorating classes and online home business branding. In this course, I will take you step by step through the process of your creating your online campaign cost to mice to you and your business. Using attraction marketing, I will be using some free and some paid tools. Toe Coast. My campaign online and I will show you how to get it and how to use it. I will be sharing some copy writing tips to help you create your irresistible offer that will make you look like a pro. Even if you're just starting a new business by then that this class you will have online running, complain, customize to you and your business and you will learn how to do it over and over again. Once you have you campaign online, you will be able to leverage the Internet and all the social media platforms to a shark to target market. This classes for you if you're looking for a way to brand yourself a new business online, and if you want to position yourself as an authority in your niche, so if any of this speaks to you, let's go get started. 2. Overview : in this class, we're going to cover three major steps milestones, and that's gift for your target market out responder creating you campaign. But we're going to break it down to small bite sized steps for easy implementation is you're going to create a gift. But your dad, you need to know your target market. You're going to study your target market and based on your target market needs, wants fears and desires. You're going to come up with gift idea, and at the end we are going to create the gift. Inform off. Pdf The second step is creating offer responder. And now that you know what your gift is going to be, we can go ahead, create your account, right? The first email and then we're just going to test everything in Utter Step is to set up your final Isar account. We're going toe activated. Creative funnel. They were going to build your thank you page and your capture page. And if all this doesn't make sense to you, don't worry, I will show you, and by the end of the class, everything will make sense. So let's go ahead and start with your target market 3. Who is your target market: who is your target market? This session is about your target market. Before we start creating your campaign, you need to know your target market. So you know who you're talking toe and what should you say? You get the attention of your perfect prospect. You have to speak their language. Otherwise, you are going to attract different people. You have to make you people where they are in the class Project section underneath the videos. When your scroll down, you will find attachments, so go ahead and download. Pdf one toe entry and take your time to study your target market. Read the pdf one. How to create a little magnet and then fill out. Pdf two and PFT with all the details about your target market. This process may take a little bit of time, but trust me, it's wordage. You will be using this every time you need to speak to target Market. It will help you in the long run. They and Chuck and also will help you campaigns to convert better. We knew it, then began. Move to the next step, and that's creating you irresistible offer 4. Gift Ideas: gift ideas based on new target market needs. Wants fears struggles. You will come up with a gift idea. It could be anything from samples of your products or step by step guide. How to do something. Or maybe Cici age check least if you're in a weight loss, nature, maybe come up with some healthy recipes. Or if your restaurant owner you may be giving away some free appetizers or drinks, maybe with the purchase of meal, anything that will help your future customer. You see, if you're just pushing your product and service, you're practicing the push marketing, which is not very practical strategy for a long term, but giving something for free. You're creating pull marketing and you know everybody likes free stuff, and when you help them, they will start paying attention to you and we'll come back. And not only this, but they will recommend you to friends and family members. That's what attraction marketing it's all about. How did you know the target market? You have an idea what your gift will be. We can go ahead and create UPDF. Basically, what we're going to do is we just gonna write some content, make all the links. If you have links, make those links hyperlinks for easy access. And to brand yourself, you're gonna need a lago. A picture of you may be. Or if you don't have anything like this, you can just put your website that you need something to put that so you can brand yourself . 5. Google Account: as we're going to be using Google docks To create UPDF, you need to be logging into your Google Gmail account. If you don't have one, take a minute and trade your account. It's free and it's fast. Once you have your count, go ahead and log in and I'll see in the next figure. 6. Create Your Gift: And now that you have your Google account in your longing, you have your gift idea. You know your target market. Go ahead and start creating the pdf. So from your Google account, if you could hear under Google maps, we're gonna go to Dr Finn right here on the new. But we're gonna goto Google docks now to save time. I created mine already, and I'm just gonna act some pictures or let's go ahead and move there. So I have my content here. We just need a picture, and I'm gonna put my Heather here so you can insert pictures by coming over here Toe Answer collector. And then we can image and we're gonna upload a picture from the computer. There's a picture. This is just a name or so we can click on it. If it's not the right size, we can drug, make it bigger or make its mullah. Okay. Also, we can at a link if you click on the picture and come over here and creaking that insert a link, I can You can add the link here, so I'm just gonna put my website Thank you. The enter about you wanna put the link behind text. You're going to highlight the text and then come over here to this insert link. I can click on it and there is a place that we're gonna paste the link again and just hit the plane. Make it a little bit more pre here. You can highlight and boat, or you can highlight and make it italic toe under this again, you need to highlight and click the same button. Can you gonna go back? We're just gonna lead the half both it Oh, you can even make it underlying. You can change the colors here. You can change the size right here. I can make it bigger, are smaller on on. Do also you feel accidentally hit the button and you lose something. You can come over here today Israel air and click undo and that will bring it back to move You text around. You can just highlight the text and come over here. He kinda looks off or together site So I preferred the lifeline. So he looks better. What else we can do is we can highlight it and come over here and change the size between the rose just going to go back up. Just gonna hit the undo button. Or you can just go by single roll and make it smaller or bigger, you know, but more. Nope. It less. If you want to have a list of something, you can use the bullets. I'd say I want to make this. At least we can use just the bullets like this or you can change it. Wit the numbers. If you want to get rid of the number, you just click again on the number and they will go away. Let's just go back to this and remove the link. Okay, So now you just gonna look oversee this land, Moved down a little bit of it. Just gonna move it up. We're just gonna check out everything. So if everything looks good, we are just going to just make sure that you have something to brand yourself. You have all your accountant make sure that is nice and easy to read. Just spread it out like this instead of a whole bunch of text in ones. And he kind of looks overwhelming. Now, if you if you happy with the way it looks you have your name, your website or you Lago. You have all the content, everything that you need. We're just gonna come over here to file and we're going to click and download us. We're gonna go to Pdf document just quick that now all we need to do is just name it and I'm gonna put attack a speedy F and then gonna hit safe to share it. You can just come over here to the share button, click on it using invite people by name or email. Or you can just take the Lincoln by clicking here. You're gonna copy the link, and we can just go and based it just to check it up. And that's your BF you just saved the link for now, and we're gonna use it later. 7. Create Autoresponder Acoount: Okay, Great to welcome back. Our next step is to create how to respond her account, and we're going to create our first email. So let's go get started now under the glass project section. If you scroll down to the resource is and right, click on out, responder. We can open the link in your top, Just go there, and we are going to create a new account. I'm gonna walk you through the process. We just going to get a new account. We have it for 30 days, start free trial. So we just have to confirm our email address. So there we go. We're just going to click. Activate your account. Okay, so we have to feel information. Now. I'm gonna verify my phone number, but just adding the numbers that they send me my phone and very fine. Now we're going to create a campaign by clicking over here and go to create campaign. Remain the campaign, Something that is relevant. Toe a gift that we have just don't make sense. So I have a copy writing. Pdf. I'm gonna name it something about copyrighting. So we have our first campaign 8. Write your first email: now we're gonna create outer responders. So let's go and create out to respond. Er we're gonna keep on Day zero. This is the name of our campaign. Said immediately on any day, any time we're just gonna create Honeywell Now, the message name is going to be available just to you. Nobody else you will be able to see it. But you want to make sure that you remember what that message is all about for subject. We're gonna keep it relevant. We're just gonna say, Hey, you give arrived, we can personalize or you can personalize with the name if you collecting names. I am not. So I'm not gonna put the name there. But I can't assemble here just for fun. I can but little airplane here. So you gonna go to the next step? And us, sir, tell cervical pre, uh, fancy templates. You can pick something from here, but then you have to change it because their seasonal. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna start from scratch, and we're just gonna get with just a simple template. Okay? No, we do not want to have image simply because it's fun. Yes, but it's more likely your email toe end alston folders. So we're just gonna get rid of the image, and we just gonna write the email. So I have this president, or let me grab it. I'm just gonna baste it right here, and we're gonna go through the content. So what we can include here is just a simple message with the link toe, the gift. And also I'm going toe ask them to scroll down and find on Facebook so we can connect. And this is my signature file with my contacts, he where they can find me email address. And at the end, I have a little disclaimer. So you want to include something like this in your emails? It doesn't have to be the same, but you have to have something. I know this. All these are not clickable. So if I want to make these a link or hyperlink, I'm just gonna copy the link and come over here and just based Link said okay. And now it's a wings. You know, it's a clickable link. We can do this with every single time you wanted to this just because to make your subscribers life simple, that everybody likes simple. You want to go with your old things that you have into this in us? Well, us, the link for your gifts. So let's go grab the link that we have. And Jim? Yeah. This is a big link, very long wing. So we are going toe. I'm going to show you later how to shorten this link. But for now, we're just gonna What we're gonna do is this is how we're gonna do. It's just going to use this Tex, you gift. I'm gonna highlight this hand. Find a link icon, Just base it here. Basic thing. Click. OK, so now this should be a link, and we go into testes. So once we have everything that's begun to test, so right here we have test that test messages being it just a click away so we can send the best message 9. Test Your Email: So let's go ahead and test the message. Send it to my well. And there we have our email. Now we're gonna test the links. You just want to make sure the links are working. So there is our pdf. You want to check all your contact links us well. And if you're happy with everything, how is position? Make sure that you kind of divide the text. So it's easy to read. And if we're all good here, we're just gonna go back and go to the next step. Click, save and publish. It's great. We have our first email here. Now, if you want to review it, there is little I hear you can click on it and check it out. If you want to edit, we're gonna click on a tools here. You can send test here or you can delete it. Then you can duplicate it here. So we're all set here. The only thing that we're going toe do now is what you want to do. You just click on the gear icon and go to permission by default. All these three boxes are checked. What we want to do it just uncheck all of them and they're saving automatically. If you're noticing about I'm there. So that's all we need to do here. 10. Create My Account: in decision. We're going to create your first campaign. And to do that, we need a tool that also go host to campaign online to get you to go to class project and scroll all the way down to resource is and click on my all too much too. This will take you to a page where you can create your account, user name and password. And once you don't go ahead and log in and I'll see you on the other side. I will show you step by step or you need to do to activate you too, so that you need for the project. 11. Set up your Login Info & API Key: know that you're logging into your account. Let's set up your profile and your A p I key. If you come over here to account and click on my profile settings, it's gonna take you to this page. And the first stop is profile. So make sure that you have user name password. All correct. This is just an extra password that the system will ask you to type if you decide to change personal information, this is just an extra step for security. And they hit the save changes button, same here, fill up with your information and then hit the safe changes. Then you're gonna come over here to a P I. So here we have two keys. The A P I access Carrie D in a p I access key secret. We're gonna need both for our next that which is activating you, a builder to make sure that you have days and to show likely he's gonna ask me or my second password. Shouldn't you have this handy for the next step? Two. Step your password here and you'll be able to get it. Save both of them and let's go to our next step 12. Integrations: Now it's time to activate your Web page builder to. So to do that, we're gonna come over here toe my websites Anglican, the new analyst. If analyzer better and you're gonna be taken to this page now, here we want toe lunch, the fertilizer and you windows. Are we just gonna great here and lunch it? The first thing that we want to do here is go to my account account settings. You're gonna feel up with your account name and this is the logging name that you just set up the logging into the system Set up your time zone here and hit save changes. The next thing that we going to do is go to settings. I can click on integrations, and those are my integrations to set up years we're gonna click over here at New in Generation and we're gonna pick one, have get response. That's what we're gonna do. And also, we are going to click on my lead system Pro. This is the system that you have account now. So does it have to watch that we are going to integrate which webpage? Builder tools. Are we gonna click here on my lead? system pro. And here is the place that you're going to need The A p I keys that we just talked about in the biggest. You go grab the case and pays them here. Name you integration. So you know you can recognize it and hit safe integration. When you save integrations, this window will disappear so you can come over here and at new integrations in the 2nd 1 is going to get a response to get you a p I key, you have to logging into you get response. So let's go get you a p I key. Now from your account, you're gonna come over here to your picture and we gonna click on account details. And here is the A P. R ky. We're just gonna copy this key, go back and just based Yuki right here, and it's safe integration. That's all we need to do here for the integrations 13. How to upload Media: then we're gonna go to media. This is where you're gonna upload your images and you have to do this before you start building you your pages at New Image and you're going toe named the Image and choose a file from your computer and just click upload image. No, to upload videos. All they need to do is just add new V. You click here named the video at the link from your hosting provider. If that's YouTube or me, me or whatever you're using and just based link here for your video and in clicks a video in the next few, we're going to create your first page. 14. Create My Funnel : Now, we all said to start creating our campaign. First thing that we're going to do is create a funnel click, create funnel. They were gonna name the funnel. If I want to create a funnel for the figure that I created earlier in a training about the copyrighting keeps, I'm going to name my funnel copyrighting tips. And here for this. Look, I'm gonna do the same thing, except we can have spaces. I'm just gonna delete the space and a dash. They were gonna heat create my funnel. The first page is gonna have the same name. Same here. Remove the space and we are going to pick a template. I'm just gonna go with very simple template, but it's just go and take this one. You can preview the template from here. You use it just quick here, and that will be our first page of the finals. Which is going to say the page and at another words or just click on your page this time we are going to create Thank you, Page. We're just gonna thank you know, space for a thank you page. We're going to people of a different template. So we just need a little bit off text. So we're just gonna pick this one and gonna remove all the parts that we don't need, so just gonna use them plate in this regard, click safe page and edit. 15. Edit Thank You Page: to edit everything here. Or you can remove things from here. There's a couple things that were going to be removing here. So we're just gonna click here toe open up, the man you that we have All of them. Okay, so now to begin with, this is the headlines of which is gonna click on the headline We can remove this message and at whatever message you How so? What I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna add a simple message just to give them heads up water. Expect next and what they need to do. What I'm gonna say is, just Hey, it worked then right here, we're gonna art. Our message cannot have this weekend. Just save changes and click preview just to see how it looks. Okay, so this is our message. It's just the simple messages. But you want to have it. There just will let them know what they need to do. And now So you want to include the contact information kits containing you? They can contact you. Let's go back now. Right here. Gonna at your contact information. They're moving down. We don't need the EU, so we're just gonna come over here toe cells here. We're just gonna click on that. I next section is the button. We can click that too. We don't need it. Then we don't need this one idea. So all we need is this message in the footer section. You're going to see the copyright right in the bottom here. So we're just gonna go there. And because it is 2014 we're gonna change this 2015 again. We're gonna save changes in pre via the page, See how it looks so far. So we have a little message. We have the headline. No message. You contact information, and we have the ear continent. This is all about this page. We're just gonna go back here, we can publish changes, and we're gonna close the editor. So we just created our thank you page in Published it 16. Edit Capture Page & Publish The Funnel: nearly ready to edit and publisher for space. We're just gonna come over here to get I can click on it and go to edit page. We're gonna extend our main. You'll see what we have here. So to begin with, we have a long if you have a logo and you want to applaud it, you have to applaud the picture of your law. Go first in your system. Once you're applaud, you log into the system. You can click on the lago and go to change image. Then find your local here. Let's go with this one sooner image. And now you have your logo there. If you don't have a longer you don't want to use this, we just gonna hide it here. Just clicking that little I hear and we go to hide it. Then we have a little divider which we don't need. Now we're gonna hide that one. That's well. And then we have the headline who just gonna remove days and I'm gonna add my headline, which again is congruent to my free gift. So let's go ahead and save it and see how this looks. Preview. Now what do you wanna have here is the headline Not too long, because if it's too long, it's gonna put the buttons down and they're not gonna be visible. You visitor, have to scroll down to see the buttons. So you want the two buttons to be a bar? Easy access. So let's go back now. Right here. Well, because we're gonna change jays and we're gonna say warning the free pdf will be sent to the email Odgers provided belong by saying this, you will prevent some fake emails from something people I like to put fake email just to get the free gift. But in this case, you telling them that if they do that, they're not gonna be able to get gift to change the message on the button. We're gonna go here on the ready to form fields and right here is where you can change the message. Then underneath, we have added integration with just gonna click on it will be able to pick our integration , and that's get response, which is gonna click on it. And underneath you're gonna pick the campaign that we just created specifically for this campaign. I just find it right here in click at new integration. So now we have the integration here. We're just gonna close. This saver gingers always changes, and right underneath we have actions Brady felt is going to be Do nothing. What, You want to do it? Just click on it and choose. In our case, we have another page in the finals. Are we gonna send them to that page? We're gonna click on Goto Final page and underneath All they have is just want that if we have more than one page, they will be here. That you have only one patient with just going to click on that page, which is think about you were gonna save changes If you want to collect the names of your subscribers 41 they just come over here toe edit form fields, click on it. And from here you can pick the name in Ad Newfield. And now you're gonna have two fields in the back. In your form is gonna play to save it and see how that's gonna look. So in this case, you're gonna collect their names and their emails. Let's go back in. What I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna room off the name us. I don't need to have the name. I want to do it just like the emails. And we're gonna close that way. Back toe. Just one field, which is the email address. Gonna save changes and put this changes brave you. And we have the button ready. We have the email address. We have our warning here and on my such. So that's all we need. So let's go back and publish. Now we're gonna cause the editor, and there's one more step to activate our campaign. Gonna come over here to variation, click on image, and we can start variation. Now we can publish the funnel. 17. Test: we need to make sure that everything works. So we're gonna have to test go to the little gear I can't hear and click and get Euro, and we're gonna take this second euro here. That is for the page. Hope it. It's an operator new that this is our page. I'm gonna fill up the form with my email address and give me my feet, Bgf. And we have a thank you page here. Now all we need to do is check if you received the email and here's the email. Then you you want to check everything so click and all the lives that you have here to make sure the day work properly. If not, you have to go back to you, get response and edit all the links that are not working. And that's how we test our funner 18. Shorten Your Links: Now, let's get the long link for our pdf from Google Dogs. It's copied a sling and go back to our account. Now from here, we going to go to my content and click my custom links in the going to shorten the lazy, which is gonna go toe on. You got something? Keep gonna put the link They were gonna name it. There's been a copy and paste all the way down in this day boxes. And then and I'm going to use the forward masking new custom link. Never gonna look for pdf Copy. Writing link underneath chain. Here's a link. We're just gonna come on the right side here under that little I can't. I'm gonna click here, and this is our short link. This is how you can shorten every single link and just grab this open and you're opening your window and test illing. He always wanted test only legs. And there's our pdf 19. Make the most of your membership: as I promised you earlier and going to show you a little bit around. So you know what's available for you as a member? There are a lot of things to go through, so I'm going to show you just some of them. When you have a chance, you can go and check him. Allowed the first stage that we have. It's home. This is where you can find all the upcoming events, and if there is, something important is going to be announced here in this place. So you want to come from time to time here and just check it out, For example. Right now we have Facebook draining. Coming next Wednesday, everyone's Do we have life class? The next ones they eats? Facebook training. If you interested Jean Facebook advertising, you may want to jump on a call. It's free for members, but you don't have to attend. If Facebook is not, you think you're just ignoring anywhere. Any reason you miss a training and you really wanna watch it? I'm gonna show you where to find the replace or you can watch to replace. Now the second fabricates about leadership. If you want to find out more about the leadership. You can go ahead and check everything out. We're not gonna do that now. We just start here. This is important. This is where you want to start. The first training Siri's is quick start. So you want to go through all the steps? Once you finish, your going to go this way depends on the level of membership that you have. You're gonna have different Jennings here Now, under a comic, you're gonna find all all your settings, your personal information. Just go ahead and check them all up. Make sure to have everything filled out and everything. It's fine. Then we have training. If you go to the 1st 1 which is marketing strategies in this section, you're gonna find all kind of trainings and different strategies to begin with. Drake, here we have the funnel Isar training, and then we have the theorem Chinese. This is a tool that you have available. A swell. I will show you where to find it in a minute. But if you click on it, you're gonna find that they have in that Training officer video series that will take your true set up process that they're gonna walk you through the whole to and how to use it in all the little details in that, go back to marketing strategy, Sam. We have analyzer training and underneath here we have social networking. All days are different trainings. Some of them are about an hour long, some of them a little bit longer. But what you want to do is just pick the ones that you're interested in. Did you wanna learn about and go to the training, Then apply to your business all these air training? So just pick whatever you like and go to the trainings right here. We have the reason as they weekly webinar recordings. And then there is the library that you can watch all the training. Is that the next one that I wanna mation Ease this one. Sample nuts and resources. Since our samples toe help you create your advertising campaign just sample so you can follow. It's like templates. Then we have training calls. Catcher Here you here. You will find all the coals during the week. So we have Monday to Sunday. It is automated webinar. Then we have Monday fast track to success disease for new members and guests you can you can register for disclose just to see a little bit more in that. What? The system has something like what we're doing right now. But in more morning that, then you gonna be able to ask questions. If something is not clear those of life calls, then who's they? We have a hang out different subject every waiter to help out members with their promotions with different strategies and stuff like that. That is the Wednesday weekly webinar, then is the training library. This is the library that has all the calls they ever made. All the weapon arson, training calls, everything. It's right here all days, our training. So if you want to learn about blogging, you just great here and you're gonna find all the all the content about blogging on the trainings about blogging. Next ace, my websites. As a member, you can promote the product that they have over 50 for it's that you can promote in the commission's and then we have a Melis. Besides, you can create your own websites, and these are just videos that will take you step by step through the process of setting up your website. The next thing that we have is the funnel Isar in. You're familiar with that one? Gonna skip this? You're gonna take the time and check them out late on going to move to my leads. Right here. You have the the CRM tool. This is where you can follow up with all all your subscribers. Under my content, we have hosted media. This is where you can host your videos. You can just come about here at new horses Media. You gonna choose you video from your computer and let me just show you what for my the video will be now. As you can see, we have only the star button here. The quality and the voice control. That's all we have. Any clean, professional looking video now the nothing that of automation is the story. If you want to purchase any of the products, you can go to MLS B store and just crawl down. Check out the brothers. You see, if you want to purchase something, this is you wanna come and then underneath you will have all your products. Then we have the support. Right here. We have the Facebook group and fan page So go ahead and connect with us. Underneath. Here is the support where you can send the ticket. If you have trouble with something, you just send the ticket in the pre good and fast in. The last thing that we have here is the bonuses for Daniel. Members doesn't remember you receive some bonuses in this. It's where they will be. You can see we skipped quite a bit so you can go. Go back and check them all out when you have time. Thank you for taking my cores, I think. Good luck with your business. Any sort of futile next time taking a cycle.